An Extensive List of The 11 Best Clubs in Manchester

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Manchester City serves all kinds of clubs in manchester, elevating the nightlife experience for the locals, tourists, or students from around.

Manchester nightclubs are the places you want to be when looking for a laid-back atmosphere, and music, or wanting to be on the dance floor all night long!

There are lots of Clubs in Manchester to deliver a memorable night for a party animal or anyone who enjoys music and live acts.

Manchester has varied kinds of clubs, some with three floors others in the underground, and a lot more on rooftops!

The lively atmosphere of manchester clubs may insist you groove a little to the tunes, on the tiled floors for dancing to the best clubs.

Greater Manchester City centre has an area called Manchester’s Northern Quarter, famous for its cafes and bar spots, music, and shops for clothes.

The Quarter also has a place named Affleck’s Palace, presently transformed into Bazaar for clothes and shopping stalls.

Meanwhile, the area is some sort of centre for DJs, artists, and all people including the younger crowd.

Central Manchester has the present-day coolest area, famous for its cafes and pubs, and houses independent shops.

If you are here for the drinks and the classic manchester nightlife, Dusk Til Pawn, The Fitzgerald, Depot Mayfield, soup kitchen, O2 Victoria Warehouse, The White Hotel, and Apotheca are here to save you, in the quarter’s area.

Talking about clubs around areas, you should definitely check around king street and bridge street.

15 Best Clubs in Manchester 

Mentioned below are some Manchester-located best nightclubs for you to have a fun night anytime you find yourself around Manchester, UK.

1. The Liars Club

A fantastic club with its famous basement, and room for the party animals, located at 19A Back Bridge St, Manchester M3 2PB, United Kingdom, The Liars Club.

Be ready to step down a few stairs and experience the world this underground club would deliver.

The club’s nights will deliver a fun night packed with rum, tikki, and a cocktail bar. There is no need for reservations during Happy Hour, you can just roll up from 4 pm to 4 am, Sunday to Friday nights.

The bar serves you an exotic list of cool cocktails and these drinks are to be served in different ways, like in a coconut shell.

The place is a contribution of intricate design and with surrounding, you get a chill sound system and soundtracks of every genre from afro to reggae.

2. Club LIV

This is one of the most popular venues, that takes reservations from VIPs. It is situated near another popular place, Albert hall, in Deansgate, named Club Liv.

You have been to an underground club, so let’s experience a terrace bar and restaurant.

Every corner of this place is styled in elegance and presents visitors with a beautiful view. Nightclubs in manchester are equipped with LED walls, a section for a live DJ along with a dance floor until the wee hours.

With decorative marbles and a place for guests to sit and enjoy their drinks.

In the club, resides an Asian restaurant serving amazingly appetizing dishes belonging to different parts of the world.

With this amazing rooftop terrace, you can enjoy cool drinks in the summer breeze.

The place stays open from Wednesday to Sunday, and VIP members arrive on Saturday. Club nights at Club Liv can never go wrong.

It can give you a night full of music, dance, cocktails, and good food. The address of this club venue is Club Liv, Peter Street, M2 5QR.

3. Impossible

Impossible, one of the clubs in Manchester
Photo by Matt Atherton on Unsplash

You have a group of friends planning to party and have an amazing party experience at one of the nightclubs in manchester, or you are alone trying to have a good time with a surrounding full of good food and a cosy atmosphere, It’s Impossible!

Not quite literally, but Impossible nightclub is the place for you to go to. You can go and enjoy solo dancing, or enjoy the endless options of brushes with your squad.

The place stays open from Tuesday to Sunday, between noon to 9 at night, presenting you with Sunday Roasts, their special.

Upstairs, you can get to see Bin Bar, it’s really cosy up there, the staff of the place will offer you drinks which will be difficult for you to dislike. You don’t have to worry about any cheap drinks being served.

Impossible, is not really a great name for a place where nothing is impossible when it comes to partying and having a good time.

On Fridays and Saturdays, Impossible Theatre operates on the lands of Manchester, being the king of underground club nights. On other days the space goes for Cooperate engagements like a warehouse project.

If you are looking to party in a sophisticated environment with the best of the gathering and classy cocktail bar masterclasses, direct yourself towards the Impossible nightclub!

The address of this club is 36 Peter St, Manchester M2 5QR, UK.

4. Mint Lounge

People of the Northern quarter go to the Mint Lounge to have a good nightlife filled with fun and live music!

Mint Lounge gives a good experience of a perfect night out, including the live acts performed as well.

Some of the acts performed namely are Kode 9, Roots Manuva, and more. Manchester, a place where everything is at the stake and keeps changing, Mint Lounge has been like a home to Party animals of the Northern quarter people.

Mint Lounge, is located in a closed and private basement room of an area. The place makes all of the braggings happen about its smashing Funktion one sound system.

People really enjoy the music of the place and spend the whole night enjoying the music of the regular gigs.

The music involves different genres, ranging from indie to electro-disco, or Motown to anything else related to the music era of the decade.

On Saturdays, you get to witness Djs playing Electric Disco, and Hip Funky house. Then Fridays allow you to witness the band performing named, Top of the Pops, with its best music to deliver belonging from this decade.

Mint Lounge has one of the best DJs in town. The address of this club is Mint Lounge, 46-50 Oldham Street, Northern Quarter, M4 1LE.

5. K2 Karaoke

K2 Karaoke is the perfect blend of nightclubs involved with Karaoke, placed with private spaces, for solo or groupies who visit.

When you enter any of the private spaces, the rooms give you a sense of the future. The rooms are made with a Luxe based interiors with an eastern style vibe.

K2 Karaoke will serve you with its best quality staff and arrangements, whether you go for a stag party or a karaoke one, this place will not miss a chance to impress you and help you to have a great nightlife experience at the clubs in Manchester city centre.

Don’t miss out on your lifelong dream of being the one that grabs and mic and also all the attention in the room!

Grab the mic, sing and live your moment. K2 Karaoke, one of the clubs in manchester, offers you the perfect fusion vibe, not to be found in any other clubs around.

If you are worried about the space the place has to offer, then you need not worry, because K2 Karaoke, has two floors that combine thirty private spaces for groups to fit in, with a proper joy division.

Ranging from two up to forty people can be inside one room! This information might solve your worries about space.

Not just the space, booths are also designed on the ground floor to have Karaoke touchscreen displays and soundproof walls.

K2 Karaoke, among the other clubs in manchester, has started the service for you to opt for self-service or table service, wherein, your drinks will keep coming to your private booths without interrupting your little Karaoke Party.

The address of this club is 52-56 George St, Manchester M1 4HF, UK.

Mentioned above were some best clubs in manchester, but how can five clubs be enough to have a good time at the clubs in Manchester?

So here are some more!

6. The Deaf Institute

The Deaf Institute
By The Deaf Institute

This nightclub among other many posh nightclubs in manchester is situated at an ideal spot for students who attends the Metropolitan University.

The main bar of the place grabs all of the attention. The booth area is made up of leather. The place has a wide table for sharing and can be used for placing different ranges of beers and ales.

The place also hears all your foodie requests as well. The menu of the place has something for everyone.

Whether it’s meat or vegan, you just say the word, and food in the good shape and smell will be ready for you.

This place has three floors, so you can eat and drink at one and party at another. On the ground floor, you will get to witness the centre of the Deaf Institute.

It is a private room available from 8 at night to 3 in the morning. On weekdays, availability lasts up to 12 am.

This manchester club is famous for its small venue with the amazing bunch of people who play there.

Various ranges of Club nights are the USP of the place. Do you like rock and metal? The place has Kickstart My heart night, for you to teleport to the times of the sing-along chorus.

The place always has some kind of band or live music playing around every night. If you enjoy being surrounded by a great night of music, The Deaf Institute is here for you.

7. Dive NQ 

Dive NQ is for you to dive all in and get everything you can from a club. Dive NQ has not had so much of an expensive menu which includes burgers, wings, burritos, and more affordable stuff for you to have a bite.

Dive NQ has been selected as the best place to watch live sports by Sky Sports. And why wouldn’t it be?

The place has ultra HD screens! On days when you’re free from universities, pay a visit and you’ll find yourself enjoying here up until 5 in the morning.

This place gives a vibe of a vibrant and warm nightclub in greater manchester.

8. 256 Wilmslow Road

With a blend of spacious places with sophisticated style and classy bar culture, 256 Wilmslow Road is a great place to spend the night.

It is situated near the southeast area of Manchester. Students around the area generally visit the place for a good hangout and fun time to spend.

Cheapest drinks with the best quality really attract the young aged crowd from around. Cheap drinks attract the students mostly.

Wilmslow is also all set for the arrangement of DJs and a tight scene of entertainment. Elite and friendly vibe to be found in the place.

The place arranges for local music bands and on top of that for some giggles and laughs, they also arrange for stand-up comic nights to keep both the locals and students happy, in hope of their return.

9. Bunny Jacksons

If you want to have a proper American experience, Bunny Jacksons might make you feel you are right in the middle of the US!

Everything is here to remind you again and again of the fact that you are in an American Dive bar.

To add a little more American-ness to it, Bunny Jacksons also shows basketball and football games on their HD TV.

While watching the games, go on and grab one of their American beers and Whiskey for the added feels of America.

If you want to socialize on your weekends or your day off, Bunny Jacksons are ready for your arrival.

Take your mind off studies on the day off and go to Bunny Jacksons for they also have pool tables and beer pong table service for you.

Hungry after all the fun you had watching games or playing pool?

Have a bite of their famous chicken wings at the cheapest prices. Bring out your fun and jolly side and visit Bunny Jacksons.

10. South Nightclub

A few drinks in the underground of the best clubs in manchester is all you need for the laid-back atmosphere that you probably require for a good night.

Manchester is really proud of the South Nightclubs it has. It has Manchester’s one of best underground night scenes.

In 1995, South, the nightclub in manchester was launched, and since then it’s been standing by its roots until the wee hours.

Nightclubs in Manchester’s South are in a wide range of choices. You can experience the vibe according to your mood.

From DJs to food to good music, a lot of options to explore around the area. You wouldn’t mind checking your phone the whole night, all drenched in techno and live music around you won’t make you miss your cell phone.

As a student, don’t miss out on the south and the area around you and let lost in the environment of the night. It has always been popular for its music culture.

11. The Liquor Store

Just like the name sounds, the store is here for all the Liquor you need in the world, with the best quality.

Although the name suggests a store, it’s one hell of a retreat place for you to come and enjoy!

A blend of a sophisticated American vibe with cheesy pop bar culture, the Liquor Store gives a homely yet unique vibe.

The Greater Manchester nightclubs involve The Liquor Store which with time has become such a well-known place for all the party people. Students come here to enjoy their day off.

The atmosphere of the place is a bit quirky and fun! Visit here around 5 pm and dance the night away because you ain’t leaving so soon.

The show begins after 5, Rock and roll or Indie kind of music starts playing and starts to teleport the people to a different zone.

2. 4 Best Clubbing Areas in Manchester 

2.1. Spinningfields

In the centre of Manchester resides an area that will give you the night of your life, Spinningfields.

Your search for a destination with posh bars and restaurants ends here. Spinningfields opens the door to a worldwide variety of cuisines and drinks.

You can try the Chinese wonders of Tattu or New york glamour at Neighbourhood. The place is really creative, you can tell by the names of the dishes.

Coming to unique and creative names, you should try their The Alchemist cocktail. This place does have craft beers.

2.2. The Village

A place famous among its locals, should not only be limited to them. As they say, the fun increases only when it is shared.

Manchester people know the gay village area is heaven for the party animals or birds, for that matter.

Within the place, resides Gay village, canal street, and more. The area around is famous for the gay clubs in manchester, it is quite a go-to place for the community of LGBTQ.

If you party even after the sun rises, Cruz 101 is a place for you. It stays open until 7 in the morning, with the early hours of opening.

2.3. Deansgate

The Deansgate area is surrounded by designer stores and famous shopping spots explains the kind of high-end area the place must be.

The Deansgate presents to you some of the clubs which are at the hip currently. You can find The Living room, The Milton Club, or Cloud 23 in this area.

Cloud 23 has a breathtaking view of Manchester at night. The clubs in manchester include Atlas Bar, which can really be a funky house for Gin lovers! It offers a Hundred and thirty different varieties of gin.

If you are into rum, you can spend the night at Lion’s Club. For more of the husky nights, The Liquor Store and MOJO can really be a place to hit it off and dance the night away.

2.4. The Southern Quarter

This area generally is for the younger crowd to be a part of the Manchester events and to spend the night at the best clubs!

The Southern quarter area is also known by the name Student Quarter. This area expands up to 2 miles and has 4 universities in them.

Most places of gig events or live music happen here. The Manchester Academy and Gorilla are two of the best manchester nightclubs in this area.

Some recognizable spots are here to be found like The temple or The Thirty Scholar.

The Bottom Line

Now you know the clubs around the Manchester Center, but the list does not end here. In case you can’t go to the quarters, you can always look up to these clubs for your greater manchester nightlife experience.

In the past, Manchester has always been famous and well-known for its nightlife around the town, and nothing has changed since.

Along with clubs, manchester owns best of the bars, for people who are not made for Rock and roll or Metal music.

No one is judging but helping! You can also check out these 6 famous bars in Manchester to enjoy your drink solo or with your group of friends.

Greater Manchester nights witness crazy pub experiences and amazing night-long dances around the town’s places like Spinningfields, The Southern Quarter, The village, and not to forget Deansgate.

Mentioned above are a staple to your list of Clubs in Manchester.

Some of the other spots that you shouldn’t miss going to are, The Lion’s Clubs, O2 Victoria Warehouse, Cloud 23, K2 Karaoke, the White Hotel, Soup Kitchen, and Depot Mayfield if you are in Manchester for a small period of time.



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