15 Famous Landmarks in Germany To Check Out

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There are numerous places to visit in Germany and you’ll never get enough places to explore. For such tourism, sights are a very important factor to pay attention to. Also, there are various landmarks in Germany to look upon due to its long history.

In fact, these famous German landmarks are diverse and also each of them has its own unique fascination.

1. Popular Landmarks in Germany

Germany is one of the highly popular tourist locations in the world. It is a magnificent mix of medieval but modern temptations from the fairytale-like Hohenzollern castle and delightful Rhine Valley. Furthermore, the streets of Berlin and Frankfurt are also full of history and culture.

In all this, this nation is exceptionally full of natural landscapes. It includes forests, extensive rivers, mountain ranges and beaches etc.

1.1 Bastei Bridge, Saxon Switzerland National Park

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Bastei Bridge is one of the best places to visit in Germany and is a part of the most famous landmarks.

  • It is in the Saxon Switzerland National Park, in southwestern Germany, near the border with the Czech Republic.
  • It is a 200-year-old sandstone bridge with breathtaking rock formations.
  • Indeed, a picturesque valley surrounds the bridge with a river flowing through it.
  • Both the national park and also the bridge are accessible year-round. But some parts are not open in winter for safety reasons.
  • Early mornings are a perfect time to get the perfect view.

1.2 Berlin Wall

The not-so-famous Berlin Wall is one of the most beautiful and amazing landmarks in Germany and the construction happened in 1961.

  • The construction was to stop the tide of Germans from leaving East Berlin.
  • But, this structure mainly divided East Berlin from West Berlin.
  • In 1949, Germany got rift into East Germany and West Germany. Also, the Wall’s erection triggered the relationship between USA and Soviet Union.
  • The wall represents the Cold War and the differences that divided Europe after World War II.
  • The Berlin Wall fell due to lack of communication between officials and border guards.

30 years after the wall fell, you can see it in different places in Berlin. The longest part is still upright at East Side Gallery.

1.3 Cologne Cathedral

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Cologne Cathedral is at Dompropstei Margarethenkloster 5, 50667 Köln.

  • It took 600 years to construct this beautiful structure and lasted from 1248 to 1880.
  • The Gothic Cathedral is a magnificent structure of architecture. It also expresses how Christianity in Europe went through the years.
  • It has 5 aisles, a 157m tower, a nave, beautiful stained glass windows and amazing works of art.
  • You can also experience a fabulous view from a platform reached by climbing a spiral staircase of 509 steps.

It is one of the most visited and famous German landmarks. It was also named a UNESCO world heritage site.

1.4 Neuschwanstein Castle

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Neuschwanstein Castle is a magnificent castle that was built in the 19th century. It is there on a hill above the village of Hohenschwangau in southwest Bavaria.

  • This enchanting landmark in Germany is a fairytale castle with spires, towers, a courtyard and beautiful indoors.
  • This castle has a dramatic interior designed by an opera set designer.
  • The part that catches people’s the most attention are the Singers Hall, paintings of scenes from Wagner’s operas and also an artificial grotto.
  • A two levelled throne room is there that resembles a Byzantine basilica which has stars on its blue-vaulted ceiling and grand columns.

This structure is now a museum which is in the hands of the state government of Bavaria.

1.5 Brandenburg Gate

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Brandenburg Gate is a city gate also known as Berlin Gate. The construction took place in the 18th century. It was made by the King of Prussia, Fredrick Willian II. Here is the style of the Acropolis in Athens.

  • It has a beautiful sculpture of the Goddess of Victory known as The Quadriga.
  • This is one of the most famous landmarks in Germany where visitors could look behind the Iron Curtain during the Cold War.
  • It is an iconic spot to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Berlin.

1.6 Berlin Tower

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The Berlin Tower is a very well famous landmark and iconic German landmark in Berlin.

  • It is seen from every city corner as it is 368 metres i.e. 1207 ft tall.
  • This Berlin Tv Tower took over four years to build and opened in August 1969. It also represents the strengths of Eastern Germany’s communism.
  • The tower offers a viewing platform from where you can experience stunning views of the city and also has a resto-bar.
  • It is easy to find the tower which is located at the central part of Alexanderplatz.

1.7 Lubek Town Hall

Lübek town hall is a historical landmark that got constructed in the late 12th century. Since then, it is taken as a town and city hall. It has been taken as one of the most famous and recognized historic buildings in Lübek.

  • Listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, has magnificent Gothic architecture.
  • It is there on the banks of river Trave and can be reached from the market square.
  • Admission to the hall is free and the public can visit from Monday to Friday.

1.8 Reichstag Building

The famous Reichstag, also known as the German Parliament Building, is an amazing historic landmark that houses the Bundestag.

  • The construction was done to house the German Empire’s Imperial Diet.
  • But, after World War II, it became disused.
  • It was a weatherproof structure and was partially rebuilt in the 1960s.
  • The structure was completely reunified in 1990 by the architect Norman Foster.
  • It then became a meeting place of the Bundestag after its construction in 1999.

1.9 Heidelberg Castle

Heidelberg is a ruined castle in Germany which has become one of the most famous castles and a popular tourist attraction. The castle ruins are the most important Renaissance building in the north of the Alps.

  • It is a mix of many buildings that range from the ornately carved facades of The Ottheinrich Building to the crumbling ruins of Powder Tower.
  • This iconic landmark also has the world’s largest wine barrel called Heidelberg Tun.
  • There are also some amazing museums with historic architecture.

1.10 Nyphenburg Palace

Nyphenburg Palace is one of the most famous historical landmarks in Germany.

  • It is highly recognizable for its unique architecture and garden design.
  • King Ludwig II was born here.
  • The construction was to the summer residence of Bavarian Elector Ferdinand Maria. It was to celebrate their heir’s birth.
  • Exploring its Baroque and Classical European art when visiting Munich is a must.
  • Gallery of Beauties is the highlight which graces portraits of some beautiful ladies.

1.11 European Central Bank Building

The landmark European Central Bank Building is located in Frankfurt, Germany.

  • It was founded in 1998 as the successor of the European Monetary Institute.
  • The monetary policy for the euro currency zone is regulated by ECB.
  • The Governing Council and Executive Board make the required decisions.
  • Famous symbol of the European Union can be seen here in full display.

This building is not just an important landmark to Germany but to the whole continent.

1.12 Berlin Cathedral

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A church on Museum Island located in the Mitte District of Berlin is the Berlin Cathedral.

  • One of the biggest buildings in the city and also a highly popular landmark in Berlin.
  • The construction of this took off in 1894 and was completed in 1905.
  • It has a few of the most beautiful stained glass windows in Europe.
  • It is home to the Charlottenburg Organ, one of the biggest pipe organs in Germany.

1.13 Lake Constance (Lake Konstanz)

Lake Constance is a mesmerizing lake in Bavaria, Germany and is also the most loved natural landmark of Germany.

  • The lake is at the borders of three countries.
  • It has magnificent views of Austria and Switzerland side to the northern end of the Alpine region.
  • Konstanz, Friedrichshafen, Bregenz, also Lindau are some of the towns that attract people around the lake.
  • You can enjoy the natural surroundings and also enjoy activities like hiking, biking, and fishing.
  • You can also do shopping and dine in the towns nearby.

1.14 Mercedes Benz Museum

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Mercedes Benz Museum is a famous landmark that expresses the region’s automotive prowess.

  • Located in Stuttgart, showcases a large collection of Mercedes Benz Cars.
  • It is a highly recognizable tourist attraction and over half a million people visit yearly.
  • Also, it was opened in 2006 and has since become an attraction.
  • Has a large parking lot and is also accessible by public transport.

1.15 The Black Forest

landmarks in germany
Photo by Rach Sam on Unsplash

Last but not least is the magnificent natural beauty located in the southwest of Germany the Black Forest.

  • There is so much to see here. It includes forest walking trails, glistening glacier lakes, waterfalls and also exploring quaint towns.
  • The drive to this forest is so magnificent. The 60 km long Black Forest Ridgeway seeps through layers of forests adorning coniferous trees.
  • You can visit Mummelsee, a beautiful lake on the Ridgeway.
  • Titsee in the Black Forest is a glacier lake. It is famous for swimming, cruising, and also water sports.
  • Baden-Baden, Freiburg, also Europa Park are amazing spots to explore.

2. Conclusion

A landmark is a natural or artificial spot. It stands out from the environment and is a national symbol. It helps local people and also tourists to understand the place a little bit better and also for navigation.

There are so many landmarks in Germany. They are famous all over the world. It includes amazing attractions like beautiful historical sites, Berlin Wall and natural wonders like the Black Forest. There are also so many options according to your interests in this fascinating country. Also, make sure, the next time you visit Germany, add these amazing landmarks to your itinerary.


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