12 Absolute Best Places to Go With Kids In Europe

Places to go with Kids
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Places to go with kids? while thinking about travelling with family, what comes to your mind, frequent breaks while travelling? Unwanted chaos? Kids don’t stay still on the plane or train? Yes, it’s a lot to handle, but all of it values nothing in front of the benefits one can have while travelling with kids.

Looking for family-friendly destinations in Europe? Europe is a region with breathtaking natural beauty and a good range of kid-friendly destinations. Communication and transportation are both relatively simple and easy.

12 Absolute Best Places to Go With Kids in Europe.

Europe offers diverse cultures and rich historical aspects, and at the same time, there are tons of places to go with kids. Here are 12 places to go with kids in Europe:

1 Vienna, Austria

The capital of Austria, Vienna, is a tourist destination that provides classic views that attract lots of tourists. with its attractions, environment, and culture and has many places to go with kids. Vienna’s elegance and magnificence easily allure visitors with its spectacular views. It’s been on the top lists of Austria places of attraction.

  • When to Visit

April to May or September to October.

  • Things to Do

  1. Butterfly House

Schmetterling Haus (Butterfly House) is a small conservatory in Vienna that can be a family-friendly, fun, and educational spot for a good family day in the Austrian capital. It’s one of the city centers of attraction. Inside the conservatory, there is a collection of chrysalises and colorful fluttering wings of mature butterflies. One can also see them hatching out of their cocoons.

  1. Ride the Rollercoaster

The Prater in Vienna is one of the most impressive and oldest theme parks in Europe. It’s the perfect place for all the family fun, whether they are older kids or grown-ups. ReisenRad, also known as the Giant Ferris Wheel of Vienna, was built in 1897 but has been repaired and upgraded over many years.

2 Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, the capital of Spain, is the perfect place in Europe for a family vacation. Home to delicious Mediterranean food, stunning Prussian blue sea, Gothic architecture, beautiful parks, and an overload of fun activities. It’s amongst one of the best places to go with kids.

  • When to Visit

April to July to enjoy the stunning beaches of Barcelona. Tourists are fewer and queues are shorter from September to November, so it is a good time to visit.

  • Things to Do

  1. Explore Barcelona’s Theme Parks

Parks in Barcelona are a must. Theme parks not only make kids happy, but grown-ups can have an amazing family day filled with activities.

Theme Parks For Kids
a Port Aventura Park

PortAventura World Park is located near Tarragona situated in Costa Dorada, the theme park has one of the highest roller coasters present in Europe. The park consists of multiple fun parks inside it such as Caribe Aquatic Park and Ferrari Land Park.

b Catalunya En Miniatura

This is a miniature theme park with scale models of the most important monuments of Catalonia and is a major attraction in Barcelona.

  1. Cosmocaixa

The beautiful ramp, and main exhibits. The visitors can stroll around the Amazon rainforest. Going through a dark educational tunnel underneath the trees. Watching through the glass at the turtles, fish, and waterlogged under the forest. There are some birds flying around for that raw touch.

3 Brussels, Belgium

Brussels is a kid-friendly city with an air of fineness. It is not as significant as Australia or Paris, but that is the vision center of its charm. Medieval architecture, murals, modern art, and whatnot.

  • When to visit

March and May and September and October, is the ideal time to visit.

  • Things to Do

  1. Comic Strip Center

Comic strip center should be on your checklist while traveling on family holidays. Belgium is a nation with a significant love for comics, and one can see graffiti-style comic murals on building exteriors around town. One can expect to witness a fun family day with iconic American characters like Peanuts, and Superman, and other interactive craziness activities here because it is considered one of the stunning places to go with kids.

  1. Barcelona Bosc Urbà

Let your kids feel free and enjoy their hearts out of joy at the Urban forest adventure course. This adventure course consists of zip lines and playing areas made of concrete, metal, and wire ropes. Fulfilling a perfect amount of physical activity and interactive craziness among children in a day, kids can play in the jumping zone with giant balls and net slides. It’s an excellent place for a family fun day in the summer of Barcelona.

4 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam is a very convenient city for traveling with kids. In Amsterdam, parents ride their bikes with the kids; going to the parks and taking kids to a restaurant or market is a fun thing to do to make kids happy. This makes Amsterdam a super kid-friendly destination for a trip.

  • When to Visit

April and May or September and November.

  • Things to do

  1. Amsterdamse Bos

This vast city park commenced in 1934; it offers a wide variety of wildlife and is a perfect place to get away from the city proper and enjoy peaceful nature. It is considered the most calming place for people of all ages, whether they are parents, kids, or older kids. In short, everyone can spend some leisure time here.

According to the reviews of travelers, one can also rent a cycle or a bike to the park with the kids. Amsterdamse Bos is one of the best places to go with kids.

  1. Canal Boat Tours

Explore scenic Amsterdam from the canals. There is no better way to see the sights than by boat, especially when the sun is shining. The best getaway from all the worries is just you and your loved ones winding through the beautiful city of Amsterdam with scenic views of waterways in front. It’s a perfect plan for a pleasant family day.

5 Rome, Italy

If you are searching for a wonderful city to love exploring during your vacation in Europe, then Rome is the place for you. Known for its delicious food, museums, history, and a lot more, this place cannot let you feel bored even for a moment. From joining local families in Rome’s parks to encountering the magnificent Colosseum, Rome has a lot to offer.

  • When to Visit

October to April. For warmer weather, come in May or September.

  • Things to do

  1. Visit Colosseum

The Colosseum is a giant amphitheater in Rome, Italy’s capital. An amphitheater is a place for public contests or displays. The Colosseum is as magnificent as we expect, and it doesn’t matter how many times you see it; it is so peculiar and unique that it always stops on your path. A visit to the Colosseum with kids is a wonderful way to get them to learn about ancient Rome and aspects of Roman daily life. Colosseum is one of the great places to go with kids.

Places to go with kids
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  1. Take All the family to Gelato

For all the road trippers with a sweet taste, another stop. Your children will definitely notice carts and stores offering the delectable Italian flavour of ice cream almost everywhere in Rome. One of the main reasons for visiting Italy is gelato. It is a treat for both children and adults.

6 Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany is a region that has various options for your entire family. From hilltop villages to countryside activities and beach time, people of all ages are in for a treat in Tuscany. Renting bikes to explore the walls and streets of the city is another excellent option.

  • When to Visit

The best time to visit here is April-May and September-October.

  • Things to do

  1. Marble Paper in Florence

If someone in the family, whether the older kids, grown-ups, or in short, people of all ages, loves art and craft, so you should sign up for a paper marbling workshop at Giulio Giannini e Figlio, using techniques that date back to the 8th century.

  1. Visit to Bagno Vignoni Hot Springs

One of the must-try things to do here is to spend a day in the hot springs of Bagno Vignoni. Walking down to the public hot springs, stick your feet in shallow hot springs canals. Kids will enjoy a quick visit to the outdoor fun of public hot springs and a look around the town.

7 Ireland

Ireland is known for its history, beautiful castles, and a treat for those harry potter fans; if you have watched the harry potter series in detail, then you can check out the famous natural landmarks appearing in harry potter and the half-blood prince. The Cliffs at the Moher emerge as a dark and shadowy cover of the cave where Harry and Dumbledore were looking for a Horcrux from the water in the film. It’s considered to be on the list of places to go with kids.

  • When to visit

March to May and September to November.

  • Things to do

  1. Climb Up Cliffs of the Giant’s Causeway

Around 60 million years old, Giant’s Causeway is made up of enormous, 80-foot-tall hexagonal basalt columns. Children like climbing all over the rocks with their boundless enthusiasm. The scenery is sufficient from the Giant’s Causeway.

  1. Have Tea at Kylemore Abbey

Not only for older kids, but this place is for whole family entertainment. The Kylemore Abbey is 150 years old and its scenic gardens are perfect for a sigh of peaceful relief for grown-ups. Younger kids of the family adore the Chocolate Kitchen.

8 Porto, Portugal

As the name suggests, Porto is famous for its ports. It is located on the banks of the Duoro River in Portugal. It’s known to be a fantastic place for a family holiday for kids; Porto is an exciting city to explore due to various activities such as catching a cable car or jumping on a tuk-tuk for a city tour. 

This is amongst the best places to go with kids in Europe. For Harry Potter fans, Porto’s got a bookshop that inspired J K Rowling –the Livraria Lello with its wooden staircases curving to the ceiling, reminiscent of Olivander’s Wand Shop.

Places to go with kids
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  • When to Visit

May to September

  • Things to do

  1. Sightseeing With the Whole Family

Porto is a city where travelers prefer to walk to encounter beautiful steep streets which lead to the riverfront. There are several bus tours in the city that offers sightseeing while covering different routes.

  1. Duoro River Cruise

The boat ride offers a different perspective of the city and the surrounding regions. There are short and extended cruise options available, including a shorter 2-hour half-day excursion that immediately explores the area surrounding Porto.

9 Arosa, Switzerland

Arosa, Switzerland, is one of the perfect destinations for families. It is located in the Graubunden canton. It is an underrated location, yet it offers incredible scenery and plenty of opportunities for outdoor adventures.

  • When to Visit

May, followed by January and June.

  • Things To Do

  1. Arosa is famous for skiing and snowboarding in winters. Arosa offers an amazing skiing experience in a snowy environment. Begi0nners to top skiing lovers will find what they are looking for in a ski holiday in Arosa.

10 Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is one of the most sorted destinations in Central and Eastern Europe. Even locals in Prague don’t retreat to their homes once they have a family; they keep exploring the same things they enjoyed in childhood, such as going to cafes.

  • When to Visit

The favorable seasons to visit Prague would be spring and early fall.

  • Things to Do

  1. Black Light Theatres have been a significant highlight in Prague since the 1950s, though they have mainly grown in popularity in the past two decades. The performances are for about 60 to 90 minutes held in complete darkness; only the clothes of the performers on stage are visible under ultraviolet light. This is non-verbal theatre alive with visual trick contact with the audience. The performance is family-friendly and will surely keep kids entertained.

11 Dordogne, France

This beautiful area is located north of Toulouse and east of Bordeaux, featuring rivers, villages, and historical attractions. There is plenty of outdoor activities for families, castles, and more. This is amongst the best places to go with kids in Europe.

  • When to Visit

June till August is the best time to visit the Dordogne. The weather is better and temperatures are around 25-30 degrees, evening storms during this time is quite common.

  • Things to do

Dordogne is filled with lots of activities for kids, such as canoeing on the Dordogne river. When in Dordogne, don’t forget to visit Chateau de Beynac and Chateau de Castelnaud. Walk around the charming towns of Sarlat and La Roque Gages. Visit Lascaux IV to re-create the original Lascaux cave paintings of around 20,000 years old.

12 Munich, Germany

An excellent place to enjoy for young kids and grown-ups, and there are lots of things to keep kids and family entertainment. Whether you want to explore indoor activities like museums or want to explore outdoors in Munich’s gardens and parks, this city never gives you a chance to be bored.

  • When to Visit

March to May.

  • Things to Do

  1. Climb To the Olympiapark

To catch some magnificent views there is an option for roof tour. This roof tour is open to kids 10 and older, and it includes climbing, zip lines, and abseiling while exploring about how the stadium was built for the Munich Olympics in 1972..

  1. Run Around the English Garden

Let yourself be free in English garden. This place is known as the green heart of Munich. One can rent an hour on a paddleboat, move around wooded paths, make a visit to a playground, and feed the meal to ducks.

Essential Tips for Parents while traveling with kids

  • Pre-Booking is the key

Pre-booking helps a lot whether there are day trips, week trips, or more than that. When a family travels together, there is already a lot to handle; pre-booking makes it easy to explore and enjoy the great outdoors and open spaces.

  • Mark Your Children

It sounds a bit animalistic, but one cannot ignore the fact of how important it is for a child to have their family information with them all the time. No matter how well one can plan, children can experience unforeseen circumstances. One of the most important things is to put identity details on your child, which has all the details one might require to contact you.

  • Enjoy The Trip

Always looking out for things working according to the plan can be a reason for not enjoying the trip thoroughly; remember to let go of constant control and go with the flow once in a while. You can enjoy outdoor and indoor activities, spend quality time with your family and kids and explore.

Concluding Thoughts

Europe is a continent that is full of charm and wonderful places that people of all ages can explore. There are many places to go with kids with scenic views, cliffside villages to stunning artwork in museums, exhibitions, and much more. These were 12 places where you could travel with your families and create a bag full of memories for a lifetime.

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