Zoo in London: Top 9 of Them

zoo in london
Photo by Zorawar Bhangoo/Unsplash Copyright 2022

Zoos are everywhere in the world but at every zoo in London, you will not only be able to meet with deadly and cute species, but you will find something surprising as well.

Most of us love London due to its architectural beauty, the way the whole city is decorated, the lovely bars, restaurants and cafes, etc.

Besides all this London also keeps a natural beauty which many of us are not aware of. London Zoo is the perfect example of that.

The most interesting part of this zoo is you can stay and spend an entertaining night with the homies.

zoo in london
Photo by Kevin Olson/Unsplash Copyright 2021

Top 5 Famous Zoos in London

Every London zoo has some special offering and their way of keeping and protecting them is just unbelievable.

If you feel like nature is calling you and your heart wants to witness some lovely creatures of god except humans, then take a trip to some beautiful London zoo.

Here we are starting our trip to some beautiful and naturalistic London zoos, and you should join us

1. ZSL London Zoo

Ask anyone nearby you to suggest the best zoo to visit in London, they will say the name ZSL London Zoo blindly.

The zoo is located at Regent’s Park in LondonZSL Zoo was established back in the year 1828

Although, in the recent past, it has developed itself a lot and added some more excitement for the visitors.

The newest alteration of the zoo is not for soft-hearted persons. Inside the zoo, you can book your lodge to have a stay with your deadly neighbour Sumatran tigers, and it will be a great experience.

zoo in london
Screenshot from London Zoo

ZSL also organizes interactive events. To see these beautiful creatures from very close, it offers an opportunity to be a Keeper for a day to animal lovers.

You can work with the staff during their duty hours, work with giraffes, penguins, coatis and many others.

In the zoo, wheelchairs are available and even you can access it in the land of the lions as well as tiger territory.

For visiting the zoo you need to book tickets, although it is not mandatory to book tickets in advance, advance booking is financially beneficial.

2. Battersea Park Children’s Zoo

We guarantee your children will start loving you more after visiting this lovely London zoo. In London, it is the best family-friendly zoo.

The size of the zoo is quite small but perfect for a small trip and best for your little ones. Many cute little animals are there that your kid will love to see such as rabbits, goats, sheep and others.

While, you will also some endangered species like meerkatslemursScottish wildcats, Asian short-clawed otters, emus and some others.

zoo in london
Screenshot from Battersea Park Children’s Zoo

There is also a beautiful picnic area with tables, both indoor and outdoor play areas and a pretty café named The Lemon Tree Café.

The café serves some delicious snacks, lunchboxes for children and tasty coffee for older ones.

At 11:15 AM don’t forget to reach the Meerkats place as they have their lunch during that time. After that, directly go to the Coatis place at 2 pm to watch them having their meal.

3. ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

This zoo is actually a part of ZSL London Zoo. It is also maintained by the ZSL team. 

Whipsnade is situated in the picturesque Bedfordshire parkland. Many kinds are animals or creatures are kept in the zoo such as chimpanzees, lions, zebras, camels, elephants, etc.

Some endangered species are also there for conservation like white rhinos as well as the extensive house of butterflies.

The main objective of this zoo is to understand how animals survive in near-as-possible habitats to nature. Some shows are also organised on a regular basis here like the feed of animals and whole night events.

zoo in london
Screenshot from Whipsnade Zoo

The area of the zoo is very large as it covers 600 acres of land. Most importantly you can park your car inside the zoo to enjoy a drive along with your family and friends.

The park is also a very beautiful place for campers who can make their tents into the lap of nature and able to experience a great morning along with the bird’s songs and wildlife.

4. Marwell Zoo

Marwell Zoo is home to some weird and exceptional creatures of the earth that includes amur tigers from snow leopards.

Besides these species, a playground for kiddos is there to offer them more excitement. Other things you will find on 140 acres of land are two great trains and a handful of picnic spots.

This zoo provides the service of the mini train to see the heartwarming flaming birds or pink birds. 

Furthermore, some cute and peaceful animals are also reserved here such as penguins, and tall giraffes at daily talk and there you can feed them as well.

zoo in london
Screenshot from Marwell Zoo

Recently the zoo add another lovely creature of earth named tyrannosaurus rex. The new member of the family is a part of the zoo’s interactive exhibitions.

5. Howletts Wild Animal Park

Howletts was established as a private zoo formerly but later, it opened for all in 1975. The zoo is built on 90 acres of land and you will find, near about 400 rare and endangered species.

Animals to see here are African elephants, tigers, monkeys, as well as gorillas. 

A little farm shop is there on the site from where you can get local eggs, loaves of bread and jams prepared at home.

zoo in london
Screenshot from Howletts Aspinall Wild Animal Park

6. Colchester Zoo

The best offering of Colchester Zoo is sea lions. Zoo’s most exciting offer is a 24-meter glass tunnel.

From there you can see Patagonian sea lions swimming and playing in 500,000 gallons of water.

The zoo is situated at Maldon Rd, Stanway, HeckfordbridgeColchester CO3 0SL.

This thrilling park is a home of real-life kamado dragons as well as two amur leopards. Zoologists believe that it is the most endangered species as only 35 of them are left.

If you want to enjoy watching animals from very close then reach the spot during feeding time, but don’t need to worry if you are late, as many feeding times are on the list.

zoo in london
Screenshot from Colvhester Zoo

7. Hobbledown Heath

Take a break from your daily monotonous life and enjoy life with some new and exciting activities. An unknown kind of species you will see here is a Scotland cow.

The zoo is located at Staines Road, HounslowTW14 0HH.

A cow with a thick coat and big horns. Besides, this unique species some birds of prey, capybaras, macaw parrots, tortoises and three ringtail lemurs are known as Lionel, etc.

zoo in london
Screenshot from Hobbledown Heath

To visit the zoo you have to book the ticket in advance and have to mention the time of your arrival. 

8. Maryon Wilson Animal Park

A wide range of animals is reserved at Maryon Wilson Animal Park. You will see deer, goats, pigs, cattle, ducks and more.

The animal park is situated at Flamsteed Road, Charlton, SE7 8HT.

zoo in london
Screenshot from Friends of Maryon Park and Maryon Wilson Park

Tour guides are also available here from them you can know about some fascinating facts about the animals as well as about their history.

9. Paradise Wildlife Park

This park is not only named as paradise it will also provide you the feeling of paradise. 

Paradise Wildlife Park Zoo focuses on education and conservation, therefore they provide the opportunity for visitors to interact with some unknown animals.

Animals you can see here are lions, tigers, meerkats, etc. You can book a ticket online. The zoo is located at White Stubbs Lane, BroxbourneEN10 7QA.

zoo in london
Screenshot from Paradise Wildlife Park

It will be a memorable wildlife trip with your family or friends and the beauty of the zoo will make your mood and mind fresh.


The London zoos have many beautiful and great things to offer. You will find some unknown and endangered species and with the help of the guide, you can come to know about the species in detail.

In some zoos you will have your food and your children can get their lunchboxes as well, besides this you can also book a lodge for you and your family to spend a night with some deadly species.

The zoos are also a great place for campaigners also.

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