Ski Morzine: 7 Finest And Top Most Fascinating Facts

ski Morzine
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Morzine is a beautiful and adventurous place to learn and do skiing; Morzine is situated at an altitude of 1000 meters, nestled in the mountains of France. It lies in the French Alps, close to the Swiss border. There is a traditional market town called Morzine Avoriaz best for skiing.  

The visitors enjoy the beautiful panoramic view, piste, ice-skating, Ice-sports, restaurants, resorts, and hotels. The luxurious chalets, also called the Swiss Chalets, that spread across a river Gorge. This beautiful place is also called the Ski Morzine.

The ski Morzine takes you from one summit to another in the surrounding pistes areas, which give different views in all the spins. Avoriaz is the nearest locality where a cable car leads to the crest.

And in the neighbourhood spot, two excellent blue runs are named Zore and Tetras. Also, head to Hauts- Forts, situated east of Morzine. It is a mountain of the Chablis Chablais Alp.

1. Ski Morzine

Chamossière and Nyon are the highest points that offer skiing and snow sports in ski Morzine. The alpine resorts are ski resorts in the northern French Alp, the south-facing slopes and plenty of areas.

Ski Morzine is 56 miles from Geneva airport in Switzerland and 44 miles from Chamonix in Mont Blanc. The size of ski Morzine is spread over 44.1 km2 (17.0 square).

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If you want the best ski holiday in ski Morzine, then Portes du Soleil is one of the best places, where you will find hotels, resorts, and restaurants along with the full charge of more skiing to be done.

Since 2013, the town has hosted a music and motorcycle rally for Morzine Harley-Davidson Day. The rally is organized and sponsored by Harley-Davidson.

Caribou Two (in the centre of the Morzine) is also the perfect location for visitors and skiers looking to catch the first lift in the morning. And on the other side of this beautiful valley, at the tilt of the south-facing, the breathtaking view of Pleney Gondola, famous for tree-lined blue and red runs, is an awesome place for tourists.

2. Essential Things For Skiing

  • Helmet
  • Sunglasses or Goggles
  • Hand and toe warmer
  • Snowboard boots or ski boots
  • Ski poles and skies
  • Hydration pack
  • Skiing snowboard jacket and pants
  • Snowshoes

3. Things To Do In Ski Morzine

The slopes and pistes of Morzine are connected to the Portes du Soleil area. It is the best place to experience skiing as beginners. You will get stunning views from the Mont Chery, de Nyon, and Parc des Dérêches.

The super Morzine lift is opposite the ski Morzine side, with huge queues from Monday to Sunday. Avoriaz has 36 ski lifts, and Portes du Soleil has 197 charges.

Vallee de la Manche will take you to the end of the valley of the ski Morzine. There are many forest walking tracks. Also, it is a great place for ski touring, snowshoeing, and forest walking.

The slopes of Morzine are connected to the Portes du Soleil area; it is the best place for experienced skiers as well as beginners. Even though the Porte du Soleil has no black runs it offers a mixture of piste-skiing and some sloping powder fields for off-piste lovers.

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Down from the Pointe de Nyon at first, the red Aigle Rouge is a steep run reminiscent of a mountain Alp pass. Piste B is the longest, and Piste C has enough slope, which is also challenging for advancing beginners. There is also a Pingouins snow park and Eagle park where kids can have fun.

If you are not a fan of skiing, then no need to worry; there are some other interesting activities to do in ski Morzine. One can golf, cave, and walk, go to the sports centre, book a tandem flight, ride a horse, Skidoo, or husky sledge, visit a museum, or go snowshoeing and ski-tour, and go to the spa for some relaxation.

These are some most exciting things in ski Morzine one can go for.

4. Summer Sports

Here are some exciting summer sports and activities in skiing Morzine. These summer activities are famous in Morzine and take place once a year.

4.1. Mountain Biking

Mainly the local trails are single tracks with different difficulty levels accessible from steep technical and rooty to fast open downhill tracks. There is also a tiny Northshore at hand in the Chatel bike area. 

4.2. Tour De France

There is a men’s multiple-stage bicycle race once a year, firstly held in France, while later passing through neighbouring countries. Each daylong comprises 21 stages over 23 days and covers around 3,5000 km, coinciding with the Bastille Day holiday. It is celebrated in July every year. 

4.3. Football

Morzine also hosts a high-level amateur competition French Football Tournament, named Tournoi Des Montages. It takes place in June every year.

5. Winter Sports

Along with enjoying the beauty of snowy white mountains, you can also enjoy some winter sports held in ski Morzine.

5.1. Ice Hockey

Ski Morzine hosts Morzine-Avoriaz Penguins, an ice hockey team based in Morzine. The group, also known as “Les Pingouins”, reached the Ligue Magnus, currently known as Synerglace Ligue Magnus, but these days plays in the country’s minor leagues.

5.2. Skiing And Snowboarding

Though the territory is quite challenging pistes for beginners and intermediates, the intervening domain makes the area well-suited for learners. Ski Morzine is also parallel to its neighbours, Les Gets and Avoriaz. During snowfall, they function as skiing centres.

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6. Ski Resorts, Restaurants, And Hotels

Some beautiful Swiss resorts give the best service at the best price and quality stay. Here is the list of some best hotels, spas, and restaurants:

  • Swiss Valley Camp Resort,
  • Ginabelle,
  • Albergo,
  • Morzine Les gets,
  • Les Crosets,
  • House of Hmong,
  • Les Skieurs,
  • Chalet des Montagnes
  • La Pointe de Nyon

7. BASS Morzine Ski School

British Alpine Ski School and Snowboard schools were established in 1999 to create better learning for everyone. BASS and Morzine Les Get give the best coaching guaranteed by British coaches, which offers the best training for beginners and intermediate skiers.

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They make learning so interesting with all the snow sports and adventure that it will make your holiday the best.

Chamossière and Nyon are north-facing ski peaks; these are the highest points of the ski area and the best sectors for powder lovers. For off-piste, they provide lift accessibility to save the time of the hikers. 


If you love to go skiing, come and put your foot on the pistes and plenty side of the ski Morzine and discover all the snow sports and games. This trip will give you a fantastic experience and a fun adventure. 


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