Who is Michael Fagan & How did he Break In?

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Do you think someone can break into the royal chamber of the Queen of Britain? Is it possible for an intruder to wander around the palace corridors without being unnoticed?  Can a person get away after breaking in? How did Michael Fagan get away with it?

Well, you are in for a shocker as a man did this. There have been many break-ins but not as successful and famous as this one. This breaking-in was so renowned that you might have known or seen it in various movies or series.

On 9th July 1982, a man entered the Queen’s bedroom in Buckingham Place. This man who broke into the Queen’s Bedroom was identified as a 31-year-old painter and decorator, Michael Fagan.

Early Life

Fagan was born on 8th august 1949 in Clerkenwell, London. He went to Compton Street school. He stayed with his parents and two younger sisters. He reportedly ran away when he was 18 because his father was abusive. His father was a steel erector, and his mom was a housewife.

Fagan later married his partner Christine and had many kids.

This was one of the biggest failures in royal securities in the 20th century. Fagan made several entries into the palace before he was arrested. He planned to go to Queen Elizabeth II’s bedroom to talk about his hard life as an unemployed father and get some help. Then Fagan tried to kill himself in her presence.

What happened to Michael Fagan, then?

How did Michael Fagan Break into the Queen’s Bedroom?

Michael Fagan has reportedly claimed that he had made at least 12 visits to Buckingham Place, London.

Michael Fagan
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1st Break-In

In his first attempt in early June, Michael supposedly scaled one of the 14ft walls and got out of the barbed wire and revolving spikes in the back gardens. Michael Fagan later tried to pass unnoticed but was unsuccessful. Michael Fagan managed shinned through a drainpipe, broke a window, and entered Buckingham Palace.

In this process, a maid noticed Fagan and informed the guards about the breaking in.

Michael Fagan later claimed he gained access to the palace through a window after navigating pigeon netting. He spent the next half hour bare feet running around, eating cheese and biscuits. At one point, two alarms went off, but the police turned it off, thinking it was a wrong alert.

Fagan sat on the throne for some time and viewed royal portraits in the palace halls. Michael Fagan also went past the room of prince Charles and princess Diana. Fagan wandered around the corridors. He later said in an interview that he felt like goldilocks and three bears.

Michael later felt tired, so he had white wine of Famous Grouse and sneaked out back.

2nd Break-in and the Arrest

His second attempt was on 9th July 1982. Fagan once again scaled the wall and climbed up the drainpipe. He then proceeded to go to Queen’s chamber. The Queen woke up when a curtain in her room started to move. He later said that the queen woke up and ran in her little bare feet.

The report says that Fagan sat on her bed’s edge while she called security. He later asks the Queen for a kiss. She called the palace telephonist to inform the police, but no one came even after 10 minutes.

When two guards arrived in the Queen’s bedroom, Michael’s blood was everywhere. Fagan had cut his hands and still carried a fragment of the glass ashtray. These guards and two policemen removed Fagan from the room immediately. The world was shocked to know about the palace break.

Micheal Fagan was arrested in a civil offense rather than a criminal offense of breaking in the Buckingham Palace and was found guilty of stealing the wine. breaking into Buckingham Place became a criminal offense in 1984. The judge assigned him for a psychiatric evaluation.

Later the charges were dropped, and he was admitted to a psychiatric Hospital. It is said that when he was in the hospital, Fagan received letters from the Queen.

Michael Fagan was released after 3 months. He did various interviews. He was so proud of his break- Fagan did a cover of the song ‘God save The Queen’ with the band bollock brothers.

But how did Michael Fagan even dodge the high security of Buckingham palace?

How did He even get Past the Security of Buckingham Palace?

The security of the royal family members is a very important thing.

Michael Fagan
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According to the report of Scotland Yard, the basic cause of the breach in security was due to the line of failure caused by the officers. The alarm alerts were not acted upon, and the lack of communication between the officers and the wiring of the alarm button was not completed.

Due to all this malfunctioning, Michael Fagan successfully broke into Buckingham palace. Not to anyone’s surprise, the security of the royals and the police officers patrolling the castle was enhanced majorly. Various significant security changes were made in the  perimeter of the palace.

What Happened to Michael Fagan Later in Life?

This was not Michael Fagan’s last brush with the law. He went on to commit more crimes. In 1984, he attacked a Welsh police officer. He was given a 3-month sentence for the attack on the police officer. He was guilty of indecent display in public.

Later in 1997, Michael Fagan, his wife, and his son were found guilty of planning to supply heroin. Michael Fagan was arrested and spent 4 years in Brixton prison. His wife eventually left him with four children, and he has been living alone since then.

In 2022, aged 73 years old , Michael Fagan still lives on in London. He is alone, and he does a lot of interviews still to this date. He reportedly doesn’t have to pay to drink anything as he is no less of a celebrity.

When he spoke to a reporter, Michael Fagan said he has no regrets as people who do great things get to bow before the Queen, whereas he got to sit on her bed and talk to her.


This break-in was famous that it had a place in the fifth episode of the Crown series season 4. Michael Fagan and his break-in are so shocking that they were mentioned in various series and movies.


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