Top 6 Famous Landmarks in Paris

Landmarks in Paris
Photo by Chris Karidis/Unsplash Copyright 2017

A beautiful city in France is Paris, but it is also a beautiful city in the world as well. The beautiful landmarks in Paris are also what makes the city great.

The tree-lined avenues as well as the cobbled lanes are the historic centre of Paris. The way Paris lights the country is something special. An evening in Paris with your loved one is always memorable.

1. Top 6 Landmarks in Paris

In the city of love and romance, many landmarks increase the beauty of Paris.

When you visit Paris for the first time, you surely feel the excitement of the city even before visiting its famous landmarks such Eiffel Tower or Notre-Dame de Paris and more.

Landmarks in Paris
Photo by Alexander Kagan/Unsplash Copyright 2019

At any time in Paris, you can come face to face with the beauty of the city, and if you forget to capture it then it will a big loss.

So, always charge up the battery of your camera or mobile phone to capture the beauty of Paris.

Below is the list of the top 6 landmarks located in Paris.

1.1 Eiffel Tower

Every child on the planet knows the name of the Eiffel Tower. Like the Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower is also known as the one of world’s best sights.

This iron needle tower is the biggest point in the relatively low-rise centre of the city. The Eiffel Tower is greatly set up in the Champs de Mars public park.

In the evening seating under the light of the Eiffel Tower surely be the most beautiful moment of your life.

The structure of Gustave Eiffel’s wrought iron was designed as the centrepiece of the 1889 Paris World’s Fair.

During that time it was planned that the tower will only stand till 1909, but later by seeing the popularity of the Eiffel Tower it secure its stability.

 Landmarks in Paris
Screenshot from Tour Eiffel

If you want to ride the elevators of the Eiffel Tower then be sure to book the tickets in advance. By the elevator, you can view the tower’s various viewing platforms.

You will find the Jules Verne restaurant on the second floor of the tower and enjoy the menu.

1.2 Arc de Triomphe

The Arc de Triomphe is more than a decorative roundabout on the northern side of Avenue des Champs-Elysees.

The Arc de Triomphe is the nation’s most influential nationalistic symbol. It is the world’s largest Triomphe it took 30 years to build.

This monument was built to celebrate the success of France in the War of the Three Emperors-Napoleon’s greatest military success.

This popular Arch of France was designed after Rome’s Arch of Constantine. Three decades of construction scheme was less about any architectural wonder.

Although it is much more than an interval result of unseating the emperor of Napoleon.

 Landmarks in Paris
Screenshot from Arc de Triomphe

However, after 19 years when the French were downed tools, the work was finally finished by King Louis-Philippe I. Therefore King Louis-Philippe I dedicate this to the armed forces of France.

The arch is inscribed with popular success as well as the names of French generals while the below is hidden as “Unknown Soldier”.

If you want to climb up the viewing platform at the top of one of the most popular monuments of the city then you need to cover 300 steps.

To get far-reaching views beyond the rooftops while 2CVs, as well as scooters, are circling underneath.

1.3 The Louvre Museum

The Louvre Museum is a famous Parisian building as well as a brand.

The modern glass pyramid is enclosed within the baroque embrace of a former 12th-century fort. It is a very heartwarming comparison to witness in person.

During your first visit, your heart may get set up on seeing the Mona Lisa.

Although don’t forget one thing to keep in mind the painting in front of you is the most popular painting in the world.

 Landmarks in Paris
Screenshot from Louvre

It is also a famous gallery ad that can become crowded at any time of the day.

If you visit The Louvre museum on Wednesday or Friday in a week then there is the possibility of facing a huge crowd.

1.4 Grand Palais

The Grand Palais is also a very popular landmark in Paris. In 1900, the monument declared its existence through an exhibition.

The Grand Palais des Champs-Elysees is the biggest building in the central, extremely lofty 8th arrondissement. The impressive art nouveau design has a noticeable resume.

Previously this landmark in Paris was a WWI military hospital, Nazi truck depot as well as the headquarter of the as well as headquarter of France resistance.

 Landmarks in Paris
Screenshot from Grand Palais

Currently, the Grand Palais is used as a space for occasions. However, being the continent’s biggest steel and glass ceiling you will also see a beautiful science museum.

It is also a place of exhibition for National Galleries.

1.5 Notre Dame Cathedral

Maybe you have heard the name of this place because it comes in the list of the world’s most beautiful churches. 

Notre Dame Cathedral is a French Gothic building situated on the island of Seine. The church is very old, built in the 12th century.

You can easily identify the church due to its rectangular-shaped towers, an abundance of flying buttresses, and the beautiful rose windows that are admired by both religious and non-religious identically.

 Landmarks in Paris
Screenshot from Notre Dame

1.6 Opera Garnier

Opera Garnier, the house of the Paris Opera was built in the 19th century. Later, in 1989 the Opera Garnier was moved up to the Bastille Opera House.

After that, the Opera Garnier changed its name officially and known as Palais Garnier. Opera also became the house of ballet as well.

By using the tablet guide you can go for a self-guided tour completely by yourself. You can enjoy the awesome inside view of its Belle Époque galleries, the very big staircase, as well as a horseshoe-shaped auditorium.

If you look up you can see a beautiful ceiling painted by Marc Chagall. During your trip, you can also discover a library and a museum named Musee de I’Opera into it.

Importantly don’t forget to visit Box Five. Box five is dedicated to Gaston Leroux’s spirit of Opera. As it is present there, it symbolizes that the story of 1909 is set.

 Landmarks in Paris
Photo by Gwen King/Unsplash Copyright 2019

2. Other Popular Landmarks in Paris

Besides, these top 6 landmarks in Paris, the city also offers some other beautiful places to visitors to make their trip more beautiful.

If you visit Paris you will never feel bored. The city always has something special for you in its container. Paris has almost everything in it whether you talk about natural beauty or any modern art.

Therefore, here are some places you might go during your trip.

2.1 Place De La Concorde

One of Paris’s main public squares is situated in the eastern part of Les Champ de Mars. Previously, Place de la Concorde was known as the Place De La Revolution.

During the period of the French Revolution. Place de la Concorde was chosen as the site for the public executions of both the King and Queen of the nation. However, the revolutionaries took down the statue of Louis XV.

The square was named according to Louis XV as well as guillotine was also built. Due to the poor part of it, the place was named Place de la Concorde.

 Landmarks in Paris
Screenshot from Sortir a Paris

You will also see statues at every square of eight angles, a monument of fountains, as well as the yellow granite pillar centrepiece, that stood once at the door of Egypt’s Luxor Temple.

2.2 Champs-Elysees

If you ask someone in Paris, which is the world’s most popular street, they will say Avenue des Champs-Elysees in short ‘Les Champs‘.

This place is also regarded as the best shopping city in the entire Europe. Underneath the trees, you will see many big brands representing themselves.

 As a crown jewel, Les Champs is always directed towards retail super-brands.

 Landmarks in Paris
Screenshot from A Paris Guide

Duck underneath the iconic Laduree gilt as well as verdigris shade for some beautiful nourishment during browsing. Don’t forget to save time to look at the attractive view from the window.

However, Les-Champs is much more than just a fancy bag. For visitors and locals, it is a place for gathering. In the place, you will find a Tour de France finishing line, a New Year’s Eve singalong spot, and also a madness of winning the World Cup.

Luckily, if you visit the Les Champs during the first Sunday of a month then Les Champs also gladly have free space and fewer cars are present.

2.3 River Seine

River Seine is a very attractive place for visitors to ride the boat and enjoy the scenario.

At present, the big silvery-green channel, as well as shiny restaurant boats, partitions the grey mansard roof of Paris from the left bank and right bank.

 Landmarks in Paris
Screenshot from Paris Perfect

The 8-mile-long river is also awarded the status of UNESCO World Heritage site. 

This landmark in Paris provides a very pleasant intermission from the busy streets of the capital city and it is a very nice place to cool off during July. River Seine borders with so many of the city’s greatest buildings as well as wanders along with the route.

Some experienced artists sell their wares as well as some occasional open-air bookstores are the things you would not want to miss on your trip to Paris.

2.4 Basilica of the Sacre-Coeur

Sacre-Coure is France’s second most visited religious monument after Notre Dame.

Go inside the monument you will see the country’s biggest mosaic. The height of this mosaic is 5,166 square feet.

For some visitors, the panorama of Paris from the top 222 steps is just all they need.

As soon as you reach the 222 steps of the church you will see the Roman-Byzantine architecture that leads up from the verdant square Louise Michel.

 Landmarks in Paris
Screenshot from Sacre-Coeur

2.5 The Centre Pompidou

The Centre Pompidou is the largest gallery that was built by President Pompidou. It was built as the flag-bearer for Paris’s modern art. It is a very unorthodox building to admire.

This beautiful gallery was built by Renzo Piano, Su Rogers and Richard Rogers. The building is built in a very “high-tech” architectural way. It was an industrial elevation for some people.

 Landmarks in Paris
Screenshot from Centre Pompidou

Inside Centre Pompidou, you will see a cinema hall, a very large public library and also a program of concerts. 

Besides these, you will also find a huge collection of modern art. It is regarded as one of the largest in Europe.

At the gallery, you will find works of Man Ray, Duchamp as well as Picasso. Go to the 16th-floor terrace to eyewitness the beautiful view of Paris.

2.6 Musee d’Orsay

It is one of the best-outsized buildings in the country. It was opened with Universal Exhibitions in 1900. Like other art galleries in Paris, it is also a beautiful art gallery of the Persians.

 Landmarks in Paris
Screenshot from Musee d’Orsay

If you are a person who likes impersonators then Musee d’Orsay is the perfect place for you. Under the high-ceilinged, and curved corridors, you will see the names of Renoir, Manet and Van Gogh.

During the visit to Musee d’Orsay don’t forget to go to the top floor. At the top, you find the masterpiece art of Renoir’s Dance at Le Moulin de la Galette as well as Paul Cezanne’s The Card Players hanging on the wall.


Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The landmarks in Paris make the city more beautiful.

In every corner of the city, there are famous museums, monuments, art galleries, etc.

You will see many popular landmarks in Europe, but the landmarks in Paris have some special feelings in everyone’s heart.

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