Art Gallery in Leeds – 6 Amazing Options

Art Gallery in Leeds
Photo by Artur Matosyan/Unsplash Copyright 2019

Leeds offers many beautiful things to enjoy! The city is popular for its industrial history and to know about the history, one must visit an art gallery in Leeds.

Best Art Gallery in Leeds – 6 Options to Consider!

The top 6 Best Art Galleries in Leeds are given below

1. Henry Moore Institute

Henry Moore was born and grew up in Yorkshire. He was one of the best-revered sculptors of that time. Through his historic bronze statues, he made his mark all over the world.

You can see his iconic bronze statues at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, all the way towards the heart of the Central District of Hong Kong.

After standing for a long time as an advocate for accessible public art, he established his institution which was named Henry Moore Institute.

Art Gallery in Leeds
Screenshot from Henry Moore Institute

He established this institution almost 30 years ago. It is a centre for the celebration and prizing of visual arts.

In this institution, you will see an award-winning gallery that showcases the sculptors including Dennis Oppenheim and Ian Kiaer.

Besides, this the institution also offers various venues for lectures and workshops, a research centre, a library and a sculpture archive.

2. The Tetley

An Art Deco building is the typical location to house an art space. High ceilings and streaming light create a great exhibiting set-up.

The Tetley opened its newly renovated doors in 2013. The venue is sorted by Project Space of Leeds.

It is a charity that facilitates the space to couple the value of this contemporary art with learning. The gallery invites interaction as well as sharing of ideas.

Art Gallery in Leeds
Screenshot from The Tetley

Participation is greatly celebrated by Project Space Leeds. It allows the participation of both exhibiting artists or may between the lovers of art.

Therefore the art galleries at Tetley intend to give a good guide for up-and-coming local artists and to put their feet on the ladder of the exhibition. It is done to showcase some international names.

3. The Stanley and Audrey Burton Gallery

As we already know, Leeds is a city with a huge population of students outside London, and it should be foolish to assume that the prevailing university culture doesn’t have an impact on the scenes of art.

Art Gallery in Leeds
Screenshot from University of Leeds

Stanley and Audrey Burton is one of the best galleries in Leeds. This gallery is housed inside the University of Leeds campus at the Art Deco Parkinson Building.

Here in the gallery, you will see a mixture of contemporary art and also works from the university’s special collections.

The gallery provides support to the students and it also graduates the art.

4. Gallery Munro House

The Gallery Munro House is an independent place. The venue is owned by alumni of Central St. Martins College of Design and Arts.

With a background of its keepers, it is not surprising that the main focus of Gallery Munro is photography.

Besides photography, it also focuses on illustrations and fine art as well. In the gallery, you will see some fine photographs attached to the wall. Art Gallery in Leeds

Screenshot from Visit LeedsMany exhibitions also occur in the gallery. Therefore, in the exhibitions, you will find many new things to explore.

Due to its fast-paced nature, the space also lends itself to pop-up events. Whenever you visit the gallery you will always get a fresh vibe.

The Gallery Munro House hosts the festival of Student Photography in Leeds as well.

5. Sunny Bank Mills

Sunny Bank Mills is self-proclaimed as an “exciting new addition to the Leeds art scenes“. The gallery resides in a restored mill that once spent days producing worsted cloth.

It is a former industrial site that certainly imparts itself to exhibiting artwork. It is a large open-plan space along with exposed brickwork making for airy.

The gallery has beautiful communal areas that can house large installations.

Art Gallery in Leeds
Screenshot from Sunny Bank Mills

This art space is a very attractive place for exhibitors as well as for art lovers who are searching for a fresh atmosphere full of life.

Sunny Bank Mills Art Space showcases the talent of their resident for about two months at a time. Besides this, they also run some workshops including life drawing as well as paintings.

6. The Hepworth Wakefield

Hepworth Wakefield is known as the mother of sculpture. The gallery is very iconic and you can see it when you visit.

Art Gallery in Leeds
Screenshot from The Hepworth Wakefield

At the gallery, you will find some of Hepworth’s sculptures from 1950 onwards. The gallery is displayed under a name known as “The Gift“.

The visitors can wonder at the work-in-progress models that are assigned in plaster and aluminum. Later, they made it into finished bronze products. If you see their bronze products you will surely fall in love with them.

The Hepworth Wakefield also hosts many exhibitions during the year. The exhibitions include Hepworth’s contemporaries and successors.

Besides, some Austrian artists as well as Franz West sculptures are also present there.


In the city of Leeds, art galleries are a very popular thing. The themes of these galleries are also very beautiful.

Therefore, from these galleries, you will get to know about the historic and iconic story of Leeds.

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