Top 13 Exciting Birthday Ideas In London You Must Try!

birthday ideas in London
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Birthday celebrations are always something we hold the closest to our hearts. Whether by spending the night with delicious food or at the gaming arena zone, dancing to music with a few mates, your birthday party has to be unique, this year.

So, don’t be at home with your cake alone, go out. try street food, play adult ball pit, and enjoy a hot tub. The plan is to have a fun birthday bash with dancing shoes and celebrate your iconic birthday in London.

Here’s a list of the best birthday ideas in London that anyone could try out to make their special day a memorable and exciting one, unlike any other year!

1. Birthday Ideas London

1.1 Try Out Dart Games at the Flight Club

birthday ideas in London
Image from Flight Club

These quirky bars, known as the flight clubs are based on technology-based darts games. If you’re a person who loves being competitive, this place would be perfect for a fun birthday.

Flight clubs are either located in Bloomsbury, Shoreditch, or Victoria. With fancy interiors and a brunch menu as well, this wonderful place is a great idea for a group of friends or family.

The flight clubs are generally vintage-tinted and gloriously decorated like 80’s times. Get boozy with your birthday party, while sipping on drinks and delicious snacks.

This place has won the best activity bar awards with stylish murals, interior designs, and the classic game of darts. No wonder it is among the best birthdays in London.

A place where it’s tough to get bored with the exquisite cocktail menu, great food, and the most interesting darts game ever!

1.2 Entertain Yourself at Queens Skate Dine Bowl

If love skating on the ice rink or playing bowling on the lanes, then this could be the best plan for you. The perfect example of a family or friend’s group active zone, so it is one of the best birthday party zones in Notting Hill, London.

There’s a wonderful diner and cafe with delicious food and cocktails, while still enjoying the excitement of skating on the ice rink.

For kids, there’s a special arrangement for kid’s hockey on the ice, which is just amazing. Bowling lovers have 12 lanes all to them for having a fabulous party night with hitting the bowling pins.

This place is perfect for special events like birthdays, anniversaries, or even the first romantic dates. They serve finger-licking meat and vegan foods, like burgers, fries, and many more.

For kids, there is a special kids package for the food menu, so everything here is family inclusive.

birthday ideas in London
Image by Thorsten Frenzel from Pixabay/Copyright 2019

With stunning neon lighting and beautiful interior decor, it has a lovely ambience for celebrating a great birthday party.

What could be better than an adventurous birthday night with good food, ice skating, and some bowling?

1.3 Solve a Puzzle at Sherlock’s Boozy Afternoon Tea

For a summer birthday time, a well-spent time at afternoon tea on a Saturday afternoon sounds peaceful and equally memorable.

Get ready to solve the mini-puzzles of Sherlock while devouring the exquisite homemade delightful treats for afternoon tea.

For those with a sweet tooth and immense love for mystery and crime fiction, this place would be heaven on earth or rather in West End London.

There’s also a mysterious place called the Mind Palace inside the place, where your brain will be teased with more puzzles and brewed coffee, and baked treats.

With beautifully interesting decor from the Sherlock Holmes stories, this outstanding place is the best option if you’re looking for a quiet and thoughtful way to spend your birthday.

Not everyone is outgoing and some of us avoid being bombarded with people in dazzling hubbub places. For those introverts, this place is definitely worth a visit.

birthday ideas in London
Image by 旺 欧 from Pixabay/Copyright 2015

Some of the best sweet treats at this afternoon tea cafe are Blackforest Cupcakes, Vegan Scones with Clotted and Jam, and Tiramisu Sable Breton.

A few of the best savory delights for a greater appetite are Ham and Cheese Finger Sandwich, and Leek & Stilton Savory Muffin served with freshly brewed tea or coffee. This place is no less than in creativity and quirk than the bustling party zones in London.

1.4 Lose Your Ways in the Escape Room – AIM, Crystal Maze

What could be more thrilling than picking your brain while being locked inside an escape room, on your birthday? The idea of Escape rooms has always been exciting and now is the time to experience it.

With high-level technology-based escape rooms, AIM offers you detailed and mind-blowing escape room puzzles. It has four distinct games that you can choose from, with different rooms and puzzles.

With a dark dim lit neon atmosphere, this place will play with your brain with its creative, fascinating escape games. It will test your problem-solving skills and ability to connect the dots.

No doubt that AIM has the fame of being one of the top birthday ideas, because it certainly deserves it. Similarly, like AIM, Crystal Maze has its quirks.

Located near the Piccadilly Circus, this maze game is inspired by the popular Television Show in the 90s.

Here, you’ll be challenged to find your way in a maze that runs through different periods, whilst collecting crystals to complete various tasks.

With the final task at the Crystal Dome, this eccentric game will test your mental and physical strength to decipher the maze puzzle within an allotted time.

Does it sound like an amazing birthday plan to you? Then wait no more, and celebrate your special day this year, at these exquisite fun puzzling places.

1.5 Have a Quality Time at the Garage Bottomless Brunch

The best thing about every bottomless brunch is that they easily become a favourite and among the best birthday plans in London, for birthday celebrations.

Starting to take over at a secret location in London, this infamous brunch is booming with party vibes, live DJ hip-hop music, and dancing shoes.

Perfect for a scandalous Friday night in North London, this boozy brunch is decorated with the 90s-era theme. It has won awards and is constantly striving to serve greater entertainment.

birthday ideas in London
Image from UKG Brunch

Stuffed with vegan and non-vegan great food, especially fried chicken wings and burgers, this place is the outrageous version of any regular bottomless brunch.

With grunge and old-school hip-hop anthems, this creative drag brunch is unlike any other you’ve ever seen in London. The party gets alive every hour with a session of boozy cocktails and fried savoury delights.

There is also an exclusive session for dance floor time, where dance-offs are held, where you’ll be challenged to show the best moves from DJ Duck and Artful Rodger.

Fun and well-received for its unique and energetic atmosphere, the UK Garage is among the best spots to celebrate your birthday in London.

1.6 Show Your Moves at the Disco Brunch

Ready to make some noise and hit the dance floor on your birthday? Clapham Street’s Bame Gloria has got you covered for a long sensual night.

With fancy craft beer and neon lighting decor, this eccentric longue bar cum disco brunch is one of the best bars in South London.

It has the most killer melodies, with bombastic interior decor that pulls out your inner wild side on your birthday nights.

It has an exquisitely designed underground cocktail bar, with some of the classiest cocktails tailored by mixologists. The bar is open for special events like birthdays, anniversaries, and other important days.

This place is bustling with loud music, an outrageous atmosphere, and boozy cocktails, Blame Gloria hosts the best-ever wild parties in London.

If you’re a party animal or someone who isn’t afraid to be adventurous, Blame Gloria is your birthday destination.

Blame Gloria is undeniably one of the hottest bars in London’s Covent Garden. This is a must-try bar for your birthday plans.

1.7 Play Ping Pong at Bounce

Are you up for a competitive table tennis match and having cocktails at the same time? Welcome to Bounce, in Old street, another gem in London.

Whether you drink gin or sip champagne, this popular restaurant bar will keep you hooked with its classiest table tennis sets, which were used for the World Championships.

Though it may be a bit pricey, the outstanding ping-pong games are worth everything. It is an amazing place with a great atmosphere to celebrate your birthday in London.

birthday ideas in London
Image from Bounce Ping Pong

Bouce is also featuring new games like Wonderball, Shuffleboard, and other Beer pong games to keep you entertained the entire night.

With 17 tennis tables, you can easily enjoy a long fun night with your friends for your birthday party celebration.

The Bounce has a lovely range of exquisite food, including both vegan and non-vegan options. So, don’t forget to visit this fun gaming place amidst the wide range of London’s bars.

1.8 Make a Hobby Out of Pottery Class

When it comes to finally taking the plunge to start a new hobby, new years and birthdays are ideal.

Similarly, visiting the Pottery Studio of Skandihus is also among the unique birthday plans. Pottery has always been a subtle art of clay mixing and arrangement, traditionally done in many nations.

Skandihus offers a full 12-week course on pottery making, where you’ll be taken in as a beginner to make you an advanced one, throughout the regular weekly classes.

The studio allows you unlimited flexibility to create your own art pieces and go freestyle if you want. Through the course, you’ll be given a lot of time to experiment and learn the skills of pottery gradually, without any rush.

birthday ideas in London
Image by Marcel from Pixabay/Copyright 2019

Rather than spending your weekends scrolling the internet, the pottery class allows you to be calm and productive in a gentle and melodious environment, that keeps you focused.

Even though you spend only two hours at the pottery on your special day, it is still an iconic and unique way for celebrating your day.

So, don’t forget to check out this immersive studio in London City.

1.9 Go on a Seafood Cruise along Prince Regent Canal

This one has to be one of the quirkiest birthday ideas in London. It is time to take a trip along the Regent’s canal and celebrate your birthday at London’s best seafood restaurant.

London Shell Co. serves the finest seafood in Britain, using the best and most authentic fishing methods to provide the best quality seafood in London.

The Cruise journey starts off and goes a long way from the Paddington Basin until it has reached all the iconic landmarks like Regents Park and London zoo, and finally goes all the way back.

It takes a total time of 2.5 hours to cover and return throughout the Cruise journey. So, just enjoy your special time on the Cruise while dining on the delicious lunch and dinner meals.

birthday ideas in London
Image by Sharon Ang from Pixabay/Copyright 2014

You’ll be offered five courses in total while going through the Cruise time.

During that time, lounge back and experience the calming ambience of the journey, the great food and cocktails, and most importantly, the aesthetically pleasing historical landmarks.

Filled with British seafood, a wonderful journey, and a lifetime of memorable moments, this place has a lot to offer you for your birthday.

1.10 Celebrate the Night at Searcys Champagne Bar

What could be better than spending your birthday night at the longest Champagne bar in Europe? St. Pancras is a great one among the must-try ideas for your birthday.

Inspired by the theme of the Golden Rail times, this exquisite place is a fascinating addition to the list of gorgeous bars in London.

With wide stunning velvet booths, ‘Press for Champagne tables, delicious seafood, and afternoon tea delicacies, this all-rounder bar will steal your heart, effortlessly.

The pleasing interior art deco style has been inspired by the times of the 20s era.

The best part is Champagne masterclasses are also held in this bar, where you can sip and learn more about the cocktails and their origins.

For the best suggestions from the Champagne list, there are Searcys Passion, French 75, Paloma Royale, and Whispering Angel.

birthday ideas in London
Image by Pexels from Pixabay/Copyright 2016

For the Sunday brunch, the best ones are Swan Smoked Salmon, Sourdough Toast, Coconut Sorbet, and Eggs Florentine Avocado.

For the breakfast menu, there are Cumberland Sausage and Blythburgh Streaky, and Back Bacon. For the Afternoon Tea, the loveliest delights there are Battenberg Cake, Buttermilk fruit, plain scones, and finally the Cherry Meringue Tart.

This high-end bar has various types of food meals throughout the day, which is very convenient no matter at which time you arrive to celebrate your birthday in London.

1.11 Have a Karaoke Night at the Lucky Voice

How could we miss out on the greatest fun birthday planning?

Situated in Holborn and Soho, the Lucky Voice has to be your go-to karaoke zone and bar. With spacious private rooms to sing with your friends, this place is such a popular hit.

Being one of the famous karaoke bars, this place has been gifting phenomenal experiences since 2005.

It is the most entertaining venue to be on the night of your birthdays, anniversaries, and other fun events. You can easily go all out with classy drinks while celebrating the best birthday in this London bar.

Have you ever heard of Karaoke Bottomless Brunch? Well, the Lucky Voice is the definition of it. You have karaoke access for up to full 2 hours with over 11,000 songs in avail. Wow, that is a lot!

With quirky cocktails made by some of the World class mixologists, this place is also infamous for its deliciously gooey pizzas. Who doesn’t love a top-notch pizza, on their birthday?

birthday ideas in London
Image by Jörn from Pixabay/Copyright 2020

Decorated with shiny neon lights and disco balls, the Lucky Voice is an ideal atmosphere for birthday parties and get-togethers with colleagues after a late night at work.

The Karaoke private rooms are spacious to fit up to 15 friends, so it is this popular for a reason. It is one of those bars in Soho, that is open late after midnight every week.

Sundays are a perfect time to bring your family and kids with you since they offer special family and kids-friendly karaoke on the weekends.

Don’t miss out on this extravagant fun place and bring your friends here next time to get the authentic essence of Karaoke on your birthday, this year.

1.12 Find Entertainment at the London Cabaret Club

Whilst offering an elegant dining experience, have your night enjoying the fierce performances of the Cabaret dancers.

Oozing with authentic British culture and cuisine, this club is among the sophisticated places in London.

Along with the stunning theatrical plays and cabaret performances, it is West London’s literal nightlife. They serve an exquisite dining and cocktail menu with top-notch quality, which is obviously a bit pricey.

The Club has its own Gold and Diamond Menu, with different starters, main courses, and desserts for each. There are a few recommendations from their menu that are exclusively popular among the customers.

Among the drinks and cocktails sections, there are Guys & Dolls, Taste the Stars, and Bombay Sapphire. Among the bar snacks, the popular ones are Crispy Chicken, Chilli Rice Crackers, and Spring Rolls.

For special events, this place is one of the sassiest, most joyous, and fun birthday destinations to be in, so don’t sleep on this exciting one and visit this place soon, on your birthday.

1.13 Delight Yourself at the Chocolate Cocktail Bar

For all those who have a sweet tooth, the heavenly birthday destination is here! From exquisite creamy pastries to delightful exotic chocolate cocktails, this place has a lot to offer.

It is one of those cosiest bars with expertise in chocolate cocktails and is one of the sweetest ideas, ever.

With lovely amicable staff, this place has a warm and comfy ambiance to make you indulge in the chocolatey journey on your special day.

It has a unique and finely tailored chocolate cocktail menu that any sweet tooth would love to try out! With over 20 special chocolate-based cocktails, it has all the versions from creamy to lighter subtle sweet ones.

They also offer ‘Chocotini’ on your arrival each time, so it makes it even better for the rush of the second choice.

birthday ideas in London
Image by Catalin Stefan from Pixabay/Copyright 2018

A few of the best ones here are, Nutty for Chocolat, Chocolate Expresso Martini, The Devil wears Dark Chocolate, and Caramel King.

For the other light snacks in the bar, the best savory ones are Italian Twist Pizza Margarita, Soft Cheese, and Nachos.

There are other special food meals like the Afternoon Tea and Wine list, which are equally fascinating and magical to devour.

To be precise, the chocolate cocktail bar is the first chocolate bar ever in London’s Covent Garden and is definitely among the most popular birthday ideas to try out.

2. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

2.1 What are the Best London Clubs for Birthday Celebrations?

The best London places or clubs that are exclusively special for birthday parties in London, are Roller Nation, Flight Club, Blame Gloria, Bounce, and Garage Brunch.

While every other eccentric London club has the potential to host great birthday parties as well, the mentioned ones have earned a reputation for their birthday party hosting.

2.2 What are the Best London Clubs to Play Games on Birthdays?

The most popular spots in London where gaming is everything, are Arcade Apes, Bounce, Flight Club, Electric Shuffle, Hijingo, and Queens Skate Dine Bowl.

These are the most famous and most visited gaming spots in London, especially during the birthday season.

3. Conclusion

Finally, it is time to wrap up the long yet exciting list of the best birthday ideas in London.

It doesn’t matter what you love or what kind of person you are, because London has got you covered for every unique theme for everyone’s birthday.

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So, which idea are you planning to try out on your birthday this year? Comment down below which birthday idea did you love the most and why?

We would love to hear from you!

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