Amazing Things To Do on Portsmouth Beach: Visit the 6 Beautiful Beaches

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Want to visit Portsmouth but don’t know how to spend your time there? Well, this article is just for you! Here’s a list of things to do on Portsmouth Beach that will make your vacation memorable!

There are tourist spots and beaches all around the area to enjoy. Close to Southampton and the South Downs National Park, Portsmouth in the UK has numerous resorts and cafes along with beaches. This article lists the beaches in Portsmouth and the things you can do as well. 

things to do on portsmouth beach
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Weather Conditions of Portsmouth:

Portsmouth is a waterfront city. The beaches have a strong sun during the summer months, so be sure to apply sunscreen before spending time in the sun. Bring a towel or blanket to sit on the beach. The sand can be hot during the summer months, so wear protective footwear.

When you see Portsmouth beach at night, the stars can be seen reflected in the ocean waves. It gets cooler at night on the beach. Be sure to take in the scenery around Portsmouth beach and make some wonderful memories!

Things to Do on Portsmouth Beach:

During the holidays, Portsmouth Beach is visited by many tourists. They explore the surrounding area, swimming, skating, and playing beach volleyball at Portsmouth Beach.

When you take the kids to Portsmouth Beach, you’ll find kid-friendly activities on the beach to keep them occupied while you can relax on your weekend getaway.

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There are well-equipped resorts around the beaches too. The beauty of the beaches can be experienced even from the resorts. Mary Rose, Old Portsmouth, South Sea Castle, Portsmouth Historic Docks and HMS Victory make Portsmouth a popular tourist destination.

Resort Marriott near Portsmouth (Wentworth by the Sea), Hampton Inn, and Suites Portsmouth Downtown have beautiful buildings, airy areas, and spacious rooms.

The following is a list of places and activities you can’t miss out on while in Portsmouth.

1. Southsea Beach 

Southsea beach is 2.8 km south of Portsmouth’s inner-city circle. Plenty of people visit Southsea beach. It extends from Portsmouth to the Eastney.  Due to its short distance, many people come to enjoy the beauty of Southsea Beach on weekends.

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Southsea beach is made of flint gravel, with sandy stretches being revealed at low tide. You can go swimming, sunbathe and play adventure golf at Southsea. It has parking available (a fee is charged).

There is no lifeguard service at Southsea Beach, so it is essential to keep an eye on your kids. The footpath and parking area at Southsea Beach are always flocking with tourists. 

Things to Do Near Southsea

Southsea beach is near the D-Day Museum, one of the most popular tourist attractions of the area. The Blue Reef Aquarium is also located very close to the beach. South parade pier and Clarence pier are home amusement arcades you can check out.

Behind this beach is Canoe Lake. It is a man-made reservoir/lake with a park around it.  Boating is very popular on this lake, where pedal boats are available for rent. A variety of equipment is maintained so that people of all ages can enjoy boating on the lake. The park also includes a zip line and a sand pit.

Restaurants Near Southsea Beach

The Courtyard is a popular restaurant near Southsea beach. It is an Italian-style restaurant with pasta and burgers on the menu.

Somerset House Boutique Hotel, G! Boutique Hotel, Florence Garden Boutique Hotel and Restaurant, and Royal Beach Hotel are all very close to Southsea. You can stay or even visit these places and enjoy the ambience and view while having a meal.

2. Eastney Beach

Eastney beach is a pebble(shingle) beach near Portsmouth town. Eastney is a famous place for fishing, swimming, beach volleyball, and windsurfing. Eastney is on the eastern end of the coast between Southsea castle and Cumberland Castle.

eastney beach
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The Royal Marines Museum on the Esplanade is located close to Eastney. This beach is a dog-friendly beach. In this area, parking is allowed for a fee.

Things to Do Near Eastney Beach

Eastney beach is known for its greenery and fauna. Thousands of birds visit or inhabit this area. Birdwatching is a popular activity as unique bird species can be found here.

A section of Eastney Beach is coveted by nature lovers. It has very diverse flora. The east coast differs from the west coast in terms of certain types of vegetation. There are patches of plant life flourishing along this coast. This beach is home to several nationally rare species. This part of the coast has been designated as a Site for Nature Conservation (SINC).

sea holly
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Plants found on this coast include Nottingham catchflies, sea holly, sea kale, yellow horn poppy, and sea radish. These are identified as rare national plants.

Hotels Near Eastney Beach

Victory House is a popular cottage area between Southsea and Eastney beaches. This hut can accommodate four or five persons. The hut also has kitchen facilities. If you visit Eastney in Portsmouth, this area will surely make for a memorable experience.

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3. Hotwalls Beach

It is a part of Portsmouth Beach, close to Broad Street and Camper quay. Hotwalls Beach is a gravel(shingles) beach that is idle and not busy in summer. It is a great small beach to visit with kids. Dogs are allowed in one particular area of ​​Hotwalls Beach.

old portsmouth beach
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Also called Old Portsmouth Beach, the beach lies on a watercourse with scarcely any tides. In summer, the appearance of the sea is a vibrant tropical turquoise colour. As there is a factory near this beach, visitors are instructed to wear shoes when coming to this beach.

The tide of this beach is not as strong because of its sun trap, so it is also suitable for children. The waterfront is accessible through steps in the red brick buildings next to Hotwalls Beach.

Hotels Near Hotwalls Beach

You can stay at The Wellington near Hotwalls Beach. The rooms at the resort are comfortable, bright, and airy.

If you’re looking for a beautiful harbour view, Old Portsmouth Apartment near Hotwalls Beach is a great option to consider. Each apartment has two large guest rooms and a cosy living room.  From the balcony, you can enjoy the sea view at any time of the day. 

4. Bembridge Beach

Bembridge beach is close to Ryde. It is a rocky and sandy beach. Bembridge consists mainly of pebbles, shells, and stones. The coast offers beautiful views from the Solent to Portsmouth and can be enjoyed from St Helen’s Castle.

Things to Do Near Bembridge Beach

It is very famous for nautical sports and dinghy sailing. Due to low tide, when Bembridge Ledge is exposed at the edge of the beach, this area becomes slippery but suitable for rock piling. Bembridge beach is an ideal place for fishing as well. 

bembridge pier
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Bembridge Beach is conveniently packed with shops, restaurants, cafes and lifeboat stations. There is a charge for parking at Bembridge Beach. Dogs are allowed on this beach. There is also a lifeboat station on the Fisherman’s Walk. 

Hotels Near Bembridge Beach

A popular destination is the Warner Hotel near Bembridge Beach. The hotel has a swimming pool and a beautiful garden outside. Bedroom facilities are good.

Whitecliff Bay Holiday Park is another great option. The bedrooms are comfortable and airy. This hotel also has a swimming pool. The hotel is a short distance from Bembridge.

5. West Wittering Beach

The nearest town to West Wittering beach is Chichester.  This beach is part of the waterfront between Point Beach and the Sailboat Station. It is a sandy beach. You can reach Chichester Harbor as you head along the coast.

Things to Do at West Wittering Beach

Many people play on this beach, like diving, kitesurfing, swimming, and windsurfing. There are provisions like showers, parking, and a coffee shop. The West Wittering Coast can be visited from May to September when the weather is warmer.

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West Wittering is a great place of scientific interest. It is a popular birdwatching destination. During the migration season, this place is visited by many waders and wild birds.

Hotels Near West Wittering Beach

Bull Head Resort is 8.62 km from West Wittering beach. Each room at the resort sleeps up to four people. The kitchens are well equipped. A beautiful garden is maintained outside the resort.

There is a swing and slide tree area for children to play. The area is surrounded by greenery. Tourists staying in the area can enjoy a garden area and free Wi-Fi. The rooms have three beds with magnificent sea views.

Newtown House Hotel and the Beach Brookfield Hotel are great options to consider too.

6. Hill Head Beach

Hill Head Beach is a lovely little pebble beach with astonishing views over the Solent right up to the Isle of Wight. On Hill Head Beach, you can see wooden seawalls that divide the beach. The seawall protects against the oncoming waves as they would normally go too far with the shingle and much of the land behind the beach.

isle of wright
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Every morning a large number of people walk the footpath near Hill Head Beach. During the weekend, more crowds are seen in the area, resulting in traffic jams.

Things to Do at Hill Head Beach

Hill Head Beach is well-liked by water sports enthusiasts. The beach provides good sailing, windsurfing, and kitesurfing opportunities. They can also go water skiing and swimming. It is a good spot for fishing as well.

Resorts and Cafes in Hill Head Beach

If you want to experience a traditional English tea experience, Titchfield Haven Tea Rooms are open from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm.

english tea
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Trevarner Guest House is another option to consider. Breakfast is provided free of charge to guests staying there. The hotel has two bedrooms per room that can accommodate two people. The hotel also provides free Wi-Fi and has a swimming pool.

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Visit Portsmouth Now

Southsea, Eastney, Hotwalls, West Wittering, and Hill Head beaches in Portsmouth are visited by a large number of people. These beaches are characterized by different types of soil (gravel, pebble, sandy, and rock). The sound of the ocean waves and the sound of ships coming and going into the harbour makes up for a pleasant and unique experience.

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There are many areas around Portsmouth that you can check out on your visit. D-Day Story, Blue Reef Aquarium, Canoe Lake, South Parade pier, Clarence pier, HMS Victory, Canoe Lake and the Blue Reef Aquarium Museum are the most popular attractions.

If you want to go on a trip, Portsmouth should definitely be on your list. Visit this historic waterfront city with your family and friends for the ultimate vacation experience!



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