15 Beautiful And The Safest Place To Live In UK

safest place to live in UK
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Which is the safest place to live in UK? Every country has safe cities with very low crime rates and dangerous cities that see violent crime activities. This article focuses on bringing the safest place to live in UK.

safest place to live in uk
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Many cities in the United Kingdom are safe to live in. This can be observed through crime statistics. So, if you want to relocate, and live in the UK, read this article till the end and find a safe city as your home.

How Can You Decide Whether a City is Safe To Live In?

It is challenging to choose a city, especially in a well-developed country like the United Kingdom. An individual must assess several considerations before choosing a city to live in. These are some of the cities with low risk. Some of those criteria are listed below

1 . Low Violent Crime Rates

Before choosing a place to live in, one must always think of ensuring his safety and city crime rates on his bucket list. A low crime rate is a fantastic indicator that you must choose that city to live in without a second thought.

Safest place to live in uk
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Crime statistics are readily available on the internet or police station records of that city. It is also easily accessible, and therefore it is crucial to consider this factor before you relocate to avoid residential burglary, theft offenses, or any such criminal damage that affects you.

2 . Clean Air

Clean air is essential as it keeps you away from respiratory disorders. Besides external safety, physical health is also significant, and clean air helps you breathe better and keeps you away from harmful air pollution, which is very bad.

The United Kingdom has low air pollution compared to other countries, but it does differ from one country to another. So do check these things before you choose a city.

3 . Well Constructed Roads

Road accidents are something that we see on day to day basis. The main reason for these cars, bike, and other vehicle accidents is poor road and transport links and inadequate infrastructure. So before you choose a city to live in, consider looking at its transport infrastructure and road constructions to avoid losses.

safest place to live in uk
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4 . Low Flood Risks

Disaster may be anyone – be it flood or earthquake, always choose a city which has less possibility of experiencing them. Opt for a city with high buildings and towers and sound disaster management systems. Avoid countries and cities having severe weather events.

Safest Place to Live in UK – Top 15 Cities

There are plenty of cities in the UK, but here are some of those cities which are safe to live in. The safety of these cities is considered safe based on a particular calculation. So here are 15 safe cities.

1 . Safest Place to Live in UK – Manchester

Manchester is one of the most developed cities in the United Kingdom. Not that the crimes don’t occur in this city, but the crime rates are low compared to other cities.

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Manchester is home to several families, students, and independent residents. The outside area of greater Manchester can be a concern, as it is a bit high in crime rates. Manchester is exceptionally safe concerning vicious crimes, for example, robbing and thefts, because the number of individuals who have been a casualty is low.

2 . Safest Place To Live In UK – North Yorkshire

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Despite being the biggest non-metropolitan city in England, North Yorkshire has the most reduced crime percentage in the United Kingdom. North Yorkshire is extensively more secure than usual, in all-out criminal activities, with the higher recorded crime percentage in England and Wales.

Contrasted with different regions that make our main 10 positionings, North Yorkshire positions are the most reduced for viciousness against the individuals. However, the scale for drug offenses descends, coming in at the 6th spot.

And hence with such a low crime rate, North Yorkshire is considered one of the safest places to live in the UK compared to South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire.

3 . Safest Place to Live in UK – Wiltshire

Wiltshire is a provincial district in the southwest of England known for its high downland and the Salisbury Plain. On our rundown of the most secure spots to live in the UK, it comes in third, undermining the public criminal activities normal by 53 violations per 1000 individuals, however barely prevailing over Devon and Cornwall.

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Out of the 10 puts on our rundown, Wiltshire positions the least for criminal harm and pyro-crime and coming in second-most reduced for private robbery. Wiltshire is ranked seventh for robbery, drawing with West Mercia as far as most elevated wrongdoing appraisals.

4 . Safest Place to Live in UK – Belfast

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Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland and is considered one of the safest places to live in the UK. This modern city of Northern Ireland is fast developing and growing.

Belfast is a safe city even during the night. You will hardly face single trouble during the daytime. This city has plenty of green spaces and has a lesser crime rate, and is preferred by many people to live in.

5 . Safest Place to Live in UK – Devon And Cornwall

Even though they’re two separate counties, their joint police force implies that the crime details incorporate both Devon and Cornwall. Regardless of being two areas in one, Devon and Cornwall are the third safest place to live in the UK.

Devon And Cornwall
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Devon and Cornwall’s position most reduced to two classes; private thievery and burglary offenses, demolishing even our ‘most secure’ positioned region, North Yorkshire, there. Generally, it winds up in the fifth spot, be that as it may, given higher crime percentages in classes like non-private theft, drug offenses, criminal harm, and illegal conflagration.

6 . Safest Place to Live in UK – Cumbria

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Cumbria is a county in the northwest of England and quite possibly the most delightful spot to live. Many variables pick where to take up your home, yet Cumbria has something for everybody! It has got you covered from the excellent view to the great schools.

Cumbria is a place worth visiting and even living in the UK and is one of the safest places to live in the UK. It has lower crime rates and is home to several residents.

7 . Safest Place to Live in UK – Surrey

Situated in the southeast of England, Surrey is the seventh-most-crowded home district and the seventh ‘most secure’ spot in the UK. Surrey has its highs and lows as far as the only crime classifications.

Surrey, UK
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Contrasted with different regions on this rundown, Surrey has the most minimal pace of non-private thievery and the second-least pace of savagery against the individual, after North Yorkshire.

Higher crime percentages for things like medication offenses, private thievery, and robbery offenses, nonetheless, implies Surrey at last winds up in the seventh spot in the rankings.

8 . Safest Place to Live in UK – Gloucestershire

Gloucestershire barely passes up a spot in the primary 5, coming in at the 8th spot for the ‘most secure’ spot to live in the UK. One more passage in our positioning for the South West, the region Gloucestershire covers the city of Gloucester and the towns of Cheltenham, Stroud, Tewkesbury, and Dursley.

9 . Safest Place to Live in UK – West Mercia

Like Devon and Cornwall, West Mercia compromises a few areas (Herefordshire, Shropshire, and Worcestershire) into one regional police force. It is as yet the 10th ‘most secure’ region in the UK, with an average crime record.

West Mercy
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West Mercia positions low for medication offenses and criminal harm and torching, coming in third and second out of our 10 most secure regions individually.

Contrasted with different passages on this rundown, West Mercia has a portion of the more significant crime percentages for classes like private thievery, with the most elevated pace of shoplifting out of our 10 regions despite the public average 3.8.

10 . Safest Place to Live in UK – Dyfed Powys

Dyfed-Powys is the main Welsh section on our rundown, coming on 10th spot. This is another regional police force that covers Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion, and Pembrokeshire yet has the 10th least crime percentage in the UK, despite being three regions in one.

Regarding the singular wrongdoing classifications, Dyfed-Powys has its highs and lows. The lows incorporate the most reduced crime percentage on our rundown for theft and shoplifting.

It winds up just positioning 10th, nonetheless, because of horror rates in different regions, including meeting the public normal for viciousness against the individual and astounding the public normal for drug offenses.

11 . Safest Place to Live in UK – Aberdeen

Aberdeen is a city in the upper east of Scotland and has been an important port for quite a long time. It’s known as one of Europe’s energy capitals and flaunts a few delightful landscapes with many stops and green spaces to explore.

Aberdeen, UK
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Aberdeen is perhaps the safest city in UK and has been granted five back-to-back Purple Flags for well-being in the downtown area. Purple Flag status is given to UK towns and urban areas to acknowledge the well-being and security appreciated by their inhabitants, and Aberdeen is one of just two Scottish urban areas to get the license.

12 . Safest Place to Live in UK – Ards And North Down

Ards and North Down is an administration city in Northern Ireland, to the prompt east of the capital, Belfast. It’s a beautiful piece of the nation, getting rid of 115 miles of untainted picturesque shoreline.

This, joined with its demolished palaces, heavenly wells, abbeys, and military fortifications, make it a travel industry magnet. It’s progressing as a travel industry area of interest is somewhat determined by how safe it is, and low crime percentages are a standard component here.

13 . Safest Place to Live in UK – Cambridge

Because of its stunning nature and trenches, Cambridge is one of England’s most beautiful urban communities by a wide margin.

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This eastern English city is home to two of Great Britain’s most esteemed schools: The University of Cambridge and St. John’s College. Likewise, it is one of the not many urban communities in the UK where you can take a loosening up boat ride to see the most impressive aspects of the city on the waterway.

Luckily, crime is very extraordinary in this Gothic city. It should be nothing unexpected that Cambridge’s well-being insights are far higher than its crime percentages.

14 . Safest Place to Live in UK – Worcester

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Worcester is like Newcastle regarding air, stylish, and low criminal numbers. This little Medieval town situated in the West Midlands district of England is known for its recognized Worcester Porcelain kitchenware – and all the more critically – it’s the formation of the aged, tart topping called Worcestershire Sauce.

However well known for its staple steak garnish and cooking sauce, Worcester, like other low-populace urban communities, has been perceived as perhaps the most secure spot to live in the UK.

However, wrongdoing numbers have gradually expanded over the last three years; it says a genuinely low-wrongdoing city with agreeable local people should see vacation spots.

15 . Safest Place to Live in UK – Plymouth

Named to local people as “England’s Ocean City,” Plymouth has the most innovative possible solution regarding what makes Great Britain so extraordinary. Assuming you’re searching for incredible food, boundless exercises, and fascinating nearby history encompassed by delightful regular scenes and inescapable shorelines, then, at that point, Plymouth ought to be your next occasional objective.

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Other than being the origin of the authentic Mayflower vessel and the current base for the Royal Navy, this oceanic town is known for its low wrongdoing records, pet-accommodating standing, and obviously, its more modest travel industry swarms contrasted with more prominent urban communities in the UK.

Least Safe Cities in UK – 10 Such Cities

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Like the safest cities in the United Kingdom, some cities have high crime rates and high risk for a person to live in. Here is a list of 10 such cities of the United Kingdom which are not so safe to live in

1 . Southampton

2 . Hull

3 . Sunderland

4 . Newcastle

5 . Sheffield

6 . Doncaster

7 . Glasgow

8 . Edinburgh

9 . Swansea

10 . Rotherham

Final Words

The United Kingdom is safe to live in with low crime percentages and believed police powers. But even if you live in the safest place to live in UK, it is necessary to take a few precautions to avoid any misdeeds.

Safe places in UK
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Here are some preventative actions to think about on a broad scale

  • Be safe from pickpockets, especially in substantial urban areas, and keep assets concealed to stop muggers or pack snatchers.
  • Avoid leaving your bags, mobile phones, keys, wallets, cards, and ID proofs unattended in bars, eateries, or libraries.
  • While utilizing public transport, try to choose a vehicle filled with people to avoid any mishappenings.
  • While strolling around evening time, pick a busy street and plan your route as much as possible.
  • Numerous town places can be loud and boisterous on Friday and Saturday evenings when the bars and clubs are exhausting.
  • Never take a random minicab, and don’t listen to any outsiders who approach you offering a ride.
  • Be mindful to safeguard your PIN at ATMs and try not to heft around a lot of money.
  • It is generally really smart to make duplicates of your archives like your visa and biometric residence permit and keep them in a different spot.
  • There is no legitimate necessity to convey an official ID with you in the UK, so we encourage you to keep your visa and Biometric Residence Permit someplace protected at home.

Police Service in Case of Emergency

Emergency Police Service, Uk
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  • To contact the police in the United Kingdom, dial 999 from any UK telephone in a crisis where prompt help is required, like a risky episode, genuine mishap, or tell the police about any criminal activities.
  • You can call 101 to report a non-crisis occurrence (for example, a dubious way of behaving or minor wrongdoing that has happened).
  • Assuming that you are a victim of theft or the survivor of a verbal or actual attack, you must report the episode to the police. Part of the job of the police is to offer help to survivors of criminal activities and give accommodating counsel on remaining safe.
  • Assuming you are the survivor of a robbery, the police will give you a crime reference number that you will require for any protection guarantee.



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