Looking For Best Beaches in England? Here are the 14 Beaches You Can Visit

best beaches in england
Photo by Alison Day/ Flickr.Copyright 2022

Are you looking for a list of the Best Beaches in England? Well, you would see them all over the UK. But, I am here to sort some of the best beaches in England, which are the Londoners’ favourites. These best beaches in England have everything, from the conglomeration of white and golden sands, outstanding natural beauty, bright beach huts to the sandcastle zone.

You could also find family-friendly beaches with boutiques for the shopaholics, surfers, festivals, toddler-friendly safe tide, privacy for the couples, and many more. All you would desire for, the best beaches in England would bring you to your feet.

To add to your content, let me cite that all the best beaches in England have been rewarded with blue flags for their cleanliness and for remaining environment friendly for a long time.

Explore Some Of The Breathtaking Best Beaches in England

Bournemouth Beach

The expanse of the beach is over 11 miles, starting from Hengistbury Head, located in the East and heading towards Poole. Covered with golden sand, Bournemouth Beach embraces areas like Southbourne and Boscombe.

The beach area is basically a resort and visitor’s favourite vacation destination. It is an entertainment hub, you can say. Since the Victorian era, it has served its tourists with its whole heart and soul. It is a complete entertainment package with theatre, restaurants, cafes, hotels, concerts, all in one place.

Best Beaches In England
Photo by Ozzy Delaney/ Flickr. copyright 2022

It is a perfect Family-friendly beach with so many leisure activities. Some spots like Happyland Amusement park, kids zone for toddlers, Bournemouth Oceanarium are worth visiting.

It is a perfect place for surfers. Even if you don’t like surfing so much, you can simply opt for a bare feet walk over the smooth sandy beach. Just go there, relax and hear your own heart speaking to you.

This beach treasures gems for everyone. Whatever it is, don’t forget to take along warm clothes and towels. Even summer days are breezy in South England.

Bournemouth Beach is just two hours from London, the capital of England. As this beach is in the vicinity of London, London residents find it their relaxing spot during holidays.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up, pack book your trip to this gem.

Fistral Beach

Fistral Beach comes into life in the summer months with so many leisure-filled activities to welcome you all. Eateries, cafes, restaurants are all lined up to serve you their best. You would also find stores where you can purchase a few swimwear in vibrant colours.

Fistral is the centre of the UK Pro Surf Tour. The renowned surfing coaching Fistral Beach Surf School is famous for its unique surfing methods. People end up rushing to the spot to have views of the crystal clear waves, naturally formed sand dunes.

Music Festivals, Boardmasters Surf, Unique Surf night, are held there. Just to ensure security for the surfers, The Southwest Coast path of the Fistral beach is consistently patrolled by the lifeguards, especially from Easter to the end of the year.

Special sand chairs are provided From the Fistral Surf hire shop, designed for the mobility challenged people and the oldies for a smooth approach on the sandy best beaches in England.

St. Brelade’s Bay Beach

Another favourite holiday end for the families is the famous St. Brelade’s Bay Beach. It is famous for sandcastles, formed by the little kids with all their talents. It is best known for its soft sand and calm waves, which makes it safe for swimming. The yellow sand, sparkling blue-tinted water waves, and avenue palm trees helps this beach gets crowned with five stars.

Cafes, restaurants, stores, all are queued up to serve you their best. You can buy beachwear of your favourite colour from there. They also sell coloured beach balls, which are available in vibrant colours.

Sun rays would never be so soothing as in Brelade’s Bay Beach. The low tide helps you to wander the whole beach. Sunbathing is in bulk during the summer months. You can flock here to have some mouth-watering munches at some of the famous expertise cafes and restaurants. Pizza Express, L’Horizon hotel, Oyster Box are a few well-known names.

You can spend some leisure moments at Winston Churchill Park or the fisherman’s chapel, which lies towards the Eastern side of the beach.

best beaches in england
Photo by Henry Burrows/ Flickr. copyright 2022

This beach provides a specially designed sand-friendly wheelchair facility to mobility challenged people and the oldies. You can contact the local charity Beach Ability for assistance.

You will have a car parking facility and also can access bus no. 12a and 14 to reach there.

Isn’t it appears tempting to you? So, without further delay, start planning your trip.

Weymouth Beach

Weymouth beach is the centre of many fun-filled activities, like donkey rides, puppet shows, sandcastle competitions. A funfair is also organized over there. You will also have the best of the leisures in the theatre and entertainment complex.

Weymouth beach is famous for its crystal clear water. You will be amazed to know that Weymouth Beach is considered the pioneer in the sandcastle competition. Not only this, This beach is awarded the Blue Flag Environment Award for cleanliness.

Sailing is very famous in Weymouth. Portland National Sailing Academy hosted a sailing event in the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games.

Multiples activities like festivals, water sports, sand sculpture show, fireworks, golf, funfair, amusements are conducted there. The Children often choose donkey rides; they enjoy that. Shallow water makes it safer for the surfers and the paddlers.

You can take out your dogs on the central beach, particularly during the months starting from Good Friday till the end of the year.

Various options ply there to make you reach Weymouth which includes bus, train, car. The Jurassic Coaster Bus Service gets you to Weymouth. The route also makes way to the Jurassic Coast. There are many other bus options which start from Dorchester. A354 and A353, connecting Weymouth with the Isle of Purbeck.

If you want, you can apply for the Weymouth railway service. Weymouth Railway station is linked to London Waterloo, through Bristol and Bath.

Brighton Beach

Brighton beach is counted among the top 10 holiday destinations in the world. Its base is a bit uneven, so you might need to wear shoes. Many water sports like kayaking, paddle boarding, volleyball, frisbee are conducted here. All these zesty activities attract beach lovers from all over the world.

Many emigrants from Russia and other adjoining countries have formed an enclave in Brighton Beach named Little Odessa, which shelters many restaurants, pubs, cafes. This enclave fulfils all the aspirations of the Soviets and even visitors from other corners of the world.

The speciality of the place remains in Honey Pepper Vodka, Rice Pilaf, Georgian Sandwich with Cheese spreads.

Brighton Pier brings the beach into life. Palm Court restaurant, Helter Skelter slide, theme parks, games are responsible for drawing the families there.

However, this beach is a bit historical.

Some Of The Historic Flares

  • Oldest hotel, Grand Hotel, built during the Victorian Era
  • Volks Railway, Britain’s Oldest electric railway enthusiasts people for visiting the Brighton Beach.
  • British Airways i360, the famous tallest moving observation tower in the world.
  • Sea life Brighton, an aquarium filled with fish, makes this beach not less than a show town.
  • Britain’s first naturist beach, Cliff Beach, is just a few miles away from Brighton Beach. This beach gives yet another reason to the tourists to crowd around Brighton Beach and visit its neighbour.

So are you up for dual package entertainment? Wait for none, just speed up for the trip.

Bigbury-On -Sea

Bigbury Beach is famous for its spectacular beauty. In addition to that, Burgh Island adds an extra moon to the beauty of the beach. A vivid range of flora and fauna is found in abundance in Burgh Island. Butterflies, foxes, rabbits, badgers, hedgehogs are prominent over there. The consistent guests of the beach remain seals on rock pools and the dolphins.

The National Trust takes care of Bigbury Beach. It is probably the largest sandy beach in south Devon, super busy in summer as a holiday resort. It is neighboured by Bantham and Challaborogh beach.

best beaches in england
Photo by oatsy40/ Flickr. copyright 2022

This beach is a pool of facilities to offer hassle-free vacation at its shore. Even on breezy days, surfers, boarders, windsurfers don’t deviate from taking advantage of the erratic sea. This beach gives space to both couples and families.

Facilities It Offers:

  • Specially designed sea tractor ferry to Burgh Island.
  • Wheelchair facility for the mobility challenged and the oldies.
  • Hygienic Washrooms
  • Well Maintained First Aid room
  • Consistently patrolled lifeguards
  • Sea viewed cafes and restaurants.
  • Surf Coaching Centre
  • Boutiques to cater to the needs and interests of the visitors
  • Surfboards, paddleboards, kayaks, wetsuits are available for rent.
  • Car parking

Burgh Island Hotel, The Public House in Pilchard Inn, and three independent private homes cater to the accommodation needs of the visitors.

When the tide is low, the whole beach can be approached by walking. Otherwise, the best option to avail is a sea tractor. You can also approach Challaborough Beach, Ayrmer Cove, Westcombe Beach, Bantham, and South Milton.

Blackpool Beach

This beach received its grace in mid 19th century, and since then, it has been a popular resort in the country. Millions of tourists are drawn towards its beauty. There are many things in Blackpool sands that allure the visitors.

Visitor’s Attractions

  • 513 foot Blackpool Tower, design inspired by the Eiffel Tower of Paris.
  • Annual lights festival, Blackpool illumination, first lit in 1879.
  • Awarded with Blue Flag status.
  • First British Beach to have 3 piers
  • Golden Mile is adorned with various facilities like theme parks and tea bars.
  • Blackpool Pleasure Beach, the family favourite amusement park, has the UK’s first double-launch roller coaster.

So now you have many reasons to visit this beach, but you cannot cite any reason to avoid it.

Porthcurno Beach

Porthcurno Beach is a perfect spot for couples searching for privacy and who want to spend some alone time away from the crowd. This beach is not so crowded but is not safe for swimming. The high tide makes swimming difficult. In such a case, paddling in low tide is advised.

Minack Theatre is the show on the beach. Many plays are portrayed in this theatre by many known companies. Among such plays, the plays on Shakespeare are a notable one. This beach offers stunning scenery. 

Compton Bay Beach

This beach is located in the west wight. It would be best if you carried everything you think you will need. Compton Bay Beach is a unique amalgamation of golden and black sand. Honey and caramel sandstones adds hues to the sandy beach. The tint of the golden sand can be seen in the turquoise sea. Visitors may enjoy paddling at low tide.

What is so great about this place? You can view the ancient dinosaur’s footprints.

Tankerton Beach

It is often counted among the best beaches in England. It is located on the shore of Whitstable. It is a fishing village just a couple of hours towards the Southeast of London. It is easy to reach the Londoners, as it is not very far from there. Then many trains ply from London’s St. Pancras, Cannon Street, Victoria Stations.

best beaches in england
Photo by Mark Kelly/Flickr. copyright 2022

Lifeguards continuously patrol Tankerton Beach in the peak season. However, this place is a bit rocky, making it difficult for the oldies to walk comfortably. Many stores and restaurants are also located near Whitstable.

Whitstable Harbor exhibits some spectacular scenic beauty which can be best enjoyed from the Tankerton Slopes. You will find some vibrantly colourful beach huts.

Bamburgh Beach

The gigantic Bamburgh castle beach equivalents one of Northern England’s well-known Beaches. It’s the show of the town since the 6th century with minor modifications made in the 12th century.

This beach would make you feel at surfing home and the best kite surfing zone. You can have the best moments of glancing at the marine life from the stag rocks lighthouse. Well, the best pastime of the kids at the beach, castle making, is practised in abundance here.

Built on grassy dunes, the Stag Rocks Lighthouse allows visitors to set their heads on it with a relaxing stretch.

This sandy shore is perfect for jaunt walking or exploring the whole of the beach by horse riding.

As you get into the direction opposite the beach, you will find Farne Islands. It was known as the settlements of the monks once. You would find many beach huts over the shore. But now, in present days, it is called to be the the shelter of the beautiful and colourful indigenous seabirds.

West Wittering Beach

In touch with the city beach of Chichester lies the village of West Wittering. It is known as a residential area for celebrities. This beach is flagged blue with the humorous interest carrier of the sandcastle building—a beautiful spot for the families for spending some quality time together.

This beach lies with the walls of a Site of Special Scientific Interest. It includes the International Importance of surrounding wetlands, Wildlife inhabitance, and just overwhelming scenic beauty.

Best beaches in England
Photo by davidgsteadman/ Flickr copyright 2022

This beach is the favourite spot for surfers of every genre. Low tide lagoons are fun to explore for families and even safer for toddlers. Various amenities, viz., cafes, and water sports clubs, are also available to serve visitors.

The area is taken care of by the National Trust, which maintains the surrounding area of the East Head.

Whitby Beach

Whitby has so much to offer to its visitors. Its USP lies in its history and cultural background. The Novel Dracula has its mention everywhere, which had made it the star of the UK. Its museum has unique portrayals, may it be whale’s jawbones, mummified human hands, and many more.

No matter how mysterious this place is, the site will always be fun to visit. Clinging just to the corner of North Yorkshire moors, this place holds a special in the hearts of its praisers.

Best Places To Visit

  • Khyber Pass
  • Whitby beach exploration
  • The Captain Cook Experience
  • Eat fish and chips on Quayside
  • St. Mary’s Church
  • Whitby Abbey
  • Whitby Museum
  • North Yorkshire Moors Railway
  • Whale Watching Cruise
  • Experience the Dracula
  • Barafundle Bay

Barafundle Bay

Barafundle Bay is surrounded by dunes, pine trees, golden waves of clear water. It is famous as one of the best beaches in England and is found equivalent to the Caribbean Beach. However, this beach has one loophole: this beach provides no facilities for anything.

The National Trust maintains Barafundle Bay. The beach is on the Coast Path and is rewarded with many awards.

Awards Of Barafundle Bay Are As Follows:

  • Blue Flag Beach
  • 2019 Seaside award
  • 2019 Green Coast Award
  • 2019 Trip advisor’s Traveller’s Choice awards best Beaches in England
  • 2017 ‘Best beaches in The World’ awarded by Passport Magazine
  • 2006 ‘Best place for a picnic in the UK’ awarded by Country Life Magazine.
Best beaches in England
Photo by rhedeg.co.uk/ Flickr copyright 2022

The temperature of the northern best beaches in England is at dip compared to that of South. Picturesque Landscapes with sea flaring restaurants, cafes, pubs draw numerous tourists from all over the world to the best beaches in England.

These best Beaches in England are just heaven on Earth. Dancing Dolphins, relaxing seals, you will find beaches which are different from each other. Most of the best beaches in England listed above were awarded Blue Flag Status for their constant cleanliness efforts. The most environment-friendly approach by the best beaches in England was an attempt to remain plastic-free.

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