The Best First Date Restaurants In London: 12 Best Restaurants

first date restaurants in London
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Romance! What a beautiful word to start with! What is so unique and alluring about the word? You might be wondering what difference this article is going to convey. Everyone should have some romance in life, for life is just a short game that most of us forget how to play. We get busy running after our never-ending jobs, forgetting that we have a life outside it.

Putting aside the boring yet truthful philosophy part, it has now become a necessity that one finds love to feel complete and content with oneself. In this beautiful era of discovering and rediscovering romance, London is one of the best romantic destinations you can take your loved one to. London is listed among one the best cities to explore and live in.

Here is a list of some of London’s best first date restaurants.

Top 7 Romantic First Date Restaurants In London.

Date nights are so special. It is evident that most of us have first-date nerves, but we put up a bold face to cover it up. First impressions last longer in our memory, and every first date needs to be memorable. We all like to have the best and choose the best place to have our first date. Here are the 7 best romantic restaurants in London for you to explore and relish.

1. Luca

Looking for a chic and sleeky restaurant? Then, Luca is the best place for you and your loved one. With the most elegant dining room in the city, Luca has a wide range of delicious menus for you to try. The restaurant’s design is dapper with dim lighting and is the best for having a romantic dinner. With a 1950’s inspired decor, this beautiful restaurant has a wine bar, a lovely private dining room, and a pretty terrace with lush green olive trees and jasmine.

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The price for a person would be approximately 60 pounds. For more information about the restaurant and to book a table, visit their official website here. Address: 88 St. John street London

2. Bob Bob Ricard

With plush seating, low lighting and comfort food, this restaurant will give you goosebumps once stepped in. Perfect for a date night, this excellent restaurant has two floors of excitement. The menu is European with a Russian theme, and guess what? Every table has a unique “call button” for calling your waiters.

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You are sure to get confused about what to order because of how enjoyable the variety is, and everything on the menu tastes great. But, the crab salad and beef wellington are a must-try. The waiters are very attentive, professional and knowledgeable; they will give you the best experience in this lovely restaurant with an intimate setting.

Bob Bob Ricard is one of the most romantic restaurants that doesn’t allow guests under 15 years and is open from 12 pm till 12 am from Tuesday through Saturday.

3. Sessions Arts Club

Sessions Arts Club is one of the most popular restaurants in London. It is one of the most famous eatery openings of recent times. It is one such restaurant that celebrates the return of the famous cook Florence Knight.

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Located in Clerkenwell, this place has a main dining room, flowered staircases, velvet furnishing, and ornate fireplaces. It has a delicious menu and natural wines. The people are looking forward to visiting this place, kindly head over to Old Sessions House, 24 Clerkenwell Green.

4. Kitty Fisher’s

Kitty Fisher is known as one of Mayfair’s most iconic dining places. Their seasonal ingredients help them in making exceptional food. One of its famous dishes is Galician beef. For the vegetarians, they have options of Dorstone goat’s cheese along with walnut ketchup.

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Their famous pink booth tables are located on the ground floor, which is one of the major attractions of this place.

The lighting of this place is also perfect for a casual date.

5. Clos Maggiore

It is a very charming restaurant located in the Covent Garden region of London. The ceiling of this place is made with blossoming flowers, and the dining arrangement is a bare minimum. The gloomy environment of this place makes this restaurant one of the most famous restaurants in this area. It also has a praiseworthy and minimal interior design. The tables of this restaurant are covered with white tablecloths.

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The South Coast Wild Turbot is super light and fulfilling. Some of its famous main course dishes include Dorset Crab Remoulade, Oven Roasted South Coast and Smoked Salmon Roulade. Turbot paired with a glass of Malagousia is a perfect combination.

Located in Covent Garden, it is one of the few places in London that serves excellent dessert choices.

6. Andrew Edmunds

Andrew Edmunds was opened in the year 1986 and remains famous. Being true to the culture of 18th-century central London, this place is famous for its excellent wine list and its relaxed atmosphere. It sticks to its roots and still has exposed brick walls.

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The wine list of this place comprises various types of great wines, including natural wine. The slow cooking process provides more time to the couples, thus making it perfect for first dates.

7. The Palomar

Palomar is a restaurant that serves middle-east London cuisines ideal for sharing plates. It also has options for small plates for those who prefer eating alone.

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The atmosphere of this restaurant is quite different from the other restaurants and provides complete privacy to the couples. The seating arrangement of this restaurant is divided into two parts. One is a 40-seat ding area, and the other is a 16-seat kitchen bar. The kitchen bar sitting arrangement overlooks the chefs who are at work.

Along with middle-eastern cuisines, this restaurant also has Southern Spain and North American dishes on its menu.

It is a perfect first-date spot for couples who want to enjoy a relaxing Jerusalem-inspired dining experience.

8. In Vino Veritas

Most people often mistake this place for a cute wine shop. However, this place is one of the best date spots in London. Vino Veritas has a vibrant atmosphere accompanied by an uncomplicated menu.

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It offers a candle-lit dining experience for couples. It also has a blue door that acts as a significant attraction.

9. Quo Vadis

The name is the most attractive feature of this place. Quo Vadis means “Where are you going?”. Couples can enjoy the fantastic view from the corner table that is well decorated.

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It has fantastic staff, including the bar staff and the head bartender. Some of the famous dishes of this place include Pie and Mash, Peppered Venison and Bitter Leaves, and Pumpkin soup along with Chilli and Parsley oil.

10. Hutong

Hutong is one of the most famous London restaurants. It has fantastic views as one can see the entire view of London from this restaurant.

The menu of this place consists of delicious Chinese cuisine, among which the crispy prawn rolls are the best. The pork dumplings of this restaurant are equally impressive. All of the unique dishes of this place are made by Sifu Fei Wang, who is the head chef of this beautiful dining area.

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The sitting arrangement of this place is cosy and designed to provide complete privacy to couples. The window tables of this place are designed for two people and are arranged to provide them with complete intimacy. Even the waiters are not seen around these tables.

A perfect date night spot, this place is the best for couples who want to spend quality time together without being disturbed by the outside world.

11. Hakkasan Mayfair

Hakkasan Mayfair separates itself from other traditionally romantic cafes in London with its electric atmosphere and enthusiastic staff. The interior is a blend of coolly low-lit sword blues accentuated by the inversely debonair blend menu.

The menu contains various types of cocktails that are worth praising. The China-san is highly recommended. It is made with Barsol Torontel Pisco, lemongrass and ginger. It also has a mix of some of the still unknown ingredients. One has to be daring in choosing their drink here.

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The menu also consists of dim sum lunch with a hint of the taste of the Hakka. The crispy red rice with prawns and silver cod is equally impressive. The wine list of this place is praise-worthy too. It has various types of wine, including a wine bar. The wide range of cocktail options is also a significant attraction.

Along with delicious food, this place also offers a perfect environment for couples who want to spend some cosy time together.

12. Duck And Waffle

Duck and Waffles is one of the most popular options for proposing to your partner. It is a sky restaurant that has a fantastic ambience. It has flawless interiors that mesmerise almost everyone.

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Some of their famous dishes are Crispy duck confit, waffles, fried egg with waffles, Dark Chocolate Martinez, and many more items. It is the perfect place for people who love a luxurious dining experience.


Whether you are planning to take your partner on a fantastic date or you want to have a grand proposal, here are some of the best first date restaurants in London that you can choose from. You are sure to have a great experience all together.

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