7 Best Polish Restaurants In London—You Must Eat At

polish restaurant
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The best way to get a little closer to Polish culture is to try some Polish cuisine in a traditional and homestyle Polish restaurant, right? But finding some finest quality Polish food at an affordable price and in a homely atmosphere in the UK is not easy.

Although considered ‘heavy’—Polish food comes with a unique mixture of taste and spices that will create a memorable dining experience—you will not find in any other culture.

From delicious dumplings and fermented soups to bigos and Polish flavoured vodka, you can experience some authentic Polish dishes and drinks across the UK in some of the best eateries, but from where to start?

Don’t worry. Here, I have picked the top 7 best Polish restaurants in London you need to try out. So, let’s get started.

1. Mamuśka Polish Kitchen & Bar

polish restaurant
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How about going for design and staying for food. Yes, the Mamuska polish restaurant in South Bank London will attract you with its classy atmosphere, cheerful vibes, and colourful ceiling.

With new decor and casual vibes, this restaurant in this town is famous for delivering Polish Vodka, Polish craft beer, and ‘Russian dumplings filled with white cheese, roasted potatoes, and topped with fried onions. Mmm, delicious.

What’s so special? This polish restaurant is decorated as a Mleczny or milk bar, a Polish cafeteria—where you can simply order and pay at the cafe and wait for the food to bring to the table. So, if you want to get closer to Poland, don’t forget to try this eatery.

Where: 9 Addington St, London SE1 7RY, United Kingdom

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2. Autograf Restaurant

If you want to taste some home-cooked Polish food in a homely atmosphere in London, your next visit should be to Autograf. A well-known Polish restaurant and a favourite destination for the locals that offers speciality dishes using the traditional cooking method.

Start with Polish dumplings with cabbage and mushrooms, fried sausage with pepper and onion, and Polish sour soups. The main menu features goulash with mashed potatoes and breaded chicken.

If you have a sweet tooth, go for potato pancakes and sweet dumplings stuffed with strawberries. And pancakes with plum jam are a can’t miss confection. Last but not least, the bar comes with a wide selection of Polish spirits and flavoured vodkas.

Where: 488 W Green Rd, Duckett’s Green, London N15 3DA, United Kingdom

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3. Ognisko Restaurant

polish restaurant
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Located on the ground floor of the Polish Hearth Club, this Polish restaurant is famous for its white and luxurious interior and a large selection of Polish delicacies—that is hard to find in any other restaurant.

For starters, try beetroot soup with sauerkraut and smoked eel with potato salad; on the main meal, enjoy spiced chicken liver with fried onions and apples, pork schnitzel with fried eggs, and pan-fried mackerel with watercress salad. They also offer Polish vodka that pairs beautifully with these dishes.

Ognisko is the best spot if you are in the mood for alfresco dining in the summer. After dinner, you can also head toward some world-famous museums in this city like the Science Museum and Natural History Museum.

Where: 55 Exhibition Rd, London SW7 2PG, United Kingdom

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4. Sowa Restaurant

Do you like to eat dumplings? Ok, that’s great. Just visit Sowa restaurant. One of the best Polish restaurants in the UK, famous for offering some mouthwatering dumplings prepared in front of the guests.

For a lighter mood, try beef loin with egg yolk, onion, and mustard; creamy tomato soup and chicken soup. Chicken breast or smoked salmon with mixed salad are also great options.

For lunch, try their signature dish—wild boar dumplings coated in hand-made mushroom sauce. Dumplings with goose, and salmon dumplings with feta cheese and spinach are also some of the best Polish cuisines here.

Where: 33 High St, London W5 5DB, United Kingdom

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5. Daquise Restaurant

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This polish restaurant in South Kensington has been serving some traditional Polish delicacies last 60 years. Dalquise restaurant held some history for both Poland and London over the years.

You can start with pork sausages and potato salad or marinated herring with onion, cream, and apple. The main meal features poached chicken served with lemon sauce, vegetables, and poaching broth. Pork chop with cucumber and mashed potato is also an insanely delicious dish.

Save some room for the desserts, where you can taste raspberry and vodka terrine or the pancake filled with cheese. Dalquise has hosted the likes of Roman Polanski, Edward Raczynski, and many others, and is one of the oldest Polish restaurants in London.

Where: 20 Thurloe St, South Kensington, London SW7 2LT, United Kingdom

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6. The Karczma Restaurant

Situated in the heart of Birmingham, this traditional cottage-style restaurant is just a 5 minutes walk from the Moor Street Rail Station and the Bull Ring Shopping Centre.

This Polish restaurant gives you the vibes of traditional cottage-style settings with the seating of 85 people. The spot is cheerful with live music, friendly staff, and a homely atmosphere.

The meal focuses on rustic Polish-style cuisine using some best quality ingredients. Some of the best dishes are stuffed dumplings or pierogi, pickled herring, beetroot soups, Zurek, or pickled rye flour soup—all of them taste divine with freshly baked bread as well as grilled fish or meat.

You can also enjoy hot drinks like hot chocolate, Americano, Latte, or green tea. Undoubtedly, one of the best spots, if you want to enjoy some happy hours with your intimates.

Where: Polish Millennium House, Bordesley St, Birmingham B5 5PH, United Kingdom

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7. Miod Malina Restaurant

polish restaurant
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Do you want to taste authentic Polish cuisine? What can be better than some lesser-known soups that are a bit sour and spicy, balanced by starch and meat?

And in terms of offering some best-quality Polish soups, no one can beat Miod Malina restaurant. The Polish chicken soup is a must-try thing served on Sundays only. And don’t miss out on the bread bowls and loads of delicious pierogi—the hidden gems in this eatery.

So, plan your weekend to visit this farm-house-style Polish restaurant in North Acton, where the foods are unique, flavoursome, and not to mention come at reasonable prices.

Where: 315 Horn Ln, London W3 0BU, United Kingdom

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Final note

I hope you have got the idea about the best places that you need to check out when you have the mood for some Polish delicacies. Polish dumplings, sausages, soups, and bigos are not only dishes but carry some history and traditions also.

And I have delivered a complete guide, including the locations and websites that will help you explore your tastebuds in these eateries. So, just enjoy the reading and plan your next trip to any of these restaurants to satisfy your cravings for Polish food.

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