10 Best Themed Restaurants in London

themed restaurants london
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London is among the most famous destination and it is well known for its quirky range of restaurants. You will find yourself lost in the immersive dining experiences that this city can offer. While other European cities have their share of unusual restaurants, London is no less than that.

Restaurants in London are uniquely eccentric, with the most fun and appealing ambiance and delicious food. So, that’s why today we will peek into the most fun London restaurants out there, such as the best-themed restaurants London.

1. What are Themed Restaurants?

These restaurants are those dining restaurants in London that follow a specific concept, idea, or notion that is depicted and displayed throughout the interior of the restaurants.
Each quirky restaurant goes by a specific theme that reflects in its dining style, interior design, tasting menu, and cutlery.

The themes could vary as some of them may offer an immersive dining experience with an impeccable style of service to customers.

Bar entrance decorated with flowers in Central London, United Kingdom
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In contrast, others can bring exotic food and a unique surprise menu to the table. Themes don’t have restrictions as long as it is creative and enjoyable for the customers.

Let’s take a tour of some of the most fun restaurants that London has to offer. Each of these quirky restaurants will leave you stunned with its set of creativity, hospitality, and absolute entertaining experiences.

2. 10 Best Themed Restaurants in London

2.1 Uzumaki London

Uzumaki London is one of the coolest themed restaurants in London. This restaurant is based on the concept of an infamous Japanese anime, Narutoand is a hometown for every anime fan out there.

Situated in a small district, Holborn is an Asian fusion restaurant that serves high-quality Japanese food. The restaurant may be named after Naruto Uzumaki, the main character from Naruto, and it is filled with other famous animes too.

This restaurant used to be small to accommodate only 20 customers at a time; however, they have opened another restaurant branch with a much larger space for guests. The new restaurant is now situated in Great Russel Street, London.

themed restaurants london
Image from Uzumaki London

It is well-known for its attentive and hospitable waiters and waitress, who are willing to help you out anytime. They serve great food in Japanese with a cute range of cutlery and a diverse amount of condiments at the table.

Their food menu is stuffed with a variety of ramen of marvelous new flavors, both in veg and non-veg. They offer different toppings according to your preferences and have an exquisite bubble tea menu.

You can enjoy the best anime soundtracks while having your meal. The soundtracks include all the popular anime hits. The walls of the restaurants are elegantly designed with graphic artworks of the same animes.

As a final addition, there is an inbuilt anime store inside restaurants with small anime character figurines on sale.

2.2 Dans Le Noir?

No one has ever seen or experienced such a quirky dining style before. In French Dans Le Noir means ‘In the dark’, so what can be guessed from it?

Welcome to Clerkenwell District’s Dans Le Noir restaurant, where you will be served food in complete darkness without having a hint of what you are eating and what it looks like. It’s quite a thrilling and scary concept.
This restaurant is rich in gourmet and seasonal cuisine, along with wine-tasting sessions. You will be guided through the rooms by the mysterious waiters ( some of them are visually impaired waiters ) and will be given a choice to choose from three different menus.

The purpose of this dining-in-dark concept is built to explore and energize your sense of taste. The concept is meant to let you immerse yourself completely in your taste buds and relish its texture, taste, and warmth with all of your other senses.

themed restaurants london
Image from Dans Le Noir

It is an experience that forces you to wake your subconscious and concentrate on the food only.

After you finish eating, you’ll be finally shown what you’ve eaten. Tasting sessions for children will help them explore their senses and experience a thrilling dining moment.

The restaurant is the epitome of a perfect romantic dinner, a night out with your friends, or even your whole family. They serve amazing food and a chilling mysterious atmosphere that is rare to encounter.

However, the restaurant does not provide takeaway or delivery services since the whole dark dining experience is what they offer.

2.3 Jungle Cave

Formerly known as the Rainforest Cafe, this place is filled with quirky things for children and little kids. If you’re looking for the coolest restaurants with exotic food and a magical wildlife experience, this is the one. Not only it is famous for being a themed restaurant, but you can also have a dramatic view of the Piccadilly Circus while having your meal.

The restaurant is designed as the cave interior will be full of wild animals, and storms that provide your kid with a really fun experience. The decor is absolutely gorgeous, with an affordable food price. They serve quite delicious huge pieces in a reasonable price range.

themed restaurants london
Image from Jungle Cave

It is one top-notch restaurant in the West end of Picadilly Circus. During your meal, the animals would start roaring every 15 minutes, along with the realistic effects of bringing thunderstorms inside the cave.

There is a gift shop in the restaurant full of stuffed animal toys for kids. The restaurant won’t leave any stone unturned in providing you with one of your best immersive experiences.

2.4 Circus

Covent Garden is the ideal spot where you’ll find a ton of quirky restaurants. The circus is among the most unusual places out there. This restaurant bar will keep you hooked with its spellbinding circus acts till the last minute.

You are welcome to eat a mesmerizing meal while the fire breathers of the circus entertain you with their best acts on the table.

They serve Pan-Asian cuisine here at the circus, which is delicious. They have a classic cocktail menu, with a bar arrangement alongside.

themed restaurants london
Image from Circus

The circus performances take place every hour for a short amount of time, so you better not miss it, since it’s the main thrill here. At weekends, DJs take up the place to give a different club vibe.

Circus provides both takeaway and delivery services along the gluten-free food too, which is a real benefit. People in wheelchairs have access, too, so the circus welcomes everyone at Covent Garden.

2.5 Bob Bob Ricard

Bob Bob Ricard was founded in 2008 at Upper James Street, London. It is a Soho restaurant with glittering fancy decor that screams royalty in every aspect. The restaurant became popular for its “Press for champagne” button.

Every table in Bob Bob Ricard has a button that says, ‘Press for Champagne, ‘ which makes the restaurant special. However, the champagne button is only part of it.

themed restaurants london
Image from Bob Bob Ricard

This place has elegant gold-blue furnishings with impeccable service and delicious food. It has been confirmed that the inspiration for the interior decor has been drawn from the Orient Express.

This is an expensive restaurant that is perfect for a romantic evening date. They have the most tasteful desserts at Bob Bob Ricard. You can have an authentic European dinner at this aesthetic dining room at any time.

2.6 Archipelago

The Archipelago is one of the quirky restaurants in London, mainly because of its unusual menu. It is situated in Cleveland Street, London.

The restaurant has a Buddhist spiritual theme. It has a dim lighting arrangement with little palm trees for additional decor. You’ll find decorations and statues of golden buddhas with peacocks.

Apart from the exotic meats and food, the Archipelago has a hallmark of special but unusual dishes.

themed restaurants london
Image from Archipelago

It includes classics like Crocodile curry, Kangaroo skewers, Smoked Python carpaccio, and even Zebra jerky. However, they also serve other standard food like chicken and vegetarian food.

Waiters are diligent and polite, with great customer service. Archipelago provides takeaway and delivery services too. It has an LGBTQ+ friendly atmosphere so everyone can be themselves in this wonderful place.

2.7 The Piano Works

One of the quirky restaurants in London that has a Live Music theme. Here, live musicians play the song of your choice! The audience can write their song on a piece of napkin and forward it to the performers or the waiters.

There is a well-handpicked menu of sparkling cocktails and a steak menu. The place is stunning for an ideal dinner date or a friend’s night party.

themed restaurants london
Image from The Piano Works

The food has a reasonable price with an exotic flavor. The waiter and staff of the restaurant are great with management skills. It also has a private underground space for specific customers.

2.8 Lost Boys Pizza

Are you a fan of mystical vampire stories or the ’80s metal rock melodies? This place is for you, then! Along with a private basement bar, the place is well known for its big black charcoal pizzas.

It is cozy with a small space on Eversholt Street, London. The theme is spooky and filled with vampire decor and designs, including strips from comics too. The pizza here is of the best quality in London. They offer a variety of pizza toppings along with Vegetarian ones too.

themed restaurants london
Image from Lost Boys Pizza

The meal prices are reasonable in a warm and comfortable environment. The waiters and staff here are welcoming and friendly. They provide blankets, too, if you’re cold while you are having your afternoon tea.

Lost Boys Pizza offers takeaway and delivery services too, so it is already a convenient restaurant in London.

2.9 Sarastro

This is another one of the quirky restaurants that you can visit in Covent Garden. The theme of this restaurant is theatrical opera. The design and the decorations are filled with drapes, gramophones, and theatrical props.

They serve fresh food in the Turkish Mediterranean dining style. The performers showcase their fabulous skills in operatic themes.

themed restaurants london
Image from Sarastro

The seating arrangement in the restaurant is quite private, especially in the balcony seats.

The constant live music makes it exclusively enjoyable while eating at the famous Covent garden. They provide such a warm and lively atmosphere that you are bound to love them. However, Sarastro does not provide delivery services.

2.10 Park Row

Situated in Brewer Street, London, this place is the first restaurant that is Batman and DC inspired, as a whole. They serve modern British and European cuisine, with great flavor and mouth-watering smell.

They provide quality food overall, and the staff at Park Row are attentive and friendly too. The theme is based on Batman’s fictional hometown, Gotham City.

themed restaurants london
Image from Park Row

There are easter eggs, and hints strew all over the restaurant that only a DC fan can catch on to.

It is an ideal restaurant to visit during social occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, or private parties. Make sure to book your table; otherwise, walk-ins may sometimes leave you heartbroken.

3. Honourable Mentions

3.1 Ave Mario

Situated on Henrietta Street in Covent Garden, the restaurant has a glitzy boisterous atmosphere with a combination of royal decor.

They serve Italian cuisine with lunch and dinner meals. They have a vegetarian menu in service as well. It is one of London’s most fun places that will give you a memorable experience.

3.2 Barge East

They offer an exquisite dining meal with classic cocktails and delicious street food while you’re magically on the waters.

They have their dining place, bar section, and kitchen on top of the water, thrilling you with an unforgettable time.

It is considered one of the biggest dining restaurants with such an outdoor theme. They also offer takeaway services.

3.3 The Cheese Bar

The restaurant is located inside the Camden market, along the regent’s canal in London. The menu is stuffed with dairy dishes, especially each having a hint of the best British cheeses.

They dedicated their place to finger-licking cheese dishes like truffles, burgers, and a ton more. The cheese bar provides takeaway services.

3.4 London Cabaret Club

Proving their sophistication in a fine dining menu, they have also showcased their appreciation for the British tradition.

The food quality is top-class, and costume cabaret performances are held on stage through theatrical plays, dances, circus acts, and musical singing.

3.5 The Clink Restaurant

Unlike other London restaurants, this one is shockingly placed inside a prison. A delicious dinner is served at the table by well-trained prisoners.
Located in Brixton, it is part restaurant and part prison. It is one of these chain clink restaurants in London that give prisoners a second chance by training them in different aspects of the kitchen.

4. Conclusion

London is the hometown of quirky restaurants. The city never fails to bring more ideas to the table, and the audience is stunned.

themed restaurants london
Image from Dans Le Noir

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London also has a wide range of Chinese restaurants where special food like dim sum or a whole lobster is served with other thematic views. But when it comes to a special dinner night, the above-mentioned themed restaurants London are the epitome of perfection.

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