10 Best Gift Shops in Scarborough

gift shops in Scarborough
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“It’s better to give than to receive,” many people believe in this saying and spend a lot of in search of the perfect item to gift.

Irrespective of age, income level, or geographic location, giving gifts is a custom that shines in all spheres of society. Here are the top gift shops in Scarborough, England.

1. 10 Best Gift Shops in Scarborough

Taking into consideration the needs of each and every person, here is a curated list of some of the best gift shops in London.

1.1 Crofts Chocolates

Crofts Chocolates is a business founded in 2013 which is run by a family. Here in Scarborough, they handcraft their delectable chocolates. They take the most pride in the best Belgian couverture chocolate in all the goods they offer.

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Courtesy – Crafts Chocolate

Their selection offers a chocolate gift, embellished bars, and figurines. The place also offers a large cabinet filled with a variety of handmade chocolates and truffles for various occasions.

1.2 Scarborough Market Hall & Vaults

This is a historic market that was renovated in the recent past and has so many stores and eateries. Fresh produce, a café, a cobbler, and a lot more can be found on the Main Trade Leve. Also, the new Mezzanine Floor food court has stunning views of Scarborough Castle.

There can also be seen small, innovative and friendly businesses. Visit Market Hall to witness Aladdin’s cave-like collection of collectables, jewellery, crafts, and antiquities.

1.3 The Art Room

The Art Room has a lot more things than just art supplies. One can witness a fun gallery place which showcases the works and creations of different artists.

Together with commissions, they now provide mounting and framing. It is a part of their expanded range of gift collections. One should surely look for the special presents they offer if you chose to select something unique or different.

1.4 Gift Company, North Yorkshire

This welcoming, family-run business was founded in 1995 and takes pleasure in offering high-quality gifts at competitive pricing. The place has an enormous collection of oak furniture, the best-selling Salisbury Oak Range. It is priced the lowest in the UK and also comes with free delivery via White Glove Delivery service.

gift shops in Scarborough
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This particular store also showcases stunning pieces of jewellery, candles, candle ware, wine bottle holders and also doorstops.

1.5 Dragonheart Gifts, North Yorkshire

Dragonheart Gifts is a well-established store that has a passion for Alchemy jewellery, home goods, and regional alcoholic beverages like mead. You can visit their store in the centre of old Scarborough.

Dragonheart gifts, Website Screenshot
Courtesy – Dragonheart Gifts

They have a selection of Yorkshire-made artisanal liqueurs, spirits, and beers. The place also has a large variety of Alchemy jewellery, home goods, and giftware. Filey Bay IPA Malt Whiskey, York Gin, and Wold Top Tending are the most recent additions.

1.6 Retro 36, North Yorkshire

Retro 36 is a place stacked high with a variety of treats for kids. It has everything from novelty things to glove puppets and adult products to movie memorabilia. One can make purchases on their website also.

In fact, it is a small although it’s a small family business, although it sells a lot, making it very pricey if you bring kids because they will want everything.

1.7 Fresh Naturals

They offer natural bath & skincare products that are freshly produced. SLS and Paraben Free, Vegan Friendly, Cruelty-Free, Organic, and Excellent Value are just a few of the benefits.

All of these products are handcrafted in the UK. Come check out the selection of bath bombs, bath salts, face masks, soaps and many more items.

1.8 A Touch of Glass

They have been a family-run gift shop since 1964. The place is still known to manufacture its own tiny glass Lucky Ducks, even nowadays. They are popularly referred to as the Lucky Duck Shop. You can still come and see how these are manufactured.

A touch of glass, website screenshot
Courtesy – A touch of glass

You can hunt for distinctive, high-quality presents at fair costs. They provide a large choice of Disney, collectables, greeting cards, jewellery, and customized presents. They also specialized in glass engraving.

1.9 Gekoglass

A wide range of decorative glass products are manufactured at Gekoglass. It includes handcrafted fused glass pieces, handcrafted overlay leaded glass panels, and custom-made coloured glass splashbacks for bathrooms and kitchens.

Gekoglass, website screenshot
Courtesy – Gekoglass

They also sell a broad variety of marbles as well as a magnificent, handcrafted marble run.  It is always on exhibit in their shop. Keep an eye on social media for timings as they also regularly demonstrate their marble run.

1.10 Lilly’s Treasures

Everything in the gift shop is handmade and unique. Lilly’s Treasures Handcrafted Gift Shop is located on Saint Nicholas Street, Scarborough. They provide meticulously produced cards, souvenirs, and gifts of the highest calibre.

The gift house also helps other small businesses by carrying their incredible artwork and creations. They are also known for encouraging small businesses to achieve their full potential.

Lilly's Treasure, Website Screenshot
Courtesy – Lilly’s Treasure

Lilly’s Treasures was established out of a love for handcrafted presents that will “Delight, Uplift, and Inspire,”. Since then, they have been delivering cherished presents that are not typically seen on the High Street.

Think of positive vibes and gifts that merely convey “I’m here and I’m thinking of you” when shopping here in Scarborough. They sell gifts that are ethical, sustainable, and devoid of cruelty. Each piece was individually handcrafted with “sustainability” in mind.

The word “Lilly” comes from a flower whose name means “Beauty,” “Passion,” and “Rebirth,”. It perfectly describes Lilly’s Treasures Gift Store.

2. The Love of Giving a Gift

People generally present gifts to their loved ones on special occasions like Christmas, birthdays, and anniversaries. The majority of them give gifts on smaller occasions as well. Though the choice of gift and the way of delivering it reveals so much about the giver. There are so many emotions behind every ideal gift be it, social, psychological and emotional flows.

The act of giving gifts is not new but a tradition that has been followed since the dawn of human civilization. Given that our closest ancestors have demonstrated a willingness to provide gifts, they might even be older. Research shows that early humans gave gifts like irregularly shaped rocks or animal teeth. This was to build relationships with people and show appreciation towards them.

Gift-giving was a key part of social interaction during the Middle Ages. It provided a significant means for people to strengthen social ties or express allegiance. It also had significance on influential figures and institutions, such as the monarch or church.

3. Conclusion

People give gifts for so many reasons, sometimes contradictory, as giving gifts is so crucial to the social structure. Our culture occasionally demands it, like Christmas or birthday gifts. It on the other hand develops and strengthens relationships or bonds with partners and close people.

Visit Scarborough and experience these amazing gift shops in Scarborough.


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