The 5 Best Waterparks in Crete That You Must Consider

Waterparks in Crete
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Crete is one of the most populated islands in Greece and is a prime tourist spot located away from the fast-paced hustle and bustle of the metropolitan cities. This island has many attractions for tourists, and some of the activities include visiting palaces, beaches, national parks, and smaller islands. Though, it isn’t a secret that all the waterparks in Crete hold their charm. 

1. Best Waterparks in Crete

We have listed five of Crete’s best water parks you must consider visiting on your tour. So, upon reading the entire article, you will figure out whether they are worth it.

1.1. Star Beach

The star beach water park in Crete is a prime tourist location suitable for tourists of all age groups. Water sports, bungee jumping, and slides are some of the many exhilarating, adrenaline-pumping activities available there.

You can go sky and sea diving for adrenaline rushes while lounging on the lazy river ride for a more laid-back time just to relax. The water slides offer a definite promise of good fun for the whole family.

Tourists can also enjoy free entrance and wifi during their stay. Various parties, fests, and games are conducted throughout the season at the park. This water park also boasts a daily foam party that ends with all the attendees covered entirely in foam. 

These parties also promise tourists entertainment outside the water, and they can enjoy themselves while staying satiated and hydrated due to the snacks and drinks provided.

Restaurants scattered all around the waterpark serve various Greek delicacies, grilled fish from the Aegean Sea and salads made with multiple local vegetables. And this is why the food is a go-to for many during lunch.

The affordable prices, the exhilarating entertainment, and the secure environment are noteworthy attractions of this place. You must visit this waterpark at least once during your visit to Crete. 

1.2. Watercity Waterpark

Watercity Waterpark: one of the waterparks in Crete
Screenshot from the Watercity Waterpark.

Said to be the ultimate place for fun in Heraklion, Watercity Waterpark boasts the biggest wave pool in Europe. This park offers various water slides, and pools that give an adrenaline rush to allow cosy lounging under the sun. 

A good number of cafes and restaurants around the water park allow everyone to sample ice-cold beverages, coffee or even mouth-watering snacks ensuring that one remains well-fed and hydrated during their visit without causing any interruption or worry about lunch. 

The giant park pool and lazy river rides allow a tranquil slip from the boisterous activities. While the hydro tubes and free fall slide provide an unparalleled humongous wave pool that offers a quick respite to soak and relax away from the sun’s glare.

Between the rides and the water slides, tourists are bound to relish. The full-day special activities are also present for families, couples, and groups of friends visiting here. Watercity Waterpark allows every person to have an equal opportunity to enjoy the waterpark to the fullest based on their needs or wants.

The wide range of activities is one of the most incredible attractions as the boat of never-ending fun everyone must experience at least once at this park.

1.3. Acqua Plus

The first-ever water park in the area of Eastern Europe, Acqua Plus boasts of an innovative cashless system providing comfort and convenience to all who come here. Any purchases within the park are carried out in a cashless manner by scanning a wristband tied to your hand before entering. 

The activities range from relaxed, kids, and Xtreme levels. Thus promising people of all ages an enjoyable time for their day out. You can choose any ride based on your preferences and mood as this waterpark offers something exciting.

The Aqua Plus Waterpark
Screenshot from the Aqua Plus Waterpark.

Experienced lifeguards and safe lockers or boxes are present all around to ensure the safety of all tourists. Free wifi, sunbeds, and umbrellas within the park make everything more comfortable and enjoyable while hiding from the harsh sun.

The lazy booze bar between the lazy river lets one play games like table soccer and pool while grabbing a quick bite or just some drinks as it is a known fact the food and drink here will not disappoint you.

Another noteworthy feature of this waterpark is the innovative system planning and putting in place by the park resulting in minimum waiting lines. 

Therefore, you’ll experience seamless fun, relaxation, excitement, and enjoyment with your family without interruption. Visiting this water park is bound to leave you in spell struck.

1.4. Aqua Creta Limnoupolis

Wonderful, sunny, and entertaining rides greet every visitor as they enter this park beckoning just let loose and enjoy all that this park can offer to the fullest.

Giant slides with twists and turns at each corner promise the strongest adrenaline rush one could ask for. Whereas the children’s pools, lazy river and gentle slides provide a relaxing time and a peaceful swim. 

The restaurants scattered throughout the park provide refreshments to keep tourists hydrated and satiated as they enjoy their day. Shopping complexes and the mini market showcase several trinkets one can purchase as souvenirs. All these amenities provide the best care and attention to all the tourist needs.

The park is always equipped with a first aid centre that is kept up to date. While the officials in charge routinely perform checks. And, is also serviced regularly to ensure the best care and security for the visitors. 

You can also celebrate any special occasion at various locations within this waterpark and end it with a memorable splash on any water rides or slides. The unique ambience and fantastic food at the waterpark curate an unforgettable experience for everyone present at highly affordable prices.

Aqua Creta Limnoupolis
Screenshot from the Aqua Creta Limnoupolis

1.5. Splashworld Atlantica Akti Zeus

The only water park in Crete with the ‘splash world’ title given to only those hotels with the best facilities and most amazing water parks adjoined. And it’s no secret that this waterpark has rightfully earned that name.

Also, it will make it highly accessible for those who want a walk or swim in the sea. The bill for any rides, pools or other features is in the hotel bill. Hence, you won’t need to take your wallets out to pay. This system allows for the most seamless and uninterrupted fun for all visitors.

Splashworld Atlantica has the most exciting attractions for both adults and children. You also find various slides for younger kids and multiple activities ranging from fast and wild to calm and gentle. This considerable range of activities provides enough opportunity for visitors of all ages to have so much fun anytime they prefer.

The top-notch security at the hotel is bound to instil a sense of security in all the residents providing them with an opportunity to have unrestrained and uninterrupted joy at the waterpark, beach, restaurant or cafe with their family.

Visiting this place won’t disappoint because it offers a lot of entertainment, especially planned in the itinerary of their stay. Hence, you must check out Splashworld Atlantica Akti Zeus- Amoudara.

2. FAQs

2.1. What Experiences Make the Waterparks in Crete the Best?

The facility of skipping lines, lockers for storage and security, and the parties hosted, paired with the simple booking process at a good water park such as ‘star beach’, ‘aqua creta limnoupolis’ and ‘water city waterpark’.

2.2. Do the Waterparks Provide Ample Activities for Couples, Families and Groups Separately?

Yes, all the waterparks in Crete have designated activities you can try according to your preferences. There is enough for couples, families, groups of friends, adults, and kids looking for an adrenaline rush. This can be verified at the official website of the park or a tourist website.


Each water park in Crete has a lot to offer, but these were only the cherry on top. The 5 best waterparks in Crete are discussed, but it is noteworthy to mention that there are several other tourist locations that you can try out as well.

Crete is also home to several thrilling activities that anyone can enjoy. Hence, you are advised to plan the trip effectively to get the most out of the memorable trip to explore your dreamy island.



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