Waterpark in France : 5 Amazing Must Visit Parks

Waterpark in France
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What is the best place to spend your short weekend? Obviously, it would be a waterpark in France if you were in the country. In this way, you can make your already happy children happier and also enjoy some extraordinary refreshing experiences by taking the rides.

But, France is such a big country, you must be wondering which one is the best waterpark in France, right? Well, this article has got everything covered.

You can just sit back, read and then decide which one is the best amusement park you want to visit, considering your whole family’s preferences.

Waterpark in France: 5 Must-Visit Parks

Here are some of the best waterparks in France that you must visit:

1. Aquaboulevard Paris

Known to be one of the biggest and best water parks around in Paris, Aquaboulevard water park features family rides and both outdoor and indoor entertainment which are very much family-friendly.

The rides include both dry and water slides with thrilling water activities, wave pools, and Jacuzzis. Dry rides include Wave Box, Tarzan’s Rope, Aquajonas, Aquaturbo, and many more fun rides.

They feature all the necessary facilities for the relaxation and comfort of their customers like a gym, spa, and Jacuzzi for peace and some relaxation. They also provide facilities for birthday parties and private event celebrations.

Aquaboulevard Paris
Image from the official website of Aquaboulevard Paris

The complex also has a theatre, some restaurants, and shops where you can take souvenirs for your friends and family. Spas, jacuzzis, and saunas are available in the relaxation area which favours the summer season and makes your stay more comfortable.

It also includes indoor pools that are well-maintained and consistently cleaned. The staffs of swimming pools are well-trained members with certified lifeguards to ensure the safety of their customers.

Its indoor water park is open in all seasons as opposed to other water parks in France which generally close during the rainy season and opens only during the summers.

Whenever visiting France, you should not miss a chance to enjoy the exhilarating rides and fun adventures in this place.

2. Aqualand fréjus water park

The Aqualand fréjus water park is a seasonal and one of the largest water parks in France. It is suitable for both adults and kids as it features many rides for both age groups.

Some of the children’s attractions include a

  • Mini Park with water slides, playgrounds, and pools;
  • Surf Beach, which is a wave pool where the children can easily chill during the summer heat;
  • Bubble Bath, which is like swimming school a small thallaso that is made for the relaxation of the children;
  • Rapid Rafting, is a slide ride with a capacity of two children at once.
    Aqualand fréjus water park
    Image from the official website of Aqualand fréjus water park

There are beach resorts also bubble baths heated pools and surf beach simulations for surfer enthusiasts. Besides, they also offer attractions that are suitable for all such as giant slides of different shapes and sizes.

One of the most famous slides is the Giant Cobra slide which takes you from high speed into a darker atmosphere for giving a thrilling experience to the riders.

It is a great place to invest some of your summer vacations and get some adrenaline fun and chilling experience. It is in the town named fréjus.

The opening and closing timings of the park may not be available during the off-season hence, you can check it once the season has started.

3. Aqua Park, Biscarrosse

The park of giant, colossal rides will give thrills even to younger children and adults. And as the name suggests there are a number of large pools of major attractions of aquatic rides such as Aquarugby and many more.

Other dry rides, such as

  • trampolines,
  • catapults,
  • giant slides,
  • centrifuges, and

many more electrifying rides are also available, which are a must-try. Aquapark is called the world’s largest inflatable water park.

Aqua Park, Biscarrosse
Image from Aqua Park, Biscarrosse

Their inflatables are more than 16 years old and have been there to entertain both young and adults.

The best thing which can happen to you on your vacation trip to this park is a beach. Yes, the park also provides its visitors with a beach facility. What more do you need during a summer day? Rides, water rides, some great food, and a beach.

Sounds like a perfect day, doesn’t it?

Wait wait! There are some more exciting things which you cannot miss out on. As we know it’s a water-based theme park, here even the DJ takes place in water. Sounds amazing right? It actually is amazing.

There are DJs offering you the nights of your life which you can enjoy with family fun and friends. There are even exciting activities like Aquacontest where you can participate and win exciting prizes.

Some things you must know about this waterpark in France are that this is a seasonal park which means it is not open all over the year. They are open between July and August.

Timings may vary yearly hence, you must check it on their official website. They also accept orders for parties, weddings, and birthdays. You can book them from their official website. Reservations are also available.

Also, you must remember that this park is open for kids on or above 8 years so if your kiddo is below 8, maybe he/she will have to wait a little more to enjoy the exciting experiences of this park.

The management and facilities are also top-notch so you will not have to worry about hygiene or the comfort of your acquaintances.

All in all, you should not forget to visit this amazing park and try its huge inflatable during your next holiday or your tour to France or else you are gonna regret it for sure.

4. Atlantic Park Water Park

Located on the beach in Siegnosse, France, Atlantic Park is 3 km from Lake Hossegor. In the Landes Region, it is amongst the biggest water park. This water park is majorly famous for its water slides as they feature rides for both young and adults including all levels.

There are some special slides namely the Atlantic jump, deckchairs, and lockers. The only thing is that you will need to pay some extra charges for riding in them because of their popularity.

There are also some unique experiences offered by this park in France such as heated pools and waterslide attractions from where you can oversee the ocean.

Atlantic Park Water Park in france
Image from the official website of Atlantic Park Water Park

The heated pools can serve as the best way to enjoy a relaxing dip into the pool to ease up your tired body. Imagine riding on a waterslide while experiencing the beautiful ocean in front of you. What a pleasure to the eyes! Isn’t it?

While taking the deckchairs for rent, you can enjoy it tension free as its park provides individual lockers for the safety of the customer’s belongings. However, you must check with the staff responsible for your guide as they do not have the best reviews from their previous customers.

You should also be careful with your children while riding o the water slides because many times it may happen that they send the children one after the other without much interval which leads to them catapulting out of the slide.

This may happen due to miscommunication between the staff or even sometimes carelessness.

Please check the opening dates on the park’s official website. As it is a seasonal park, they mostly open between June and September but the final dates get updated just before the season.

Also, the rides ticket may seem a bit high therefore, you must check on them before buying as the queues are generally very long which may ultimately lead you to change your mind.

5. Aquariaz, Avoriaz

Also one of the seasonal parks in France, Aquariaz is a tropical-themed waterpark in France. In the mountains of Avoriaz, you can find this waterpark.

The theme makes it the perfect destination for enjoying a tropical utopia. Saturated in natural sunlight, this waterpark in France is also surrounded by lush green trees filled with greenery.

This place is clearly a paradise on Earth! Children who seek treasure and adventure can easily enjoy the creepers and wall climbing which are made of wood to accompany the theme of this park. The designs are well-sculpted and maintained.

With multiple pools, waterslides, and water guns, your little ones can have all the fun they could ever have asked for. The pools have a facility of varying depths. The ones who are afraid of deep water can stay in pools with low depth.

Waterpark in France
Image from Aquariaz

There are also facilities for enthusiastic swimmers who search for adventure and want to beat the waves. One thing to keep in mind is that children below the age of 12 need to be with an adult.

For relaxing purposes, this waterpark in France features bubble baths and outdoor hot tubs where you can relax and let go of all the week’s work pressure. It can be a perfect escape for your whole family.

There are also facilities for booking chalets and hotels if you want to spend a day or two there itself. And after knowing about so many facilities and fun activities, why spend your weekend on the couch like a lazy lad doing absolutely nothing when all you have to do is pack a bag, carry your family, and come straight to this park?

The best thing is that this park is open all around the year which makes it easier for you to visit it during any season of the year. And as it is located in the mountains, you can easily take a road trip to it and then also have some fun in the pools, saunas, jacuzzis, and water plays.

Concluding Thoughts

So these were some waterparks in France shortlisted and made easy for you to check whenever you want to make a plan to cool off the summer heat. The parks which are open around the year can be enjoyed during the fall too. After all, there is no specific time or season to have fun, right?

Filled with this wide range of attractions, rides, and relaxing facilities, you can always spend your holidays in a unique manner by bringing your family to a waterpark.

Also, it is a great way to spend quality time overlooking beautiful sceneries in one of these parks together.

Additionally, water parks are a great place to celebrate special bonds. Or, just invite your kid’s friends over to any of the above-mentioned parks and throw his or her birthday party in a fantastic manner.

What better way can be there to celebrate your child’s special day and make them happier?

Overall, waterparks are one of the best destinations for spending your vacation days as they always have something for everyone. Therefore, do not let the kids miss out on so much fun by taking the opportunity to visit a waterpark in France.

FAQs About Waterparks in France

Q1. What is the biggest waterpark in France?

Ans. Aqualand Frejus is the biggest water park in France.

Q2. How many waterparks are in France?

Ans. There are approximately seventy amusement parks and water parks in France.

Q3. Is Junior land park situated in France?

Ans. The junior land park is located in France, yes.

Q4. Which waterpark in France has both indoor and outdoor pools?

Ans. Aquaboulevard Paris has both indoor pools and outdoor pools.

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