Sundown Festival: Everything You Need To Know About

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Sundown Festival returns every summer with a lineup of chart-topping artists that are worldwide.

Norfolk, the enthusiastic music that appeared at festival-related seems friendly to sundown where thousands of people get attracted This is a result of the city’s abundance of top-tier artists and family-friendly environment.

Sundown Festival
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Aside from the musical events, festival-goers can flowing with festivals enchanted forest section, take in unique art installations and performances of visual art, and ride its funfair rides all without ever leaving over with festival grounds.

With 10 years under its belt, the festival will attract international performers this summer.

A major disputes to be seen for last year’s festival was due to covid-19,but fortunately, preparations were able to overcome some of its effects.  It was a massive success, according to the festival’s maker’s, and they regularly look forward to 2020.

Taking place over three days in 2022, the Sundown Festival. You can find all the festival-related information you need here.

2022: Sundown Festival

The festival usually takes place in late August or the first few days of September. From starting from 2nd to 4th of September including days of Sunday, and Friday this year’s Sundowner will take place.

Where is Sundown Festival Held?

The Norfolk surrounded with Showground,NR5 0TT in Norwich, the festival will be held.

The nearest station to the festival is Norwich Railway Station, which can offer you shuttle service details for the duration of the event. It takes about 30 minutes to get from home to the festival.

What Is the Cost of and How Can I Purchase Tickets to Sundown?

Tickets were made available for purchase beginning at 9 a.m. on Friday, February 25, and are now available online. For a total of £120.50 including (£110.00 for particular ticket plus a fees booking of £10.50), you may purchase a ticket for the Sundown Festival.

The plan of any payment available for this easily situated show with your friends. This allows you to pay for your VIP tickets little by little over the duration of the Sundown Festival while travelling.

 The VIP which is suggest as new section with luxurious restrooms,DJ sets, bars, fast tracks and fast track lines is available with VIP ticket packages for the 2022 Sundown Festival. These packages also grant access to a premium campsite.

Who Will Perform at the 2022 Sundown Festival?

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The stages of excellent which is moderated through an  Kiss FM, acts like Digga D,Miraa may, Yung Filly, Wes Nelson, Amaria BB, Bru-C, backroad Gee, and House Gospel Choir will be performing.

Artists including Wilkinson, Charlie Sloth, Jax Jones, Tom Zanetti, and Andy C, will also perform live and spin DJ sets.

What Regulations Govern the Festival?

Although campers are only allows to access an small slip of alcohol onto the campsite when they first arrive for getting wasted, glass is aligned on any platform with the property.

The UK event of Festival of Sundown is excess for all people aged 14 and older, although those aged 14 or 15 years old  have to insisted and  accompanied by an adult who is at least 18 years old.

The minimum age to access the festival alone is 16, and you must have a valid ID.

Does Sundown offer to Park?

According to be at Norfolk Showground first, ensure yourself to buy an car pass initially.  The visitors to the camp require an passes of car park during a camp, which costs £25 or £10 per  only for those who could attend it on Saturday or Sunday.

The parking lot commencing at 10 a.m. Particularly from Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Campers, Caravans and RVs, are prohibited from leaving their vehicles parked for the day parking area overnight.

As you approach Sundown, which is close to the A47, switching off sat-nav during the festival’s signpost.

How Can I Take Public Transportation There?

Shuttle buses will running outside of Norwich Train station costing £10to attend Sundown Festival for tripping round.  

On day of Saturday along with Sunday, buses run from 11 a.m. to midnight, and the trip takes around 30 minutes.

On Friday and Monday, availability of coaches for visitors at the camp side. The coach may be finds stop at Chelmsford, Colchester, London Victoria, Cambridge and Ipswich. As little as £33 is needed for a round-trip coach ticket.

What To Bring To Sundown Festival?

No extra food, drink, or alcohol may be taken into the Sundown festival area; tickets must be displayed at the door. The sealed of water bottle consist is only 750ml is the only exception.

Sundown Festival
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“good quality of alcohols and amount of food may be brought in form of   the campsite for the first time by camper, but no glass is permitted. 
 The available eateries and bars all surrounded with the festival grounds.

Is Sundown Festival worthwhile? – Conclusion

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Sundown at the Show Field is one of the nicest events you will ever attend; it’s a wonderful location for a festival. We had the best experience ever thanks to the helpful and courteous employees, and we decided to come back the following year. Sundown festival is one of the best festivals held all across the year.


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