La Tomatina Festival: How to Reach, Cost, & Rules

La tomatina
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Red color awaits you at the La Tomatina festival in Spain! The fiesta involves the biggest food fight, where people throw tomatoes at each other and enjoy. This fiesta is popular among all age groups in Spain. Because of its vast popularity, La Tomatina also happens exclusively for kids.

This event happens every year and attracts a huge amount of tourism in Spain, which greatly helps the economy. It happens in Valencia, and everything about this fiesta makes you want to visit it, again and again, every year. Let us see how it started and what all the necessary information you need to go through this amazing fiesta without any trouble.

1.La Tomatina Historia

The origin of this amazing festival takes us back to a silly joke that led to the discovery of the La Tomatina Festival. Although there are many stories and rumors, the most accepted one is a parade of Giants and Bigheads, and the youth around that parade tried to join in.

This caused a dispute, some people in the parade g,ot angry and all this was happening around a vegetable stall. The weapon of choice for both parties was Tomatina or tomato. The conflict was resolved, but in progressive years, this happened again and again, and with such high popularity, this turned into an official event. Isn’t it cool?

2. How to reach La Tomatina?

The official bus runs for Buñol, which can be the best mode. It takes about 60 to 70 minutes by bus.

Other than this you can also take a taxi, or you can rent a car. The car can be a faster option with around 40 minutes trip.

If you want, you can also go on a train to Valencia. The time for the buses is generally around morning time. Other than this, the rest of the means of travel have flexible timings, and it is really easy to go around Spain.

3. Cost for Tomatina De Buñol

So the cost for this is around 13 dollars, which is solely for the festival. Extra costs will be involved for the lockers and other means of transport if you buy a package or something; the cost might vary slightly.

la tomatina
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4. Rules to Follow if you’re visiting La Tomatina Festival

You have to follow certain rules while enjoying follow while you enjoy this amazing event. La Tomatina is monitored so that no harm can coparticipanticipante (participant). The festival starts around with preparations with siren shots around 11 o’clock. The buses are then seen at the end of the road loaded with tons of tomatoes (tomatoes), which are later used in the festival.

  • No hard objects like bottles or anything should be taken while entering the fiesta because this might cause harm to people enjoying La Tomatina.
  • It is not allowed to tear clothes or throw t-shirts at each other. It is considered somewhat rude so try not to do it.
  • Squash that tomato. Tomatoes might cause injury, so it is best to squash those tomatoes before you throw them.
  • Allow the trucks carrying tomatoes to pass easily, do not try to obstruct its path.
  • The fiesta stops after the second siren. The festival is always under watch, and this rule is strictly followed, so stop throwing tomatoes once the siren rings.
  • If you are carrying any item or bag which may cause harm will not be allowed through the entrance.
  • Follow the rules and regulations along with the direction given by the safety staff.

5. La Tomatina for Children

Tomatina de buñol is also there for children, La Tomatina infantil to enjoy. Children aged between 4 to 14 years can participate in this festival. This happens before La Tomatina and is a great and fun event for the children to enjoy.

These experiences before La Tomatina make the base for the children to enjoy and rejoice in the culture of Spain. Children can enjoy this because there is less worry regarding overcrowding and being harmed.

The general secretariat of Tourism or secretaría general de Turismo declared in 2002 as the fiesta de interés turístico internacional(international tourist interest).

6.Tourism with La Tomatina

So this can be said about the soul of tourism for Spain. The historic (history) of this amazing festival in Valencia, out of many fiestas, makes this a more prominent festival. The world(Mundo) famous La Tomatina is a fiesta de interés turístico international, and a lot of money comes into the tourism industry because of this fun event. It greatly benefits Spain in the tourism industry, and the event is fun, and amazing tourists from all places come and enjoy it.

7. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 How much does La Tomatina cost?

Ans. If you are considering evento(event), then around 13 dollars, but with all the other commodities, travel food, and everything, the cost will rise.

Q.2 Why is the La Tomatina festival celebrated?

Ans. In a parade of giants and bigheads around 1945, there was a conflict when some local youth tried to participate; they took the closest thing as a weapon, a tomato.

Q.3 When is La Tomatina celebrated?

Ans. This is the biggest food fight festival in the world. It is celebrated on the last Wednesday of August every year in Buñol, Spain.

Q.4 How long does La Tomatina last?

Ans. It lasts for about 2 hours, and it is; the fun and the hype for this are worth it.

Q.5 How many people attend La Tomatina?

Ans. About 20 to 25 thousand people attend La Tomatina, making it the largest sanctioned food fight in the world.

8. Conclusion

La Tomatina, the festival representing the heart and soul of Spain tourism, is a unique and fun experience you should enjoy if you ever get a chance.

The event is exciting, and people from around the world come to Spain to enjoy this marvel of a festival, so if you ever have a chance for La Tomatina. Amazing crowd, amazing people, completely different culture, a total package for your perfect holiday.




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