10 Amazing French Festivals You Can Check Out

french festivals
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French festivals are famous worldwide. Whether you are someone who likes history, sports, music, theatre, movies, or dancing, French festivals have a lot to offer.

If you are planning to visit France, make sure to be a part of at least one of these festivals in your lifetime. Curated below are some must-see French festivals you would like to enjoy.

Not only about the festivals, but you will also find details about each of them, so it will be easy for you to get there.

Amazing French Festivals

Here are some of the most famous festivals in France that you cannot miss. Do not forget to check them out at least once.

1. Cannes Film Festival

The Festival de Cannes is popular as the Cannes festival is the most popular in France. It is a prestigious film festival where many films are shown with crème de la crème and then hope for the Palme d’Or recognition. It is a gala event where all the people from the movie world unite in the town of Cannes.

If you are a movie addict, a film student, or someone who finds immense pleasure in watching any film, you will want to be a part of this prestigious event or at least catch a glimpse of some of the happening inside the festival.

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Visit France in May and head south of France if you want to see your favourite stars. 

The event is complete with an invitation list as most members are invited to walk down the red carpet. However, some people gather around to be among or catch a glimpse of some of the A-listers like Nicole Kidman, Emma Watson, Matt Damon, and many more.

If you are ever tired of the glamour and lights of the film festival, there are many picturesque beaches that you can check out. 

Which time of the year: May

Location: South of France (Cannes) 

2. Bastille Day

This day is one of the most important days for the people of France. On this day, they celebrate the storming of the Bastille, which was a historical event. It is considered a salute to the beginning of French Democracy, which explains why it is regarded as France’s greatest national festival and the biggest national holiday. 

Which time of the year: 14th July

Location: Everywhere in the country 

3. Fête de La Musique

Do you find joy in taking part in a music festival? Then this is the one for you. Fete de la Musique is a famous music festival in France celebrated yearly.

There are over 100,000 party-doers at this festival. You can also be a part of them and enjoy a party like never before. The music festival is a street festival which invites everyone to join. You can join in and dance, sing, drink and dine. It is a lifetime experience. The festival takes place in June every year during the solstice.

Image from Depositphotos

This music festival is not only the craziest way to celebrate summer, but it also gives singers and musicians a chance to shine bright.

If you are someone who lives outside France and does not know what this festival is all about, we will break it down for you. It is like a big live concert with the presence of hundreds of musicians who make the crowd happy with various songs. The musicians play all kinds of tunes to make the party more lively and happening.

Which time of the year: 21st June

Location: Everywhere in the country 

4. Festival d’Avignon

It is the famous French art festival. Artists from around the globe gather in France during this time. It is among the oldest festivals worldwide and the best art festival in the world.

It is celebrated in the city of Avignon during July. Tourists, art lovers, critics and other interested people gather around Pope’s Palace and some other famous locations to participate in this festival.

The festival portrays art and culture in various forms like dance, music, cinema, theatre and music. We bet you won’t regret a minute if you are up in France during this time.

Which time of the year: July

Location: Avignon, France

5. Nice Carnival

Have you ever been to a Carnival? If not, you must be a part of the Nice Carnival at least once in your life. The Nice Carnival is one of the best carnivals worldwide. Along with the Brazilian Carnival and Venetian Carnival.

Summer is considered the favourite holiday festival in France, but the Nice Carnival is celebrated in February. It is a one-of-a-kind type of celebration that takes place in Nice, which is on the French Riviera.

All the days of this festival are a fun feast you will remember for your entire life. From the starting day to the end, the festival warm-heartedly welcomes all the tourists with big gestures. There are grand parades and marvellous fireworks that you will get to observe.

Along with all the glittery happening, you will also be able to find music, dance, singing, food, drinks and everything else that makes it a great French carnival.

Which time of the year: February

Location: Nice, France 

6. Rock en Seine

Are you into rock music? then this is the place for you. You can join the others are Domain National de St. Cloud. The three-day festival is held every summer, where thousands of rock music fans gather to witness the amazing music showcase. It started in 2003 with just 10 bands and has never stopped gaining popularity until then.

Photo by Sebastian Ervi on Unsplash

It is one of the most liked festivals in France. The Rock en Seine that was conducted last year has the presence of various big names like the Prodigy, Lana Del Rey, Airbourne and Flume, Jake Bugg and many others.

Which time of the year: Last week of August

Location: Chateau de Saint-Cloud’s Park

7. Paris Quartier d’ete

The festival can become the most important highlight of our trip if you are visiting France in the summer. The Paris Quartier d’ete is a famous festival celebrated from July to August. It is mostly free and celebrated in various places around the city.

It is one of the exciting French festivals honouring the French’s penchant for joyous celebrations and artistry.

People can expect theatrical performances, shows and concerts, open-air performances and even circuses. If you are a part of this festival, you can enjoy the amazing events and a chance to witness French culture and traditions closely.

Which time of the year: July to August

Location: Paris, France

8. Tour De France

It is a prestigious sporting event with its roots in France’s tradition. It is one of the most famous annual events in France every year. It was only cancelled during the World Wars, as this event was organized in 1903.

One event conducted during this sports festival is CyFrance’srough through a mountain of the Pyrenees and Alps.

If you are into sports and want to be a part of this sport even in France, make sure to visit this place in July.

Which time of the year: July

Location: Everywhere in the country 

9. Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is another famous festival in France. It has its history in the pagan festivals adopted by the Christian community in some ways and is one of the oldest festivals in France. The meaning of Mardi Gras is “Fat Tuesday”. Not only in France, but a bit of this event is celebrated worldwide among the Christian community, leading to Easter.

Photo by Mohd Alkharji on Unsplash

Unlike other places, the celebration in France is special as people go down on the streets to celebrate this day. They were beautiful costumes, huge masks, and hogs. Apart from the costumes, there are various food arrangements like delicious waffles, pancakes, omelettes and other delicious items.

You will be able to eat all day and night during this celebration.

Which time of the year: 1st March

Location: Northern France

10. Menton Lemon Festival

French people celebrate this day on the second week of February every week. Over a million visitors come to France this year to participate in this amazing festival.

There are huge statues; models made up of citruses like lemon and oranges. You will witness amazing musicians, giants, drummers, masked dancers, acrobats, and other amazing things.

Which time of the year: 12th February to 27th February

Location: Bioves Garden


These are all the amazing French festivals. There are festivals of lights, festivals of colours, music festivals, film festivals, and so much more. Whenever you plan to visit this place, arrange around a time when you will be able to be a part of at least one of these festivals.

Along with the festivals, you will also be able to eat a lot of traditional French dishes and drink a lot of drinks. You can always visit this place with your friends or family and indulge in the luxury happenings. 


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