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25 Best National Trust Places To Visit

National Trust places to visit
Image by David Mark from Pixabay /Copyright 2022

You might be asking what are the greatest National Trust places to visit in the UK? And if you’re one of them, So let me tell you that many individuals have gained a new love for the countryside in recent years.

Do you enjoy walking in the woods, strolling through formal gardens, and touring ancient mansions? National Trust locations check all of the boxes while also ensuring a tasty slice of cake at the conclusion (or beginning) of your stay.

This post highlights the top National Trust days out in South Devon, including locations associated with the world’s best mystery writer, notable sailors, and the Savoy Theatre and Hotel’s founding family.

The National Trust is a response to assist care for and conserve the land and structures that contribute to Britain’s heritage.

This article highlights England’s Best and Must-See National Trust Attractions. If you’re searching for great day travel suggestions or a fun day out with the kids, here are some great suggestions to consider.

As a result, we’ve compiled a list of our top 25 National Trust attractions.

1. Aira Force and Ullswater, Cumbria

Aira Force and Ullswater
Image by Holger Detje from Pixabay /Copyright 2022

If you’re looking for the best National Trust places to visit, this is a great place to start. Airforce Waterfalls, nestled in the Ullswater Valley, is one of the most beautiful sites to visit in the Lake District.

Rainwater cascades down from the fells into Aira Beck, plummeting 67 feet to make Airaforce one of the most magnificent single-drop waterfalls in the UK.

The woods is densely forested with Himalayan firs and other conifers, and the lush green trees provide the forest with a great canopy.

Follow the signs to the falls from the National Trust Car Park, and the roaring sound serves as a definitive guide to the falls.

Follow the Gowbarrow route to the peak, where you may take in the magnificent views of Ullswater Lake.

2. St Agnes Head, Cornwall, England

This is a fantastic spot to begin your search for the best National Trust places to visit.

Cornwall is one of England’s most beautiful counties, and St Agnes Head has to be one of its most gorgeous – and photographed – attractions.

There is no home, castle, or museum here, unlike the other sites on this list. However, there are stunning vistas of heather-covered cliffs and the Atlantic, as well as eerie remnants of tin mines, which serve as a constant reminder of Cornwall’s industrial history.

If you’ve seen the BBC series Poldark, you’ll recognize St Agnes Head as the setting for Nampara Valley.

The South West Coast Path zigzags around St Agnes Head and down to a secluded beach with concealed coves, making it one of the greatest coastal walks in the country.

After your stroll, indulge yourself in tea and cake (or ice cream) at Chapel Porth Beach.

3. Wheal Coates Tin Mining, Cornwall

Wheal Coates Tin Mining
Image by CleanerShrimp from Pixabay /Copyright 2022

The White Cliffs of Dover are one of the most well-known landmarks in the UK. For many people, it is either the first or final time they see England.

The White Cliffs of Dover are now a protected National Trust that is being maintained for future generations.

The White Cliffs may be reached in roughly 30 minutes by vehicle from Canterbury, and in just under 2 hours by road from London.

This is an excellent location to start your quest for the best National Trust places to visit.

The location is a fantastic spot to take in the wide-open expanses of Southern England. At this renowned location, have a picnic, watch the boats arrive and go, throw a frisbee, kick a ball, and relax.

It is advised that you spend at least 2 hours exploring the cliffs. A bathroom and a food kiosk are available near the parking park, as they are at other National Trust sites.

4. Stonehenge, Wiltshire

Image by Walkerssk from Pixabay /Copyright 2022

This is a fantastic spot to commence your search for the best National Trust places to visit. Stonehenge, one of England’s most iconic National Trust properties, is popular with both visitors and residents.

For decades, people have been attracted by this fascinating Neolithic ancient structure. There are several uncertainties about the monument’s existence and purpose, and archaeologists are still studying it today.

Stonehenge is located in Wiltshire and is readily accessible from London on a day trip. To get to the monument, you can take public transit or join a guided tour.

If you want to travel by rail, you will travel to Salisbury and then purchase a ticket for the Stonehenge Tour Bus, which will take you directly to the site as well as to other nearby sights.

5. Longshaw Estate & Eastern Moors, South Yorkshire

The Longshaw estate is one of the best National Trust places to visit as one of the top tourist spots in the country.

The Longshaw estate has 1600 acres of moorlands and old woodlands, with breathtaking views of the Derwent Valley.

It is one of the best National Trust attractions in England, located on the outskirts of Sheffield in the Peak District. It’s not simply close to some of the Peak District’s most popular tourist destinations.

People who want to get closer to nature and learn about the British countryside go to it. A remarkable piece of land dating back to 1705 may be found here.

For example, the Duke of Rutland originally possessed Longshaw Lodge, which he purchased in 1855.

6. Formby, Merseyside

Image by Elise Aldram from Pixabay /Copyright 2022

The National Trust is a non-profit organization that Formby is a picturesque coastal town with pine forests, strolling routes, and gorgeous sandy beaches.

A colony of red squirrels lives in the pine forest, an attractive critter that is regrettably becoming extinct in most of the UK.

According to some predictions, red squirrels may go extinct in the next ten years, therefore an opportunity to observe them in their native environment in Formby is a must!

If you bring your dog, make sure they’re on a leash and under careful supervision so they don’t bother the squirrels. Formby, Merseyside is a fantastic spot to commence your search for the best National Trust places to visit.

Away from the forests, there are kilometers of sandy beaches to discover, where you may have a picnic or walk along the coastal pathways.

You may find various routes on the National Trust website, or simply meander about and take in the views. Keep a look out for prehistoric footprints preserved in Formby beach’s mud and sand.

Human and animal footprints, including deer, bird, and wild boar footprints, may be found with human footprints dating back to 6000 BC.

7. Brownsea Island, Dorset

This is a fantastic spot to initiate your search for the best National Trust places to visit. Brownsea Island is a fantastic day trip destination located just across the water from Poole in Dorset. You only need to take a 30-minute boat ride to get there.

Unfortunately, even National Trust members must pay for the boat, although members are free to visit the island.

On a sunny day, the views from the island are spectacular, and you could even see peacocks & pheasants while walking around the island.

Walking paths, animal viewing (plenty), coastal hikes, vistas, bird-watching hides, and beautiful beaches are all available on the island.

You can easily tour the majority of the island in a single day, however, your feet will be sore by the end! In any case, this is a fantastic destination to see and comes highly recommended.

8. Mount Stewart, Northern Ireland

Mount Stewart is one of Northern Ireland’s most popular National Trust places to visit, and it’s simple to understand why. It’s set amid a stunning landscape.

The Stewart family, who have held the title of Marquess of Londonderry since 1816, lived in this large neoclassical mansion.

The 7th Marquess and his wife, who gave the home and gardens a fresh lease on life in the 1920s, are responsible for most of what can be seen today.

Rare plants survived – and continue to thrive – thanks to their flair for dramatic design and the moderate environment of Strangford Lough.

The neoclassical Temple of the Winds is a must-see, and red squirrels may often be seen darting among the trees. Following that, you may unwind in the tea room or peruse the great second-hand bookstore.

Mount Stewart is one of the best National Trust properties to visit if you’re a serious gardener.

9. Nunnington Hall, North Yorkshire

Nunnington Hall
Image by Mike Mahony from Pixabay /Copyright 2022

This is an ideal base for your quest for the best National Trust places to visit. Nunnington Hall is a magnificent manor house in the picturesque North Yorkshire countryside, located in the village of Nunnington.

The 450-year-old property is around a 30-minute drive north of York and is best reached by automobile. The house’s completely furnished interior, which includes bedrooms, kitchens, and living areas, is open to visitors.

Additionally, the property organizes art exhibitions regularly, with previous shows including photographs by Canadian musician Bryan Adams and elaborate tapestries by Grayson Perry. A permanent display of 16 highly realistic miniature rooms is also available.

10. Beningbrough Hall, North Yorkshire

Beningbrough Hall
Image by Emphyrio from Pixabay /Copyright 2022

This is a great spot to spend time searching for the finest National Trust places to visit. Beningbrough Hall is about eight miles from York, in the northwestern part of the city.

In 1716, a red-brick Georgian mansion was erected, surrounded by glorious gardens with views of the River Ouse.

The current hall, which stands on the foundations of an Elizabethan timber-built structure, was inspired by the owner’s great tour of Italy at the time.

Since Andy Sturgeon, a well-known gardener, devised a ten-year plan for the gardens in 2016, there have been significant improvements. ‘The Pergola,’ which debuted in 2018, was one of these projects.

11. Barrington Court, Somerset

Barrington Court is home to a wealth of history as well as beautiful grounds comprised of several smaller gardens as it is one of the best national Trust places to visit.

The walled White Garden, Rose and Iris Garden, and Lily Garden are just a few of the many gardens with stunning blooms, running fountains, and enticing smells. There’s even a Kitchen Garden for the herbalists among us.

12. Avebury, Wiltshire

Image by Malcolm west from Pixabay /Copyright 2022

Avebury has a lot to offer, from a historic mansion to an archaeological museum, a lovely English village, and an impressive stone circle similar to Stonehenge.

Avebury Stone Circle is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a 4,000-year history!

Even if you’re not a National Trust member, you can visit the stone circle for free. Non-members, on the other hand, must pay a fee to see the manor home.

Members of English Heritage, which is not the same as the National Trust, are entitled to free admission to the archaeological museum.

This is one of the best national Trust places to visit, If you’ve never been here, I highly recommend taking a look around because everything here is intriguing!

13. Lindisfarne Castle, Northumberland

Lindisfarne Castle is one of the best national Trust places to visit, a castle that isn’t truly a castle welcomes you.

From afar, this National Trust site appears to be similar to many of the other castles dotting England’s northeast coast, towering over the Holy Island of Lindisfarne from its basalt outcrop. However, a closer examination reveals that not everything is as it appears.

Lindisfarne Castle was erected in the 16th century as a fort to lodge troops on detachment from Berwick, 20 miles away.

After being decommissioned for 300 years, the fort was found by Edward Hudson, the editor of Country Life, around the start of the twentieth century.

14. Lake District, Cumbria

Lake District, Cumbria
Image by Emphyrio from Pixabay /Copyright 2022

This is a fantastic spot to explore as Lake District as it is one of the best National Trust places to visit.

Even though the National Trust only controls a small portion of the property in District Lake, it had to make this list of the best National Trust places because of how beautiful it is.

The lakes are enormous, and they are flanked by the rolling green hills that every real British person adores. They provide plenty of photo opportunities and provide a variety of countryside walks — certainly worth a visit!

15. Dyrham Park, South Gloucestershire

This is a fantastic spot to initiate your search for the best National Trust places to visit. Dyrham Park is ideal for nature lovers, history buffs, and theatre-goers.

The grounds here include some excellent rural walks, and the beautiful gardens are very peaceful to wander around and relax in.

What some visitors may not realize is that Dyrham Park is also one of the nicest settings I know of to see an outdoor theatre performance.

During the summer, The Lord Chamberlain’s Males may be found showing a Shakespeare play in traditional garb and even with men portraying ladies — just like in the Elizabethan age.

16. The Courts Garden, Wiltshire

Courts Garden, Wiltshire
Image by Greg Montani from Pixabay /Copyright 2022

People prefer to think of The Courts Garden in Wiltshire, near Bradford-on-Avon, as a secret garden & it is one of the most popular National Trust places to visit.

You’ll enter by a plain garden gate and then walk through beautiful gardens, wooded groves, orchards, and even over bridges.

It’s a must-see for individuals with a green thumb or just a penchant for gorgeous, calm outdoor places since the estate spans 7 acres.

17. Chartwell, Kent, England

Knightshayes Court is a magnificent Victorian country family home in the south of Devon that is managed by the National Trust for Historic Interest and Natural Beauty in England.

The Knightshayes home, erected in 1874 by inventor Sir John Heathcoat-Amory, 1st Baronet, who gained his wealth in the lace manufacturing sector, is a fascinating and magnificent piece of history.

This is a fantastic spot to commence your search for the best National Trust places to visit

Joyce Wethered, the last member of the family to dwell in the mansion and a four-time English women’s champion golfer, donated ownership of Knightshayes Court to the National Trust in 1972.

Knightshayes Court is now available to the public, and visitors may take a tour of the grand house to discover its history and see its lavish decor.

18. Cheddar Gorge, Somerset

Cheddar Gorge
Image by Ian Kelsall from Pixabay /Copyright 2022

The caves and learning about how cheese is manufactured are why most people visit Cheddar. I must confess that exploring the caverns is a lot of fun, so do it if you get the opportunity.

A gorge walk is a good option if you’re looking for other great National Trust places. It provides spectacular views of Cheddar, woodland walks, and a close-up view of the “Lion’s Head” rock.

19. Giants Causeway, County Antrim

Giants Causeway is one of the most popular National Trust places to visit. There isn’t a single traveler alive who hasn’t heard of this fabled location.

Follow along the footsteps of giants while admiring the basalt formations. Step into a world of legends and gaze out over the horizon. Take a stroll around Ulster’s countryside and marvel at the stunning sights.

Whatever manner you choose to spend all your time at Giants Causeway, I guarantee it will be a wonderful experience.

20. Newark Park, Gloucestershire

Newark Park
Image by Mariusz Matuszewski from Pixabay /Copyright 2022

This is a fantastic spot to initiate your search for the best National Trust places to visit. Ozleworth is a beautiful Tudor mansion nestled in the English countryside with stunning views of the neighboring Cotswolds landscape.

This estate is relatively extensive, with a variety of routes to accommodate beginning ramblers, families, and experienced hikers alike.

Look for bluebells and a fragrance of fresh garlic in the woods when wandering about the estate throughout the summer months. You’ll also get the opportunity to go across a sheep field — be careful!

You may relax beneath a tree close to the pond once you’ve completed exploring the estate’s ins and outs (preferably in the sunshine).

21. Corfe Castle, Dorset

This is a great site to spend time searching for the best National Trust places to visit.

Corfe Castle rises on a huge hill overlooking the surrounding landscape and is a peak of English history. It’s a history buff’s dream, with 1000-year-old ruins to be uncovered!

As previously said, the National Trust is a great believer in bringing history to life, so anticipate witnessing live reenactments of conflicts taking place on the grounds of the fortresses, which will be tremendous popularity among both adults and children.

22. Chastleton House, Oxfordshire

This is an immaculate location to start your quest for the best National Trust places to visit. Chastleton House is a stunning Jacobean manor house with lovely gardens that was built between 1607 and 1612.

You may spend your time exploring the home, the parklands, the museum, and the bookshop throughout your stay. A chapel on the premises offers tea and handmade pastries regularly.

Chastleton House is one of the outstanding examples of a traditional English manor house.

23. Powis Castle and Gardens, Welshpool, Wales

Powis Castle and Gardens
Image by Greg Montani from Pixabay /Copyright 2022

Powis Castle and Gardens is one of Wales’ most remarkable historic houses & one of the best national Trust places to visit, is located just five miles from the English border, amid the lovely hills and meadows of the Severn Valley.

Powis Castle, built around 1200, is a sight to behold, with its red stone walls towering dramatically above the grounds. Its history is as spectacular.

Since the 1570s, the Herbert family has lived in the castle, which was formerly a medieval fortification. Each generation has contributed to the uniqueness of the castle.

24. Great Chalfield Manor and Garden, Wiltshire

This is a great location to commence your pursuit of the best National Trust places to visit.

Great Chalfield Manor is only a seven-minute drive from The Courts Garden, so you could explore both National Trust properties (and maybe even adjacent Bradford-on-Avon) in a single day!

This exquisite 15th-century manor home is surrounded by lovely grounds. Enter into a paradise of wide lawns, colorful wildflowers, and beautiful forests by passing through the secret garden-like gate behind the church. You may even come upon a brook.

25. Lacock Abbey and Village, Wiltshire

This is a great spot to spend time searching for the most satisfactory National Trust places to visit. The village and abbey of Lacock are the epitomai of traditional Englishness.

The town is really beautiful, with thatch-roofed houses and small bakeries beckoning you inside. It’s no surprise that certain Downton Abbey episodes were shot in this location.

The Abbey resembles an English abbey or cathedral in appearance. It’s easy to see why several scenes from Harry Potter were filmed here, with its archways, old masonry, and secret doorways.

Finally, don’t forget to go about the abbey grounds throughout your stay. For the big kids out there, you could just locate a rope swing in an ancient tree.


Fortunately, the National Trust watches after almost 780 miles of coastline, 248,000 hectares of land, and 500 historic houses, castles, historical sites, gardens, parks, and nature reserves in the UK.

Britain was in the midst of the Industrial Revolution when the trust was established in 1895, and towns were developing at a breakneck pace, raising concerns about the effect on the surrounding countryside.

It was created to protect our beautiful green areas, as well as the properties and heritage inside them, so that everyone, no matter where they lived, could enjoy the respite they provided.

If recent events have taught us anything, it’s the immense impact that getting away from our daily routines can have on our health.

Of course, with the lockdown still in effect, it’s always a good idea to double-check regulations before traveling and, if feasible, book ahead.

With all that in view, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite National Trust properties and locations from throughout the country.



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