15 Best Places to visit Iceland Ringroad this Year!

Iceland ringroad
Image by Tobias Brunner from Pixabay

Iceland ring road, this heavenly road is almost all you need for you to travel Iceland. Connecting most of the major tourist spots, the ring road is gonna make you fall in love with this road trip that you cannot even imagine. The cool wind on your face while you go from destination to destination.

Heart-capturing black sand beach and diamond beach and many similar ones with aesthetics that will make you just wanna stay on this trip forever. The roads will make you wanna travel each day for just a short drive anywhere cause everywhere is heavenly.

The Iceland ring road covers almost the entire country and will get you to almost all the amazing tourist places. To go on Iceland ring road is a must for anyone who wishes to travel to Iceland and wants to experience it to the fullest.

1. Iceland Ringroad

Stretching about 1332 kilometers, Route 1, or Iceland ring road covers Iceland, and like all the other roads out there, this will take you to your wishful destinations across this amazing country. The road trip offers you amazing scenery and is a great way to experience complete Iceland.

The places it covers include waterfalls, whale watching, a blue lagoon, and many more which we will see later on. There is a list of places that you should visit in Iceland and Iceland ring road is the path you can take to enjoy a completely worth-it journey.

West fjords are not in the path of Iceland ring road and you will have to take a different path, a separate tour if you want to enjoy them.

Do not miss those Northern lights along with the golden circle and the blue lagoon which are most of the common attractions of Iceland. The diamond beach is also something to not miss. The road trip will be great.

2. Iceland ring road Itinerary

Now, you can take 4 days also to enjoy some selected spots when traveling through Iceland Ringroad. It is better that you take about 10 to 14 days to get yourself a complete experience of Iceland.

If you are planning to visit Iceland for less than a week then you can choose some of the selected popular tourist attractions which can help you get the most out of the trip.

It is better advised that you take a nice break from all the rush and take about 10 to 14 days to enjoy Iceland and Iceland ring road as well.

There are lots of tourists traveling by themselves as well as with friends and family all year round and with hotel availability and everything, there is no reason to hold back.

3. Places To Visit Through Ring road in Iceland

There are many places you can visit through Iceland ringroad, probably all of them are at their best and you wouldn’t wanna miss any of them. Some of the beautiful and heart-twisting ones are mentioned below, do check them out.

3.1 Blue Lagoon

The hot springs wait for you, the blue lagoon is all you want for that glamourous skin. The experience is something you should not at all miss if you are visiting Iceland. The place is an awesome tourist attraction and oozes people. Blue Lagoon can be visited through Iceland ringroad but it does not lie just along the road.

Blue Lagoon is famous and if you are planning to visit Iceland, get that booking done beforehand so that there is no inconvenience whatsoever.

The place is a little bit on the expensive side but it is worth your time, the surroundings and the heat and everything about the blue Lagoon just adds up to your trip. If you visit Iceland and the ring road Itinerary then do make sure to visit the famous Blue Lagoon.

Iceland ringroad
Image by Sandra Ferentschik from Pixabay

3.2 Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach

Named after a Viking, this black sand beach is a beauty in itself. The aesthetics of this place makes you wanna just stay and stare into the beautiful abyss of this amazing black sand beach.

This lies on the Iceland ring road itinerary and is approximately about 8 kilometers after Skógafoss waterfall and then there’s a hike too from the parking lot, to reach this beach. The Reynisfjara black sand beach is having a nice gust of strong wind. The black sand beach has all the characteristics of a normal beach along with some special features.

You can see Basal rock columns from this beach which are just so majestic and beautiful, you can just look at them for hours and not get bored. The south coast will provide you with a picturesque getaway from the normal lifestyle.

Remember that this is not along the Iceland ringroad but quite far off from it. There are still many places you can visit while planning to visit the Reynisfjara black sand beach.

3.3 Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon

Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon is a sea of glaciers that is beautiful and has a vibe of its own. It’s like a forest but instead of greenery, you see these glaciers made of ice. This is formed after melting quite an amount of ice.

This one lies by the Iceland ringroad on the south coast of Iceland. The largest glacier in Europe and also a part of the largest National park in Iceland.

The Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon can be experienced in a much better way by boat, you can go around the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon and see glaciers more closely and have an extraordinary experience with a boat tour.

The place is beautiful like a garden made of ice and is one of the must-visit destinations on Iceland’s ring road itinerary. If you are on this route visit this place, totally worth it.

3.4 Diamond beach

Located near Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon, this is one of the places you can again visit through the Iceland ring road itinerary. This beautiful black sand beach has these pieces or even icebergs that are washed up from the glacier. This makes the sand beach so beautiful like diamonds.

Diamond beach which has black sand and pieces of the glacier along the beach just makes sit so beautiful with sunshine reflecting through them, it is beautiful, picturesque, something you wouldn’t wanna miss.

Iceland ringroad
Image by Ida from Pixabay

3.4 Thingvellir National Park

With some scuba diving in mind, Thingvellir national park is a great destination from which you can come, even though it is not part of the Iceland ring road itinerary. Part of the golden circle, this national park is the oldest one and also part of the UNESCO world heritage site.

It has the lake of the parliament and a beautiful waterfall which will make your destination more and more exciting and fulfilling.

There is no entry fee for this national park and you can visit it any time of the year. The place is filled with many activities and one of them being scuba diving which is quite popular. Even though this doesn’t come on the Iceland ringroad but still it is worth your time and the visit is amazingly beautiful like all of Iceland is.

You can walk and jump above the tectonic plates which can be seen in this National park. Thingvellir national park has a parking lot that is not free and requires you to submit a little amount of fee for the trouble of your car.

Beautiful place with lots of fun adventure activities, must visit the place.

3.5 Solheimasandur Plane Wreck

Now when you continue your journey along the Iceland ringroad, one of your destinations should be Solheimasandur Plane Wreck which is on Solheimasandur beach. A US navy plane crashed here and its remains are still present which when seen on the black sand beach just makes the sight like a movie. Making you get shivers with how amazing the place looks with that aesthetic background and plane wreck.

You can reach the place from the parking lot in about 2 hours and there are even services to get you there.

The place has quite several tourists and the place is just like a movie. A place you should go to if you are on the Iceland ringroad.

3.6 Vestrahorn

While you are traveling in your car or a rental car, Vestrahorn mountain will be their whole on the Iceland ringroad. The beach along that mountain is a sight to behold. The light striking that water when it reflects that sunset or sunrise is incredible. The place should be on your ring road list because it is just heavenly.

There is some charge when you visit this place, which should be acceptable because this place is too beautiful to ignore.

Watch out for the waves coming at you, they are nice and strong. Other than that a complete package for a nice escape.

Iceland ringroad
Image by Ida from Pixabay

3.7 Myvatn Nature Baths

Myvatn nature baths or the blue lagoon of North Iceland is similar to the blue Lagoon and offers you a nice and warm getaway from everything. You can come to this place and relax on that journey on Iceland ringroad.

The place is a little bit on the expensive side, still moderate in comparison with the blue lagoon, and offers you quite a similar experience. You can pre-book these places in advance to enjoy them fully or to get some discount when you planning this trip for a long time.

There is some sulfur in the water but not in a harmful quantity. The water is nice and the heat is perfectly balanced. A must-visit place for anyone on the Iceland ringroad.

3.8 Husavik

Whale-watching capital, Husavik is a must-go-to place. You can get to see these gentle beautiful whales while you are in the whale-watching capital on the north coast.

There are many packages available from tour companies and there are many companies there as well who offer you a nice whale-watching experience with safety and precautions. The place even has a spa and many geothermal reservoirs which will give you a nice experience while you look at the sea and bathe in nice warm water.

Akureyri is also one of the places you can visit for a whale-watching experience but everyone prefers Husavik, the reason it is called the whale-watching capital of Iceland. If you are on Iceland ringroad better not miss this place. There are also museums which you can visit while you visit Akureyri and many other attractions also which are offered by this amazing place.

3.9 Seydisfjordur

Get some more color in your life by visiting this beautiful colorful town of Iceland through Iceland ringroad. The people who are artists have created this town in such a way that it displays their art through the houses and colors which makes the place exceptionally artistic.

The place just pours art into the surrounding, have a nice visit to the blue church and enjoy a nice warm cup of coffee while you enjoy the place and the sceneries surrounding it.

The ring road in Iceland connects you with so many different towns and places which are beautiful and worth your time and this is one of them with a nice blue church and art all around.

3.10 Godafoss Waterfall

If you are traveling to Iceland ring road, it is a must that you visit different types of waterfalls. Also known as the waterfall of the Gods, it is a beautiful waterfall and should take a little bit of your time to visit this place if you are on Iceland ringroad.

The view is great and also it forms a pool of water downside which is again really amazing. You can enjoy it from the sidelines or can go a little close to it.

Watch out for the surrounding weather and road conditions when you visit such places and yeah that’s about it, you are good to go and enjoy this amazing waterfall.

Iceland ringroad
Image by Dennis from Pixabay

3.11 Hvitserkur

There are many interesting rock formations which you can see on your route of Iceland ringroad. The ring road will show you several places which have beautiful rock formations. This one is one of them, a lone soldier.

This monolith is right there where your eyes can see and experience this gain and majestic rock along this exceptional beach. The rock formations are great on the Iceland ring road itinerary and this one is worth the visit.

The monolith stands alone there and looks hauntingly beautiful when that sunset falls on it, too satisfying.

Iceland ringroad
Image by Susanne Stöckli from Pixabay

3.12 Roof Canyon

Iceland’s ring road is a great way to enjoy Iceland to the fullest and give you another marble, we have a roof canyon which you can reach after a nice hike. Kotlujokull Glacier can be seen through one of the hikes in this place. There are small campsites available that help you get the most out of your journey when you decide to hike. The places are amazing and the views are breathtaking, not something to miss like at all.

The campsites are there and after resting for a while you can continue your journey on the Iceland ringroad.

3.13 The Geysir Geothermal Area

Many places to search for nice hot springs, one of them being this Geysir geothermal area. This is a diamond for hot springs. If you are planning to enjoy a nice getaway in a nice hot spring this might be the place.

This is also a part of the golden circle and has a nice neighbor which is quite an active participant with lots of activity seen. The place has hotels and restaurants which you can enjoy. This nice part of the golden circle like Thingvellir national park is great for a visit.

It is away from the Iceland ringroad and you will need a separate tour for this place but worth it.

3.14 Gulfoss

The third part of the golden circle is the Gulfoss waterfall which is a powerful waterfall and shows the heavy impact on the heart with its massive waves. Northern lights can be seen in winters time while you enjoy this majestic and powerful waterfall.

Get a glimpse of a nice rainbow on top of this majestic waterfall during summer which is a nice experience and there’s no chance you should miss such an amazing waterfall.

The waterfall is beautiful, and amazing and shouldn’t be left out even though it is not part of the Iceland ring road itinerary. Fludir is a secret lagoon that you can also visit after enjoying all of the above places.

Iceland ringroad
Image by D Tan from Pixabay

3.15 Seljalandsfoss Waterfall(South Coast)

This popular waterfall on the Iceland ringroad is one of a kind and you can just walk behind it. There are many waterfalls on Iceland ring road and this one can be searched easily. The time it takes to reach this place when you are off the ring road is just about 10 minutes away and can be reached pretty easily.

Gljúfrabúi is one of the waterfalls which is not like the usual ones. There is a canyon and like a nice surprise, we have a waterfall hidden inside there. A nice gift for a nice walk and time given. The clothing should be proper because of the vigorous water but worth the time.

4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Which is better clockwise or anti-clockwise while going on Iceland’s ring road?

You can go either way, the ring road holds no judgment but watch out for the weather. If north Iceland has more harsh weather than South Iceland, look out for it, and based on that you can decide which way you should go. If everything is at its best then anti-clockwise causes more stops and more fun.

Q2. Is a rental car the best option for Iceland’s ring road?

If you are traveling solo or even with friends rental car is the best option. You can truly see the beauty of Iceland and the ring road will be an amazing experience for you.

Q3. Is a rental car expensive?

No, if you properly see and compare different prices and sites, or even if you are there in Iceland then it will not be so expensive.

Q4. What is the payment mode in Iceland?

Cards, debit, and credit cards are accepted mostly. Cash use is minimal in Iceland so it is better advised that even for gas money, get that credit card of yours ready while you travel on the ring road.

Q.5 What is the best time to visit for experiencing the Northern lights?

From September to April, it is nice and dark, and northern lights are visible enough for you to enjoy completely.

5. Conclusion

Visiting Iceland is a dream come true and when that cold fresh air soothes your skin with passion and adventure, the feeling is just great. Whale watching, diamond beach, and many other destinations which you reach through the ring road of Iceland are great.

From east Iceland to west Iceland there are many spots to cover and so many places you can visit if you just give yourself some 2 weeks. The road trip is great on Iceland ring road and if you are a solo traveler even then this ring road trip is just perfect.

The rock formations and single-lane bridges are gonna make you feel excited and awestruck. Google maps will be a handy tool when you visit Iceland, a memorable trip with hostel-style accommodation can be founded easily. The entire country is beautiful and if you just take your time and enjoy the different towns and waterfalls, a small fishing town, and a river canyon and watch out for the speed limit(90km/hr), it’ll be a great trip and a great experience.


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