Most Famous Library in Cardiff: Everything to Know

library in cardiff
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Libraries are the storehouses of that knowledge. Additionally, we can here read more about our history, geography, and many more.  There are various libraries around the world. In this article, we will be discussing the most famous library in Cardiff – Cardiff Central Library, which is a very famous library in Cardiff among others. Before moving to that, let’s know about Cardiff.

1. Cardiff And Its Location

The capital of Wales, Cardiff is the core city of the UK. Cardiff is a great place to live. In addition, there are a lot of features that attract our attention. These include many famous architecture, cultural events, and many more entertaining buildings. It has a great choice for living and working.

cardiff and its library
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Cardiff’s local councillors operate the public libraries. In addition, Cardiff has 20 public hubs or Cardiff libraries.

Moreover, Cardiff Central Library is the largest among all Cardiff libraries or Cardiff hubs. So, let’s read about this library.

2. Cardiff Central Library Hub

2.1 Location

Location in the centre, It is the central storehouse knowledge hub. It is famous for its modern artwork. It is easily accessible to the locals and the tourist. Additionally, it is near Cardiff railway station.

It is the city’s largest library among the 20 hubs.

cardiff library
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2.2 Major Motto

We all know Libraries are a source of knowledge. Moreover, we can gain knowledge in any form. We can gain it from the printed copy or the internet.

Additionally, we can find many ebooks regarding every aspect on the internet. Similarly, this is the major motto of this library. It aims to provide knowledge in any form.

It provides knowledge who are unable to pay money for purchasing books and other electronic resources and facilities. I would advise it is a great place for those who are planning to prepare for something big.

In addition, the library creates a great connection with the local area. It is not only a storehouse of knowledge, it is an emotion.

In the library catalogue, we will find books on every topic, several magazines, newspapers, several published copies of the authors, and many multimedia materials.

It has a printing machine service where we can access the soft copy in complex form. Moreover, these printing machine services can everyone.

2.3 Council Role

The councils always plan to create more opportunities to provide education. In addition, they aim to create a unity feeling among people. The local councillors aim to provide free services.

There is a facility for physically challenged people. Wheel chair facility is able here. The council targets to gain more and more readers.

In addition, the council maintains proper discipline and a code of conduct in library services. Second, the council hire staff that must be helpful to people.

2.4 Near To Welsh School

Welsh school is near to this library. Students of this school can easily access the library and library services. Not only in this library but Cardiff Hubs also plans to create a literate next generation.

Through the Internet, they can contact many institutes for further education. The ebooks are also sustainable for the environment. Additionally, they can be accessed by the students anywhere.

2.5 Structure

Cardiff Central Library has six floors in all. A fictional world like story bookies, and different children’s worlds is present on the first floor. Additionally, separate rooms for children are also present.

The non-fictional department is present on the second floor.

The third floor has a great collection of crime, science fiction, and graphic models. The service of silent reading is also present.

The fourth section is the history section. We can get to know about Cardiff’s history. In addition, we can find books on Wales’s history. Some non-fictional materials are also present here.

The fifth floor is the digital world. There are more than 40 computers. People can bring their laptops also to work here. There is a facility with free Wi-Fi.

The garden is a great place to work close to the environment. It has tables and chairs to sit and work. The view and surrounding are beautiful.

Conference halls, a Customer service centre, and public computers are present on the ground floor. For example, in case of book return, issue membership cards and many more can be availed.

2.6 Digital World

The fifth floor is the digital world. This is the internet hub where you can join yourself with the entire world. The member of this library can access several facilities. In addition, readers can access ebooks.

There are more than 40 computers. People can bring their laptops also to work here. There is a facility with free Wi-Fi.

This feature attracted the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. They liked the modern technology provided to people.

2.7 Meeting Rooms And Event Spaces In The Library

The library has four meeting rooms for public use. It would help if you were a member for using meeting rooms. Moreover, these rooms have nice facilities for conducting meetings.

The meeting rooms are on 4th and 5th floor.

The first meeting room can take 12 people. Moreover, it has a board, projector, and a great sound system.

meeting room
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The second meeting room has space for 40 people. Above all, it also has a board, projector, and a great sound system.

Thirdly, it has Creative Suite. It has space for 60 people. Moreover, We can enjoy a laser projector here. Additionally, it has a video conferencing system and adjustable chairs. Importantly, we can enjoy the city view.

Lastly, it has ICT Suite. Moreover, it has space for 36 people. In addition, it has a plasma presentation screen and 13 desktop public computers. We can also access printing machines.

2.8 Community Programs And Events of The Library in Cardiff

The library conducts various community activities and events. These activities and events attract people of different ages. Moreover, These events are very interesting. In addition, they join different people, different societies. It also promotes creativity.

Some of the events are:

2.8.1 Storytime

Storytime is an event for children of all ages. This event includes songs, poems, and stories. It is a great way to provide education to students.

Image From The Official Facebook Account of CardiffLibraryService

2.8.2 Art And Craft Events

Several craft events invite people of all ages. There are several workshops regarding craft works. In addition, it also includes sewing, and papercraft that is also available in the library.

2.8.3 Discussion Groups And Conferences

There are various conference rooms. Many meetings, and seminar rooms are available here. It is a good place to express views and express different views. There are author talks and several film screenings.


It is a very welcoming library. I would seriously advise you to visit it. Moreover, It has various facilities that are attractive features.

It also promotes group studies sometimes. Moreover, it acts as a place for growth in knowledge and connects us to our culture. Secondly, we can know our roots and history through books. Although being in the city centre, it has a pleasant atmosphere and skilled staff.

The staff member is very helpful. Moreover, they are very focused on their work. The Welsh school students can avail of facilities by travelling a minimum distance. These hubs play a great role in development.

Moreover, it contributes to great culture and society. It is a great place for achieving academic goals. It is a place where you can join yourself with books and dive into them.

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