Libraries in Bath: 5 Famous Libraries in Bath to Check Out

Libraries in Bath
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If you want to immerse in culture and relaxation, Bath, a picturesque city in England, is the best choice. To make the trip more peaceful, go visit the libraries in Bath, find a nook, and read all day.

You might even come across a Jane Austen novel in the library. Furthermore, you would be delighted to know that she is a famous resident of Bath. Therefore, the charming city forms the backdrop of most of her novels.

1. About Bath

Bath is a UNESCO heritage site that has buildings of 18th-century architecture and Roman baths. Initially, the city was a thermal spa. During the 18th century, it became the wool industry’s center. Owing to its name, Bath has historic Roman baths called Aquae Sulis. Aquae Sulis means the water of Sulis, a local goddess.

1.1. History of Bath

Under the rule of George III, Bath became an elegant spa city. The city also has neoclassical Palladian buildings complementing the giant Roman baths. Indeed, Bath is one of England’s most beautiful and elegant towns. It has both architecture and landscape going hand in hand.

libraries in Bath
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Bath comes under the Bath and North East Somerset (B&NES). It is also a single-tier authority. It forms the local government for Bath and Northeast Somerset County. The quaint city certainly has some of the most beautiful places. Further, these places won’t fail to impress you.

2. The Best Libraries in Bath

Bath has great libraries and it is also a part of the LibrariesWest consortium. The charming city is also the backdrop in a handful of Jane Austen’s novels. The list includes The Northanger Abbey, Pride and Prejudice, and Sense and Sensibility. The city is also the setting in Roald Dahl’s The Landlady.

libraries in Bath
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Who could say no to reading in this amazing city? Finally, Here are the details about the various libraries in Bath.

2.1. Bath Central Library

The Bath Central Library is situated to the left of Podium at the junction of Northgate Street and Broad Street. The central library offers a wide range of book collections.

It also actively partakes in conducting various storytelling events and book festivals.

2.1.1. Main Attractions

  1. Availability of both Self-service kiosks and computers.
  2. Free Wi-Fi facility is also available.
  3. Both Printing and photocopying facilities.
  4. Availability of Public toilets in the Podium.
  5. Digital resources.

2.1.2. Working Hours

Monday to Thursday – 9:30 am to 5 pm. Friday and Saturday – 9:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Various monthly events of the library also include a Creative Writing Challenge and Recycle an Ex-Library Book competition. Moreover, a creative writing workshop is held regularly. This workshop will certainly spark an interest in budding writers. 

The Bath Central Library might also be the best place to avert your writer’s block.

2.2. Moorland Road Community Library

MRCL is a community-run local library. It is keen on benefiting eager readers by giving them access to a wide range of books and resources.

Located in Oldfield Park, this volunteer-run library has collections of its own (marked by the yellow sticker). It also has books from LibrariesWest., a part of seven counties’ local government libraries.

libraries in Bath
Courtesy – Moorland Road Community Library

2.2.1. Main Attractions 

  1. Availability of volunteers.
  2. Fantastic book displays.
  3. Click and collect reservation system.
  4. Availability of the Yellow book catalogue for browsing books online.

2.2.2. Working Hours

Tuesday: 10 am to 4 pm; Thursday to Saturday: 10 am to 1 pm.

This local library also supports local authors by featuring their books on display. In addition, the MRCL puts up book displays celebrating international days and awareness weeks.

2.3. Love Weston Library

Located in Weston, Love Weston Library is a community library. It provides access to 2.5 million books as part of the LibrariesWest consortium. The library also offers CDs and DVDs along with books.

libraries in Bath
Courtesy – Love Weston Library

2.3.1. Main Attractions

  1. Free Wi-Fi facility.
  2. Reservation and renewal of books can be done through the LibrariesWest website.
  3. Regular rotation of books.
  4. Digital resources – a variety of e-books, e-comics and magazines are available.
  5. Literary events are regularly conducted.

2.3.2. Working Hours

Tuesday and Saturday – 10 am to 12 pm; Thursday – 3 pm to 5 pm.

Volunteers are always available to help you out anytime. The cosy cute reading space is certainly the perfect place to relax and read.

2.4. University of Bath Library

The public university offers library access to visitors during the weekends and university holidays. But, the visitors are supposed to provide an identification card.

Situated in the heart of the Claverton campus, this massive library has a wide range of books. It spans academic journals to a wide range of topics. It is indeed the best one for researchers and students as study spaces are available on all floors.

Libraries in Bath
Courtesy – University of Bath library

2.4.1. Main Attractions 

  1. Availability of Study spaces.
  2. Free Wi-Fi facility.
  3. Experienced library staff.
  4. Availability of a library catalogue that can also be accessed online.
  5. Toilet facilities (Gender neutral ones are also accessible).

2.4.2. Working Hours

The library is open 24/7 for students and academicians. But, the visitors have limitations to it.

The digital resources are available but the visitors have limited access to it. The University of Bath library is the perfect choice for getting research work done as well as preparing for exams. The library also has designated study spaces.

2.5. Mobile Library Service in Bath

The one-of-a-kind mobile library service is a spacious and bright vehicle. It is packed with books from LibrariesWest. The mobile library’s routes and timetable are available on the website.

2.5.1. Main Attractions 

  1. Provides lending services to three million books, especially from the LibrariesWest catalogue, CDs and audiobooks.
  2. Digital access to online services is also available.
  3. Free Wi-Fi facility.
  4. Availability of a mobile librarian.
  5. Facility to return the borrowed books to any library in the LibrariesWest area.

2.5.2. Working Hours

The mobile library’s routes and timetable are available online.

In conclusion, this modern alternative to traditional libraries seems like a great idea for establishing a sustainable environment.

2.6. The Jane Austen Centre

Jane Austen’s fans should check out  The Jane Austen Centre in Bath. The Centre is a mini-scale museum that showcases the life of the famous writer, Jane Austen. The writer is widely celebrated for her witty novels that are based on the gentry.

2.6.1. Major Highlights 

The centre organizes the annual Jane Austen festival. In addition to that, It exclusively offers Jane Austen-themed walking tours of the city. Also, costumed actors provide an introductory talk about the life of the esteemed author. After the talk, the exhibition becomes self-guided. But the actors are always available to clear queries during the exhibition.

You can also dress up in a Regency costume. You can later get your photo taken with the most famous Jane Austen waxwork present in the Centre. A gift shop that sells unique Jane Austen-themed items is also available in the centre. It also has a regency tea room that offers 17 varieties of leafed tea. 

3. Conclusion

The libraries in Bath add beauty to the bejewelled city. Along with the mesmerizing architecture, Bath should certainly be the next travel destination on your bucket list.


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