Top 6 Famous Landmarks in Wales

Landmarks in Wales
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If you are a crazy Europe fan, Landmarks in Wales is a lovely destination to travel to. Though this incredible place is less popular among tourists, it is a location worth stopping by.

Are you wondering what is so special about the infamous country? The answer is picturesque villages, the Welsh countryside, and the surrounding mountains. In simple words, the Welsh mainland is full of incredible landmarks.

This article is about the famous landmarks in Wales that should be a part of your travel. And in the end, I guarantee- you will be boasting about the place.

All You Should Know About Wales

Let us begin by knowing more about your travel destination- Wales.

From North and North-east Wales to South Wales, the entire country is blessed with outstanding natural beauty. Wales is covered by the river Dee on all sides.

The country has a bunch of wild landscapes that will certainly stun you. Apart from the natural beauty, Wales today has been constantly growing. To clarify, I am here to talk about the growth in the economy, finance, and population.

To add on, the climate is just suitable for a Wales visit. The weather in Wales is cloudy but mild. So, you can expect to have weather in your favour. Mainland Wales, in short, is a fabulous destination.

1. Famous Welsh Landmarks

The Wales Bucket List of famous landmarks is indeed long. From Wales millennium centre to South Stack lighthouse- landmarks in Wales are stunning. There are majestic castles and beautiful natural landmarks.

In short, Wales has something for everyone. To add on, Welsh landmarks are not just landmarks- they are Wales’s representation- across the globe. In this article, I provide you with the choicest landmarks in Wales.

Here is a list of famous Welsh landmarks

1.1 Conwy Castle- A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Conwy Castle- Landmarks in Wales
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This medieval castle is located in north Wales at the banks of river Conwy and is one of the most visited attractions of Wales. Conwy Castle is among the best-preserved medieval fortresses in Great Britain.

Conwy Castle was built in the 1200s on the instruction of English King Edward. It is one of the finest pieces of architecture Wales preserves. One of the unique vantage points of the magnificent castle is Telford’s Bridge.

To clarify, it is a suspension bridge named after the renowned architect who designed this castle, Thomas Telford. Conwy castle’s castle innards, the castle hall and towers are majestic.

Castle Street is itself very beautiful. You can feel the royalness in the air. This certainly is an unmissable landmark.

Top-5 Things To Do At Conwy Castle

  • Walk along the high town walls of the castle.
  • Adore the majestic architecture.
  • Enjoy your time in castle street.
  • Also, learn the fascinating history of the castle.
  • Finally, take a boat ride on River Conwy.

1.2 St David’s Cathedral

St David's Cathedral- Landmarks in Wales
Image by Frank Wintermeyer on pixaby

St David’s Cathedral is located in north-west Wales. It is one of the best-recognized Anglican churches in the entire Europe.

The construction of the famous monument began in the early 1100s and was completed in the 1300s. As the name suggests, this famous Wales landmark is dedicated to the Welsh patron saint, St David.

To clarify, St David is among the respectable saints who preached Christianity in Europe and around the globe. There is also a statue in the church showcasing the saint performing miracles.

The interiors of the cathedral church are beautiful and awe-inspiring.

St David’s Cathedral should indeed be a part of your Wales visit.

Top-5 Things To Do At St David’s Cathedral

  • Explore the beautiful interiors of the church.
  • Discover more about the saint- St David.
  • Learn exciting stories behind the cathedral’s past.
  • Also, attend the local ceremonies at the church. This will boost your know-how about Wales’s culture.
  • Finally, also explore the beautiful surrounding area of the valley at which the cathedral is located. The church is built in St David’s native village in Wales.

1.3 Cardiff Castle

Cardiff Castle- Landmarks in Wales
Image by Margaret Decker on Pixaby

Cardiff Castle is among the most recognizable castles in the United Kingdom. This magnificent castle is a famous visitor attraction.

The most fascinating part is that the castle has a long history of thousands of years. To clarify, the castle was built in the 1st century. Cardiff Castle has witnessed different eras of the country’s history from the period of many kings and queens.

The castle is undoubtedly an iconic architectural masterpiece. But to mention, it stands out among all the other landmarks in Wales.

The highlight of Cardiff Castle’s visit will undoubtedly be the leaning tower.

To highlight the best part, the castle is open throughout the week for visitors.

It is indeed one of the preserved iconic masterpieces in Wales. Undoubtedly, it is a must-see.

Top-5 Things To Do At Cardiff Castle

  • Find yourself transported to medieval Wales and learn lengths about Wales’s rich history.
  • Praise and adore the beautiful piece of architecture.
  • Also, learn about the castle’s role during World War 2. To clarify, the castle walls were used as an air-raid shelter during- World War 2.
  • Stroll in the lush-green castle grounds.
  • Finally, explore the beautiful surrounding area of the castle.

1.4 Snowdonia National Park

Snowdonia- Landmarks in Wales
Image by Jonna Rycerz on pixaby

Snowdhe famous natural landmark in Wales. To introduce Snowdonia, it is the highest mountain range in Wales. Interestingly, the tallest mountain peak is about 1000 meters above sea level.

To clarify, the mountain range is home to the Snowdonia National Park.

Located on the west coast of Wales, the natural landmark is certainly a must-see for nature lovers. The location is just lovely and magical.

Snowdonia National Park is also very famous for adventure sports. Several options are available in adventure sports at the park like horse riding, hiking, bike riding, and more.

Top-5 Things To Do At Snowdonia National Park

  • Adore the magical landscape.
  • Learn about the connection of King Arthur with the park. To clarify, it is said that his sword is at the park.
  • Also, enjoy the beautiful surroundings.
  • If you can- go climbing and have a thrilling experience.
  • Finally, go for hiking trails and more at the mountain.

1.5 Cregennan Lakes- North Wales

Cregennan Lakes- Landmarks in Wales
Image by Neil Harvey on Pexels

Cregennan Lakes is one of the famous Wales Landmarks after Snowdonia National Park. Located in north Wales on northern slopes, the lake is just beautiful.

The landscape is worth watching from the surrounding mountains. This landmark is on National Trust’s list. To clarify, National Trust is a conservation charity in the United Kingdom.

Cregennan Lakes are also very famous for fishing. Some of the species of fish found here are wild brown trout and rainbow trout.

This is undoubtedly a must-see landmark in Wales.

Top-4 Things To Do At Cregnnan Lakes

  • Admire the beautiful landscape.
  • Also, go fishing.
  • Have a great time enjoying the beautiful surroundings.
  • Finally, enjoy a boat ride in the lake.

1.6 National Museum

National Museum of Wales- Landmarks in Wales
Image by Maria Orlova on Pexels

The list of famous Wales landmarks will certainly be incomplete without a mention of the National Museum.

National Museum is also among the best-preserved historical monuments in Wales.

You will be able to get deep insights into the history of Wales. There are rich collections from different periods of Welsh princes.

Adding on, there are art collections of renowned artists. The National Museum of History and the National Museum of History are in the same building.

If history interests you, this monument is certainly a must-see.

2. Places of Accommodation

Wales has plenty of accommodation options for the visitors. There are five-star hotels and cheap options of accommodation available as well. If you wish to get a glimpse of local life in Wales- you should certainly book your accommodation in a guesthouse.

The reason is that locals mostly own them. It is preferable to book prior. Booking on the spot may prove to be a pain in your neck. Also, booking in advance- there are fewer chances of any inconvenience.

Book your accommodation in Wales here.

3. Some Important Tips Worth Taking Note Of

3.1 Carry a DSLR

It is advisable to carry a DSLR to capture beautiful moments. Though- this can also be performed by a mobile phone- you will not get the same quality.

3.2 Learn about the Landmark

If you show interest in learning about the landmark- it is good. This is because it enhances our general know-how. This is what makes the visit worthful.


In summary, Wales is a destination worth going to. You can indeed expect a wonderful visit to Wales. Do add the famous landmarks mentioned above to your travel list.

It is advisable to check our other articles on Wales visit. That will help you plan the ideal trip. I hope this article could make you praise the infamous destination.

So, when are your tickets booked to Wales? I know you are planning your visit very soon!!


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