Top 5 Famous Landmarks in Belfast

Landmarks in Belfast
Image by K Mitch Hodge on unsplash/All rights reserved

Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland, is among the choicest places in Europe. If you wish to visit Europe and Ireland in particular, Belfast certainly should be your next port of call as there are plenty of Belfast landmarks to explore.

The Belfast city is a lovely travel destination. Thousands of visitors witnessing the destination’s beauty justifies it as a must-visit place.

I have taken your task to make the itinerary for your Belfast visit. This article will take you through the most famous landmarks in Belfast that certainly should be a part of your Belfast journey.

1. Everything You Need To Know About Northern Ireland And Belfast

I believe there cannot be a better beginning than introducing your travel destination to you. Belfast today has been growing in economy, culture, and finance. The city was built on the banks of the river Lagan.

But interestingly, Belafast is infamously known as the birthplace of the terrific tragedy Titanic. To clarify, the Titanic ship was built in Belfast.

It could not recover from the horrific pain that the city had to tribute a monument to pay homage to those who lost lives. I am here talking about the well-known Titanic Belfast.

Other than this, a massive site in Belfast named Titanic Quarter exists. To clarify, it was the site where the infamous ship was built.

Northern Ireland itself is a well-known tourist spot. The country is most recognizable for being a part of the Ice Age. Even today, Northern Ireland is covered with snow for most of the year.

Therefore, it is preferable to plan your visit during the summer. This way you can enjoy your travel. But if you want to experience real fun in Ireland’s snow, you should preferably visit during the winter months.

You can learn more about Belfast here.

2. The Landmarks In Belfast

Belfast City has several hidden gems that you should see. The city’s landmarks are indeed impressive.

To add on, Belfast landmarks are among Europe’s top attractions. Landmarks in Belfast certainly will not fail to amaze you.

From Parliament Buildings and Ulster Hall to the Grand Opera House Belfast landmarks are worth a visit. They are Belfast’s representation in the entire world.

Here is a list of the famous landmarks in Belfast-

2.1 Belfast Castle

Belfast Castle- Landmarks in Belfast
Image by Enda McLarnon on Pixabay/ All rights reserved

It is one of the iconic monuments that Belfast City has to offer. The castle is located on Antrim Road at Cave Hill. It is very near to the city center.

Belfast Castle was built in the 12th century and is among the most precious landmarks that it preserves to the present date. But the castle’s current structure was built in the 18th century. To clarify, this castle has gone through many modifications since its construction.

This castle is indeed an exemplary piece of architecture. Be it the interiors or exteriors this castle is just stunning. Interestingly, it is the venue for many events year-round.

Several weddings are also hosted in this castle. To add on, the castle grounds are a popular picnic spot.

Visitors can find restaurants, adventure parks, and more near this landmark. Among them, Cave Hill Country Park is worth visiting.

Belfast Castle certainly is an unmissable landmark.

Fun Things To Do At Belfast Castle-

  • Explore the castle at your own pace.
  • Enrich your knowledge regarding the castle and its history.
  • Adore the picturesque landscape.
  • Have a thrilling experience at Cave Hill Country Park.
  • Also, go hiking at Cave Hill.
  • Finally, enjoy some exotic meals in the restaurants nearby.

2.2 Botanic Gardens

Botanic Gardens- Landmarks in Belfast
Image by Lee Osborne on Pixabay/ All rights reserved

It is among the precious natural treasures of Belfast. Constructed around 1800, the Botanic Gardens is among Belfast’s top attractions. These gardens are among the most recognizable greenhouses in the entire United Kingdom.

The vantage points of the now public park are the tropical plants. To clarify, Botanic Gardens were previously private gardens- a century ago.

Undoubtedly it is the right place to relax after a hectic journey. Botanic Gardens is also one of the best places to learn about Belafst’s agricultural history.

The place also has to do with Queen Victoria. To clarify, Queen Victoria visited the gardens twice.

Botanic Gardens are located just near Queen’s University. The university is among the top universities in the world and offers a variety of courses in many streams. Around lakhs of students enroll in different university courses during the year.

Apart from this, Ulster Museum is also a few kilometres from the place. Ulster Museum is one of the most famous museums in the world.

The museum has rich collections from different eras of Belfast and North Ireland’s history. The architecture of the museum building is indeed impressive.

If you have an interest in Belfast’s history, the museum’s collections and exhibitions will surely interest you.

Fun Things To Do At Botanic Gardens

  • Walk in the lush green environment and have a great time.
  • Also, add to know how about tropical plants.
  • Learn about the botanic gardens and its history.
  • Discover different plant species.
  • Finally, visit the Queen’s University and Ulster Museum to make the visit even more comprehensive.

2.3 Belfast City Hall

Belfast City Hall- Landmarks in Belfast
Image by K Mitch Hodge on Unsplash/ All rights reserved

Belfast city hall is an important government building. Constructed in the 1900s, the city hall is a famous meeting place for the Belfastians.

Interestingly, even tourists love meeting at this place. The city hall is located in Donegall Square and is built in an area of around 6000-meter square.

It is presently the venue for several famous events- concerts, parties, weddings, etc.

Belfast City Hall certainly is an architectural masterpiece. The exciting part is that visitors are offered self-guided tours at the venue.

Gardens adjoining the city hall are also spectacular and will surely interest you.

There is an art and history exhibition for the visitors during their visit. The vantage point of the visit certainly is these exhibitions.

Belfast City Hall is situated in the city center and is indeed one of the famous landmarks in Belfast.

Gather more information about Belfast City Hall here.

Fun Things To Do At Belfast City Hall

  • Discover fascinating stories about the city hall and its past.
  • Be stunned by the beautiful landscape and surroundings.
  • See the exhibitions at the city hall to make the visit worthful.
  • Enjoy an exciting meal at the nearby gourmet restaurant.
  • Finally, also visit the adjoining gardens and have a wonderful time.

2.4 St Anne’s Cathedral

St Anne's Cathedral- Landmarks in Belfast
Image by K Mitch Hodge on Unsplash/ All rights reserved

Better known as the Belfast Cathedral, this Anglican church is located in the cathedral quarter.

St Anne’s Cathedral is one of the most recognizable churches in entire Northern Ireland. It is also among the famous religious buildings in Belfast.

The church constructed in the 1800s is an iconic piece of architecture. Several vantage points of the church will surely interest you. These include the forty meters high spire, marble tiles, delicate stonework, beautiful woodwork, and much more.

Other than this, there are pieces of art and history at the cathedral. To add on, the landscape is also just stunning.

The best part for the visitors is they get self-guided audio tours at the venue. Therefore, visitors can learn about the cathedral at their own pace. Though to clarify, tour guides are also available.

This famous landmark should undoubtedly be a part of the travel itinerary.

Fun Things To Do At St Anne’s Cathedral

  • Explore the church and its majestic innards as you would like.
  • Admire the beautiful artwork at the church.
  • Attend the local ceremonies to enrich your knowledge about Belfast’s culture.
  • Witness the beautiful landscape and be amazed.
  • Learn amazing stories about the cathedral’s history.

2.5 St George’s Market

St George's Market- Landmarks in Belfast.
Image by Korng Sok on Unsplash/All rights reserved

The list of must-see landmarks will be incomplete without a mention of St George’s Market. St George’s Market was built in the 19th century. It is now home to around 300 vendors.

If shopping is your fantasy, it is a must-go place. You will find almost everything at this marketplace from food to clothes and utensils. There is also a wide range from local products to branded imported ones.

Undoubtedly, St George’s market is the liveliest place in Belfast. You will always fund some hustle and bustle here. That too often, till the midnight hours.

Other than this, many events like dance shows and art exhibitions are organized regularly at this marketplace.

A worth note-making point is the market is closed every Saturday. Therefore, you should plan your visit for the other days.

St George’s Market indeed is among the top-most and unmissable attractions- of Belfast.

Fun Things To Do At St George’s Market

  • It’s time for some shopping! Buy some of the fanciest products from the famous marketplace.
  • Know fascinating stories about the three hundred vendors.
  • Have some chit-chat with the locals and have fun.
  • Enjoy the exhibitions and performances at this marketplace.
  • Finally, treat yourself to some mouth-watering delicacies available in this marketplace.

3. Accommodation During Your Visit

Are you looking for places to stay during your travel? Don’t worry! We have got it all sorted for you.

From five-star hotels to reputed guest houses, there are plenty of accommodation options in Belfast. Peartree Hill and The Merchant Hotel are some of the options worth mentioning. There are also cheap accommodation options available.

For the ones who want to delve into the local life of Belfast, guesthouses are the best options. You can get a glimpse of the life of locals in Belfast at guesthouses because these are- owned by the locals.

So, if you want to see a day in Belfast, book your room in the guesthouse.

You can book for accommodation in Belfast here.

Also, book your tickets for the famous landmarks in Belfast here.

4. Some Points To Keep In Mind

4.1 Tour Guide-

It is always preferable to look for tour guides during travel. The tour guide is the only person you can rely on if you face trouble or inconvenience.

Also, a tour guide can help with small tasks like tickets and meal arrangements.

4.2 Keen Interest in Place-

One should always show interest in learning about the place and its past. This enriches one’s knowledge and general know-how. It makes the visit worthful and meaningful.

4.3 Advance Bookings-

It is advisable to book the tickets for your accommodation prior. The same should also be done for the landmark tickets as well.

Prior booking helps in avoiding any pain in your neck. The other way, you may face some trouble.

4.4 Attend the Local Ceremonies-

One should also preferably attend the local ceremonies or functions of the place visited. Attending these ceremonies adds to one’s know-how about the culture of that place. This is what makes the visits engaging.

Please note that these points are worth making a note of. Keep them in mind while planning your journey.

In Summary

To say it all, Belfast landmarks are certainly iconic masterpieces. You can indeed expect a wonderful visit to Belfast. Don’t forget to add the famous landmarks in Belfast mentioned above as part of your must-see list.

I know you will fall in love with Belfast so have I. Also, do check our other articles on the Belfast visit. This will help you plan the ideal trip.

So, when do you plan your trip to Belfast? I certainly hope it is very soon!! I hope this article is worth taking your time.


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