How Much Do People Pay for Feet Pics?

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Want to sell foot images for money? Looking to see how much people pay for feet pics? You’ve come to the right place. This guide will take you through the most common rates for these pictures, the factors affecting these prices, and more.

What is the Average Rate for Feet Pics?

Depending on the content quality, on average, people pay between $10 to $25 for feet pics. Most buyers are people with feet fixations, but you may also find other buyers. Aside from individuals with foot fetishes, you may also come across buyers like

  • Medical practices
  • Doctors’ offices
  • Pharma companies
  • Footwear brands
  • Foot accessories companies
  • Artists
  • Bloggers
  • Influencers
  • Vloggers
  • Stock photo companies

If your feet pics are high quality, you can build a lasting relationship with some of these companies. The average rate for most feet pics is $25. However, this rate can go up or down depending on factors like picture quality, niches covered, and the shape of the feet. 

Why Using Sites Like Feetfinder is Important

To target higher-paying clients, you must first access the right platforms. If you promote primarily on social media, you are less likely to come across these brands.

To get long-term clients like the ones mentioned above you need to sign up for a website like Feetfinder. These platforms are created especially to facilitate the sale/purchase of feet pics. This specialization means that many significant brands frequent these sites.

Signing up for these services allows you to make significant contributions. Many pharma companies scour feet websites looking for feet pics. These are used in their marketing campaigns to sell their products. For example, a picture of your feet may promote a pain-soothing gel. Another may be used to sell cream to heal cracked heels.

Similarly, artists and footwear companies may be looking for foot models. Selling your feet pics on sites like Feetfinder also lets you potentially sell to stock photo companies and influencers. The former may take your images and resell them later for commercial use. The latter may use your feet pictures to promote their products on their respective accounts. 

The advantage of gaining such sellers is that they pay better than typical clients. A pharma company or a footwear brand may even pay as much as $100 per pic. However, to attract such customers, you need to have a solid portfolio.

Feet Pics People Are Willing to Pay More For 

Having a good portfolio means having a variety of photos. Your images must cover numerous niches and categories. For example, your feet pictures should include images of you in heels, in nature, in colorful settings, or more. Having a diverse collection lets you target more clients, raking in more money.

In addition to a well-rounded portfolio, here are some types of feet pics that people are willing to pay more for

  1. Well-Maintained Feet Pics 

Unless it is their explicit preference, most buyers like shapely, well-maintained feet. Aside from the shape and size, most customers look for your feet ‘condition. In such cases, pedicures and regular spa treatments can pay off.

Buyers may be willing to pay more for well-maintained feet pics. A foot with cracked heels or dirty nails can be a turn-off. However, if your images feature feet that are polished, clean, and professional-looking, it will make your content seem more trustworthy.

People may be willing to pay more for such types of feet pics, with rates going between $20 to $40 on average. 

2. Well-Photographed Feet Pics

Taking good quality pics is as vital as maintaining your feet ‘condition. The camera angle and lens play an important role in selling feet pics. You may have very attractive feet, but if you can’t angle your photos well, they will look unappealing.

Similarly, even average-looking feet can be heightened to look more attractive by adjusting your camera angles. If you cannot take good photos, you should take a few lessons. 

Another way to take better shots is to use proper lighting. Direct natural light can disrupt your saturation levels. To deal with this, you can adjust your position or use artificial lights when taking your photos. 

Well-lit, professional-looking images add to the appeal of your photos. People may be willing to pay more for this type of image compared to blurry, poorly-lit pics. 

3. Feet Pics Shot in Multiple Poses

People are willing to spend more on images that excite them compared to regular feet pics. To earn more, you must learn to use different poses for your feet. Most feet images are shot from the top. If you have an attractive foot arch, this feature is not seen well from this angle.

Changing your pose and shooting angle allows you to emphasize your best feature instead. So a ground-level pose, with your feet arched, would be the most attractive way to showcase your feet. Studies show that people are attracted to a variety of feet features. 

Some like the ankles, others are fond of the calves, and some prefer toes. Such widespread attraction means there is always something about your feed that people will like. Trying out different poses help you discover these points for yourself. 

For example, if you have average-looking feet, you can emphasize your appeal by posing in natural settings. Instead of a high-heel club-based set-up, you can try a natural feet-in-the-sand pose. This strategy emphasizes the natural charm of your feet, letting you potentially earn more. 


The most important thing to know when selling foot pics is that it takes time to build a steady customer base. People may be willing to pay $100 per foot pic. However, if your quality and service aren’t consistent, you will not earn the same amount.

Thus, routine and regular posts help create a sense of stability for your buyers. When starting, you should not expect people to pay more than $125 per pic. Only once you are established and understand the strategies will you be able to earn above $50/pic consistently. 


Make money selling your feet pics easily with FeetFinder. Know how much you can earn selling your feet pics today!

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