Can You Like Feet without Having a Foot Fetish?

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Liking feet doesn’t simply make you sexually fixated with feet. There are many forms of liking feet other than just visual, sensory or olfactory sensations. So, if anyone has ever told you that you must have a foot fetish just because you like feet, then they are completely wrong.

As mentioned above, you can have inclinations for feet, but that does not conclude you have a foot fetish. If not then what is it? Perhaps maybe because you have a sense of aesthetic appreciation. Or maybe because you empathise with your partner.

1 out of every 7 people in the US have a foot fetish. Consequently, people like to admire or even worship feet. As a result, some even try to find their kinks in online secured platforms like can buy and sell feet pics here, and if you want to be a feet model, that’s the place you may want to start in.

If you are not one of them and still like feet, then it is possible you have a common reason from the given list below.

1. Aesthetic Appreciation

Human bodies are full of artistic fascination. Feet being the most complex human body part, people often end up liking them. However, it doesn’t have to be sexually connected.


You may like feet because of their elegant curves, symmetry, and lines. Perhaps it is best to say that you appreciate the alignment of feet. To add more, you may like feet because of dressing up. For instance, a foot which is well taken care of can turn you on. But as long as it is not the main focus of your fixation, you can’t consider it to be a fetish.

2. Empathy and Intimacy

Some people like pampering their partner’s feet. Since human feet are very rich in nerve endings, some form of physical contact can trigger physical intimacy. Some people even feel a sense of comfort from touching their partner’s feet. But it does not directly imply that you have a foot fetish.


Feet activities which include foot massages, footsie, wearing warm socks, and any form of sensations can’t be directly linked with foot fetish. Instead, it is more of an emotional connection.

3. Interests and Misunderstandings

In today’s era, where foot fetish is the most common form of sexual desire, people might misunderstand your reasons for liking feet. For instance, you may like feet due to cultural exposure.

In many cultures where feet etiquette has been symbolised as respect, it is possible that one can develop a sense of liking feet. However, it doesn’t have to be sexually interconnected. For example, in most Asian houses, removing shoes before entering a housing space, is considered a sense of respect. As a result, you may develop a non-fetishistic admiration for feet, due to foot care, or even beauty.

4. Functionality and Achievements/Physical Labor

Since, ancient history, feet are known to be engineering marvels. It has a complex structure which supports our body weight to balance and perform various activities. Some people simply admire feet due to this specific reason.

Furthermore, there are people who perform a lot of strenuous activities with their feet, like dancing, gymnasium, springing, and many other forms of sports. They simply take care of their feet, which will benefit them in doing their activities more efficiently. As a result some people even develop a sense of liking for their feet.

5. Bonus Point – Foot Kinks are not Foot Fetishes

While both fetish and kinks are sexually related, there is a thin line that draws the difference between these two terms. A fetish is a kind of sexual desire or pleasure while engaged in intimacy with feet.


On the other hand, kinks are related to explicit practices related to feet. Simply put, it can be an extension of your sexual desires. For instance, including feet activities while engaged in BDSM. Thus, if you have a kink for feet, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a foot fetish.

Wrapping Up: Can You Like Feet without Having Foot Fetish

If you are concerned about being called a freak, you don’t need to worry. There are millions of people out in the world, who like feet. And most importantly, liking feet does not mean you have a foot fetish. Find out your reason for liking feet, and justify it to others.


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