Zoo In Telford: Everything in 5 Minutes

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Are you an animal lover? Or maybe you’re a nature enthusiast and call yourself green-fingered? Or maybe you love birds and are an avid bird watcher? Be it your knack for flora and fauna, or maybe towards the wildlife on this amazing planet, this zoo in Telford has certainly got you covered.

Telford is a town in Shropshire, England. The town is inland and near the River Severn. The town has suburbs and settlements that are described as areas of natural beauty.

The Ironbridge Gorge is a deep gorge on the south side of the town and is also a famous UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Indeed, there are various wildlife parks and zoos in Telford to go and look around. They offer different zones and enclosures to encounter different animals.

These zoos in Telford have many wild species of animals. They certainly offer a truly enchanting experience.

Here, we will go into detail about the most famous zoo in Telford.

Famous Zoo In Telford: Exotic Zoo Wildlife Park

Exotic Zoo Wildlife Park is a family favourite and award-winning small zoo. The establishment has topped Trip Advisor for many years. They consider their zoo to be a family. famous zoo in telford

Screenshot from the official site: Exotic Zoo Wildlife ParkIn 2019, they shifted their home because they could no longer stay at the previous location and were supported by the Telford and Wrekin council.

As a result, the Exotic Zoo Wildlife Park is set in the heart of Telford Town Park.

They work hard to create a special place for their animals and visitors alike. They certainly have created an amazing new home and they can’t wait for you to see it.

1. Major Wildlife At Exotic Zoo Wildlife Park

These are some of the amazing animals that you will find at Exotic Zoo Wildlife Park. They are spread over the length of four and a half acres.

In fact, there are almost 60 species of animals that call this zoo their home. Therefore, you will get to meet meerkats, monkeys, armadillos, skunks, chameleons, snakes, etc.

There are a whole host of reptiles, amphibians, and minibeasts. There are also enclosures for capybaras, genets, kinkajous, ferrets, and otters.

Nonetheless, these are just some of the animals that we have named. Once you visit, you will find many many more animal species from our amazing planet.

These friendly animals at the new zoo provide an exciting experience to the young people and old alike. They are sure to give you a brilliant day.

2. Experience Different Zones

The zoo has formed different zones to cater to different animals. They have certainly created exciting habitats for the animals that call their dwellings.

You can, however, explore their Rainforest Zone, Desert Zone, Nocturnal Area, and the Farmyard.

To clarify, the respective zones explain the environment of our planet and the animals that thrive in those surroundings.

2.1 Rainforest Zone

Rainforests are found on almost every continent. They are rich in diverse characteristics and express high levels of biodiversity(species richness).

You will find multiple creatures like millipedes and armadillos scurrying around on the rainforest floor. And on the other hand, the marmosets and kinkajous will be hanging around on the tops of the very tall trees.

A few species of Marmosets are considered to be endangered animals. The zoo staff here work hard to mix their passion for educating people on how to save endangered animals. They hope to give young and old visitors a lifelong enthusiasm for wildlife.

2.2 Desert Zone

Deserts truly test your survival skills. They indeed project some of the most harsh conditions to live in and seem lifeless. But, these amazing animal species have made it their home.

For example, some of the fiercest animals you are set to find here are meerkats, mongooses, and Gila monsters.

The zoo certainly provides people with an immersive experience to engage and excite people. They also provide a great learning experience.

2.3 Nocturnal Area

These animals have heightened senses that help them navigate life easily even in the darkness of night. In this zone, you will encounter expert animals of the night.

Engage with animals such as owls, skunks, and genets in their specialized adaptations.

The staff certainly has a passion for educating people through their hard work to provide the inspiration young people need to respect our wildlife.

3. Tailor-Made Experiences For You

This exotic zoo in Telford Town Park provides some immersive experiences to engage and excite people as they believe through an engaging session they can provide a great learning experience.

Also, this way they deliver the inspiration young people need to develop a lifelong enthusiasm for wildlife.

3.1 Armadillo Experience

Have some cheeky armadillos running around like little tanks. The huge 6 banded armadillos will love to come out and meet you for a head rub and some hand feeding.

And the tiny 3 banded armadillos will certainly have you mesmerized as you learn all about their amazing armour and adaptions.

3.2 Meet The Lemurs Experience

Have a great time with the ring-tailed lemurs. These are friendly animals that call this exotic zoo their family.

You can hand-feed them their favourite fruits and take amazing pictures with them.

3.3 Meerkat Experience

This Meerkat Experience at this exotic zoo lets you have a hands-on interactive session.

These interesting animals are desert dwellers. Hear their crazy stories while you feed them and capture those moments.

3.4 Zoo Keeper Experience

If you fancy yourself as a zookeeper, then this is it for you. For example, you get to treat Lemurs to a little snack, share some tasty bugs with the family of Meerkats, and then,  find out about the smallest monkeys in the world that live at Exotic Zoo in Telford.

There are more experiences for people with an immersive participation in exciting habitats of the animals. The children particularly enjoy these.

You can also select from the VIP Capybara Experience, Carnivore Feeding Experience, Cold Blooded Experience, Family VIP Experience, and Photography Experience.

4. Jungle Cafe

This famous zoo in Telford welcomes you to their jungle-themed cafe. It is open to all, whether they be paying zoo guests or passing public.

famous zoo in telford
Screenshot from the official site: Exotic Zoo Wildlife Park

The cafe has a selection of hot food, cakes, and, ice creams. They have hot and cold drinks available.

They have got you covered whether it be a quick snack or a sit-down lunch. In addition, they provide both vegan and vegetarian options.

And, they have plenty of seating available. Both, indoors and outdoors to suit your preferences.

5. Projects At The Famous Zoo In Telford

The zookeepers actively participate in activities promoting the welfare of their animals. They leave no chance to achieve things for their family and give back to the community.

5.1 Animal Parties

You can now schedule birthday parties for your children at the zoo. The staff are great entertainers and animal experts. They work hard to mix their knowledge in a fun way and deliver it to kids.

Not only do the kids have a great time, but also, they learn so much about our planet and the animals that reside on it.

5.2 Therapies

They provide animal-assisted therapy with specially selected and trained animals. Many physiological and psychological benefits have been proven from the study of the human-companion-animal bond. These animals benefit the well-being of vulnerable groups of people.

5.3 Conservation Efforts

The zookeepers host talk shows throughout day tours. They not only describe fun facts about animals, but also, their importance in our life.

They teach young children about the exciting habitats of the animals and instill lifelong enthusiasm towards wildlife in them.

Their conservation efforts are aimed at teaching kids to mix their passion with resources to save endangered animals.

6. How To Get To The Famous Zoo In Telford?

Since, the zoo is based in the heart of Telford Town Park, getting it is super easy. It is just walking distance away from anywhere in Telford Town Park.

Address: Exotic Zoo Wildlife Park, Hinkshay Road, Dawley Telford, Shropshire TF4 3GZ.

The zoo is an 18-minute walk away from the train station in Telford. The nearest station is Telford Central. It also has a bus stop there.

So, the conveyance is pretty easy for young and old visitors alike.

7. Additional Information About The Famous Zoo In Telford

Some more details about Exotic Zoo Wildlife Park are mentioned here.

7.1 Opening Hours

This exotic zoo is super thrilled to welcome you on any day. They remain open all seven days of the week. The timings are from 11 am to 4 pm on all days.

Still, do make sure to check before visiting since they might be closed on account of some public holidays.

7.2 Tickets

There is no specific need to book online to visit the zoo. There is no pre-booking required.

You can head up straight to the reception upon your arrival. Though, you can also book online if you do not want the hassle of standing in line.

A VIP experience voucher will need to be booked in advance as it is not available on the same day.

You will also need to pre-book vouchers if you want to give them to someone as a gift. You will receive the vouchers in the post, and they will be valid for 12 months.

7.3 Accessibility

Most importantly, please note that most of the enclosures are not suitable for wheelchairs, with steps up into the enclosures and tight spaces to get in.

We advise checking in advance, to avoid inconvenience during your visit.

7.4 Official Website

Check out their website here for all the information: https://exoticzoo.co.uk/


In brief, this famous zoo in Telford is the perfect place for a day out with kids or for a family outing.

Here, you can enjoy hand-feeding sessions or give head pats to these amazing animals. Then, take a break and refill yourselves at the Jungle Cafe.

You can reconnect with nature here and interact with animals in their habitats. Plus, you can learn about their interesting lifestyles and be amazed at the wonder that our planet is.

We hope you have an awesome day touring and get to learn new stuff. Here’s to making unforgettable memories.

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