9 Amazing And Cheapest Places In Europe To Live In This Year

Cheapest places in Europe to live in
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Did you ever contemplate relocating to a different nation? Experimenting outside your comfort zone can be unpleasant and costly, but it also opens up new opportunities for us to develop in many areas of life.

Many of these locations will also push your budget to its limit. Fortunately, many cheap destinations in Europe are ideal for your relocation. This is the compilation of the cheapest places in Europe to live in.

The 9 Cheapest Places In Europe To Live In

You will need to venture to less well-known but just as spectacular locations. Choose from the nine cheapest European places to live in listed below.

1. Montenegro

Despite its small size and elegant appearance, Montenegro is one of the cheapest European countries. Given its exceptionally low tax rate, it is alluring to those looking for a nice seaside lifestyle without the associated cost. It is perfect for people seeking a pleasant, sunlit location with breathtaking vistas and a peaceful way of life. Summer is more crowded, though.

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Montenegro has some of the cheapest cities to relocate to. Podgorica is a budget-friendly, picturesque, and popular destination for ex-pats seeking a regular work-life balance. Budva is for individuals who prefer to party and participate in water sports. Kotor is an excellent family destination, full of tradition, history, and breathtaking views. Montenegro will astound visitors with pristine beaches with deep blue waters surrounded by high mountains.

2. Bulgaria

Bulgaria is the cheapest country to live in Eastern Europe. It is also ranked as the safest country to visit among European destinations due to its low crime rate and excellent public transportation system. The Rhodopes and the northern region are home to some of Bulgaria’s most beautiful and affordable destinations.

Sofia is the largest city in Bulgaria. Nevertheless, it is among the least expensive capital cities in Europe. Sofia is famous for its delicious cuisine and free attractions. The Local towns of Bulgaria provide free walking tours. If you want to experience Bulgarian culture without being surrounded by a large population of expatriates, Sofia is a better option because it is still largely undiscovered by foreigners.

In Bulgaria, luxury hotels can be found for around £45 per night, and dining for two people costs less than £30 in fine restaurants. Bulgaria also has one of Europe’s most spectacular national parks, attractive villages, historical sites, beautiful hiking paths, and immaculate Black Sea beaches.

3. Italy

Italy is one of the cheapest countries in Western Europe, with an amazing public transport system. You may save money on delicious food by avoiding sit-down restaurants and opting for take-out. Try exploring the weekend markets for cheese, fresh bread, and sweets to make your snacks or quick meals. From November through February, you’ll find great deals on lodging and usually the cheapest flights.

Bologna is also one of the cheapest cities in Europe and has a lively music industry. Bologna has medieval Renaissance-style buildings, crowded courtyards, and an edgy old town character.

Almost every traveler’s itinerary to Europe includes a visit to Rome. Considering its popularity, the costs are not that high. The historic city center is marked as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Castles, cathedrals, ruins, memorials, fountains, and other structures are spread throughout the city.

Despite its rich and pervasive historical aura, the city is extremely cosmopolitan. It’s a lovely city with a lively atmosphere, great nightlife, global shopping, and amazing cuisine.

4. Greece

Greece is considered one of the cheapest countries in Europe to live in; Greece is a beautiful country with endless spots that can accommodate visitors with different interests and financial constraints.

Many cheap flights are available to Athens, the capital city of Italy. Some of the world’s oldest temples, sculptures, and monuments may be seen in Athens. There are plenty of other islands to consider before zeroing in on the choice.

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Crete, the largest of the Greek islands, is one of the most appealing and affordable destinations to visit in Europe. Other most affordable cities to consider in Greece are Corfu, Paros, and Mykonos. Mykonos is a popular tourist destination renowned for its hillside of whitewashed buildings, historical windmills, breathtaking vistas, and wonderful seafood restaurants.

5. Poland

Poland is well known among budget travelers to Eastern European countries due to its abundance of attractions, favorable exchange rates, affordable food prices, and hotel alternatives. It costs a small percentage of what you would in other major cities for lodging, dining, and other activities. The US dollar and the euro are exchanged for the Polish zloty at highly favorable rates.

A city with distinctive European art, a rich history, interesting culture, and the cheapest range of bars, restaurants, and world-class museums. You can live a significantly lavish lifestyle for less in Warsaw, with the opportunity to dine out for fine meals, beverages, and more. It is also less crowded.

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The gorgeous cities of Krakow and Gdansk have stunning architecture and rich history. Krakow’s Main Market Square, where you’ll find the cathedral and other beautiful buildings, is the largest old town square in Europe.

6. Hungary

Another affordable destination to go to in Europe is Hungary. Rich folk customs are still practiced here, yet the area is also sufficiently cosmopolitan thanks to its vibrant culture and young population. Many tourist sites, such as the enthralling old town, Revolution Square, and Stavropoleos Church, are completely free.

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Hungary is well-known for its exceptional food, considered the best in Central Europe. It is situated on the banks of the Danube river and is a perfect destination, particularly for people looking for an urban lifestyle on a budget.

Major cities such as Szeged and Eger are the cheapest European cities. Szeged is a fantastic student city with wonderful weather and excellent cafes. Beautiful and historically significant, Eger is ideal for those seeking a quieter time. The people are incredibly friendly and humble, the hills are breathtaking, and every structure is a work of art. Hungarians are diligent people, but they also party hard.

7. Romania

Romania’s architectural designs are exquisitely complex, yet built on a grander scale than other European countries. It is the ideal location for anyone who wants to move to another country because of its fair costs. This nation is of tremendous interest and culture because of its warm people, lovely language, and appreciation of tradition.

Local delicacies are inexpensive and frequently offered as street food. It is a pleasant approach to learning about Romanian food.

Bucharest is becoming a popular choice for most visitors because it offers the chance to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle while working for some of the most renowned multinational corporations. The number of work opportunities is continuously increasing due to the region’s low cost of living, growing economy, and expanding tech sector. Smaller cities like Sibiu, Brașov, and Timisoara are incredibly cheap and, in some ways, more lovely than other cities.

8. The Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a cheap destination in Central Europe. The major attractions are good and affordable beer, historical towns, monuments, chateaus, and national parks.

The charming city of Prague is one of Europe’s most beautiful tourist destinations and one of the cheapest places to live in. This has inspired many travelers to settle here in recent years. You will be pleasantly surprised with a free walking tour of Charles Bridge, a visit to the Astronomical Clock, and a walk through the streets of Old Town Square and its historic center. Prague is exceptional in that it was nearly completely unaffected by World War II.

Krumlov is on a gorgeous river surrounded by stunning Gothic and Renaissance buildings. You can even visit this place.

9. Portugal

Lisbon, the capital city, is a beautiful city with stunning beaches, waterways, and the best temperature in Europe.

The low prices and great quality of life are the main reasons most people migrate to Lisbon.

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Porto is yet another place that deserves notice. Guests can find affordable local fare and lodging in Portugal’s whitewashed towns and villages. Unquestionably, ranked among one of Europe’s most fascinating and vibrant cities, it is also among the continent’s most affordable destinations to live.


The enormous diversity of each nation’s culture, history, cuisine, and natural landscapes makes every nation unique. The most affordable cities in these countries with free attractions are also mentioned above. You can now make a decision based on your interests and choices!

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