Most Famous City in Italy – Top 18 Cities for The Best Travel Escape

Famous city in Italy
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The Boot shaped country of the world, Italy, is one loved and busiest destinations to visit. It is rich with unique culture, cuisine, and famous ancient monuments.

Every city in Italy has a great past and culture of its own. Each of these Italian cities has a story of its own to say.

These cities are the most treasured places in the world. They are equally modern and ancient in their culture.

Some of these cities in Italy even comes under the World Heritage Site. Below is a list of the famous city in Italy.

1. Famous Cities in Italy: 18 Ones to Amaze You!

Given below are some of the beautiful and famous cities.

1.1. Venice

This magical city in Northern Italy in the Adriatic Sea is unique and only one of its own. It is one prettiest cities in Italy. It is also considered a major romantic city.

The charm of this place oozes old-world beauty and romance. Venice, also known as Venezia or La Serenissima, is a landmark with narrow alleys and long and busy canals. It is also one of the picturesque and best cities in Italy.

It is also an island in the Laguna Veneta. The Basilica Di San Marco and Basilica di Santa Marie Della Salute are some beautiful churches with great interiors and sculptures in Venice.

The city centre, Piazza San Marco is quite popular.

famous city in Italy
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A few other must-visit places include Doge’s Palace and the renowned Rialto Bridge. The gondolas in the Grand Canal are so iconic, and romantic and are famous across the globe. You can also travel via public transport, bus boats in Grand Canal.

The islands near Venice, Burano, and Murano are also visited along the city, as it is famous for its small stalls of handicrafts and colourful houses.

Venice is also famous for its Carnival of Venice held every year. It is famous for the masks there.

1.2. Naples

The city, near the Naples gulf in Southern Italy, that lies by the shadow of Mount Vesuvius gave another persona to the word, beautiful.

The feel of this place is vibrant and filled with historic and cultural sites.

Naples has been around for many centuries. It is also the third largest city in Italy.

You can also visit some of the famous churches – Duomo di San Gennaro and Chiesa del Gesù Nuovo.

Visit the Royal Palace and the 3 castles. This Italian city also has some cool metro stations.

famous city in italy
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You can also go and see the ruins of Herculaneum where you get to see 2,000-year-old remains.

To know more about them, you can visit the Archaeological Museum which has a large collection of artefacts and ornaments.

You can get to try fresh, locally grown vegetables and fruits in the food market at Mercato Pignasecca.

This is also the place where Pizza has been invented. You should try street foods like Panzerotti, Cuoppo, Napoletano, and much more.

1.3. Bologna

This Northern Italy city is in the Emilia Romagna Region. While it might not be glamorous and old beauty like Venice or Naples, there is an unexplained beauty about Bologna. This Italian city is also called the culinary capital of Italy.

This is also like most Italian Cities are Picturesque. It is one beautiful city in Italy. It is in the food-centric region of the country.

This is where Parmigiano cheese, prosciutto, and balsamic vinegar are made. it is also one of the very best cities in Italy.

famous city in italy
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Each store, market, cafe, restaurant, and even stall serve delicious food. You can have pizzas and a sip of the local wine, Lambrusco. It is the birthplace of Bolognese spaghetti. They have the largest arcade in the world.

Bologna also has 2,000 old universities, the oldest in the world. This is a Protected place under UNESCO World Heritage and is known as the ‘City of Music’.

Make sure to visit the landmarks like city walls, Basilica di San Pertronio and Piazza Maggiore.

1.4. Milan

This Northern Italy City is all but fashionable and majestic. It has a rich history with a beautiful environment. Milan is one of the major famous cities in Italy.

This city, like most Italian cities, is sprinkled with unique landmarks.

Milan is also the 2nd largest city in Italy. There go and see the churches- Milan Duomo church and Santa Marie Delle Grazie.

There is the infamous Last Supper, Leonardo Da Vinci’s artwork in the Santa Maria church.

There is also a historic Sforza Castle, a 15th-century castle with the biggest citadel in Europe.

It is also the fashion capital as many luxury brands like Prada, Valentino, and more house here. All this makes it one of the very best cities.

There are some world-class museums. Visit the peaceful Parco Sempione to have some calm moments.

To have a great getaway, you can go to Lake Como which has the famous Alp Mountains as a great background.

1.5. Florence

The Tuscany capital, Florence, is also the cultural capital of Italy. The Arno River just adds more beauty to the city.

It has a great cultural and artistic heritage. It is the birthplace of the Renaissance too.

They are also famous for their architecture, old monuments like Piazza della Signoria, museums, and galleries like Palazzo Pitti and Uffizi gallery. Visit the Iconic bridge, Ponte Vecchio in the Italian city.

It is also a historic centre that is a UNESCO Heritage place since 1982. It was home to great artists and Patrons like Galileo, Machiavelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Dante.

famous city in italy
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Make sure to visit the famous churches, Duomo church and Florence cathedral, city centres, and the museums that exhibit the arts of Michelangelo and Botticelli. The Museums here have Madonna and Child and many marble sculptures.

The cafes and restaurants here serve tasty Tuscan foods and wines. The streets here are filled with boutiques, jewellery, artisans, souvenir, up markets, and much more to shop.

1.6. Verona

This majestic Northern Italian city is situated in the Veneto region. This is one beautiful city in Italy.

It is known for its magical and romantic setting in the Piazza del Castel San Pietro.

It is one pretty UNESCO Heritage Site. The city has historic cobblestone streets and 2 main city squares, Piazza Bra and Piazza Erbe.

You must also visit churches here, Duomo di Verona, San Zeno Maggiore, and Santa Anastasia.

famous city in italy
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If you know anything about Juliet and Romeo by Shakespeare, this is the town where it is set in.

There are homes of Juliet and Romeo, Casa di Giulietta, that have a great view with a statue of Juliet. It is a place of art and theatre.

You can also stay overnight to see an opera concert in the Amphitheater of the Arena. The arena hosts various concerts and performances around the year.

Visit the river and walk over the photogenic Ponte Castelvecchio which has a castle and museum.

1.7. Rome

The Capital city, Rome is the most charming place in the country. Situated in the Central Lazio, it has a cultural, historic, and religious heritage.

The history of this eternal city goes as back as 753 as the capital of the Romans by Romulus and Remus.

It is also one of the largest and most famous cities in Italy. The artistic, architectural and historic tourist sites so so worth it.

The city is full of renaissance architecture. Walk around the streets often called ‘the most romantic neighbourhood’, Trastevere.

It is also where the headquarters of the Catholic Church, Vatican City, is situated. It has been around for more than 3 millennia near the Tiber River. Some museums teach a lot about history.

It is home to many iconic and well-known places like the Pantheon, Colosseum, the Sistine Chapel, Trevi fountain, Piazza Navona, and the great 452ft Saint Peter’s Basilica.

You also get to see Vittoriano, which is all about the unification of Italy.

1.8. Turin

This Northern Italy city is the cultural centre of the country. It is also one of the most famous cities in Italy. The city is also old and was a roman settlement that goes back to king Augustus of Romans.

It is also the 4th largest city. They are famous for their architecture, history, and food.

The region is famous for its chocolate. It was where Nutella was invented. It was the first capital city till 1865.

Turin is famous for their great museums, many ancient palaces like Palazzo Madama of 1st BC., historical monuments, the Juventus football team, and restaurants & cafes.

famous city in italy
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The infamous Piazza San Carlo Square with cafes, souvenir shops, and museums has historic importance.

Another famous place here is the Mole Antonelliana, an old Jewish Synagogue, now the home of the National Cinema Museum.

The museum, Galleria d’Arte Moderna has some of the best modern artworks. They have more than 45,000 pieces to see.

There is also a medieval village that has an 18th-century garden.

Turin is also the home of Fiat, the car brand.

1.9. Pisa

You’ve probably heard about the famous Leaning tower, then this iconic landmark is in this city located in the heart of Tuscany.

The city accommodates more than 24 churches, a few great palaces, and some historic bridges.

Pisa, as mentioned is famous for the leaning Tower, situated at the Piazza della Duomo, which is 57m with a leaning of 5.5 degrees.

The tilt of the leaning tower is due to the soft grounds it was made on. The tower will not fall even after its leaning of 900 or so years.

famous city in italy
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The church is so worth seeing with its great interiors and Dome frescos. There are great sculptures and mosaic designs here. You have to buy a ticket to visit the tower and church.

Some restaurants and cafes serve great dishes and drinks.

The other attractions to see here include the Santa Marie Assunta Cathedral, Campo Santo, 15th Century Gelph tower, the bell tower of the Church of Saint Nicola, and the Palazzo della Carovana at the Piazza del Cavalieri.

1.10. Cinque Terre

This is an accumulation of 5 beautiful hilly villages. It includes Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza, Monterosso and Riomanggiore. They are located in the coastal Liguria region. This region is also a UNESCO Heritage Site.

The tiny streets and the colourful houses are just perfect for a peaceful break. Hike and walk through the towns and relax on the beaches in this region.

The dishes Focaccia, Fritti Misto, and Farinata di cochere are just to die for!

The region is just perfect for a mellow and calm vacation.

1.11. Palermo

The capital of Sicily Island, Palermo is the meeting point of cultures over the centuries.

It was inhabited and invaded by Arabs, Byzantines, Romans, Greeks, Normans, and much more. It was not Italian until the 1860s.

Located in the northern part of the island, was found by Phoenician merchants and then it was made a roman island.

To this date, there are proofs of the various civilization that inhabited the island. This makes the whole of Sicily unique and amusing.

famous city in italy
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Some of the other places to visit in Palermo include a 12th-century cathedral, and various squares like Piazza Pretoria that have cravings for tritons, nymphs, and mermaids. There is a fountain too.

There are other Arabic markets like Capo, Ballaró, and more. The architectural beauty is insane here. The beaches here with crystal clear waters are the major site for tourists.

The Sicilian food in Palermo is very famous. It is very delicious, authentic, and traditional.

There is a load of snacks and drinks, and they are cheap and tasty. Particularly try the arancini, cannoli, Granita al Limone, and sfincione.

1.12. Perugia

The capital of Umbria has a great legacy of art and culture. This city is one underrated and beautiful city.

It is at an equal distance from Florence and Rome and can be reached easily. The walled city has great architecture.

One thing to do is visit the historic city centre. There is also a 16th-century century fortress known as Rocca Paolina. The fortress is made via Piazza Italia, Partigiani, or Porta Marza.

Most city’s medieval buildings, churches, and houses were ruined in the making of the fortress.

famous city in italy
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Other places to see include the Palazzo Di Priori- home of the Umbria Gallery, the cathedral, the Fontana Maggiore, see the sunset at Giardini Carducci, and a trip to nearby Assisi.

Perugia is occupied by students. The city hosts a few festivals around the year. Some famous festivals are the chocolate festival known as Eurochocolate and the jazz fest, Umbria Jazz. The jazz fest takes place every summer since 1973.

1.13. Pompeii

Who doesn’t know about Pompeii and the Mt. Vesuvius eruption in AD 79? The volcano erupted suddenly and violently which ruined Pompeii city.

It encased a millennium in ash, lava, and pumice stone. The ruins are still seen here.

It is one of the main tourist sites in the region. This is also a UNESCO Heritage place. It can be the most interesting trip in the cities in Italy.

You get to see the preserved streets, houses, amphitheatre, and vineyards.

famous city in italy
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It was not known until archaeologists excavated Pompeii ruins in the later 18th century. They uncovered the ruins and various discoveries that taught us about the time, place, and people.

There is also a museum that further talks about the past.

The city nearby known as Herculaneum was also encased in the volcano. It, unlike Pompeii, was preserved in Lava only. It encased everything like textiles, food, and even people.

1.14. Genova

This seaport city is on the Northwest Italian coast in Liguria. Genova or Genoa is a great coastal city that has good beaches and rich marine.

The city goes back to the 16 and 17th centuries and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It is also one best cities to stay in as it is calm and peaceful, and the people here are friendly. The city also has a lot of things to do here.

It includes visiting the historic Centre which also happens to be the largest medieval quarter in Europe.

famous city in italy
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There are the famous churches of San Lorenzo and Annunziata, the Royal Palace, and the Palazzi dei Rolli. There is also a big modern aquarium to visit.

You can also stroll or bike around the small streets and alleys. The cuisine here is also the finest and is delicious.

The streets here occupy the Old Harbour or Porto Antico, the Maritime Museum, and the biggest Aquarium in Europe. 10,000 or so marine animals are homed here. The museum is a great place to know about sailing and the sea.

1.15. Amalfi Coast

The Precious Amalfi coast and peninsula are all in the Mediterranean in southern Italy. It is also south of Naples with forms the southern rims of Naples Bay.

It is one pretty city in Italy which give new meaning to beauty.

The beaches are the finest feature of this city. The green waters and the sandy beaches along with the calm breeze are just perfect for a great break.

Rich and famous often vacation here, thus it can be a bit expensive, but luxurious.

This picturesque city has streets with stairways and houses on the cliffs. The city has two towns- Positano and Cetara. Both of the towns are just perfect and photogenic. There are several Duomo that has a rich heritage.

There are gardens filled with flowers high up from the coast in Ravello town, which gives the best views.

Make sure to try the Italian dishes here and the infamous Limoncello- a traditional citric liqueur in Sorrento, a town.

1.16. Parma

While this doesn’t have the conventional Italian holiday vibes, it is not a place you want to miss. It is in northern Italy, the same as Bologna and Ferrara.

There are palaces, city squares, and Romanesque buildings.

They have a rich history and was a powerful and serious role in the past. There are places to see this even today.

These places include Piazza del Duomo, Piazza Guiseppe Garibaldi, and Baptistery of Parma.

famous city in italy
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The city also has great food, art, and architectural heritage. There is also a museum with Middle Ages artefacts and an art gallery with a collection of 600 years.

The food in Parma is also very delicious, especially the Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, stuffed pasta, Parmesan ham, and much more.

1.17. Siena

One of the prettiest cities in Italy, Siena was once a historic centre of art, culture, and architecture, and much more like the neighbouring city Florence.

The city in the Tuscany region is filled with medieval buildings. It was at its high glory in the 13-14th century.

Siena has one famous city centre in the country, Piazza del Campo. It is covered with cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops, and medieval buildings.

There is also an awesome fountain Fonte Gaia.

famous city in italy
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There are 400 steps or so to get to the top of Torre della Mangia to see the immaculate view.

Every year in the fall, there is a traditional big horse race in the Piazza del Campo known as Palio di Siena, which goes back to the century 6th.

There is also a civic museum and an iconic Gothic-Romanesque church, Santa Maria Assunta.

The church has big frescoes, bell towers, a marble facade, and amazing stained-glass windows.

The church accommodates statues of famous artists like Donatello and Michelangelo, who also did the interior, along with Giovanni Pisano, Bernini, and Lorenzo Ghiberti.

1.18. Matera

This is one of the earliest manned cities on Earth that dates back to 7000 BC. This was also the Cultural capital of Europe in 2019.

Matera is in the south of the Basilicata region. It is called the city of stones.

It is often called one of the pretty places in Italy. The city is also known for its white-stone homes. Walk around the city to see and discover the beauty of the city.

famous city in italy
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Matera is famous for its Cave dwells called Sassi di Matera. It is one of the UNESCO World Heritage places in Italy. This is now an area with great restaurants, homes, and boutique hotels.

Visit Casa Grotta to know what typical cave dwellings looked like.

Visit the Cathedral of Matera and the top of Civitas Hill to get the best view. The cathedral is from the 13th century and has a great view of the city.

The best places to get the view are Belvedere Luigi Guerricchio and Piazza Giovanni Pascoli.

2. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1. What are the famous 5 cities in Italy?

Ans- The 5 famous cities include Rome, Venice, Florence, Naples, and Milan.

Q.2. Which is the most explored city in Italy?

Ans- The most explored city in Italy is undoubtedly, Rome with millions of visitors every year.

Q.3. What is Italy famous for?

Ans- Italy is renowned for its culture, food, and tourism. They are also famous for their Opera, language, fashion, and football team.

Q.4. Which of the major fashion brands are from Italy?

Ans- Many of the fashion brands are based in Italy. Some of the brands are Prada, Versace, Armani, Valentino, Moschino, Etro, and Dolce & Gabbana.

Q.5. Where was Pizza invented?

Ans- Modern Pizza was invented in Naples during the 18th or early 19th century. The oldest mention of Pizza goes back to 997 in Gaeta.

3. Conclusion

Italy has some of the most beautiful cities in Europe, even in the world. It is visited by millions of people every year. Cities in Italy like Rome, Florence, and Naples have contributed to not only Italian history but to the world’s history.

The city’s art, culture, and architectural heritage are just amazing. There are also some famous landmarks and ancient monuments that are preserved and loved.

Some famous artists like Michelangelo and Leonardo di Vinci belong here, which just gives you more reason to visit this amazing place!


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