Best Supermarket in Keswick: Top 5 Picks

supermarket in Keswick
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Looking for a supermarket in Keswick? We got you covered!

Keswick Supermarkets offers local tastes and shopping experiences to visitors. The supermarkets are the must-visit places for the visitors indeed.

Here are the 5 Best supermarkets in Keswick for you to visit!

1. Booths Keswick Supermarket

Booths Keswick is a supermarket that serves the daily grocery needs of locals. However, the supermarket also gives a beautiful shopping experience to the visitors.

The supermarket also has a car park option available with them for the comfort of the visitors.

1.1 History

Booths Keswick is a family-owned business and has various chains of supermarkets.

Booths has 20 stores across the north of England and is the main supermarket in Keswick.

Furthermore, these supermarkets are known for their dedication, quality and community sessions.

1.2 Products

1.2.1 Bakery and Seafood

There are freshly baked bread, pies, and cakes. In addition, there are a variety of seafood options offered in the supermarket for visitors.

1.2.2 Dairy, Eggs and Wines

These local supermarkets in Keswick have milk and free-range eggs available.

Also, visitors get a variety of wines, whiskies, and craft spirits to suit their needs.

Booths Keswick Supermarket in Keswick
Picture from the official site of Booths Keswick Supermarket

1.3 Initiatives

There are certain drives taken by the Booths Supermarket in Keswick like

1.3.1 Reduced Plastic and Energy Efficiency

This supermarket in Keswick makes sure that they reduce the plastic wrapping in the stores. The supermarket also puts money into energy-efficient devices indeed.

Moreover, they also make sure to minimize energy use.

1.3.2 Waste Reduction and Community Conservation

They also promote recycling and waste diminish. They get together with local conservation groups to protect and save nature.

2. Lakes and Dales Co. op

Lakes and Dales is a company located in the heart of Lake District National Park in Keswick, England.

2.1 Mission and Values

The mission is to inspire people to explore the natural beauty of the Lake District.

The values are Comfort, Quality and Community.

2.2 Products and Services

2.2.1 Groceries and Household Essentials

This supermarket in Keswick has a wide selection of groceries offering local produce, dairy products, and meats.

There is also a variety of household items.

2.2.2 Bakery and Online Shopping

There are fresh bakery items for customers. Moreover, for the consumer’s choices, there is an online shopping option available for the customers.

Lakes and Dales Co. op - Supermarket in Keswick
Picture from the official site of Lakes and Dales Co.

2.3 Community Involvement

2.3.1 Local Sponsorships and Charity

This supermarket in Keswick funds local events, sports teams and cultural tasks. They also donate to local charities and firms getting in touch with local and community needs.

2.3.2 Employment and Educational Chances

They also provide employment chances to residents.

Cooperation with local schools to support learning programs is also there.

2.4 Initiatives

2.4.1 Reducing Plastic Waste

The supermarket makes sure that there is less use of plastic packaging and encourages customers to use usable bags.

2.4.2 Waste Management

The supermarket also boosts waste operations and recycling practices for the comfort of nature and society.

3. SPAR Shorley Lane

SPAR Shorley Lane offers a wide range of everyday products and needs. They are known for their availability, customer service and care.

3.1 Location

SPAR Shorley Lane is located in Keswick, a town located in the Lake National Park in Cumbria, England.

3.2 Products and Services

3.2.1 Groceries and Fresh Produce

SPAR Shorley Lane in Keswick
Picture from the official site of SPAR Shorley Lane

There are packed foods, snacks, drinks and various other cooking items for the customers. So that, they can spend time with their friends, and family and make lovely memories.

Additonally, the store also has an option for fresh fruits, vegetables, bread and dairy products.

3.2.2 Beverages and Snakes

There are soft drinks, bottled water, juices and alcohol depending upon the call of the customers.

However, there is also a choice of snacks, sweets and ready-to-eat options available for the customers.

3.3 Customer Service and Community Session

This supermarket in Keswick offers friendly customer Service. Therefore, they treat their customers with great care to meet the call of the customers.

In addition, there are payment options available like cash, and credit/debit cards. Hence, the consumer could pay according to their choices.

SPAR stores also support local drives. However, they take part in welfare activities which come up with the growth of the town.

4. Sainsbury’s Cockermouth Superstore

Sainsbury’s Cockermouth Superstore is a popular Supermarket in Keswick Cumbria.

Sainsbury's Cockermouth Superstore in Keswick
Picture from the official site of Sainsbury’s Cockermouth Superstore

4.1 Location and History

Sainsbury’s Cockermouth is located at Station Rd, Cockermouth CA13 9RS, United Kingdom.

It was started in 1869 by John James and his wife Mary Ann Sainsbury.

In this supermarket, there are groceries, fresh produce, bakery items household items, and clothing available for visitors.

4.2 Facilities

The superstore offers a variety of Services-

  • There is a dispensary provided for patients who need a cure.
  • They have cafes and a petrol station.
  • There is car parking with impaired parking spaces.

4.3 Initiatives

Sainsbury’s has a “Waste Less, Save More” drive to reduce waste and save money. Certainly, they also support local funds and community groups.

5. Keswick Mini Market

Keswick Mini Market is located in Keswick, in the lake district of Cumbria, England.

Keswick Mini Market in Keswick
Picture from the site of Keswick Mini Market

5.1 Facilities

The market offers various products, and services to customers. In addition, they have groceries, snacks, drinks and various household items.

5.2 Offerings

There are baked goods, dairy products and various other local products which include jams, and honey. In addition, there are snacks, drinks, mocha, crips and soft drinks.

There are also books and journals in the market.

5.3 Contributions

There are jobs for the local sellers. Moreover, the market also does charities through offerings and events.


The supermarkets in Keswick offer a beautiful experience to the visitors. They do not just offer groceries, but also various other times and services. Additionally, these supermarkets also support local groups and help them.

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