Check Out The 16 Best Places To Visit In England

Places to visit in England
Image Source: By Alexander London on Copyright 2022

England is one of the most loved places we all want to visit at least once in our lifetime because of its cultural dynamics. There are several famous places to visit in England, ranging from small covers off the Dorset coast to centuries or a few hundred-year-old small towns.

England is a part of the greater United Kingdom, located in the southern part of the island of Great Britain. The country’s charm lies in its varied scenery and rich heritage. Its ancient history, royal parks, boutique hotels, street food, exquisite architecture, stunning beaches, contemporary art, and outdoor adventures altogether make it a perfect destination for your dream holidays.

Best Tourists Places To Visit In England

Are you looking for some perfect destinations, towns, or places to visit in England for a few days out with your family during the upcoming holidays?

Just go through this article and look at some of the best places to visit in England that we have suggested to make your holidays special.

1. Lake District National Park

Places to visit in England
Image Source: Lake District National Park Facebook Page

The Lake District Park is one of the largest parks in North-West England. It is the largest park in England and the second-largest in the United Kingdom, covering an area of 2,362 square kilometres. Lake District has also been designated as a UNESCO world heritage site. Why not enjoy this peaceful retreat and, at the same time, explore some adventure there !!



If you are fond of hiking, you must visit this place as there are more than 500 trails for hiking and exploring in this national park. You can also try paddle boarding, enjoy a relaxed boat ride or walk up or run along the majestic mountains. The park was created purposely to protect the lakes and the surrounding landscapes that include :

Lake Windermere

Lake Windermere is the longest lake in the country, surrounded by rolling hills and famous for its scenic beauty, attracting many tourists and artists.

Scafell Pike

It is the tallest mountain in the country at 3,209 feet, serves as a war memorial and is protected by the National Trust.

Lake Wastwater

It is the country’s deepest lake, located on the western side of the park and adds to the beauty of Lake District National Park.

2. National Railway Museum

Places to visit in England
Image Source: National Railway Museum Facebook Page

The National Railway Museum is located at Leeman Road, York in England. The railway engines, trains, and carriages displayed in the museum are a treat for the history buffs as they describe the history of British rails and their transformation.


Play Area For Kids

There is a separate play area for little kids under 6 years in which you can help them explore their imaginations by building up blocks.

Mallard Experience

Relive Mallard’s record-breaking run and experience the world’s fastest steam locomotive. It is better to book your tickets in advance to avoid any clash.


There are cafes in Great Hall and Station Hall where you can have delicious foods and drinks as per your requirement.

3. Roman Baths

Places to visit in England
Image Source: Roman Baths Facebook Page

Located at Abbey Green and Church Street, Bath, England, Roman Baths is one of the most attractive places to visit in England.

Start your tour at the Bath Abbey in the city centre and get the pleasure of watching the very best of baths from the past and explore the 2000 years old history there.

So get your tickets booked to experience this beautiful place just by clicking here.



It is also very famous for its lovely Georgian architecture. Don’t worry! You will get their award-winning audio guides that will tell you everything about this place.

Information about the place is also available on printed sheets and in braille form for everyone’s convenience. You can also visit with your family and kids as some activity trails are available for kids.

Learning hub

Some learning and teaching sessions are offered there relating to the Roman Bath history, objects and people. It helps the students to gain knowledge about them.

4. York Minster

Places to visit in England
Image Source: York Minster Facebook Page

Next on the list of best places to visit in England is The Cathedral and Metropolitical Church of Saint Peter in York, The York Minster. It is located at Deangate York, England.


It is one of the most glorious and magnificent churches. York Minster is also considered one of the most sacred places that have been there for the last 1000 years.


You can become a part of the daily worships held in the church. It can be done by lightening candles or simply caring for other people and helping them in need. The choral music scene during the worship is an integral part of the prayers attracting many people. Sermons and lectures are also held during the worships.

Gorgeous Architecture
  • The collection of a stained glass windows is among the rarest and finest in the world.
  • Many windows named The Greek East window, and Five Sisters still have the original medieval stained glass, which is worth watching.
  • One of the oldest parts of the Minster is its beautiful, airy octagonal room. The walls are decorated with the most delicate, interesting and oldest carvings that look stunning.

5. Cotswolds

Places to visit in England
Image Source: By Magda V on copyright 2022

The Cotswolds, one of the best places to visit in England, is famous for its outstanding natural beauty. It lies in the range of rolling hills in central south-west England. It runs through five countries and covers a massive area of around 800 sq km.



Enjoy lively market towns, walk through the breathtaking scenery and landscapes along historic trails, splash around the stunning beaches, and visit the famous palaces and castles.


You can become a part of the seasonal events held there and make your holidays even more exciting and memorable.

Other Attractions

The area has some of the best restaurants and pubs to delight you. It is a perfect destination for foodies and also a pet-friendly area.

You will also find some of the best places for shopping out there.

6. Windsor Castle

places to visit in england
Photo by Young Shih on Unsplash/Copyright 2022

Windsor Castle is one of the most attractive and one of the tourists’ favourite places to visit in England. It is located at Castle Hill, Windsor, England, a simple 40 min ride from Central London.

It is a royal residence in the historic town of Windsor in Berkshire. The gates are always open for the visitors.


Experience the royal visit to the castle with the help of audio guide tours. It is a beautiful, breathtaking and well-maintained place. Photography inside the castle is not allowed, but you click amazing photos from outside.

7. Manchester Art Gallery(Art Museum)

Places to visit in England
Image Source: Manchester Art Gallery Facebook Page

Want to have a more mindful experience with art? Manchester art gallery, also known as the Art Museum, is the perfect place to visit in England. It is among the country’s leading art galleries and is located at Mosley Street, Manchester, England.


You don’t need to book a ticket if you are visiting the main gallery and you will get to see a lot more there.

Perfect Place For Events

You can also hire the space available for day events, be it conferences, private meetings or lecture classes. Arrangements for dinner, receptions or drinks can also be made.

A Huge Collection

It provides an outstanding collection of paintings from historical collections to modern art galleries and presents a wide and good range of arts and artists.

They also display a collection of over 25,000 objects, including sculptures, costumes, crafts and designs. You can also join their online gallery if you can’t be there.

8. Westminster Bridge

The oldest structure in London is located in the heart of this bustling city. It is a road cum foot traffic bridge on River Thames.


It is a part of the popular cultural attractions and has been picturised in several movies. There is poetry on Westminster bridge that was composed by William Wordsworth.

Advanced bookings are recommended for the bridge to secure your perfect spot and get the total exposure of your day trip to the bridge.

9. The National Gallery

Places to visit in England
Image Source: The National Gallery Facebook Page

The National Gallery And Art Museum are in Trafalgar Square, London, England. It displays a massive collection of more than 2,600 paintings. The art galleries and exhibitions held here are the attraction centres for visitors.


Separate sessions for the deaf, blind or partially blind people are organised.


If you want to enjoy more benefits of the National Gallery, it is better to become its member.

Family Friendly

An art gallery is a family-friendly place where you can bring your kids. There are various activities to keep your child indulged. You can also follow their Make and art tutorial to explore the creativity of your child.


Some interesting exhibitions are held there from time to time. You can browse them online and book your tickets in advance.

10. Jurassic Coast

Andy Lyons on Shutterstock.Copyright 2022

Jurassic coast is a world heritage site in England at Burton road, East Devon. It is an absolutely perfect place to visit in England with some pretty landscapes and fabulous cliff walks.

In 2001, UNESCO inscribed the Jurassic coast for outstanding natural beauty and the universal value of its rocks, landforms and fossils.


Amazing Experience

You would love to visit again and again once you taste the excellent and unforgettable experience here.

Enjoy the beaches, family BBQs, and long walks in the peaceful atmosphere and surroundings of the Jurassic coast.

There are many towns and villages around that showcase fossils and exhibitions. Several indulging activities are also organised there.


You would definitely love to spend a few days here. There are many options available for you, like hotels, campsites, and B&B, where you can stay and make your trip to the Jurassic coast more comfortable and relaxing.

11. River Cam

Have one of the most romantic experiences on the sideways of River Cam, the main river flowing through Cambridge in Eastern England.


Recreational Activities

Enjoy the boating, canoeing, punting, angling, swimming, rowing, sailing and other water activities on the river.

Punting Tours

You can glide along the river in punts with your family and friends, admire the beautiful city and ancient city walls, and discover the historic town in a new way.

Self-Guided Audio Tour

You can also opt for the self-guided tours of Cambridge’s colleges and classic sights along the River Cam.

12. British Museum

Places to visit in England
Image Source: British Museum Facebook Page

The British Museum is the first public national museum in the world, located at Great Russell St London, England.


The museum provides world-class cultural learning experiences for all age groups and levels.

Several exhibitions and events are organised there regularly that keep the visitors engaged. There are more than thirteen million artefacts from several countries. It serves its visitors with a massive collection of sculptures, historical objects, antiquities, and modern and contemporary art.

Advance booking is recommended to secure your perfect spot.

13. Madame Tussauds Museum

Places to visit in England
Image Source: Madame Tussauds Facebook Page

Located at Marylebone Road, London, England, Madame Tussauds is a wax museum and one of the best places to visit in England. Marie Tussauds, a wax sculptor, founded the company.


Popular Museum

This museum remains crowded most of the time. Its smaller museums are in other big cities like Sydney, New York, Las Vegas, and Amsterdam and are trendy as well.

Wax statues

The museum is filled with a large number of wax statues of big personalities and celebrities from the fields of films and tv, sports and royalty, politicians and musicians and many more.

Clicking Photos

Who won’t wish to get clicked with their favourite celebrities? What if the celebrities are not real? Their lookalike statues give the same feeling to the fans. People just love to click pictures with these wax statues of their role models.

14. Chester Zoo

Places to visit in England
Image Source: Chester Zoo Facebook Page

Chester zoo is among one of the best places to visit in England. It is located at Upton-By-Chester, Chester, just about a mile or over the north of the city centre. It is spread over around 125 acres and has more than 20,000 animals of 400 species.


The main purpose of the zoo is to prevent various species from extinction.

Plants And Gardens

There is a wide range of plants available in the zoo. Also, some beautiful and award-winning gardens give the animals a feel of their natural habitat.


Come with your family, kids and friends to explore and learn about animals. Andean bear, Butterflyfish, Eastern bongo, Great Green Macaw, Komodo Dragon, Mandrill, Silvery Gibbon and a lot more animals can be seen there.


It is a family-friendly place and most of the time filled with a number of tourists. The zoo also provides facilities for disabled visitors, such as self-driving electric scooters and wheelchairs. The staff is very cheerful, friendly and helpful.

15. Buckingham Palace

Places to visit in England
Image Source: By Francais-a-Londres on

A royal palace that you must add to your list of best places to visit in England. It is located at Buckingham Palace Road, London, England.


The Queen’s famous London home is a delight and pride for everyone to be able to visit there.

The Magnificent Palace

The beauty and grace of this royal residency are unbelievable.

There is a throne room, a ballroom, a music room, the palace garden, a white drawing room and a grand staircase so beautifully designed and decorated that you just can’t take your eyes off.


Every room is filled and furnished with antiques, furniture, precious objects and lots of treasures from the royal collection that attracts everyone’s attention.

 16. Royal Crescent

Places to visit in England
Image Source: By Stephen Baker on Copyright2022

One of the beautiful places to visit in England is The Royal Crescent at 16 Royal Crescent, Bath, England.


It is basically a row of 30 terraced houses laid out into a sweeping crescent in the beautiful city of Bath.


The houses built up of bath stone look almost similar in appearance with minor variations.

They are furnished in a period style and reflect Georgian architecture.

A Lot to enjoy

Enjoy the Bizarre Bath walking comedy tours that are absolutely unique and memorable. Or simply walk around the city centre and explore the history of this magnificent Georgian architecture.


There are a number of spas and luxurious hotels with all comforts and amenities where you can stay after a long visit to the city.

You can easily book your room just by clicking here.

However, there are a lot more attractions around several beautiful cities in England. You can also visit your favourite cities depending on the availability of time and money. So friends, here we highlighted the best 16 places to visit in England that you shouldn’t miss on your trip to England.

Some More Destinations And Places To Visit In England:


The financial hub and the world’s most visited city London is known for its art, culture, nightlife, vibrant life, food scene, bars and restaurants. This city is home to the majority of the best places to visit in England.

The Big Ben. London Eye. Tower of London, Tower Bridge, St. James Park, Kenwood house, and Westminster Abbey are some more attractions of this bustling city.


A famous city in North-west England and the fifth largest metropolitan city of the UK.

Some famous spots to visit here are The Beatles Story and Liverpool Cathedral. Merseyside Maritime Museum, Anfield. Walker art gallery and many more.


The UK’s second highly populated urban metropolitan is famous for The Science and Industrial Museum, Albert Square, National Football Museum and Lyme Park.


One of the fastest-growing cities in the south-east region of England attracts tourists for Oxford castle, Oxford university museum, and River Thames.


The Birmingham town hall, Cadbury World, National sea life centre, and Museum Of The Jewellery Quarter are some of the places to visit here.


A city in south-west England and the 12th largest metropolitan in the UK is known for Clifton suspension ridge, Bristol zoo, Bristol cathedral, Bristol Harbour and Bristol museum.


It is a university city on river Cam around 50 miles north of London. You can go to Cambridge University botanic garden, The Backs, Mathematical Bridge, Kettle’s Yard and a lot more interesting sites in this city.


If you are looking for places to visit in England, then York is the ultimate destination.

Apart from the most popular York Minster we have already elaborated above, and York has many exciting places such as York castle museum, Jorvik Viking enters, Yorkshire museum, The Shambles, York city walls, and York castle and a lot more.

Too many places to visit in England…Wow!!! . We hope that this article proves to be helpful to you and you enjoy your most exciting trip to England. Do tell us about your experience.

Have a happy and safe journey.

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