Here’s The List Of The Best Place To Visit In Naples And 12 Fun Filled Things To Do

best place in naples
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Naples is one of the oldest inhabited vibrant cities of Italy. Its scenic beauty is to die for. And trust me, you will have lots of things to do in the Florida City of Naples, and many best places to visit. Visiting Naples would make you feel heaven on Earth. Mesmerising beauty is the craving of all the people around the globe. You have it all at just one single spot-Naples. Doesn’t believe me? Explore it yourself.

Naples lies in Southern Italy, situated on the Bay of Naples. The historic buildings and the historic centre of Naples were ranked under UNESCO world heritage site in 1995.

Climatic Condition Of The Best Place To Visit In Naples

High temperatures in July and august top to 32 degrees Celsius in summer, while the winter is not as chilly. The temperature remains positive and rarely falls in minus. The sand-laden south wind brings humidity to the city, ultimately ending with rain splashes. Snow is rare in Naples. January is happened to be the coldest month of the year.

12 Fun Things To Do In Naples, Italy

1. Plan An Excursion To The Ancient Cities Of Both Pompeii And Herculaneum Ruins

Needless to say, these two ancient Roman cities are the top UNESCO world heritage sites and the best place to visit. If you remember your history course books, you would remember that these two names had managed a few numbers of pages for themselves. The history behind its destruction was revealed in short there and had been tagged as the lost cities.

best place in Naples
Photo by Jeffrey/ Flickr. copyright 2022

The destructive Volcanic eruptions of Mount Vesuvius disrupted these cities and many areas nearby Pompeii. Several times Herculaneumwas triggered by severe earthquakes. The drastic destruction that the nearby parts and buildings faced is still buried under the debris of the ruins. Since then, these cities have been mere debris.

To the dismay of the city, many escaped human lives were also excavated at the site. They were refound in 1748. The ancient ruins of these cities are preserved there. In the 18th century, a wall was excavated, which was believed to be part of the Herculaneum theatre. During the excavations, many artefacts were discovered, which helped unveil the lives of the Herculaneum.

The archaeological rebirth of these cities makes them the best place to visit in Naples.

2. Climb The Historic Volcanic Spot- Mount Vesuvius

Mount Vesuvius is located 6 miles away from the actual city of Naples. It is one of the most destructive volcanoes the World has ever faced. This active volcano had an eruption cycle for 20 years. It last erupted in 1944.

best place in Naples
photo by Piotr Rokita / Flickr copyright 2022

Later this site was transformed into a National park. Since 1995 it’s served as the most interesting hiking spot for tourists. The incredible views of the Bay of Naples, Apennine Mountains, Amalfi Coast are a bonus for the trekkers.

The volcanic rock from Vesuvius gave birth to a new structure named Piazza del Plebiscito at the beginning of the 19th century. This structure is credited to have designated Naples under the United Kingdon Of Italy.

3. Get Deep Inside The Naples Underground

40 metres deep inside the ancient city of Naples lies its heart, its soul- Naples Underground or Napoli Sotterranea. It is believed to be the womb of the city of Naples, as the most beautiful towns of Naples were born out of it some 2400 years back.

You would still find the reservoir filled with water over there. Don’t think of this underground part of Naples as barren. In fact, one of the highlights of this place is the Greco-Roman theatre of Naples, which is believed to be the dressing room of Roman Emperor Nero.

A few remains of the World War 2 could also be seen there. You will be amazed to know that the World’s First Hypogeum Garden can be found here. It’s where you can grow various species of plants in the cleanest atmosphere, where there are no dust particles but yes, with the strands of light supporting the life of the plants.

best place in naples
photo by Justin Ennis/ Flickr. copyright 2022

However, it must be kept in mind before you go there that most of the tunnels and chambers are very narrow and dark. You may need a candle or torch or artificial emergency light to show you the narrow streets. It is the reason that most of the tunnels are obstructed for the visitors. At the same time, it is advised to take the day trip.

4. Want To Ride In The World’s Longest Funicular Ride

Naples is blessed with the longest funicular tracks with its annual capacity of over millions of passengers. Now, do you still need to worry about what kinds of stuff you would do in an inhabited urban location? Well, there are many on your way. Don’t miss the chance of travelling in the longest ride in the World and experience how beautiful your journey can be.

Naples cable Railway Lines, I Funicolari organises four-car cable from the centre of the city to Vomero and Posillipo hill districts. The joyful ride around the city is not to be missed if you are in Naples.

Know Before You Go

  • The tours are basically outdoors, so prevent yourself from sunscreen and hat during summer.
  • The Funicolare has 4 halts : Piazza Fuga in Vomero, Petraico, Corso Vittorio Emanuele, Augusteo.
  • Take a camera and a selfie stick with you to catch all the fun moments and the spectacular views around.
  • Wheelchair accessibility is available.

5. Appreciate The Works Of Michelangelo

The World famous Italian artist Michelangelo is known for some of the ultimate masterpieces of his time. He is believed to be a revolutionist and a realist who have awakened the deep religious sentiments among the people with his work during the renaissance era

best place in naples
photo by paweesit/ Flickr. copyright 2022

Some Of His Preserved Masterpieces

  • The Seven Acts Of Mercy (1607) in Pio Monte Della Misericordia Church
  • The Flagellation of Christ ( 1607) kept in Capodimonte National Museum
  • The Martyrdom Of St. Ursula ( 1610) placed in the gallery of Palazzo Zevallos Stigliano.

6. Birth Place Of Pizza-Best Place To Visit For The Pizza Fans

Hungry? Want something Yummicious to pamper your stubborn tummy. Pizza at your Service. Well, a boon to mankind and the life staking dish for all the generations, pizza was born here. Yes, You read it right. It’s your very own Naples, which gave birth to the various breeds of pizza, and in no time, this round dish conquered the whole World.

Its in 1830 that pizzeria, Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba first started with this service. The Margherita Pizza got its name to honour the queen of Italy, Margherita of Savoy. Its speciality lies in its unique garnishing with fresh and finely chopped tomatoes, mozzarella, basil which represented The Italian flag.

best place in naples
photo by HarshLight/Flickr.copyright 2022

No matter how much you had pizza at your place, If you are in the city of Pizza, you are not ought to go without having a bite of it. Some of the best pizza corners are Sorbillo, Gorizia 1916, carminiello, Starita, Pizzeria da Attillo and many more.

7. Enjoy The Boat Trip Round The Glamorous Island Of Amalfi Coast And Capri

Amalfi falls in the Salerno Province of Naples, more or less 2 hours from there and the best place to visit. It is situated in the midst of the gorges of Monte Cerreto. Its counterpart Capri is located in the Sorrentine peninsula, a famous resort.

The islands are clustered with Churches, archaeological museums, many museums, beautiful beaches, beautiful gardens, galleria Umberto, religious sites, which are the major source of attractions for the visitors.

The Blue Grotto is the main attraction of the island. It’s a sea cave, where the refraction of the sun rays gives an illusion of a Cobalt blue coloured sea. It makes this place the best place to visit.

best place in naples
photo by How I See Life/ Flickr. copyright 2022

The whole of the City of Naples looks like a wonderland from the Sea. You can easily get there through ferries or speed boat tours. It is definitely the best place to visit in Naples.

8. World’s Best Vines From The Vineyard Tour

Yes, another feather in the hat for producing the World’s best wines. Italians have yet another reason to be proud of, and yes, that’s the finest quality of wines in the World and the best food.

Europe’s biggest wine producer is credited to Italy, having the Biggest wine industry. So come, let’s have a closer look at the Vineyards on Mount Vesuvius and experience the journey of wine from Vineyard to your glass. It is definitely the best place to visit for the sip gobblers. 

You will find Barolo, one of the best flavours of red wines, fetching the name for itself from the region where it was first produced. It’s a family run business located in Piedmont, with the alps in the North and the Apennines in the South. The perfect climatic condition prevails here, which supports the finest quality of wines.

Wines from Perugia in Umbria has bagged many rewards. Well, this place is on the hit list not only for its wine but also for its extraordinary architectural style. You can opt for prior booking for this winery.

Another Vineyard, Abruzzo, would give you a chance to taste the best olive oils and vinegar in the World. You would also have the sight of a few farm animals, geese, goats, horses, and many more.

Some of the great flavours like Lacryma Christi, Taurasi Red, Fiano Di Avellino White will make you feel heavenly. Also, enjoy some local munches like bruschetta, homemade bread, pastiera Napoletana. You can also opt for the guided Naples tours that would give you a holistic visit through the town.

9. Meet The Four-Legged in Zoo Di Napoli

The Zoo Di Napoli shelters around 400 animals and 200 plants. Some animals species that could be seen there are Hippopotamus, Rhino, elephants, reptiles family, birds and many more. It is one of the best places to visit Naples with families and kids. This place can be informative for the kids as well, getting a closer look at the various species in the World.

Know Before You Go

  • You can book tickets online. This would save your queue time.
  • Wheelchairs are not available.
  • Foods, drinks are available at the restaurants lined up there.
  • You can wander around and spend leisure time over there for 2-3 hours.

The area is accessed by car or bus. It’s just 20 kilometres from the city. You can also opt for Cumana railway to reach the spot. Although the zoo is open all year round, the time of the year to visit the zoo is the spring season.

10. Want To Know About the City’s history-Then Visit National Library Of Naples.

It is considered the third largest library in Italy and another best place to visit for the book worms. If reading is your love, I bet you won’t miss this. Its shelves are adorned with around 19000 manuscripts, some 1700 Herculaneum papyri, nearly 1800000 volumes and 8300 periodicals. You can make it your favourite pastime as long you are there in Naples.

It was inaugurated in 1927 inside the east wing of the Royal Palace of Naples. There are two options for reaching there. One is Via bus, and the second option is by car. The library is open on all days except Sundays and the holidays.

It would serve with every genre of the city’s culture, whether science, technology, media, literature, religion, theatre, and so on. The library does hosts a number of events like conferences, seminars, meetings, lectures.

It is being sponsored by the Directorate General for library heritage and cultural Institutes of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities. Admission tickets have certain criteria to be fulfilled, including certain documentation, a few years of experience, certain formalities on the entrance.

Services Offered In The Library

  • Bibliographical details
  • Digital materials
  • Catalogues
  • Digital Photographic Laboratory is available
  • Restoration laboratory is available

11. Groove In The Carnivals Of The City

Carnivals are the best times in Naples. People love to party all around. The biggest festive time for them is during the winter season. It is a 40-day festive time from Easter. February and March are the busiest months for the Italians.

It’s really fun, and the mood gets zesty during the carnival months when the kids dress up in vibrant costumes and merry around on the decorated streets. Carnival months are the best days for the Neapolitans.

The best part of the carnival is the joke and the pranks. During these days, all sorts of pranks are considered, and children impose various sorts of pranks on adults. So basically, the days are filled with gusto and merriment all over. Dressing up in your best is a strict NO, as they may get dirty due to various pranks dumped on you.

Innumerable art festivals and music festivals, such as Neapolis Festival, Ethos Festival, and Cornetto Notte Bianc, are organised after another. Various activities such as jazz, marathon, processions, parade, band performances can also be found. Do go there during these months and participate in any of these events to get the real enigma of Italy.

12. Shoppe at Via Toledo- Best Place To Visit For The Shopaholics!

If you are a Shopaholic, then it’s the perfect destination for you. All the famous brands and trends homes themselves on the streets and the stores of Italy. Clothing, apparel, antiques, local handicrafts, home decor, everything are found at their best. If you are not so mall-type and are magnetised by the street displays, then Italy Street is all yours. Grab all that you can.

Wait, If you think Vio Toledo is just about filling your shopping bags, then let me tell you, this place serves every sentiment of mankind, whether religious, fun, hunger, luxury, and more. You would find many churches around, historic museums to inform you.

Don’t miss out on the galleria Umberto, which stands at the southernmost end of the street. And then last but not the least, a must-visit is the Toledo Metro station, decored with the blue mosaics all over; it emits an ocean view.

best place in naples
photo by Dru Kelly/ flickr.copyright 2022

Best Place To Visit For Shopping 

  • Via Toledo
  • Via Chiaia
  • Via Dei Mille
  • Via San Gregorio Armeno
  • Via Scarlatti

Via Toledo dominates as the longest shopping street. It puffed with cafes, restaurants, branded boutiques and stores, food court. You can approach its other counterparts as well to get tummy filled shopping. So, girls, you have yet another reason to visit Naples.

A Few Other Fun-Filled Things To Do In Naples

Target The Beach

The first thing to do on reaching Naples is to visit the beach. Breathe in calm air, get the vibes like never before. Enjoy your favourite wine, maybe any from the actual Naples winery. Well, pets, glasses, vehicles are restricted in the beach area.

Admire The Sunset

It’s indeed the best part of the day. No end can be so beautiful as the end of a day in Naples. The sunset moment is a hope and a promise for another beautiful morning. So don’t miss it.

Fond Of Shells, Head Towards Keewaydin Island

The shell collection is one of the unique things many people are fond of. If you are a Shell collecting type, then Naples shore is the best place to visit for you, where you fulfil your hobby at your heart out.

Make Botanical Garden Your Next Visit

Around 170 acres of land is preserved for cultivating and gardening. You would find thousands of indigenous flora species. There are a theme park and interactive childrens’ garden for the kids. The whole nature winds up here.

How To Reach Naples

Southwest Florida International Airport is 30 minutes from the North of Naples. Renting a car would be best for the tourists. The other options include-

By Air:

Naples’s International airport, Capodichino Airport, is the busiest. This airport connects Naples with Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai.

By Track:

Options are available for narrow gauge trains that ply from the Southeast and Western parts of the city. Naples’s system of transportation also supports underground & overground railways and trams. This source of transportation is considered the fastest means of transportation to reach Greater Naples.

Ferries, buses are also available, but these options are the least opted for. In most cases, many visitors prefer private tours. Accommodation is easy to find, as there are many luxury hotels in central Naples.

Naples has many age-old stories to narrate. Every Naples attraction has its past to reveal. World’s Best Pizza, World’s best wine, World’s best Fashion sense, World’s best art masterpieces, these are all Naples things which have been accredited all over.

Apart from all the above mentioned best place to visit, there are many more great destination and hidden gems, which requires special mention and are of historical significance.

Other Attractions Include:

  • Certosa di san Martino
  • Toledo metro station
  • San Martino monastery
  • San Lorenzo maggiore
  • San Carlo Theater
  • Naples Harbor
  • San Gennaro catacombs
  • Naples port
  • Santa Lucia
  • Santa Chiara
  • san Domenico maggiore
  • Ovo castle

Some Facts About The City

  • It is the best place to visit for golf lovers.
  • Naples is blessed with 280 days of sunshine on average.
  • Florida is a perfect Olympic destination.
  • Fishing is one of the favourite pastimes of tourists around Naples.
  • You will have the sight of snowbirds during the winter months if you move southwards.
  • If you are up there during Christmas, then be done with all the bookings of accommodations, tours, guides, everything. You would not be getting a single over there amidst all the hustles going on.
  • Hurricanes are the episodic thing during the months of June till October.

The royal palace is another highlight of the city which was constructed in 1600. Marble statues and the hanging garden was added to the town. Roman Theater, white marble staircase, and 17 state apartments made this palace grand.

best place to visit
photo by Emmanuel Granatello/Flickr copyright 2022

The walls and the ceiling of the royal palace are adorned with paintings, frescoes, Chandeliers. The palace was equipped with other attractions like the royal garden, fountains and flower beds. All these make it the best place to visit in Naples.

Don’t miss out the Naples Street food, a calm bare feet walk along the beach coast of St. Lucia, Enjoy the cappuccino at Gran Cafe Gambrinus. If you don’t have 3-4 days in your hand, it is advised not to go there. As you would need a maximum of 4-5 days, explore Naples at ease. Mappatella Beach is your type if you are a beach lover.

The great time to visit Naples would be April and May, and then during the Easter and Christmas months. Those days are also the carnival and feast months for the town. The town looks glamorous with all the colours, decors, hangings. These are some best place to visit in Naples. 

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