Wanna Visit Best Places In Oxford? Find Here 16 Places You Can Explore

best places in oxford
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When someone mentions the best places in Oxford, what comes to your mind? Needless to say, it’s definitely Oxford University. And who doesn’t remember Harry Potter and its several never-ending volumes? So, it goes without saying that Oxford is World famous as an educational hub. Apart from just being an education centre, it is much more than that. So want to explore the best places in Oxford.

People visit the town for educational purposes and get positive vibes of the town, its atmosphere, its views. There are so many best places in Oxford. Each of them has something to narrate. Come, let’s wander around the most interesting town and the talk of the World. Let’s find out some of the best places in Oxford you can visit.

Your Complete Guide To Best Places In Oxford

1. Let’s Start With Oxford City Center

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There are a lot of things to do in the city centre, although it’s not huge enough but has many things to give to its visitors. The well-known junction of the Oxford City Center is the Carfax, where the city’s four main streets meet one another.

The 14th Century Carfax Tower stands proudly over there. There are many other best places in Oxford which are worth visiting.

Best Places In Oxford City Centre

  • Town Hall
  • St. Aldate’s Church
  • Pembroke College
  • Modern Art Oxford
  • High Street
best places in Oxford
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The Modern Art Oxford is basically an art gallery that displays everything from modern and contemporary arts, movies, books, periodicals, magazines, music and many more.

The most talked about High Street is that it has everything that can make any other city envious. Grand erect buildings, high-profile colleges, vibrantly colourful parks, and gardens grab the title “the finest street in England.”

2. Explore The University Church Of St. Mary The Virgin

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The magnificent detailed tower of the church brings it into the limelight to every tourist. Its birth history dates back to the year 1280, to the Anglo-Saxon Era. Its Choir, the porch, and every part of this church has its history buried in. The Walls of the porch would remind you of the dark days and nights of the English Civil war.

To have a spectacular view of the whole area, just climb up the tower. However, you need to pay a small amount to do so. This church waves way to many other nearby attractions, which we will explore below.

3. Get Into The Serene Christ Church Cathedral

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Its origin is as old as the 12th century, but the Suffix Cathedral was added to Christ church in 1546. The double arcade inside gives an illusion of the tall ceiling of the tower.

The creation of the Choir can be traced back to the year 1500. The windows were designed by Edward Burne Jones whereas, William Morris should be credited with its construction in the year 1871.

Equally important is to mention the tombs of Lady Montacute, Prior Sutton, John De Nowers, and the relic remains of the Fridewide’s Shrine. To add to its importance, let me mention the grave of the philosopher George Berkeley, which is also located inside the cathedral.

4. Harry Potter’s Fans Must Be Curious About The Christ Church College

The Founding father of the World famous and high-profile college- The Christ Church College was Cardinal Wolsey in 1525, and later, refounded by Henry Viii.

For attracting more visitors, a great seven-ton bell was constructed by Christopher Wren in 1682, which is famous as Great Tom Tower. The speciality of the bell is that it buzzes at 9.05 pm once for every member of the college. The ring counts up to 101 times.

One of the largest courtyards in Oxford, the Tom Quad, with its magnificent fountain, stands proudly in the centre of Oxford. The tower of the church leads to the hall, a grand dining room with a beautifully carved wooden ceiling.

best places in oxford
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What adds to the charisma of the hall are the priceless portraits of Henry VIII, William Penn, who is well known as the founding father of Pennsylvania, and the other important members and delegates of the college. It is not the end, in fact, the beginning of the other shows.

Other Attractions:

  • Kill Canon,
  • Peckwater Quad
  • Christ Church Picture Gallery

Peckwater Quad is adorned with huge collections of momentous Cardinal Wolsey and other paintings. Some over 2000 drawings are also stored in the Christ Church Picture Gallery. 

5. Best Student’s Corner Magdalen College

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The college was founded in 1458 and constructed on 100 acres of land, including the majestic deer park Addison’s riverside walk. Some around 400 pupils crave to get admission to this college. Students need not worry about lodging as well. Accommodation facilities are available for them.

Structures Of The College:

  • Magdalen Tower
  • Muniment Tower, an entrance to the Chapel
  • Founder’s Tower
  • Grove, the park.
  • Magdalen Rose Garden
  • Harcourt Arboretum.

The Magdalen Rose Garden is believed to be gifted by the Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation of New York for commemorating the department of penicillin. It is equally believed that Oxford had a significant contribution to that.

Opposite the entrance of the college, you would find the University of Oxford Botanic gardens which is home to plants from all over the World. This garden was founded in 1621 and is said to be the oldest one in England.

6. Let’s Find Out Some Interesting Facts From The Radcliffe Square

Radcliffe Square is for pedestrians, basically surrounded by old buildings and universities. This place is a favourite visit among tourists. Its ancient look makes it a perfect location for periodic films.

Its Constitutes:

  • Old School’s Quadrangle
  • Radcliffe Camera
  • Bodleian Library
  • Divinity School
best places in oxford
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The Bodleian Library is a 16-sided reading roam on the ground floor. It’s the country’s first library, founded in 1598. It shelters about 40000 manuscripts and millions of books. The best part is that the original copy of every book published in Britain is found here.

7. Explore The Sheldonian Theatre

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Another grand creation by Christopher Wren, Sheldonian Theatre, was built in 1664. The ornate ceiling Fresco is made of 32 panels. The hall inside can accommodate around 800 people. So it is suitable for grand events, ceremonies, concerts, drama, grand wedding receptions, award ceremonies, and luxurious dinners.

The venue is also used to commemorate educational purposes like lectures, conferences, and felicitation. The venue gets its name after Gilbert Sheldon, who is known as the Warden of All Souls College. The Archbishop of Canterbury had contributed the whole of 14000 pounds for the construction of the theatre.

8. Curious About Art And Archaeology? Ashmolean Museum Is Your Next Visit

This museum was initially known as the Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology. It was founded in 1683. It is one of the most substantial and oldest museum in England. It has room for classical sculptures, Freek and Roman pottery and antiques, art crafts and an antique collection of jewellery.

best places in oxford
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Counterparts of Ashmolean Museum

  • Pitt rivers museum (anthropological and archaeological displays)
  • Museum of Oxford (displays the rich heritage and the past of the nation)
  • Story Museum (Literary world full of tales, narrations, novels)

9. History of Science Museum

It is a part of the Ashmolean Museum. This oxford museum shows the complete evolution of Science and scientific domination in the World. One amazing fact is that this museum showcases the unique and antique you can call, the blackboard which was once used by Albert Einstein during his lectures in 1931. A beautiful timeline of the development of clocks.

You Can Also Visit:

  • Holywell Music Room is known for being the oldest concert hall in the World.
  • Kettel Hall is known for its beautiful wood carvings and decorated Chapel.

10. Visit Martyr’s Memorial

Dreadful incidents of burning live of Latimer, Ridley, Crammer, and the revolutionists at St. Giles Street led to the establishment of Martyr’s Memorial. Its foundation is dated back to the year 1841.

Worth Visiting Neighboring Best Places In Oxford

11. Rhodes House

This place is known well as the headquarter of the Rhodes Trust. It was founded in honour of South African Statesman Cecil Rhodes.

12. Oxford University Museum Of Natural History

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This legendary establishment was built in the year 1855. It is adorned with a huge collection of geological, mineralogical, zoological, and botanical findings, research, explorations and discoveries. The Shelves also display works of Darwin, Burchell, Hope, and many other well-known scientists, discoveries, and explorers.

Enjoy the walk around Parson’s Pleasure to Cherwell, Mesopotamia, and Magdalen Bridge.

13. Stop To Shop At Cornmarket Street

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Cornmarket is one of the busiest shopping centres. Many International and popular brands sell their products over there. The most popular among visitors and historical ones is the Golden Cross Arcade. It is known for crafts and jewellery. If you want to get some doses for your tummy, you will find the best foods to pamper your hunger at the food corner with delicious and tasty preparations.

Cornmarket Street is a bit historical. You would also find the Crew Inn, which is believed to shelter Shakespeare during his journey between Stratford and London.

St. Michael’s Church can also be on your interest list. It is known for the ancient Norman Tower

14. Want To Know The Interesting Stories Behind The Best Places In Oxford Castle And Prison

It had served as the jail for a lifetime since 1701. There are so many stories behind it. However, it was closed in 1996. The guide would narrate so many real tales about this place. Not only this, so many enactments could be conducted on the real stories of this place.

best places in oxford
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There are many best places in Oxford. Another very interesting one is the Saxon St. George’s Tower. It is one of the oldest buildings in Oxford. The surrounding is beautiful, which goes without saying. That would way you to the underground area, which is believed to be 900 years old, to explore the mysterious place.

There are many best places in Oxford Castle, like the Debtor’s Tower, which is as old as the 18th century. Then there is Motte-and-Bailey Castle which has stood there since the 11th century.

You can either go for self-exploration or guided tours which would instead help you in exploring the past and some real facts about the wonderland.

15. Visit The Grand Blenheim Palace

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Wanna visit the birthplace of Winston Churchill? Here it is, The Blenheim Palace, where lies the throne of the Duke of Marlborough and where the Spencer and the Churchill generations resided. This place is located in Woodstock. You will need to go for just eight miles towards the northwest of Oxford.

The Royal Palace was built between 1701- 1724 for John Churchill. He is known to be the first Duke of Marlborough. Over 200 rooms adorn this beautiful place. The ceiling of the Great Hall within the mansion is ornate with the happenings of the Blenheim Battle. The battle was victorious for the Duke against the French.


best places in oxford
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The huge royal courtyards gardens fence the Royal Palace giving it a magnificent look. The Palace also includes the Italian garden, herb garden, a butterfly house, a maze that attracts tourists in bulk.

16. The Beautiful Town Abingdon-on-Thames

As you drive southwards, just six miles away, lies the beautiful Abingdon city. River Thames is just beside the town. One among so many best places in Oxford, this place has innumerable churches and beautiful building constructions.

Some Worth Exploring Sites:

  • Abingdon County Hall Museum
  • St. Helen’s Church
  • Christ’s Hospital
  • Benedictine Abbey
  • Checker hall
  • The long gallery
  • Abbey doorway
  • Tennis centre
  • Tilley Park
  • Southern Town Park

Abingdon organises the longest street fair, known as Ock Street Michaelmas Fair. Another exciting activity conducted here is the white horse leisure. These royal aspirations steal the soul of the visitors and would envy you of the luxurious lifestyles of the Oxfords.

best places in oxford
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The Oxford life is not less than a royal one. This place tops the World in every perspective, whether education, infrastructure, science & technology, tourism, literature, archaeology, interior, fashion and whatnot. Its universities, oxford colleges, and oxford museums would magnetise you with its charismatic vibrations.

Don’t you wish to be part and parcel of this blessed part of the universe? Its rich history and heritage make Oxford stand out from the billions’ of crowds. So, why delaying to visit a place where success kisses the horizon?

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