A Perfect Recipe to Tortilla de Patatas

Tortilla de Patatas
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There are many Spanish dishes you must have heard about. Some of them are quick appetizers, and some are proper meals. Attractions the whole world, Spanish cuisine has played an important position in the definition of Spain. In the entire cuisine of Spain, there is one dish (Plato) one should surely try. The tortilla de patatas is a Spanish Receta de tortilla (omelet recipe) and is one of the favorite dishes of every Spanish local. It is an omelet cooked with potatoes or patatas in Spanish. This recipe is more interesting because it is very easy to prepare and cook.

In the two known cities, Madrid and Barcelona, you will hardly find a restaurant that does not serve tortilla de patatas on their menu.

Tortilla Española 

Tortilla Española is an important part of Spanish cuisine. People celebrate this dish or Plato as one of the national Platos in Spain, including paella. The tortilla de patatas has different names, but only has other words, but taste and authenticity are still the same. Some of the most common names for tortilla de patatas are tortilla de papas, tortilla Española, and potato omelet. The availability of this tortilla in Spain makes this Plato (dish) popular yet traditional and even with different names.

History of tortilla de Patatas

There were many tales and stories about the invention and creation of tortilla de patatas. One of the tales says that the recipe for the tortilla was written in the Navarrese document. It was also noted that the prisoners of Spain brought the recipe for tortillas from Alentejo.

All the content above can be different, but the recipe originating from this contenido (contents) is what makes history. The simple recipe for a tortilla is made with patatas, cebolla, huevos, and olive oil. But nowadays, people are adding so many/Muchos different things to a tortilla de patatas but also following the rule (regla) of the cuisine.

What and how to Prepare?

The preparation of a Spanish potato omelet is very simple. All you need is some potatoes, onion, salt, eggs, and olive oil. In Spanish, the name of these ingredients patatas, cebolla, Sal huevos, and aceite de oliva Virgen are quite popular and can be found in the cocina (kitchen). In this recipe, onions (cebolla in Spanish) can be a choice because some spanisherds like their omelet without cebolla too.

Tortilla de Patatas
Image by unserekleinemaus from Pixabay

Here are three recipes for tortilla de patatas in three different ways. The recipes for this dish/Plato are simple, but they only require patience, timing, and some tips and tricks (Consejos and trucos). For instance, one needs to be patient while the potatoes/patatas are simmering in the pan, be gentle while transferring the egg batter to the pan, or be patient when your omelet is cooking on medium heat. With only these three ingredients (ingredients), you can make a perfect dish (Plato) to serve.

Tortilla De patatas con cebolla

Starting the Receta De tortilla with onions. In this recipe, cebolla or onion is included. So, let’s start the recipe (receta)


  • Potatoes/patatas- 1 big size or two medium(400 to 500 grams)

  • Onion/cebolla- 1 medium size

  • Olive oil/Aceite de oliva Virgen extra

  • Eggs/huevos- 4

  • Salt/Sal-as per taste

  • Pepper-as per taste


  1. Start the recipe with the patatas and cebolla (potatoes and onion). Wash and peel these vegetables, then slice them thinly, making sure the patatas is chopped not too thin to make them chips or not too thick to make a stew, just the perfect thin. The same goes for onions/Cabello too.
  2. Now, in a pan or sartén, add at least half a liter of olive oil or Aceite de olive. When the oil is heated, put the flame on medium heat and add the chopped potatoes and onion.
  3. Stir the vegetables and cover them. Let the vegetables cook on medium heat until they are soft. Then squirrel out cooked vegetables on a plate and keep it aside.
  4. Now crack four eggs/huevos in a big bowl and beat them together, and add salt/Sal as per your taste.
  5. It’s time to transfer the cooked patatas and cebolla to the beaten eggs/huevos. Mix or mezcla all of them. Keep this mixture aside for at least 15 minutes so the batter can have a thick consistency. Heat a pan, add some olive oil, put the flame on medium heat, and pour the egg batter slowly into it. Make sure the batter is not sticking to the sartén.
  6. After some minutes, take a plate bigger than the sartén. Place the container on the pan. Put one hand on the scale and hold the panhandle with the other. Flip the pan so that the omelet batter will transfer to the plate. You will get the cooked above and uncooked on the surface of the container.
  7. Place the sartén on the heat again and slide the half-cooked omelet into the pan from the plate. So the other half of the omelet can be cooked. When it is cooked from both sides, serve it on a plate warm and enjoy the tasty and simple tortilla de patatas con cebolla.

In this recipe, onions are optional. One can make tortilla de patatas without onions too. It is said that the most traditional way to cook a tortilla is to make the dish only with potatoes, olive oil, eggs, and salt. The popularity of this can be seen in other countries around Spain.

To make the dish different and unique, people start adding their personal touch to the recipe, for instance, cheese and ham, bell peppers, tomatoes, and many other things. However, If you ask a local in Spain about the recipe, the first word he will speak is “patatas.” 

Below is one of the recipes for tortilla de patatas to cook and enjoy.

Tortilla De patatas with cheese and Ham

A modern version of tortilla de patatas is cheese and ham. Here is the recipe/Receta for this one you should try.


  • Potatoes/patatas- 1 big size or two medium sizes (400 grams)

  • Onion/cebolla- 1 medium size

  • Olive oil/ Aceite de oliva Virgen extra

  • Eggs/huevos- 4

  • Cheese- 6 to 7 slices

  • Ham- 4 slices

  • Salt/Sal- as per taste


  1. Following the previous Receta de tortilla, wash and cut the onion/cebolla and potatoes/patatas.
  2. In the next step, heat a pan or sartén and add 4 to 6 tablespoons of olive oil (Aceite de oliva), and then add chopped patatas to the pan. Heat another sartén and add some olive oil. Put in the chopped cebolla and cook it. Cook both of them separately until they are soft.
  3. Now, crack and whisk some eggs/huevos in a big bowl and put the cooked patatas and cebolla (potatoes and onion) in the eggs. Season this mixture with salt and pepper.
  4. Heat a pan/sartén and put it on medium heat. Pour half of the egg/huevo mixture into the pan or sartén.
  5. It’s time to add the main gusto to this recipe. Place 3 cheese slices in the pan, add 4 ham slices, and top the ham with some cheese slices.
  6. Pour the remaining egg mixture on the cheese and ham and spread it evenly, and cover the cheese and ham. Let everything cook on medium heat for 5 minutes.
  7. Like the above recipe, take a plate bigger than the pan and cover the pan with a plate. Flip the pan so the uncooked side of the omelet will be on the bottom and the cooked side will be on top. Transfer the omelet back into the pan and cook it for 5 minutes.
  8. When both sides of the omelet are cooked, serve it on a plate. When you cut the tortilla De patatas Espanola, you will see ham and cheese in the middle of the omelet.

What to serve with Spanish Tortillas?

The tortilla de patatas can be served as appetizers or the main course, but the main question is, what more can you perform with Spanish tortilla de patatas? There are some soups, salads, sauces, and even full meals to eat with Spanish tortillas.

Below are some dishes or platos to try with tortilla de patata.

  • Tomato salad: A tomato salad can be served with tortilla de patatas as a side dish or “plate.” To make the salad, take 12 to 15 cherry tomatoes and slice them into two parts. Heat a pan, add some olive oil, and then drop the chopped tomatoes into the sartén. Sprinkle some salt and pepper.

    Make sure to cook the tomatoes only for 2 to 3 minutes and transfer them to a big bowl. Now dice some lettuce and slice half of an onion or cebolla. In a big bowl (bol), put those sauteed tomatoes, lettuce, and onion.

    Mix (mezcla) all of them and add your favorite salad dressing to complete the salad. One can adjust salt and pepper as per their taste. Enjoy this simple side dish (Plato) with tortilla de patatas.

  • Guacamole: Guacamole is a tasty dip to serve with tortilla de patatas. The preparation of this dip starts with peeling 3 avocados. Transfer them to a bowl (bol) and add 3 tablespoons of lemon juice. Mash the avocado.

    Now add one chopped onion (cebolla), one chopped tomato, and a handful of chopped cilantro. It’s time to add 1 tbs of garlic powder, 1/2 tbs of cumin powder, 1/2 tbs of black pepper powder, and 1/2 tbs of salt.

    Mix all of them and serve with tortilla de patatas.

  • Smoky tomato dip: For smoky tomato dip, take three medium size tomatoes and three green chilly. Rub some olive oil on the tomatoes. Take a fork and poke the knife into the tomatoes. Place the tomatoes directly on the gas range grate.

    Roast the tomatoes on medium heat, and turn the tomatoes after every 5 minutes. Roast those tomatoes for 20 to 25 minutes, then peel them. Roast the green chilies in a pan on medium heat for 7 minutes.

    In a bowl, drop those tomatoes and green chilies, and crush them until you have a dip thickness. Now chop a small red onion (cebolla), add it to the same bowl of tomato mix (mezcla), and season it with salt. This dish (Plato) is ready to serve with a Spanish tortilla.

  • Spanish rice: Spanish rice is a good combination of many recipes, and tortilla de patatas is one of them. To make Spanish rice, heat a sartén and 2 tbs of oliva Virgen extra (olive oil). When the oil is heated, put uno (one) cup of chopped onions and a few cloves of crushed garlic.

    Sautee them for a couple of minutes, and drop some sliced red peppers and tomato paste. If not, then tomato sauce is good too. One can add freshly chopped tomatoes too. Stir everything together and season it with salt, pepper, and a paprika spoon. Now it’s time to add the main ingredient to the recipe.

    Add one cup of soaked rice into the pan and mix it. Add uno (one) and a half cups of water to the pan and stir the rice. Cook the rice on medium heat till the rice is half cooked. Now, low the gas flame, cover the pan with lit, and let the rice cook for at least 15 minutes. Check. After 15 minutes, the rice is served hot with tortilla de patatas, and the Sabor of Spanish rice will surprise you.


All the recipes and tips for a tortilla de patatas make the perfect omelet for lunch or Cena (dinner). You can find many (muchos) recipes (receta) and vídeos on the internet. You can collect the required information/información to prepare the recipe. one more important thing for a persona is the quality of products/Productos.

People worldwide come to Spain to try Spanish cuisine, take a (una) part of the cuisine to their home, and cook those dishes for their friends and family. In Spain, there are many places to explore. If you want to know about some of those places, check out the 12 best sites in Spain to add to your bucket list.



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