8 Best Things To Do In Aarhus Denmark, The City Of Smiles

8 best things to do in Aarhus Denmark

Aarhus Denmark
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A little and tiny city, Aarhus, blessed with all the ancient historical monuments, is situated in Demark on the peninsula called Jutland, on the eastern shore. Aarhus is Denmark’s second-largest city and has the largest Industrial port in Europe, called The Port of Aarhus, in Denmark.

The city has an area of about 91 km with the old town, open-air museum, old Timbered houses, and all the global ultra-modern work and flourishing history of Aarhus, Denmark. The city Aarhus also has its second name, smilets. The population of this city is only three hundred and fifty thousand. The people of Aarhus Denmark, are cheerful and believe in hospitality.

Best Things To Do In Aarhus Denmark

Copenhagen is one of the amazing places and the capital of Denmark. It’s nestled on the coastal Islands of Amager and Zealand. There are some nearby cities around Aarhus are Arthus, Stavtrup, Trige, Marslet, Beder, Kolt, Tranbjerg, Lystrup, and Sabro.

Aarhus, also known as the Danish city, is a swiftly growing demographics city and the largest university in Scandinavia, Aarhus University. In this city, people are friendly and cheerful. Aarhus is also famed for its recurring and annual events, concerts, and festivals. Aarhus Festuge is the wide-ranging and most popular huge event in Denmark.

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We promise despite all these phenomenal and exciting experiences; there are a few well-defined and stirring districts that give unique and different kinds of city break encounters in Aarhus, which signifies that you will be up to traverse it all in one visit. So, let’s go into the world’s smallest big city and look at some of the best places in Aarhus.

1. ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum- The Art Museum

The ARoS art museum in the centre of the city shows all the global ultra-modern work and gives the best view along with the peculiar mark in the city centre. ARoS is a special landmark and the largest and most outstanding European museum. It has a large collection of art with Danish works from the midst of the golden era of the 19th century till the present day.

Architecture, sculpture, painting, film, illustration, and conceptual art are temporary exhibitions in the showcase of the Aarhus Art Museum. Michael Kvium, H.C. Henderson, Frank Gehry, Bill Viola, Paul McCarthy, Robert Rauchenberg, and Wim Wendersonare some erstwhile artists featured here. It also has an art gallery of some great artists- James, Turrell, Olafur Eliasson, and Shirin Neshat.

2. Church Of Our Lady (Church Domkirke)

This eye-catching Cathedral, Aarhus’s beautiful Church Domkirk, was initially constructed at the beginning of the 1200s. Which imposed the Romanesque style; later, in the 1400 shad, the gothic update kept the aspect forever. An ancient Aarhus Cathedral [church] was re-established. The Church and the linked construction were built in different stages in the middle of the early 1200s to 1500s AD. It’s the tallest and longest church in Aarhus, Denmark, 93 meters long and 96 meters tall.

Initially, the Church was well known as St. Nicholas’ Church, but after the reformation of Denmark, the name got changed to The Church of Our Lady. In 1400 the altar of this church was designed by the famous German painter-sculpture Bernt Notke. It has a section that can be repositioned according to the different times of the year. Including the interesting features, medieval frescoes and various ancient saints are preserved very well here.

3. The Moesgaard Museum- At Aarhus

The museum has unique and fabulous collections from all around the world. It’s marvellous to see Denmark’s earlier unique and best collection, which you won’t see anywhere, but the exhibition covers most of the part of Denmark which shows off the art facts of this place. Gouged at the Illerup Adal river valley, a large stock of Iron age weapons dating back over 2,000 years.

If you want to see the world’s best preserved, look at the Grauballe man, which belongs from the 3rd century BC– a bog body that’s adroitly kept and maintained that even now can take the fingerprints of the man. Its sleek and low-impact design is the museum’s fascinating part: a roof covered with green grass blends with the surrounding green hillside.

4. Botanical Garden And The Greenhouse

At Aarhus, Greenhouse Botanical Garden is also the best thing to do. It’s situated in the north of the Den Gamle By. This botanical garden has four contrasting climate zones synthesized at the park. You can stretch your legs through the distinctive landscape of heathland and beech forest of Danish. Along with this, a local volunteer maintains the enormous Rose Garden.

Free Field of Plants in Greenhouse Stock Photo
Botanical Garden- Greenhouse Image By: Mark Stebnicki / Pexels

You can also visit the Tivoli Friheden, a built-up amusement park that gives way to Danish cities, at Aarhus. Tivoli Friheden has been inserted into the Marselisborg forest, coniferous woodland, and beech; it goes across the southern side of Aarhus in Denmark. It is 4.1 km from Botanical Garden. There are also many other amusement parks and games, including four rollercoasters and forty other rides. There’s also great fun for the kids on an animal-themed ride. Including this, there’s a picnic area, barbeques, and several food cafes.

5. Amazing Creation Of Aarhus- Egå Engsø

The most amazing creation in Aarhus- Ega-Engso Northern Suburbs, the artificial lake and wetland zone, was created in the 1950s when the land claimed for the framing was re-flooded in the 1950s. After decades, its formation has become a habitation for an enumerate of plants, animals, and a huge variety of bird species endangered in Denmark.

Free Drone Shot of a Coastline Stock Photo
Lakeside, Aarhus Denmark Image By:Nicklas Toft /Pexels

And Ebeltoft is a pretty and small coastal town situated on the Djursland Peninsula in Aarhus. It’s about a 45-minute drive around the coast through the Mols Berge National Park. On the Djursland Peninsula, Ebeltoft is the oldest market town. In summer, you can look around the family run-shop and potter and see old-time street entertainment.

6. Marselisborg Minde 

This gorgeous and attractive deer park, Marselisborg Minde deer park, is located around the Marselisborg palace. This queen’s residential park is landscaped, in the English style, so it has the flowing appearance of priestly and pastoral country scenery. To wander through copses and cherry groves, the paths wend their ways and rise between the Aarhus bay and the palace.

Including this, there’s a memorial park of the first World War, which lies next to the palace ground. There’s also a monument situated here since 1925, naming the 4,144 soldiers who have lost their lives after being called up to fight for Germany.

selective focus photography of parking car lot
Den Gamle By, Aarhus Denmark, Image By:Steffen Muldbjerg Unsplash

Aarhus old town- Den Gamle By is an open-air, large, and winding museum with 75 sterling historic buildings and a great cast of re-enactors. Since the 1700s, this museum has been an eventual archway to Danish social history. You can also see the great piece of art, the era of the 19th century, and how people’s life was in that time, and you will also be attracted to discern the architectonic from the epoch of the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. In this village, you must try baked cakes from 1895 recipes.

7. Dokk 1 OR Dokken

This reinvigorates part of Aarhus is a government building which is a cultural center, and a public library which was opened in 2015. The wonder of its attractive design is worth seeing. Above is a glass prism with seven side disks, which accommodate the city library. Also, an exceptional piece of sculpture and one of the largest bells, a three-ton tubular, joined the city’s main hospital.

As well as the Aarhus Rådhus is also a nationally recognized landmark in Aarhus. The Aarhus Radhus was established in 1941; during the Nazi occupation sticking to the early war, it was designed by Arne Jacobsen, who was one of the most renowned architects.

8. The Latin Quater

The Latin Quarter street was planned many years back in the 1300s, but it got its name in the 90s. This happened because of its similarities to the Latin Quarter in Paris. This oldest part of the city and the central square has half-timbered houses, quaint shops, spires, and a cobblestone street around the center of the central square, Pustervig Torv. You can enjoy day and night the street food of Aarhus in the restaurants and cafes and discover the individualistic small shops.

close-up photo of colorful houses
The old part of the city. Image By:Steffen Muldbjerg Unsplash

The Indre By, Store Tove, located in Aarhus, Denmark, is one of the oldest places and home to many significant buildings, including a cathedral. It has frequently hosted cultural events. The distance from Latin Quarter to Store Tove is only 400 meters. The public square is situated between Lille Torv and Aarhus Cathedral. This has been made in the shape of a lengthened triangle. The former name of the street was Torvegaden, the square street.


Aarhus Denmark has been blessed with all the museums and art galleries in the world. If you are a lover of modern and ancient architecture, stay in Aarhus, and arrest all the historic sites and old towns, with beautiful museums in Aarhus. It is a small city but gives an incredible feeling.

Aarhus is a wonderful city of designs to wander around, and within walking distance will give you the most wonderful visits ever. For the next visit, plan your trip to Aarhus to experience the best things in Aarhus Denmark.


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