8 Best Copenhagen Christmas Market: What to do & Eat?

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Want to be in a place that looks like a winter wonderland? Then this is a great place for you. Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, makes Christmas feel marvelous and beautiful.

There are festive-specific Christmas markets with a Christmas atmosphere and Christmas music. Below is a brief about the Copenhagen Christmas market.

The whole city celebrates the festival with a lot of grace and fun things to do. The whole place is lit with bright Christmas lights, decorations like baubles, crafts, and big Christmas trees. Many of these Christmas markets are open from November to January.

1. 8 Must-visit Copenhagen Christmas Markets

Copenhagen Christmas market has something for everyone. ‘Juledmarked’ means Christmas market in Danish. It is very hard to decide which is the best market among all these great markets.

Copenhagen Christmas market
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1.1. High Bridge Square

Most might know this Copenhagen Christmas market as Højbro Plads Juledmarked. This famous Christmas market happens from November to December.

The whole of Højbro square, the central place of the old town, is decorated with many thousands of lights. There are log cabins that sell gifts, Christmas ornaments, knitted clothes, glass wear, and Danish treats.

Copenhagen Christmas Market
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You can also see live reindeer, Christmas trees, secret pixies, and a Santa’s sleigh.

The main street, Strøget, is often preferred by many visitors for a shopping spree. Entry to this market is free. The food and drinks here include Danish, German bratwurst, glögg, and various cuisines.

1.2. King’s New Square

A much more traditional Copenhagen Christmas market can be found in King’s New Square, also known as Kongen Nytorv square. It is also one of the largest ones in Copenhagen, Denmark. This square dates back to the 17th century, and the Christmas atmosphere is marvelous, and you can have a romantic Christmas.

Make sure to walk by the decoration and lights of the Magasin Department Store and Hotel D’Angleterre. You can take photos with Santa Claus. The whole market is free for all.

Copenhagen Christmas Market
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1.3. H.C. Andersen Christmas Market

If you want fairy tale feels to your Christmas, then this Copenhagen Christmas market in Nytorv Street is perfect. This market is named after the infamous Danish storyteller Hans Christian Andersen, who created the original story of Little Mermaid.

HC Andersen is a very special market. This is the smallest Christmas market in Copenhagen, Denmark. All stalls are named after Andersen’s various fairy tales. They also adapt the decoration and aesthetic accordingly.

Copenhagen Christmas Market
Photo by Sveta K: https://www.pexels.com/photo/decorations-of-christmas-market-10780283/

These stalls sell child-friendly foods, gifts, and various Christmas drinks. There are many activities for kids, like making Christmas ornaments. And a huge traditional carousel.

Father Christmas is also friendly and happy to take pictures with the visitors.

Nytorv is not the same as the Kongen Nytorv.

1.4. Tivoli Gardens

This is one such oldest markets in Copenhagen and holds second place in the world with almost 174 or so years of history.

The whole Tivoli gardens are decorated with 70,000 baubles or so and 100 Christmas trees, and 60 or so stalls that sell the goodies like knitted goods, leathery products, handcrafted goods, and more. You can also get the extra thrill of the holiday with a visit to the Tivoli’s rides.

As for the foods and drinks, there is plenty available, from Danish to savory to Christmas-themed foods. In Tivoli gardens, you can get caramelized almonds, gløgg, mulled wine, and æbleskiver.

Copenhagen Christmas Market
Photo by Jonas Smith on Unsplash

Christmas at Tivoli gardens starts from November to January. You can visit and meet Santa, illumination shows, great rides, and many more.

1.5. Nyhavn Christmas Market

This market is situated on a postcard-perfect harbor. The Nyhavn market starts early in November. This is the ideal place to have a seaside Christmas evening in a cafe, restaurant, hotel, and stalls that offer a great variety of treats, from pastries to savory goodies.

You can get gifts, knitted products, candles, mittens, Christmas decorations, hats, and even scarves on the cobbled streets here.

Copenhagen Christmas Market
Photo by Razvan Mirel on Unsplash

You can sit there to marvel over the scenic beauty. You can also book a boat if you want to cruise on the narrow waterway for almost an hour.

1.6. Freetown Christiania

To experience the unconventional Christmas in Copenhagen, explore the Freetown Christiania Christmas market. This place came into existence in the 70s after squatters took over the then-military base. As the name says, it is a free town, and you can get almost everything, even cannabis.

The Christmas market is held at the Grey Hall. It is the main point of community there. You can find chalets that sell candles, jewelry, mirrors, cards, handmade craft, and decorations. The place is known for its hippie lifestyle, and people love it.

The market is only open for ten days or so in mid-December, and it gets busy very fast. The town is a little away but can be reached by train.

1.7. Bakken Christmas Market

Bakken is an amusement park with a 16th-century theme and is the oldest in the world. It is located in northern downtown Copenhagen. The park is loaded with lights and marvelous decorations during the Christmas season.

Some stalls sell goods from local artisans, like handmade knitwear, beautiful decorations, and gift boxes. While entry is free, there are extra fees to try 32 rides in the park, including a carousel, teacup ride, Sky Rollers, and more.

Copenhagen Christmas Market
Image by Leonhard Niederwimmer from Pixabay

You can see performances of artists apart from shopping and rides. The atmosphere of this market is really fun, and the park is always bustling with people.

1.8. Copenhagen Zoo

This is an unconventional type of Copenhagen Christmas market, Denmark. If you want to celebrate Christmas with Animals like penguins, reindeer, and many more, go to the Copenhagen Zoo Christmas market.

The zoo is decorated with hundreds of thousands of lights and more than 900 Christmas trees. They have 31 stalls that sell foods, handmade crafts, gift boxes, and workshops to make jewelry for reindeer’s antlers and know more about these animals.

Copenhagen Christmas Market
Photo by Leeloo The first: https://www.pexels.com/photo/colored-liquid-with-sliced-oranges-6176692/

You can also go roller skating in the rink near the panda enclosure, meet Santa and take pictures, take a trip in the zoo turned Christmas train, reindeer on tour, and children can feed the animals here. You can check it further here.

2. Some Must-try Delicacies in Copenhagen Christmas market

Some foods and drinks must be tried if you go to Copenhagen, Denmark. Most of these are traditional Danish Christmas foods. Below are a few must-try foods and drinks.

2.1. Gløgg

If you are to try only one thing here, then it should be gløgg. While it is the Nordic version of the German Glühwein, mulled wine, the ingredients change a bit.

You will find spices, dry fruits, silvered almonds, and mulled wine. Some even prefer this over the Gluhwein. The taste is way sweeter than glühwein.

2.2. Build yourself a hot dog

Scandinavia loves its Hot dogs. It is also very important in the Copenhagen Christmas market, almost the same as the German Christmas Markets. One famous dish is the Byg Selv Hot Dogs, AKA build your Hot dogs.

It is just the usual hot dog, but you can get it with your choice of toppings and condiments. It is a quick, budget-friendly, and satisfying meal for anyone.

2.3. Lumumba

This is a loved drink in Copenhagen streets. It is seen all over the city. It is simply cocoa but with a bit of amaretto or rum. It tastes a notch up when served with whipped cream, Choco chips, and marshmallows. It is undeniably delicious.

2.4. Æbleskiver

This directly means apple slices, but this is more like balls of dough and is fluffy like pancakes. This is usually served with powdered sugar and jam as a dip. A variant of these fluffy balls at Tivoli Garden or Tivoli Christmas market has a lemony flavor.

Copenhagen Christmas Market
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3. Other Fun Activities to Do

There are many activities other than Christmas markets to do in Copenhagen.

  • One of the majorly loved activity people love to do is river cruising. You can take a boat from Nyhavn to the harbor past the infamous Little Mermaid statue. There is even a Danish Santa Lucia parade in the Copenhagen canals, where kayakers sing carols as they paddle by.

  • You can visit the Royal Family’s Palace, Royal theater, and Royal Library.

    Copenhagen Christmas Market
    Photo by Marten Bjork on Unsplash
  • You can have biking tours as there are many cycling lanes in the city. Most hotels hire bikes for guests.

  • If you are a history buff, learn more about Denmark from its museums. They have a history of Vikings to the present day. There is even a Children’s Museum for kids with many fun activities and displays.

  • You can explore the Carlsberg center. It is one of Denmark’s famous Export after Lego. Get an entry ticket with a stagecoach tour and beer tasting at their old brewery. There are walking tours also.

4. Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Q.1. Is December a good time to go to Copenhagen?

Yes, Copenhagen is a great destination to go to in December. Denmark is beautiful, covered in ice, and looks no less like a winter wonderland.

Q.2. Is Copenhagen Christmas Market expensive?

Copenhagen Christmas market can be divided into three budget classes. Expensive, middle, and budget-friendly markets. While more than half of markets are budget-friendly, some markets like Nyhavn are considered Expensive.

Q.3. How long are Christmas markets open in Copenhagen?

Copenhagen Christmas market is for almost a month or two. Some markets do stay open till January too. To know further, check their official websites.

Q.4. Is Copenhagen good for the Christmas market?

People who want an icy cold Christmas flock to Copenhagen. Copenhagen Christmas Market is great and has a lot of goodies and festive food. The Christmas markets are loved by locals and guests equally. It can be a magical experience for all.

Copenhagen Christmas Market
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5. Conclusion

Copenhagen at Christmas is no less of a wonderful experience. There are amusement parks that have rides and much more. Christmas Markets add a zest to the Christmas there.

Enjoy the festivities, twinkling lights, festive foods, and Danish pastries. The cozy atmosphere of Scandinavia passes through the markets here, and people feel the charm and comfort of these markets. Your travel experience in this winter holiday can be marvelous.

Make sure to have a marvelous time this holiday and enjoy the season’s festivities.


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