5 Best Malls in London for a Shopping Day!

malls in London
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London is booming with some of the most glamorous and deluxe shopping centres in Europe. Whether it is about the eccentric department stores or the stunning London streets, the places are packed with markets and shopping centres, which makes London truly a gem!

From high-street retailers to simply high-street fashion brands, London is stuffed with fashion elements for shopping malls. Whether it is Central London or West London, there is no street or corner here, where you won’t find a lovely mall, and even some of them have outstanding views from St Paul’s Cathedral.

Today, we have narrowed down the malls of London into a thrilling list of the best shopping malls in London that you can visit, for discovering high-street brands and high-quality items, overall.

So, without further ado, let’s discover the most famous malls in London, which have always got your back when it comes to a fun shopping time!

1. Best Shopping Malls in London

1.1 London Designer Outlet

malls in London
Image from London Designer Outlet

Situated just beside the Wembley Park Stadium, this incredible shopping centre – London Designer Outlet is regarded as one of the best shopping malls in London for an affordable budget range with designer labels and high street brands in stock.

This place is renowned for giving massive discounts on world-famous brands, which are desired by all.

Over 7 million shoppers visit this fascinating shopping mall every year, so it is undeniable how popular it s among London residents and even tourists, especially for those who are on a tight budget. Featuring over designer 80 shops, this mall has a wide selection of fine brands like Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss, Nike, Addidas, Ted Baker, and many more.

That is not all! This shopping spot also has a wide range of facilities and entertaining things to keep you booked even when you’re done with shopping.

With over 20 restaurants on three floors, which are used for meals, quick snacks, and coffee times, this place is a great spot for food lovers. So, don’t hesitate to eat something delish during your shopping time.

You can make your shopping even more enjoyable since London Designer Outlet has a bowling alley, a Cinema zone, and a play park for kids, where you can stop by and watch a movie or play with kids at other places.

Apart from that, the place also has a free parking lot for cars and other vehicles with free Wi-Fi too, for a greater experience.

You’ll find everything your heart wants, whether they are casual outfits or designer labels with high quality and low prices. Everything here is a bonus, so don’t miss out on this lovely shopping centre, since it is a treasure trove of London’s fashion icons.

1.2 Westfield Stratford City

Renowned for being Europe’s Largest Shopping Centre, this sensational mall – Westfield Stratford City definitely deserves a huge mention in this list. This modern shopping mall is situated in Stratford City in East London and is widely famous for its fashion brands collection along with its high-end entertainment options.

malls in London
Image from Westfield Stratford City

If you’re looking for a luxurious shopping spot where you’ll find a wide range of high-end designer brands like Prada, Apple, Zara, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and many more, then Westfield Stratford City is a fun shopping mall to stop by. This shopping centre is filled with over 250 stores and 70 restaurants to stop by.

Even though Westfield Stratford City is widely known for its luxury fashion brands and opulent shopping stores, it still has a plant of budget-friendly shops and high-street brands to pick from.

The restaurants and cafe spots are studded across the entire complex, so don’t shy away from grabbing a coffee at Starbucks or a quick snack bite in those marvellous entries, during your shopping time.

Don’t get lost inside their wide complex mall, since it is pretty large and is stuffed with other outstanding amenities like a 17-inch-screen cinema, Deluxe Bowling arena, and even much more. They are addictive once you get in those entertaining game spots.

The shopping centre also hosts a lot of events and fun challenges and activities that you can do with your family and friends to win exclusive prizes or gift vouchers for another visit to this lovely shopping spot.

Once you step into this magnificent shopping mall in London, it is tough to get you out, because of all the temptations, like the high-end brands, restaurants and eateries, and even gaming zones.

So no wonder this shopping centre is one of the best shopping malls in London. There’s something unique waiting for each one of the customers, so make sure to stop by its magical mall that fulfils all your needs and desires!

1.3 Brent Cross Shopping Centre

Being one of the best among London’s shopping centres, it is impossible not to mention this exquisite shopping centre in London. Among all the other malls in London, Brent Cross Shopping Centre is renowned for its quirky and stellar range of classic collections.

Brent Cross is the oldest shopping centre that you can find in London, right now. Since it has been established in 1976, this quirky all-rounder shopping centre has had a lot to offer.

malls in London
Image from Brent Cross

Located in North London, Brent Cross may not be the biggest shopping centre around London, but it still is an all-rounder when it comes to all kinds of facilities, amenities, and brands.

Situated at the Prince Charles Private Drive, this shopping mall has a wide range of brands along with over 120 shops. From fashion stores to other electronic or homeware shops, the mall is packed up with everything you can need and desire.

The mall also has a number of fabulous restaurants, eateries, and even other leisurely amenities to enjoy, once you’re done shopping.

Along with great bars, cafes, and other eatery zones, you’ll also find a cinema hall to catch up with a few of the latest movie hits.

The shopping mall even hosts plenty of fun events to participate in or just watch, like art exhibitions, live band shows, and even family-related shows, which not a lot of malls in London do.

Unlike a lot of other malls in London, this place is not restricted to fashion brands and designer items, but it also showcases homely items and stuff that you need in your daily lives.

Apart from these, this marvellous mall also has wide parking with over 3000 spaces, so it is a bonus to bring your car as well.

As a renowned shopping mall that is open every day and also easily accessible by common transportation like buses, cars, or bicycles, this mall is surely among the best malls in London which thrives in every aspect despite being the oldest shopping hub in the UK.

1.4 Canary Wharf Shopping Centre

Located in East London, this incredible shopping complex is famous for its business destinations and leisure activities along with a wide collection of fine brands, as well as independent retailers of high-street brands.

It is also famous for its extravagant outdoor art and beautiful gardens which are stunning for the mall landscapes.

Canary Wharf Shopping Centre features a number of shopping malls in London, which are strewn in different regions of the UK. It is situated in Docklands, which is one of the most iconic places to visit in London, especially for business, finance, and educational institutions.

So, naturally enough, Canary Wharf is popular among students, business partners, and work-related people.

malls in London
Image from Canary Wharf

With plenty of gorgeous shops and high-end stores, Canary Wharf is certainly among the best shopping centres in London. You can find a lot of designer and retail brands that are booming in the Oxford Street area, so it is indeed a good deal to stop by the Canary Wharf. A few exotic brands like – H&M, Zara, Sephora, and Tiffany & CO. are also featured here.

Once done shopping, you can dine in at the enormous restaurants, bars, and cafes strewn around the lucrative complex. There is a food court where you can find nearly every meal brands you like.

The Canary Wharf Shopping Complex prioritizes outdoor public art along with stunning green gardens and skylines to look forward to. Installations like gardens, parks, and art gallery is a must to visit when you step into the Canary Wharf Shopping zone because that is what it is renowned for.

Especially if you’re on a business trip in London, don’t hesitate to visit this phenomenal showstopper and relax in the gardens while enjoying the lovely night views of London Skyline.

Since the mall is located in the financial capital of London, it would be much easier to steal the opportunity anytime. Popular among students and aspiring career-focused young adults, this place is like a fresh breath of relief after a long day at work or university.

1.5 Hay’s Galleria

If you’re looking for quirky, eccentric, and interesting items both for daily life usage and for gifting someone as souvenirs, Hay’s Galleria must be the top go-to on your list.

Situated in front of the Thames River, it provides amazing panoramic views of the river and the Tower of London from the windows and terraces of the shopping complex.

South Bank is renowned for businesses and work-related offices and other stories, so it is obvious that Hay’s Galleria is super popular amongst these people and other London dwellers. It may not be among the large malls in London, but it is still one of the greatest when it comes to quirky shopping stores.

malls in London
Image from Hay’s Galleria

Packed with restaurants, over 30 shopping stores, and offices as well, this place is massively innovative and creative.

Not only these but Hay’s Galleria also hosts a wide range of events like exhibitions, family shows, and even other event challenges to keep up with the fun of the destination.

This alluring place is ideal for introverts, because of its relaxing and calming atmosphere as well as its less confusing complex. Whether you’re looking for international brands or high-end shops for luxury brands, Galleria has got you covered.

Being easily accessible by transportation and renowned for being a vibrant and charming shopping zone, Hay’s Galleria is one of the quirkiest shopping malls in London.

2. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

2.1 Which is the most affordable mall in London?

When it comes to budget-friendly shopping malls in the UK, the London Designer Outlet is the most cost-effective mall in London. Offering over 70% off discount on famous brands like Nike, Clavin Klein, and more, this shopping mall wins the medal for being the most affordable mall in London.

2.2 Which is the most famous mall in London?

Renowned as the largest shopping mall in Europe, Westfield Stratford City holds the name of being the most famous mall in London. Along with its sister mall, Westfield Shepherd Bush – both of these Wesfielders have the honour of being the most popular malls in London.


The best shopping malls in London are definitely a lot of them, but each one of these malls is special, quirky, and innovative in its unique ways. While some have an exotic collection of fashion brands, others excel in serving entertaining amenities like a bowling alley, cinema, and food courts.

So, which popular shopping mall in London did you find the best according to your preferences? Is it the eccentric and calming Hay’s Galleria, or the bustling yet the oldest Brent Cross? Each one of them is different, so visit your favourite one which suits your needs.


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