10 Best Shopping Centres UK—You Must Explore

Best shopping centres UK
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The shopping centres in the UK are a kind of wonder for themselves and being one of the largest shopping destinations in the world, this place doesn’t need any introduction and can also be called a Shopper’s Paradise.

These best shopping centres UK are famous worldwide and are the centre of attraction for millions of visitors. There are plenty of shopping malls and department stores where you can find both affordable and luxurious items.

United kingdom is the fifth-largest exporter in the world and has the second-largest trade share in services at the Global level. Although England is famous for many things some of them are prominent such as the Royal Family, educational institutes, singers and actors, and many re-known poets of this land.

The way you get caught in the hassle of online shopping, returns, and shipping; where you do not have any idea about the weight, size, or colour of the fabric. Here you experience extraordinary shopping malls, every shop is full of high streets and easily accessible.

Apart from being a good retail space, here you will find a world-class food court, multi-screen cinema, and entertainment facilities all things are available in one place.

It would not be wrong to say that shopaholics prefer the most distinguished destinations for shopping in the UK. Visitors who are passionate and fond of shopping come to this place from all over the world and add exclusive and trending pieces to their fashion wardrobe.

If you also have a dream of visiting the shopping centres in the UK and wanna have guilt-free shopping, we are here to offer you a great piece of information about the world’s best shopping malls that you can also try to upgrade your wardrobe.

10 Best Shopping Centres UK—A Complete Guide

If you are planning a vacation, especially in the UK, you’ll call for shopping. Choose where you want to shop – from the world-class shopping malls list which includes Metrocentre in Gateshead, and Westfield Stratford City like top-notch shopping centres.

Westfield Stratford City

Westfield Stratford City UK
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The all-in-one destination that is suitable for both family and friends is Westfield Stratford city with 250 shops, more than 70 places to dine out, a premier inn hotel, and 5500 parking spaces, especially for the elite of East London.

It includes world-class leisure facilities such as Vue cinema which is one of the largest multiplex cinemas that boast 17 all-digital screens, and restaurants to seat 80 people. Westfield London is one of the most popular shopping centres not only in Europe but all over the world.

This is one of the biggest shopping centres the UK in Shepherd’s bush of West London which is developed by the Westfield group. There is a spectacular view of the Olympic park that is offered by Westfield Stratford City.

All you have to take a train to London and visit Shepherd’s bush to have a great shopping experience. This is a five-floor shopping centre which has a glass roof and seven separate sections for the most luxurious and popular brands where the John-lewis department store is the centre of attraction.

An Entire Floor is just for food. Westfield London was officially launched in 2008 and became the third-largest shopping centre in the united kingdom. You have to take a short walk from the underground train stations to reach this amazing Westfield London shopping centre.

Bluewater Shopping Centre In the UK

Bluewater shopping centre UK
Photo by Rictor Norton & David Allen on Flickr, copyright 2022

The Bluewater shopping centre is one of the most visited shopping centres that is located in Kent county it has a triangular-shaped design of the building and a fascinating structure that left people awestruck. This is a kind of shopping mall that meets all the requirements.

The great shopping centre is spread over an area of 155,700 metres square and 50 acres of area is covered by trees, lakes, and parkland, and boasts 13000 parking spaces that mean it welcome a large number of visitors from all over the world.

There are 330 department stores, a food court of around 40, and 13 multiplex cinemas. You can have a great time and can mend your boredom by exploring these malls.

The Bluewater shopping centre is one of the greatest shopping centres in the UK which has eminent brands such as Primark, Cath Kidston, which make it a shopping paradise for the lover of shopping. There are other well-known chain stores such as Superdry and Gap.

And the best part is Bluewater takes pride in using such technology and seeks to bring a change to reduce the impact on the environment to bring a sustainable difference to the world.

Liverpool One

Liverpool One in UK
Photo by Blowing Puffer Fish on Flickr, copyright 2022

One shopping centre that has many retailers have their shopping spaces like the Kooples, Apple and John trendy so is the fifth biggest shopping centres in UK. This is an open-air shopping centre which is located in the heart of Liverpool. This makes it distinct from indoor shopping centres.

You can find here over 170 shops where restaurants and food courts are also available along with it there is a Disney store for your kids also. This mall can be easily accessible by public transport.

You can take a short walk from the train station to reach there. Liverpool 1 has different six districts and all have a distinguished speciality as there are more luxurious stores on Peter’s lane and Paradise street is famous for food and technology. The shopping centre boasts John lewis and Debenhams departmental stores.

Intu Trafford Centre

Intu Trafford Centre Uk
Photo By John on Flickr, copyright 2022

In the United kingdom, Intu Trafford centre is named the second-largest shopping centre, and the biggest in North-West, which was established in 1998 by Intu properties.

This is one of the busiest and best shopping centres UK and around 28,500 people come to see this every week host 11,500 car parking spaces. Trafford centre is located at Trafford Park Industrial estate in Greater Manchester.

This is the indoor shopping centre which is beautifully designed which elaborate florid and fluid style and represents a Baroque style architecture. As per the report in 2016, around 1.9 billion euros was the market value of the shopping centre.

The food court “the Orient” has a shape like a steamship, which reminds the Manchester ship canal which is located nearby. This is the largest food court in the united kingdom.

Under one single roof, you can find your favourite and popular brands from Adidas to Zara. There are plenty of shops and fashion outlets where you can find designer jewellery, menswear, womenswear, and a large range of retailers And if you want overnight accommodation, in a famous London hotel, you can have your best stay.

Intu Metrocentre

Intu Metrocentre UK
Photo by Joshua Brown on flickr, 2022

Near Tyne river in Gateshead, Intu Metrocentre is located which is on a former industrial area and formerly known as Metrocentre which was established in 1986. This is a house with over 340 shops that covers a huge retail space of 190,000 m2.

This shopping centre is easy to access by public transport. From Newcastle central station it takes only 10 minutes to reach. This shopping mall is one of the best malls that provides all-in-one services under one roof.

This is a shopping hub that offers a wide range of man fashion, woman’s clothing and accessories, and a wide variety of children’s fashion. And along with it, you can also find entertainment facilities and goods for health and beauty.

Muti-screen cinema, restaurants, and A to Z eminent brands are some of the specialities of this shopping mall. And having big, prominent hotels like hotel Holiday inn express and Marriot prove to be a profitable deal.

The place comprises five primary shopping malls named Red, Green, Blue, Platinum, and Yellow.

Canary Wharf Shopping Centre

Canary Wharf Shopping Centre UK
Photo by Garry Knight on Flickr, copyright 2022

If you are searching to explore stunning bars, cafes, or restaurants your search will end up at the Canary wharf shopping centre which is situated on a river island and have more than 300 shops that are famous for incredible surroundings and amazing architecture.

All kinds of luxurious brands such as Paul Smith, Jo Malone, Montblanc, and Kate Spade New York are available here. You will be amazed by the charm of this lovely place which is truly incomparable.

The place has four main public spaces; the first one is Canada Park square which is a great place to spend your time without any kind of hassle and it is worth it. The second one is Cobot square which is a great family space.

The next one is the Westferry circus where you will be fascinated by the beauty of the place and last but not least Jubilee Park which is a great place to explore.

Canary Wharf has two main shopping centres; Canada place shopping mall and Jubilee place shopping mall and there are also three small shopping complexes. That means the place offers above 200 shops to its visitors.

Many restaurants and cafes suit all tastes such as Manhattan Grill, Breakfast club, Big easy, and many more. And other amenities like health clubs, gyms are also great options for you.


Meadowhall UK
Photo by A S Morton on Flickr, copyright 2022

Meadowhall is a popular indoor shopping centre in Sheffield in England. It is also a famous shopping and leisure hub for shopping lovers. You will have a fun-filled experience while visiting this wonderful place because you will find all the leading brands here.

It was opened officially for its visitors in the year 1990 covers a large area of 139, 355 m2 and boasts 12000 parking spaces. It is a house of more than 280 stores that attracts millions of visitors every year. Take any name of a famous brand and you will find it under the roof of Meadowhall.

Meadowhall is one of the largest shopping centres in the UK that can handle a large crowd. There are 11 screen cinemas and 50 bars and restaurants that have something for everyone. This is the largest shopping centre in South Yorkshire.

Here you can enjoy international cuisine with your family and friends. The best thing about these shopping centres in the UK is that there are a lot of options that meats all the requirements of the visitors.

Bullring Estate & Grand Central

Grand central UK
Photo by Mac McCreery on Flickr, copyright 2022

This distinctive mall is located in Birmingham, England which is famous for its historic sites and markets. The shiny exterior of the mall is quite amazing and attractive and when it is combined with Grand central, it becomes one of the most attractive places to shop from.

This is home to over 240 shops and food places, retail, and leisure. You can find your desired products here very easily and amazingly. 

You will be amazed to know that It was a centre of attraction since the middle ages, Until 2004 it was the busiest point. This can be said a most Instagram-worthy location as It is also very close to some primary historic spots of the city.

The Bullring Estate is connected with the Grand central through a Bridge. Its iconic disk-like structure makes it one of the most sightseeing places in the Uk.

And if we talk about the price range of the goods, It is quite standard. But you also grab a chance to bargain where the sale sections are also available.

Merry Hill Shopping Centre

Merry Hill UK
Photo by Dr Bob Hall on Flickr, copyright 2022

Merry hill is one of the renowned shopping malls which is situated in Brierley Hill in the West Midlands. Where you can find over 250 shops adjacent Marina area, restaurants and bars that boast 10000 free parking spaces and public transport nearby.

Are you looking for a great day out for the shopping and many more entertainment facilities? So, this is the right place! Merry hill is an axis of attraction for millions of visitors every year and it is a perfect destination to have a great time.

It is located 10 miles West of Birmingham and a few distances away from the Scenic Dudley Canal. You will love to visit during the festive time. Especially at the time of Christmas, you and your child will love the Disney store where you will love to spend your all pocket.

If we talk about the history and the situation that forced it to come into being, there was a huge business loss at the Steelworks site and the result was that around 1200 people had to suffer and lost their jobs. It was hoped that other manufacturing companies could move into the area.

There was seen an advantage of developing a shopping centre. The enterprise zone includes the former steelworks site and green space that is called Merry Hill Farm. Many retailers moved into Merry hills such as H&M, Littlewoods, and Marks. It was also a site of a free-standing pizza hut.

There is a huge history behind the existence of this iconic place. That is something unique about the mall.

Westgate Oxford

Westgate Oxford UK
Photo by Julie anne Johnson on Flickr, copyright 2022

This can be said of the busiest shopping street all the time. At Oxford Street, in Westminster, You will find everything you want.

There are more than 300 shops on the street where you can take advantage of shops laden with goods and the interesting fact is that these are also loaded with handicraft material so if you are fond of the hand-made stuff, this is the right place to explore and to enjoy as you want to.

And not only that! Here you will find everything from kitchen items to furniture. Oxford Street has something for everyone. It is open every 7 days and the opening hours are from 9.30 to 21.00. If you want to relax or enjoy your drinks, there are also the facility of a few beverage service shops and cafes in surrounding towns.

If you talk about London and the name Oxford doesn’t come up, not possible. All of you must know about Oxford. Being the most popular educational hub, Oxford city is also very famous among its residents and visitors.

It covers above 74,322 m2 of the area which makes it the 10th largest shopping centres in UK which has an attractive sight to watch. It is still become the main attraction for the visitors who come to explore London city from all over the world.

The beautiful place came into existence in the year 1972 when it was publicly opened. The Westgate Oxford underwent a renovation from the year 2016 to 2017. With renovations carried out, the mall today is bigger and much more modern than it was before!

It offers a breathtaking view of the Oxford skyline. In addition to making the most of the new branded stores, there is five-screen Curzon cinema where you can also enjoy your movie time. There are also gyms and the library. Some of the popular attractions are also there such as Golf Club and the Escape hunt.

Westgate Oxford is sure to keep you busy on a day trip!

Explore the UK with Different Shopping Experiences

If you are a shopaholic and shopping is your kind of game you can stick to the list that I  just shared with you. You will fall in love with the best shopping centres UK.

This is the best thing about the city that here you can make the most of it! Either you want to do some shopping or visit the historical sites, the place has everything for everyone.

The world-class malls and markets are not only a big reason to visit the UK for us. But also for the renowned celebrities who are also fond of designer and authentic brands. A lot of Indian and Bangladeshi goods and crafts are also available that you can be fascinated to get these things, to that, only London city is enough to know the whole UK.

So, Indulge in guilt-free shopping and have a safe journey!

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