3 Best Steakhouses in Leicester

steakhouses in Leicester
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Several delicious mixes of steakhouses in Leicester City serve ethically sourced perfect steak along with other drinks or fresh fish.

London is a marvellous place if you’re looking for quality meat steaks and prime cuts of cooked beef from trusted farmers – you can find the best steakhouses in Leicester within no time.

From Soho to Glasgow, or from Brighton to Covent Garden – you’ll discover plenty of tasty food places with beef grill, meat meal, or a delicious mix of Sirloin Steak with Rib eye.

Similarly, expect delicious fresh fish, prime cuts of beef steak, lovely cooked steaks, and grill from the menu of the best steakhouses in Leicester.

Today, we’ve prepared a list of the most delicious steakhouses in Leicester that you need to try out if you love meat, steaks, and a good time with your friends. Read ahead to discover the most popular steakhouses in Leicester to make your day!

Best Steakhouses in Leicester

1. Middletons Steakhouse & Grill

This interesting steakhouse in Leicester – Middletons is situated at the formerly renowned Natwest Bank Building on St Martin’s.

With a perfection to seafood, prime cuts, rib eye, and sirloin steaks – this place has successfully won the hearts of many Londoners with its luscious menu meal, packed with a delicious mix of steak and seafood.

It is famous primarily for its authentic tender and soft steaks with bursting flavours, but the place also serves tasty drinks along with the ever-demanding bottomless brunch options. No wonder it has become such a hit among the steakhouses in Leicester.

Middletons also has a wide range of branches strewn all over London. A few of them are in Peterborough, Cambridge, Norwich, and Chelmsford.

best steakhouses in Leicester
Image from Middletons Steakhouse & Grill

Middletons have an exquisite selection of top cocktails, along with delicious burgers, seafood, and other bar drinks with grills, sauces, and steaks. There is a lunch menu, dinner menu, also Sunday roast, along with Kid’s menu as well, featuring desserts for our sweet tooth customers.

The restaurant has a great review for its well-served ribs from the expert chefs of the house.

If you’re confused about what to order for the first time, we’ve got a few suggestions that are crowd favourites and the most popular.

For the savoury, you can try – Piri Piri Chicken Wings, Fillet Steak, Rib-eye Steak, Rump Steak, Pork Scratchings, Chicken Club Burger, The Middleton Burgers, and Seafood Mixed Grill.

Middleton is one the best Leicester steakhouse you can find in London, so don’t forget to taste the thrill.

2. Kobe Sizzlers

Situated on London Road, Kobe Sizzlers is one of the renowned restaurants for steaks in Leicester. It has been dedicated to serving dry-aged authentic, delicious steaks for over 30 years now.

If you’re looking for the finest steakhouse for dry-aged steaks in Leicester, then Kobe Sizzlers is the perfect steak hide-out for you.

It is a perfect spot to experience fine dining with your date, friends, or family since the ambiance is lovely and ideal for group dining.

The restaurant also uses extra facilities and care to make your steak high-quality. It uses a dry-aging chamber to let the steak dry for 60 days, so you can taste the outstanding flavour of the finest steaks they serve.

best steakhouses in Leicester
Image from Kobe Sizzlers

Apart from steaks, the restaurant specializes in burgers and delicious cocktails. So, don’t hesitate to grab a drink or burger to complete your steak meal of the day. The interior of the restaurants is chic and fancy. You can comfortably spend an entire day or evening dining wonderful meals and having a good time.

A few of the best food items are there that you must order. Those are crowd favorites and are highly demanded. Kobe Sizzlers is basically famous for these hits – Fillet Beef Wellington, Chilli Prawns, Rib-eye on the Bone, Spicy Chicken Wings, Gammon Steak, Classic Mixed Grill, and Skinny Burgers.

For drinks and other options, almost all of them are great. So, take your pick and enjoy your lovely time at this sensual steak spot. No wonder Kobe Sizzlers has so many reasons to be among the greatest Leicester Steakhouses.

3. Miller & Carter

Situated at Loughborough Road, Miller & Carter is the most exotic restaurant among the steakhouses in Leicester. Ideally intended for family-friendly fine dining, Miller & Carter is a wonderful choice to visit. Especially, if you’re craving some exotic and high-quality steak time with elegance and coziness.

Miller & Carter has a lunch menu, Sunday roasts, and even a menu for Easter. They specialize in the creation and cooking of British-Irish Beef. It is dry-aged for at least 30-50 days in the house to bring the most delish flavor out of the slices of beef.

The restaurant has a team of expert chefs who are always innovating new steak meals and recipes seasonally.

best steakhouses in Leicester
Image from Miller & Carter

The service of the restaurant is also excellent. The waiters and staff are super friendly and efficient. They will definitely make your dine-in at the restaurant a smooth one.

The best part is you will always find something delicious of your kind. The menu may not be huge. But the delicious mix of steaks, drinks, and desserts the place has will leave you satisfied.

Furthermore, they call their delicious steak meals “The Steak Experience”. It makes the meat extra special with their extra efforts.

Miller & Carter is an award-winning steakhouse. You’ll definitely love all the food items they serve, even if it can be confusing what to choose. A few of the best options to go with can be – Buttermilk & Blue Burger, Halloumi Fries, and Sirloin on the Bone.

Apart from these, try the exotic drinks and cocktails served alongside. All of them are worth trying since Miller & Carter has a fine selection of drinks. Don’t forget to try out the fabulous steaks of one of the best steakhouses in Leicester.


There are several other great steakhouses in Leicester apart from the ones mentioned above. However, these three are the most popular and demanded steakhouses you can come across in Leicester City.

Steak is such a luscious meat item that everyone loves to take a bite on. These amazing steakhouses will not only give you the top-notch flavors you want but also will keep you coming back for those.


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