20 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Bath: You Can’t Ignore

Places to visit in Bath
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Here is a detailed list of the most amazing and beautiful places to visit in Bath. If you plan a trip to England, you can’t avoid one of its most beautiful cities, the UNESCO World Heritage City of Bath.

The Beautiful City Of Bath

The world-famous city of Bath in southwest England is a major tourist attraction that is also the largest city in the country of Somerset, England. It got its name after the ROMAN Baths were built here in early times.

Bath is known for its Georgian architecture, ancient Roman history, and medieval Cathedral.

Several attractions in Bath city centre showcase the vibrant social scene with its rich history and heritage.

Be it the landscaped gardens, Bath architecture, fine and decorative art collection, romantic buildings, Bath international music festival, live events, or cultural attractions. Bath serves everything to its visitors.

So, without much delay, pack your bags and fly to this beautiful city to experience the unmissable places to visit in Bath.

Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Bath

Let’s check out what’s in store for you in this lovely city of England as there are numerous Bath attractions.

1. Bath Abbey

Places to visit in Bath
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The first attraction among the places to visit in Bath is Bath Abbey, located at 12 Kingston Buildings, Bath BA1 1LT.


Bath Abbey is the famous parish church of England and a former Benedictine monastery in Bath. It perfectly combines music, art, prayer, and history.

Join their musical prayers in the mornings and evenings that work like a tonic to your heart and relax your mind in a peaceful and spiritual atmosphere.

The grand church will delight you with its beautiful architecture. It is one of the highest buildings in the Bath, with high arching windows; the bells, skyscrapers, and memorials are eye-catching and glorify the Bath’s history.

You must become part of the Bath Abbey tower tour, where you will climb around the spiral staircase and catch up with the Abbey’s bells and also the church’s roof.

One of the best things about Bath Abbey is that photography is allowed there. So, you can capture your memories with this beautiful Abbey.

You can visit nearby restaurants like Burger King, Tilley’s Bistro, and Mad Hatter’s Tea Party for refreshments.

2. Roman Baths

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The Roman Baths are located at Stall Street, Bath BA1 1LZ, and are one of the best places to visit in Bath.


The most stunning and historic venue is at the heart of the World Heritage city. These Roman Baths were designed for public baths till the end of Roman rule.

You can join their guided tours or opt for the audio guides also. Printed language sheets are also available for everyone’s convenience in several languages. It’s completely up to you.

It is one of the amazing places to visit in Bath with children. The Hoot the Owl Activity trail is loved by all the children.

Roman Baths were considered religious spas in the ancient world. A pump room contains natural hot water concentrated with natural minerals. This Great Bath has been set up around the city’s three hot springs.

Get your quality gifts from the two shops on the site with most of the items of Roman and Georgian touch.

Roman Baths also offer some learning sessions to learn more about Roman culture and life. You can visit the Learning hub to learn more about them in detail.

The museum around the Roman Baths showcases collections from archaeology, history, applied art, coins, and medals.

3. Prior Park Landscape Garden

Places to visit in Bath
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Prior Park Landscape Garden is one of the most beautiful and quiet places to visit in Bath, located at Ralph Allen Drive, Bath BA2 5AH.


The National Trust owns the Prior Park landscape garden, and it was earlier designed by the poet Alexander Pope and the gardener Capability Brown.

If you want to run away from the hustle-bustle of cities and spend some peaceful and relaxing moments, you must go there and enjoy the beautiful and scenic views of the city as this park is located on the hill.

There is a cottage and an icehouse also. You will also spot the Palladian Arches Bridge at the bottom of the valley. This bridge is one of the only four bridges of its kind in the whole world.

Sip at the Teashed cafe there to refresh yourself.

4. Thermae Bath Spa

Places to visit in Bath
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Have some chilling and refreshing moments in the Thermae bath spa at Hetling Pump Room, Hot Bath Street, Bath BA1 1SJ.


Get into some self-care, cozy, and relaxing moments with your partner at the Thermae Bath Spa and enjoy the warm cleansing water of Bath’s hot springs.

Book your spa session in the Cross bath there, which is a private open-air thermal bath and provides a towel, robe, and slippers. You can also hire it for a small party of around ten people.

Experience some of their signature treatments, massages, facials, steam rooms, and other Thermae spa facilities if you have enough time.

One of the unique features of this spa is the open-air rooftop pool, where you can soak up in mineral-rich water of natural hot springs and enjoy the city’s spectacular views.

Have some delicious food at the restaurant available on the site itself.

5. Royal Crescent

Places to visit in Bath
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Royal Crescent is a five-star restaurant and a spa with all luxurious surroundings located at 16 Royal Crescent, Bath BA1 2LS.


The Royal Crescent is not just a hotel where you can plan to stay. It offers much more than that, a beautiful sanctuary, vast grasslands, elegant spa, all designed uniquely and giving a royal essence.

It gives you an insight into the living style of rich people and their servants in the 18th century.

A perfect example of Georgian architecture with beautiful paintings, authentic furniture, textiles, and carpets.

Great food is served here for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The staff is also very attentive and welcoming.

Public rooms and lawns are available for relaxation. Surely, Royal Crescent is one of the best places to visit in Bath that you can’t miss.

6. Bath Skyline Walk

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Experience a new world with the amazing walking trail, the Bath Skyline walk southeast of the city of Bath, and Ne Somerset, Bath BA2 6JP.


Enjoy the sweeping and panoramic views of Bath and the surrounding countryside on the Bath Skyline walk with your family and friends.

It is a six-mile-long walk through the river Avon, peaceful valleys, beautiful green meadows, dark woodlands, and other views of spectacular architecture.

A perfect trail for families for a pleasant nature walk. And yes, don’t forget to pick your camera to capture amazing shots of the beautiful city.

7. Queen Square

Queen Square is a garden square formed from the garden of Sir John Cutler Balonet located in the Bloomsbury district of Central London.


Queen Square is more famous for its buildings. Most of the buildings are related to medical and neurology.

The square houses National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery and the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine.

The vast shaded gardens, beautiful lawns, rose beds, and big trees provide a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

It is mostly open to the public in the daytime.

8. Jane Austen Centre

The Jane Austen Centre is one of the interesting places to visit in Bath, located at 40 Gay Street, Queen Square, Bath BA1 2NT.


The center highlights the life story of famous writer and novelist Jane Austen, one of Bath’s most famous residents, and the effects of the city’s lifestyle on her writings.

The fascinating exhibitions, displays, actors dressed in Regency costume, and exclusive films defining Jane Austen’s life altogether is a nice treat to visitors and literary lovers.

Have a taste of real leaf tea, cake, and snacks center’s Regency tearoom.

The visitors can also dress up in the Regency costume and get closer to living in that period.

The Queen Square, the Circus, the Bath Abbey, and the Raven pub are some major tourist attractions in the Bath surrounding the Jane Austen centre.

9. Herschel Museum of Astronomy

If you love to talk about space, are interested in Astronomy, and want to explore more about heavenly bodies. It would be best if you visited the Herschel Museum of astronomy located at 19 New King Street, Bath BA1 2BL.


Do you know that this museum is the former house of William Herschel, who discovered the planet Uranus!!

The Herschel Museum of astronomy displays the achievements of the famous astronomer and musician Herschel. He was also the best telescope maker of his time.

Become a part of various events and activities organized at the museum. Know more about them in detail here.

The museum provides a facility of an audio tour for blind or partially sighted visitors and a virtual tour on the ground floor for visitors having mobility problems.

It is a place where children and adults can have fun and gain knowledge simultaneously. The workshops are quite interesting, and you are allowed to handle several objects and replicas there.

10. Pulteney Bridge

Places to visit in London
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The Pulteney Bridge is a Palladian-style bridge on the River Avon at Argyle Street, Bath BA1.


The Pulteney Bridge is an unusual bridge designed by Robert Adams as it has shops on both sides.

You will be amused and excited to see this bridge’s huge buildings with shops and restaurants.

It is a perfect destination for photography with mesmerizing views of the sunset along the beauty of river Avon.

You can also hire Bath electric boats and enjoy your private boat tour of Bath city and river Avon.

This iconic piece of Georgian architecture is one of the most attractive places to visit in Bath. But try to avoid visiting there on a rainy day.

11. Fashion Museum

Places to visit in Bath
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Are you fascinated with fashion and interested in exploring the fashion senses of people in different periods?

It would be best to visit the Fashion Museum at Bennett Street, Bath, England BA1 2QH.


The Fashion Museum exhibits a world-class collection of several contemporary clothes and historical costumes from the early period.

The museum is known for its amazing collection of works by Vivienne Westwood, Norman Hartnell, and many other well-known designers worldwide.

There are around 150 dressed dummies and over 3000 items from the 16th century until today.

You can purchase some selected gifts, fashion accessories, attractive pieces of jewelry, and stationaries from the shop at the Fashion Museum.

You, with your kids, can also dress up in some dresses available for visitors.

The prices of entry to the museum also include the prices of entry to its assembly rooms which is a major center of attraction.

It is suggested to book your place in advance to avoid inconvenience.

12. Theatre Royal

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If you are a theatre and drama lover, one of the must-visit places in Bath is the Royal Theatre located at Sawclose, Bath BA1 1ET.


It is a huge theatre with around 900 audiences, and it is also considered one of the most surviving examples of Georgian architecture and culture. There are three auditoriums, namely.

  1. The Main house
  2. The Ustinov studio
  3. The Egg theatre

Various guided, self-guided, and audio guides allow visitors to experience the place comfortably. You can be a part of any of them and enjoy the yearly performances.

You can have some drinks at the in-house bar in the theatre available at very reasonable prices. So, have fun at this beautiful place and enjoy the best musicals, plays, dramas, and polished performances.

You must book the shows in advance. The link for booking tickets online is here.

13. Victoria Art Gallery

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Up next to add to the list of best places to visit in Bath is Bath’s largest public art gallery, the Victoria Art gallery, located at Bridge Street, Bath BA2 4AT.


It is a famous public art museum named after Queen Victoria that exhibits a unique mix of decorative arts, paintings, and sculptures.

Entry to this gallery is free, but if you want to join any guided tour or some educational workshop for your kids, you will have to pay the fee.

A large number of permanent exhibitions as well as regular touring exhibitions are displayed there, including the local and modern artists and photographers.

After visiting the gallery. you can go for some refreshments or food services in these nearby restaurants.

  1. Sotto Sotto
  2. The Herd Steak restaurant
  3. Joya Italian steakhouse
  4. Cortado cafe

The Kings Arms, and many more.

14. Parade Gardens

Parade Gardens is a famous place in Bath at Pierrepont Street, Bath BA2 4DF. The North Parade bounds the place to the south, River Avon in the northeast, and Grand Parade and Pierrepont Street to the west.


If you are willing to relax in a delightful area, you should go to Parade gardens on the bank of river Avon and enjoy the spectacular views of Pulteney Bridge and Pulteney Weir.

The beautiful park’s floral bedding will make you love it. In summer, a 3-D carpet is also created there.

You will not have to pay the entrance fee for the park all over the year except during Easter week and at the end of September.

Concerts at the Bandstand are held regularly during summer. You can also hire the vast area for any wedding or private function.

There is lots of fun for the children, deck chairs are also available, and picnics are also allowed. You can bring your food, have some snacks, cakes, or sandwiches at the cafe in the park, and drinks at the kiosk.

The beautifully designed and maintained oasis and a worth-visiting place with your dear ones.

15. The Holburne Museum

Photo by Artur Matosyan on Unsplash

The Holburne Museum is Bath’s first public art gallery located at the Great Pulteney Street, Bath BA2 4DB.


The museum is one of the most luxurious and elegant places to visit in Bath. It showcases the amazing collection of ceramics, decorative arts, silverware, Renaissance bronzes, and early-period furniture.

It was the Sydney hotel and later transformed into a museum that displays precious items from the 18th century.

The work of Reynolds, Stubbs, Gainsborough and other famous artists attract visitors.

The museum has a garden, an example of an 18th-century pleasure garden.

Try to participate in the museum’s events and late-night programs, where you will be allowed to explore more of its exhibits after hours.

Several events and exhibitions are held there regularly. You can also join their workshops or other learning programs that will give you a detailed insight into the earlier period of the Georgian Bath and help you to learn more about it.

The museum and its gardens offer a perfect venue for private functions or gatherings.

Don’t forget to book your tickets to visit the museum and join any of its workshops or summer camps.

16. The Circus

Places to visit in Bath
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The Circus in Bath, originally called King’s Circus, is one of its famous historical sites located at 34 Brock Street, Bath BA1 2LN.


The crescent of 30 terraced mansions has finely detailed stone carvings on it.

These stone carvings reflect figures of the serpent, emblems, nautical symbols, and acorns.

There are three curved segments with equal dimensions, and each curve faces an entrance that looks classic.

We can say that the Circus is one of the reasons for Bath being awarded as the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

17. The Museum of East Asian Art

East Asian Arts the UK’s only museum dedicated to the arts and culture of Asia or southeast Asia. It is located at 12 Bennet Street, Bath BA1 2QJ.


The museum collects around 2000 objects from Japan, China, Korea, and other Southeast Asian countries.

Some of the unique and most appreciated items in exhibits include Japanese Lacquerware and prints, Buddhist objects, Chinese jade figures, among which mostly are animals, and seal cases.

The museum also has a shop where you will find sizeable items of Asian culture.

Also, join the frequent educational tours, events, and exhibitions.

18. Solsbury Hill

One of the other attractive places to visit in Bath is the small flat-topped hill- The Solsbury Hill located at Solsbury Ln, Bath BA1 7Q.


This Iron Age hill is home to various animals, birds, and plants. Once you reach there, you will get astonished by the amazing views of Bath city and surrounding valleys, rolling hills, and woodlands from the hill.

You can reach there either by bus, taxi or on foot.

The first solo song, “Solsbury Hill,” released by famous musician Peter Gabriel was inspired by Solsbury hill.

19. Bath Assembly Rooms

One of the famous tourist attractions in Bath is the Bath Assembly rooms located at Benett Street, Bath BA1 2QH.


Architect John Wood designed the beautiful building with four main rooms- the Ballroom, the Tea room, the Octagon Room, and the Cardroom.

They also provide audio guides and guided tour facilities.

These beautifully decorated rooms were used as dance halls, gambling areas, tea parties, and many gatherings.

One famous attraction of Assembly Rooms is the Fashion museum in the basement.

You must add this wonderful spot to your list of places to visit in Bath.

20. Sydney Gardens

The Sydney Gardens, also known as Pleasure gardens, are located at Sydney Road, Bath BA2 6NT.


It is a worthy place to visit to refresh yourself in peaceful and natural surroundings.

There is a replica of the temple of Minerva, a walking and leisure area to the Kennet and Avon canal, and attractive flowerbeds.

It is a must-visit place for families having kids as there is a tennis court, playing area, picnic area, and seasonal kiosk.

It also provides entertainment with cinemas and theatricals organized throughout the summer.


Well, till now, you must have chosen the best places to visit in Bath for you and planned your holiday schedule. If not, then hurry up !!!

The beautiful city of Bath is all set to make your trip most memorable.

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