20 Best Places To Visit In April in the UK

best places to visit in april in the UK
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For vacationers, the past few years have been challenging, to put it mildly. As if travelling abroad wasn’t stressful enough, a constant cocktail of lockdowns, travel restrictions, and airport congestion has made it even more stressful. The average temperature in April in the UK is 12 °C (54 °F) and 4 °C (39 °F), respectively.

Because of this, an increasing number of individuals are choosing to have vacations close to home and are learning new things about the UK. Even though the UK is a small country, it has some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes, top-notch attractions, and authentic pubs.

best places to visit in April in the UK.
Image by Philipp Reiner from Pixabay

What are the best places to visit in April in the UK in light of this? It’s a good question, and we’re pleased to try to address it.

British staycations have never been more enticing, but there are no good reasons not to travel to the nation’s national parks, charming cities, and distant islands. For more ideas and travel inspiration, check out this article.

Best Places To Visit In April in the UK

You’re about to experience the 20 best places to visit in April in the UK; get ready to fall in love once more.

1. Isle of Wight: For Beach Holiday Lovers

The best crowd to visit with our families, walkers, and hikers. The Isle of Wight is a great getaway for couples looking for R&R because it has a tonne of classic tea houses, gorgeous coastal walks, romantic gardens, and cozy pubs.

This is especially true in spring when the cliffs and paths are ablaze with color. Additionally, it boasts a tonne of kid-friendly attractions because of its abundance of dinosaur fossils and beach resorts.

Isle of Wight
Image by Daryus Chandra from Pixabay

It’s hardly surprising that getting outside is one of the island’s top experiences given that more than half of the island is classified as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and that it is one of only seven UK locations to hold UNESCO Biosphere Reserve status.

Tennyson Down and the well-known Needles Headland are connected by one of the most beautiful hikes. So head towards Shanklin if you want a taste of old-fashioned English idyll. Unsurprisingly, we listed it as one of Britain’s top beach towns.

Its charming Old Village is full of thatched pubs, candy stores, and tearooms, and at the base of the cliffs lies a beach that is suitable for children. It is one of the best places to visit in April in the UK.

2. Belfast: One of The Fantastic Holiday Destinations

Belfast is a great alternative for a different kind of spring break if you love live music festivals and want to be able to get away from it all. In truth, there are many excellent reasons to travel throughout Northern Ireland.

Built on the Victorian industry, Belfast is home to numerous opulent public structures that make for a stunning backdrop as you stroll across the city on a Best of Belfast walking tour.

Easter services in grand churches and classical music performances are among the cultural highlights, as are Easter egg hunts and kid-friendly egg painting classes.

Image by Irek Marcinkowski from Pixabay

One of Europe’s most breathtaking road excursions is the Causeway Coastal Route if you’re looking to get away from it all. Between Belfast and Derry, it stretches for 120 miles, with the Giant’s Causeway serving as the crowning glory. It is one of the best places to visit in April in the UK.

Speaking of extended stays, you might plan an amazing Game of Thrones vacation to explore the breathtaking locations used in the series. If you’re short on time, don’t worry; you may schedule a weekend escape that includes Belfast and Dublin or a day trip in a luxury coach to the Giant’s Causeway.

3. Isle of Sheppey – Kent

Kent is conveniently close to London, and it offers holiday destinations to suit every need, including rural idylls in the Kent Downs, historic cities like Canterbury, and jolly seaside resorts like Margate that will appease even those who are most reluctant to leave the east coast London, and strange, otherworldly locations like Dungeness.

Isle of Sheppey
Image by Ken_Dickson from Pixabay

Try Sheppey if you want to feel like you’re 50 miles from the city but only have to travel that far. It has extremely unusual island characteristics, not cutesy like neighboring Whitstable, with huge marshlands and even bigger skies.

It’s a necessity to secure a night or two in an Elmley cabin with floor-to-ceiling views of a nature reserve, especially if you can escape during the Estuary Festival in May and June. It is one of the best places to visit in April in the UK.

4. Skomer Island: Visit During Mid April

Visit Skomer Island in Pembrokeshire in the spring when the spring flowers are in full bloom and the puffins arrive early in mid-march from their winter hibernation to mid-April. For those who come from other countries, there will be a time difference. So, book your tickets to reach accordingly.

Skomer Island
Image by Jason from Pixabay

By walking around the island, you can meet migrant birds, see puffins land for the first time, see guillemots and razorbills engage in passionate displays, and observe the island’s beginning to bloom with daffodils and other flora. It is one of the best places to visit in April in the UK.

Skomer seems blue because of the stunning bluebell bloom that blankets the island each spring. This is the ideal UK vacation spot for wildlife enthusiasts because puffins, rabbits, and short-eared owls are all very active during the day.

5. The Lake District: Gives a feeling of the Rainy Season

The Lake District is not only a World Heritage Site, but May is also the best month to visit because the bluebells are in bloom and the warm weather is at its finest.

Imagine taking leisurely strolls through Rannerdale’s bluebells, followed by a picnic by the lake. There is a tonne lot to do once you get here, and if you want to, you can do it all for nothing, which makes it a terrific option for those on a budget.

The Lake District, best places to visit in April
Image by Jordan Stimpson from Pixabay

Although Sally Fielding of Sally’s Cottages suggests visiting Muncaster Castle if you don’t mind spending more than 10 dollars. You can do many outdoor adventures here.

You always combine it with a trip to the Stanley Ghyll waterfall, which gives the impression that you’re in the rainy season when you go. It is one of the best places to visit in April in the UK.

6. The Isle of Skye

Scotland’s Isle of Skye is the ideal location to reconnect with nature while savouring some of the nation’s best cuisine and beverages. It offers an intriguing scenery of enigmatic moors and mountains, rugged cliffs and castles, windswept beaches, and lochs.

Syke is best visited in the spring, which also happens to be the lovely time to see the magical Fairy Glen, to escape the throngs and annoying midges that arrive in the summer. The scenery is truly out of a fairy tale, with verdant valleys, little mountains, and trickling brooks crisscrossing it.

Isle of Skye
Image by Katja S. Verhoeven from Pixabay

Since the puffin-watching boat cruise begins in early April, wildlife enthusiasts will also be in their element on Skye. You now have even more reasons to travel in the spring when you consider that minke whale sightings begin to increase in probability in May.

The tiny city Portree is dotted with charming restaurants and bars, and Skye is renowned for its delicious crabs, meats, and cheeses.

Whiskey enthusiasts won’t want to miss the opportunity to visit the Talisker distillery, in the meanwhile. It is one of the best places to visit in April in the UK.

7. Edinburgh, Scotland: One of the best places to visit in April

Spring provides for a really pleasant city break too, and at this pleasant time of year, Edinburgh is particularly stunning. The countryside is awash with color. One of the best UK eternal city breaks is Edinburgh.

It is easy to understand why this city is so alluring at this time of year given its lovely city center parks, which are ablaze with cherry blossoms, and well-kept flower beds. So, visit here during Cherry blossom season. It is the peak season.

Image by Eduardo Vieira from Pixabay

There are several locations in Edinburgh where you may see spring, whether you want to admire the brilliant yellow gorse covering Arthur’s Seat or go for a peaceful stroll along the Water of Leith Walkway. It is a fantastic place for easter celebrations.

Plan the ideal springtime city getaway and round out your vacation with a stay in one of our chic Edinburgh cottages. It is one of the best places to visit in April in the UK.

8. The Cotswolds

The Cotswolds are the epitome of English beauty, offering sweeping countryside to explore, enticingly small fishing villages to stroll through, and classic tearooms and pubs to cosy up in.

This area, which encompasses a large portion of deep south-central, southwest, and the West Midlands, promotes relaxation while also providing magnificent walks and hikes for those seeking more action. It is one of the best places to visit in April in the UK.

The Cotswolds
Image by Ron Porter from Pixabay

It is not surprising that tourists flock to the Cotswolds during the summer given the tranquil, beautiful attractiveness of the charming villages and towns there ( having local farmers markets), which can take away from the area’s relaxed, old-world attraction.

It is preferable to go in the spring when there are fewer tourists and when the gardens, woodlands, parklands, and hills are at their most breathtaking. You can also visit Kew Gardens which is one of the world’s largest flower gardens.

9. Brogdale Collections, Kent

Brogdale, which has the greatest collection of fruit trees and plants in the world, is awash in colour and flavour. The delectable orchards are covered in everything from strawberries and cherries to apples, pears, and plums.

Image by Graham Hobster from Pixabay

The cherry blossom orchards in springtime color provide a lovely setting for family outings and thrilling events like the Hanami Festival, a celebration of cherry blossoms, and everything Japanese. It’s a fantastic activity for the Easter holidays with the kids.

You can end your vacation with a perfect trip to the coast if you stay close by in one of our cozy Kent cottages. It is one of the best places to visit in April in the UK.

10. Norfolk: One of the best places to visit in April

Norfolk has always drawn tourists seeking lovely getaways in close proximity to nature thanks to its expansive horizons, wide sandy beaches, and great waterways.

If that describes you, come in the spring to take advantage of some of the best wildlife encounters in the area. It is one of the best places to visit in April begins for beach breaks.

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

There are many man-made wonders in Norfolk in addition to all this natural splendor. It is the location of the Queen’s Sandringham Estate, the elegant Holkham Hall, numerous historic towns, ancient cities, as well as Norwich Cathedral, and other notable houses of worship.

More than 900 years of history and architectural splendor are displayed in its soaring spire, exquisite cloisters, painted medieval panels, and carvings. Aside from the cathedral, Norwich is stunning.

Even though it’s small, Elm Hill, where you can buy and eat your way up the twisting slope surrounded by ancient structures and blossoming trees, is charming. It is one of the best places to visit in April in the UK.

11. Pembrokeshire

It should come as no surprise that the Pembrokeshire Coast Path, the UK’s only coastal National Park, with its 186 miles of coastline, is one of the world’s premier adventure destinations given that it was the origin of coasteering.

The ideal high season to visit Pembrokeshire for those who enjoy the outdoors is probably spring. Bosherston Lakes lilies bloom, bluebells, and snowdrops bloom in the woodlands, and Atlantic puffins return to their nesting grounds on the islands’ rich birdlife.

Image by Tim Hill from Pixabay

Wales as a whole has many stunning beaches, and Pembrokeshire’s coastline displays a stream of wide dune-backed bays and rugged coves in keeping with that. There are many seasonal produce foods to taste. It is one of the best places to visit in April in the UK.

This 13th-century old town is well known for the brightly coloured structures that look out over its harbour, and there are many establishments that serve seasonal local fare. Additionally, there won’t be too many lines at the theme parks and wildlife centres if you’re travelling with children.

12. Norwich

While you’re here, be sure to check out the magnificent church, stroll through the ancient cobbled streets, and visit the central market, which has been held here continuously for more than a thousand years.

Image by Siggy Nowak from Pixabay

Travel outside of Norwich to the Fur and Feathers for a delectable meal made using regional products. Visit here during easter weekend. It is one of the best places to visit in April in the UK.

The Grosvenor Fish Bar serves the greatest chippy in all of England as a way to cap off your day. all served, naturally, with copious amounts of vinegar.

13. The Isles of Scilly

These picturesque islands, which are located 28 miles off the coast of Cornwall, are the UK’s equivalent to the Caribbean sea. The Isles of Scilly should be on everyone’s travel wish list in the UK because of its exquisite white sands, turquoise seas, and slightly kinder climate.

Isles of Scilly
Image by Hanna from Pixabay

Tresco Abbey Garden is one of the most notable sites in Britain. It is located on one of the five inhabited islands out of the 140 total.

There are clear nights for astronomy, abundant wildlife (such as puffins and Atlantic grey seals), and a laid-back way of life that tops most island vacationers’ wish lists. It is one of the best places to visit in April in the UK.

14. The Channel Islands

The Channel Islands are British territory and are only 14 miles from France’s coast. It is one of the most picturesque places in the nation and offers a wonderful getaway without the heavy tourist traffic that other areas of the country experience. It also has a gentler climate.

Image by falco from Pixabay

The Channel Islands are made up of many smaller islands, including Herm, which is the smallest, Guernsey, Alderney, Sark, and Jersey, which is the largest island.

In terms of transportation, the Channel Islands are well connected to mainland England by ferries as well as by direct flight from many of the major British airports. It is one of the best places to visit in April in the UK.

15. York

For families and foodies, in particular, a trip to historic York in the spring is incredibly rewarding because the spring fair and food festival combines the best regional fare with all the excitement of an old-fashioned fairground.

A real pleasure here is ambling the intriguingly titled Shambles. one of Europe’s most well-preserved mediaeval shopping districts. It is one of the best places to visit in April in the UK.

Image by Ryan Doka from Pixabay

Another must-do in York is walking trails along the city walls after exploring the Minster, one of the most stunning cathedrals in the world.

The slopes, which are the longest and fullest of their sort in England, are especially beautiful in the spring when brilliant daffodils add more than a dash of color.

A trip to York wouldn’t be complete without stopping by the Jorvik Viking Centre, where you can climb inside a time machine and experience what it was like when the Vikings conquered the city in 866 AD.

16. Snowdonia: One of the best places to visit in April

Best for enthusiasts of the outdoors, mountain biking, and hikers. It has rocky mountains. You can find many ski resorts.

Sizing iconic Alps of Snowdon. Slate caverns were used for a zipline. At Wales’ National White-Water Centre, raft rapids Wander through picturesque, chocolate-box villages. Visit Bala Lake to see magical creatures. Snowdonia offers a thrilling variety of activities.

Image by Roman Grac from Pixabay

Spring is a great season to visit Snowdonia National Park, whether you want to go hiking or just take it easy on the gorgeous Snowdon Mountain Railway. You won’t have to wait in line for the railroad and can choose from a variety of accommodations because you’ll be ahead of the summer hordes.

Fewer Visitors in the spring also get an opportunity to witness the rare Snowdon lily, which blooms from early April until early June. It is a nice April vacation. It is one of the best places to visit in April in the UK.

17. Devon

Devon’s varied landscapes offer the ideal settings for a variety of unforgettable staycations, from gloomy moorland villages, cliff-backed coves, and wildflower meadows to grand old market towns like Exeter and Totnes and seaside resorts that radiate all the charm of the French Riviera.

The 365 square miles of wilderness, wooded valleys, and remote communities that make up the Dartmoor National Park are a hiking destination. Although it is well renowned for its eerie mood, a springtime visit allows visitors to witness the threatening moors and heathlands transformed by blossoming bluebells and daffodils.

Image by InspiredImages from Pixabay

Visitors interested in wildlife should go to Dawlish Warren in Devon in the spring. Thousands of migratory birds visit this golden sandbar at the mouth of the Exe Estuary for its nature reserve of grassland, sand dunes, and mudflats.

Good news for travelers who enjoy variety: Dawlish Warren also offers a beach that has earned the Blue Flag, funfair rides, and lovely hikes.

It is highly advised to travel along the South West Coast Path to the nearby town of Dawlish, which has a seaside trail that clings to the crimson cliffs. It is one of the best places to visit in April in the UK.

18. Manchester: One of the best places to visit in April

Many tourists who want to explore northern England, Scotland, or Wales start out in Manchester. It is very popular with football fans.

Manchester United and Manchester City are two of the best football teams in the world. Both, as well as other well-known teams from the UK, are prominently featured in the National Football Museum, a must-see.

Image by gtgt from Pixabay

Other noteworthy sights and activities in Manchester include Castlefield, which is well-known for its canals, Roman ruins, and Victorian homes that have been restored. It is one of the best places to visit in April in the UK.

Include Manchester Cathedral and the ancient Town Hall in your plan for Manchester if you still have time. Additionally, there is a vibrant cultural environment with attractions including the Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester Art Gallery, and theatres (Chinatown).

19. Cardiff

Wales is home to some of the best tourist attractions in the UK, despite being much smaller than Scotland and England. Exploring the gorgeous countryside, going on outdoor activities in the national parks, and touring the historic castles are just a few of the interesting things you can do here.

Cardiff, the capital of Wales, is one of the greatest locations to experience a little bit of all the nation has to offer. Most visitors start their trip at Cardiff Castle.

Image by Joshua Miranda from Pixabay

The nicest old Victorian shopping arcades in the city may be located around The Hayes. Spend some time exploring them afterward. Cardiff Bay is another place to visit. It is one of the best places to visit in April in the UK.

The World of Boats, which features a distinctive collection of boats from all around the world, and Techniquest are both located in Cardiff Bay. There is a planetarium and a theatre at this entertaining science facility.

20. Roman-Era Bath

Bath, however one of the smaller cities in the UK, more than makes up for its tiny size with an abundance of attractions. This stunning city, named for its well-known Roman Baths, has been enticing travelers to its therapeutic waters for more than 2,000 years.

Although it is not possible to take a bath in the historic Roman Baths, other neighboring spas, most notably the excellent Thermae Bath Spa, allow visitors to experience the city’s renowned waters.

Image by Hulki Okan Tabak from Pixabay

Bath is renowned for both its ancient history and its beautiful Georgian architecture. The most impressive examples may be found along the majestic, curving Royal Crescent, which is home to opulent residences. No. 1 Royal Crescent, one of them, is now a museum with an intriguing. It is one of the best places to visit in April in the UK.

Final Remark

In conclusion, the United Kingdom is a beautiful place to visit in April. The weather is pleasant, the flowers are in bloom, and there are many events and festivals to enjoy.

Some of the best places to visit in April include the Lake District, Edinburgh, the Isle of Skye and many more which are listed above that can be added to your wishlist.

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