17 Best Albania Beaches

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Southeastern Europe’s Albania is a stunning and historically significant nation.

This idyllic country, which borders Greece and Italy, is well-known for its ancient monuments, majestic castles, and unspoiled Albanian beaches.

Albania Beaches
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Albania beaches are absolutely gorgeous with their spectacular views and glistening, crystalline sea.

How to Travel to and Through the Albanian Riviera?

Let’s assume that you choose to travel to Albania. Should you immediately begin to book your flights?

In reality, no. You must make some preparations in advance. Albania needs to catch up since it was cut off for a long time, notably in terms of infrastructure and maintenance.

You will run into enormous potholes, dirt roads, and every farm animal you can think of, even if you take the newest coast route. Yes, it is an adventure.

Ways to Reach the Riviera

These are your two choices:

  • Take a plane to Tirana, then continue. If you rent a car, it will take you five hours to get to Sarande; if you take public transportation, it will take you anything from six to nine hours.
  • Take a flight to Corfu, Greece, then a 30-minute ferry to Sarand. The easiest is this.

How to move about

Once more, there are two ways to experience the Albanian Riviera:

  • Using public transit (mini busses).
  • Hire a car.

Because there isn’t always a clear schedule for public transportation, getting around isn’t always simple. In conclusion, a car or a lot of patience for public transportation is required if you want to visit the Riviera in its entirety.

Best 17 Albania Beaches

The top 17 Albania beaches are listed here to assist you in creating the ideal trip that meets your needs.

1. Gjipe Beach — Himarë

Another stunning beach in Albania, Gjipe Beach, has a unique distinction in that it’s practically sandwiched between two stunning canons. The journey to this remote beach is worthwhile.

If you have a 4wd car, you may drive all the way down to the parking lot and then either walk or drive directly down to Gjipe Beach in Albania.

Gjipe Beach
Photo by Renaldo Kodra on Unsplash

If you don’t have a 4WD car, it’s not advised to travel down to Gjipe Beach because the road is quite terrible and practically on a cliff. It is one of the best Albania beaches.

Gjipe Beach is a 4-kilometer hike from the main road or a 2-kilometer walk from the parking lot. The most distinctive beach in Albania is Gjipe Beach, which is incredibly picturesque and undeveloped.

A Place To Reside In Gjipe

The Gjipe Eco Campground offers tent rentals for the night if you want a more rural experience since there are no hotels on the beach. A basic breakfast is provided.

2. Ksamil Beach: One of the Best Albania Beaches

One of the nice beaches in all of Europe is Ksamil Beach. It has crystal-clear, turquoise water, a lovely white sand beach, and breathtaking scenery.

The cleanest, crystal clear turquoise water, which is nearly always quiet and mild, makes Ksamil Beach the best beach in Albania for swimming.

Ksamil Albania beaches
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Small islands dot the coastline, shielding it from powerful currents and waves. Scuba diving, jet skiing, canoeing, boating, sea biking, paddle boating, and many more activities are available here. It is one of the best Albania beaches.

You need to tour the adjacent offshore islands before returning to Ksamil Beach.

A Place To Reside In Ksamil: Hotel Ardiani

If you wish to sleep next to the Ksamil beaches, choose this hotel since it is right on the beachfront. There is also an on-site restaurant, free Wi-Fi, and a daily breakfast buffet.

3. Mirror Beach — Saranda

Locals love Mirror Beach because it has numerous reasonably priced eateries close by with the ideal Mediterranean atmosphere.

On sunny days, the sun creates a stunning reflection that appears to be a pool of water. The breathtaking coastline is the perfect setting for pictures that will astound your relatives and friends.

Mirror Beach
Photo by Elion Jashari on Unsplash

You and your travelling buddies can either spend a pleasant day snorkelling or climbing rocks and jumping into the clear, refreshing water. It is one of the best Albania beaches.

A beachside restaurant and bar in Mirror Beach offer delectable regional fare and fresh fish.

A Place To Reside Along Mirror Beach

Mirror Beach is a three-minute walk from Santa Oliva Suites in Ksamil, which has a sizable outdoor terrace with views of the ocean.

4. Bunec Beach: One of the Best Albania Beaches

Undeveloped Bunec Beach, also known as Buneci Beach, is a great location for anyone looking for a calmer ambiance.

Consider Bunec Beach if you’re searching for a less hectic beach where you can unwind and spend some time alone without too many people.

Buneci Beach
Photo by Ruslan Piliuta on Unsplash

If you want a stress-free setting away from the bustle of the city, Bunec Beach is perfect because of its more intimate atmosphere. Here, you can take pleasure in swimming in the Ionian Sea, reading a good book, taking lots of pictures with your loved ones, and sunbathing.

If you’re having trouble finding Buneci Beach, head out of Piqeras on the national road. In the vicinity of Lukove and Piqeras sits Buneci Beach. It is one of the best Albania beaches.

A Place To Reside In Bunec

A 10-minute drive from Bunec Beach is where you’ll find Holiday Home Ali in Piqeras. Stunning gardens with a view of the ocean surround the self-contained cottage, which is charming and cosy.

5. Potami Beach

One of the biggest beaches in the region is Potami Beach, which is located at the northernmost point of Himar Bay.

Another popular beach with great swimming and relaxation opportunities is Potami Beach. It has a pristine sea that is so pure you can clearly see the ocean floor, and it is a natural beauty.

Potami beach
Photo by Abenteuer Albanien on Unsplash

You may unwind by the water’s edge at Potami Beach while keeping an eye on your kids while they splash around in the water and working on your tan. If you wish to experience European specialties, this seashore is adjacent to many eateries selling Greek and Albanian food.

You can ascend the neighbouring cliffs at Potami Beach to get breathtaking, all-encompassing views of the surrounding area. It is one of the best Albania beaches.

6. Lukova Beach

Lukova Beach is a small beach, but it’s packed with exciting things to do. It features a green, leafy, and aquatic background. The ideal balance of rich vegetation, a picturesque shoreline, and crystal-clear water may be found in this tiny sanctuary.

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Playing beach volleyball, going fishing, taking a boat out, and other enjoyable activities are available for you, your friends, and your family.

There are various amenities at Lukova Beach. Like food carts selling delectable snacks, a beach bar serving up cool drinks, and spotless facilities and showers that are perfect for cleaning up after a long day.

Use the accommodations provided at Lukova Beach for a more relaxing vacation. It is one of the best Albania beaches.

7. Borsh Beach

The longest stretch of sand in Albania is on Borsh Beach, which is 7 km long. The Ionian Sea is seen for miles. Borsh Beach is the greatest choice if you finally have some free time and are looking for a tranquil vacation location.

This stunning beach has a peaceful atmosphere and is big enough for you to locate a private space to unwind. Lay down a towel or lie on a beach chair to work on your tan as you enjoy some music, a book, or the calm lapping of the waves.

With your lover, family, or friends, you may enjoy a peaceful swim in the glistening cerulean ocean.

Consider seeing The Borsh Castle either before or after visiting Borsh Beach. You must visit this spectacular, historic castle, which will transport you to the Middle Ages. It is one of the best Albania beaches.

A Place To Reside In Borsh: Qeparo Hotel and Sole Luna Hotel

The gorgeous Qeparo Hotel is approximately a 5-minute stroll from the beach. Pano, the host, is incredibly kind and helpful, and the place is immaculate.

The Sole Luna Hotel is a new establishment with lovely accommodations and a fantastic beach view.

8. Drymades Beach: One of the Best Albania Beaches

One of Albania’s loveliest coastlines, Drymades Beach, is highly regarded. It is separated into two halves by rock formations.

Enjoy a thrilling, enjoyable day at Drymades Beach with your friends, lover, or family. Visit Drymades Beach to discover what paradise is like.

Photo by wildman from Depositphotos

Here, you can have fun having a picnic on the sand, building sandcastles with your kids, having fun taking pictures with your friends, and swimming in the clear water.

Additionally, you may find seaside eateries and pubs that provide delectable regional fare and fresh seafood, which is ideal for satisfying your appetite. It is one of the best Albania beaches.

A Place To Reside In Drymades: Elysium Hotel

This hotel offers a high-end lodging choice with a pool, a shuttle that goes all the way to the beach, and a welcoming staff.

Due to its proximity to Dhermi Beach, you can see both the beach and the mountains in the distance.

9. Palasa Beach: One of the Best Albania Beaches

Palasa Beach often referred to as Palase Beach, is stunning and features crystal-clear blue water with a blend of white sand and gravel for the shoreline.

Due to its wide beachfront, sunbathers use Palasa Beach as a beautiful beach to hang out. You can spread out a towel and concentrate on getting tan, or you can unwind while sitting on a beach chair in the shelter of an umbrella.

Palase beach
Photo by Xhulio Selenica on Unsplash

At Palasa Beach, the water is glistening clear and ideal for swimming and snorkeling. You can also enjoy a romantic moment by watching the sunset with your significant other and admiring the lovely surroundings.

Visit the close-by Llogara National Park while you are at Palasa Beach. Beautiful park ideal for lovers of the outdoors. It is one of the best Albania beaches.

10. Golem Beach

Albania’s second-largest coastline, Golem Beach, is one of the most well-liked sandy beaches in the world. It has a crescent-shaped shape and shorelines of white sand against backdrops of lush vegetation.

Visit Golem Beach for a wonderful day in the sun and sea; it’s one of the top things to do in Albania. If you’re looking for a coastline that is accessible and close to lots of luxurious hotels, this is the place to go.

The safest sandy beach for children is Golem Beach, which is well-maintained. Golem Beach features a sand beachfront with a modest slope in comparison to other Albanian beaches. Younger children will enjoy it because there are no sharp drops and the water is shallow and tranquil.

The numerous attentive lifeguards who patrol this coastline are another added layer of protection for your children and other family members. Other features include a playground close by, plenty of parking, pristine showers and facilities, and much more. It is one of the best Albania beaches.

11. Mango Beach

Mango Beach, sometimes referred to as Plazhi Mango by locals, is a bustling beachside area with numerous hotels and bars. Mango Beach is fun to visit with friends or your special someone.

If you want to have a good time after sundown, this coastline provides a bustling nightlife. Spend the day resting while swimming in the clear sea, snorkelling, fishing, or tanning. As you dance and sip delectable alcoholic concoctions at night, get ready for a fun-filled experience.

There are several amenities in Mango Beach. Like a pier, beach chairs, sun umbrellas, a cash machine nearby, and so forth.

Take a quick excursion to Lkursi Castle, which is close to Mango Beach and only a few minutes away. It’s a sight to behold. This castle, which was constructed in 1537, is breathtaking. It is one of the best Albania beaches.

12. Dhermi Beach: One of the Best Albania Beaches

Dhermi Beach is a lovely beach with a pebbly shoreline and crystal-clear water that is around 1 kilometre long. I heartily recommend Dhermi Beach to anyone looking for popular beaches in Albania.

The beautiful water along this wonderful coastline makes it a great place for swimming, and you can hire beach loungers if you want to spend some quiet time reading or sunbathing there.

Dhermi beach
Image by Linda Saitos from Pixabay

Make new memories while snorkeling, boating, taking a stroll, and doing other activities with your friends or family. For visiting Dhërmi Beach, the finest months are June and September.

During the summer months, in particular, Dhërmi Beach can become fairly congested. Visit the beach on weekdays or during off-peak hours to avoid the throng. It is one of the best Albania beaches.

A Place To Reside In Dhermi: Dhori House Dhermi

The owner is quite hospitable, and the room offers a great view from the balcony.

13. Llamani Beach

The secluded Llamani Beach is a hidden treasure that is tucked away between the sea and the mountains. With so many exciting things to do and amenities to enjoy, including jet-skiing and boating, you may have a wonderful time here with your family, friends, or spouse.

If you don’t feel like putting out a beach towel, you may rent loungers and umbrellas right here.

Additionally, Llamani Beach has renowned on-site eateries and pubs where you may savour Mediterranean fare. It is one of the best Albania beaches.

The water at Llamani Beach is deep, deeper than most of Albania’s shores. Avoid swimming in places with steep terrain. Don’t fret too much, as you can immediately see when the water is getting too deep because the water is incredibly clear.

14. Jali Beach

Jala Beach and Jalë Beach are two alternate names for Jali Beach. One of the most beautiful beaches in the nation, it attracts visitors from all over the world with its crystal-clear, azure sea.

Photo by  Yelena011 from Depositphotos

Jali Beach is the ideal setting for a photo shoot with your friends or family, and it is picture-perfect. It is breathtakingly beautiful and offers the best backdrop for breathtaking photographs.

When on vacation at Jali Beach, there are a lot of activities available. You may, for instance, unwind by the water and watch the waves, or you could engage in enjoyable activities like kayaking, snorkeling, boating, exploring neighbouring caverns, and discovering hidden beaches.

If you want to get the most out of your trip, Jali Beach has a campsite where you and your travelling companions can stay. The campgrounds have a space where you may play mini-football, water polo, volleyball, and ping pong. It is one of the best Albania beaches.

A Place To Reside In Jali: Folie Marine Beach Hotel & club OR Hotel Nuanti

The Folie Marine Beach hotel has three restaurants, a swimming pool, and everything else you’d need for a true beach vacation in one of the most stunning settings imaginable for a hotel.

Hotel Nuanti is the closest to the undiscovered beach I mentioned on the previous page. Although this lodging is modest, it is adequate for a summer vacation. The service is excellent, and they also offer amazing, fresh fish!

15. Livadhi Beach

White stone shorelines, breathtaking mountain backdrops, and water that is like a pool are all attractions of Livadhi Beach.

A wonderful family-friendly beach is Livadhi Beach. Take a relaxing vacation with your loved ones to Livadhi Beach while you catch up on some much-needed communication.

Have a blast with each other while participating in a variety of fun activities like paddle boarding, jet skiing, canoeing, kayaking, boating, and competitive beach volleyball.

Gonia is located in the north of Livadhi Beach, and Apelistra is located in the south. There are two rock formations in Gonia where you can go cliff diving. Apelistra is home to the same-named iconic rock. It is one of the best Albania beaches.

A Place To Reside In Livadhi: Miamar Hotel

This five-star hotel has a tiny private beach area and is located directly on Livadhi beach. Clean, contemporary accommodations with two outdoor pools.

16. Narta Beach

The lovely Narta Beach, located within the Lagoon of Narta, has tranquil, soft water with few waves.

Photo by wildman from Depositphotos

Given that it is located in a lagoon where they may safely swim and splash around, Narta Beach is excellent for your kids.

This coastline boasts features like lifeguards on duty all the time, a nearby playground to keep your kids amused, and various restaurants nearby with family-friendly menus.

Visit the Orthodox monastery, an old structure from the 18th century, before departing Zvrnec. It is one of the best Albania beaches.

17. Orikum Beach

A stunning stretch of sand and gravelly shoreline may be seen at Orikum Beach. Due to its pure water, it is a favourite with both locals and tourists for swimming and boating.

Orikum Beach is a fantastic destination to check out if you’re searching for a charming coastline that is accessible and has lots of amenities to make travelling simple.

Orikum beach
Image by Ben Vanadore from Pixabay

It has facilities like lounge chairs that you can use to relax more, umbrellas that are great for hot days, clean bathrooms and showers, attentive and helpful lifeguards, and so forth.

Additionally, this coastline is the perfect location for you to launch your yacht so that you can cruise the Ionian Sea or possibly go cave exploring nearby.

The majority of the bottom and beach at Orikum Beach are composed of gravel and tiny fine pebbles.  For your feet’s protection, you should swim in aqua shoes. It is one of the best Albania beaches.

Albanian cuisine along the Riviera

If you haven’t indulged in seafood while visiting the Albanian Riviera, your trip isn’t really complete. The best thing, though? It is really affordable. No more than $9 is spent on the main course, $7 is spent on a bottle of wine, and $1.7 is spent on beer.

Here are some outstanding eateries you may find on the Albanian Riviera:

  • Ksamil: Guvat, is a charming eatery with a patio that provides stunning views of the islands.
  • Sarandë: Mare Nostrumi offers delicious food and a welcoming atmosphere.
  • Himarë: A fantastic seafood restaurant with affordable costs is Taverna Lefteri. Get some of the calamari; it’s quite fresh.
  • Dhërmi: Harmonia offers breakfast in addition to fresh seafood from Albania.

The ideal time to visit Albania’s Beaches

One more piece of advice. Summer is, of course, the finest season to visit the Riviera to explore the beaches. To enjoy the beaches without the “crowds,” yet still want to be with other people, go during the shoulder seasons.

The most enjoyable months to travel are June, July, and September.

Final Remark

In conclusion, Albania has some of the best beaches in the world. They are well-maintained, and clean, and offer a variety of activities for visitors to enjoy.

If you are looking for a beach destination, Albania beaches should definitely be on your list.


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