15 Best Things To Do In Seville

things to do in seville
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The city of Seville is Andalusia’s capital and is regarded as the largest city in Spain. This magical province is the epitome of the most luxurious yet cost-effective tourist spot.

Especially, during the wintry time, there are several things to do in Seville. Starting from the Flamenco dancing shows to the tours of Seville Cathedral and other monuments, everything here is gorgeous.

A few of the most infamous attractions of this central Seville are the Tapas Bars, Barrio Santa Cruz, and Flamenco dancing.

Along with its exquisite cultural significance, it serves as an ideal vacation destination in Spain.

There are a bunch of architectural icons, historical monuments, and high towers that will grab your attention in this romantic place.

Seville also has a convenient spot with wonderful flight and train networks.

So, what are you waiting for? Hop into your flight and experience this famous city and read ahead to unravel all the fantastic things to do in Seville, with your family or friends.

1. 15 Best Things To Do In Seville

1.1 Roam Through the Plaza De España

Plaza de España has achieved its fame through its magnificent art style and design innovative interior that depicts almost the entire map of Spain.

Plaza de España is situated inside Parque de María Luisa and is the epitome of the representation of fine arts in Seville.

With over 50,000 square meters, the Plaza de España is a fascinating landmark with stunning fountains, mujedar designs, canal cruises, and a horse-drawn carriage ride.

It has gorgeously styled bridges that signify the four Spain provinces. Along with that, it has tiles of vibrant mosaic alcoves that scream the 48 regions of Spain.

Plaza de España is an outstanding value to the cultural side of Seville which nobody would want to miss out on.

things to do in seville
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You can even row boats under the canals and bridges of 515 cm, under the romantic ambiance of the Plaza de España.

Anyone who is looking to enjoy the perfect cultural vibe of Seville, along with a relaxing and memorable time, Plaza de España is the ideal place to visit.

This remarkable landmark has also served as a great shooting spot for multiple popular movies, like Game of Thrones, Star Wars, and also Lawrence of Arabia.

Plaza de España is also the home of great government houses along with a wonderful time-spending spot for lovely evenings.

1.2 Enter the Door of Seville Cathedral

To be in the city of Seville and not visit Seville Cathedral is a grave mistake, that no tourist would make.

The cathedral is considered the largest gothic cathedral in the entire world, so it is worth the hype it gets.

The Seville Cathedral is also a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site with spectacular stone walls and fifteen doors inside this mysterious Seville cathedral.

Inside the Seville Cathedral, there is also the tomb of Christopher Columbus, which is another attraction.

The gothic ceiling of the Chapter House Chapel of the Seville Cathedral is the most interesting out of all.

You’ll enjoy the view of Bird’s eye through the ceiling, which is adorned with the painting of Murillo, the Grandmaster.

The life of Jesus Christ is caved into 45 scenes inside the Cathedral in a gothic style is absolutely gorgeous.

things to do in Seville
Image by David Mark from Pixabay/Copyright 2013

The Seville Cathedral’s real significance lies in the 100 years of building this masterpiece. It represents the wealth of the royal palace and the Spanish royal family, in those early days.

On the fifteen doors inside the Seville Cathedral, the teachings of the bible are carved and made in great detail another beauty of its interior.

Even the tomb of Christopher Columbus is also created quite artistically.

The tomb of Christopher Columbus is depicted as if it was carried by the Kings of the Spanish Regions.

Seville Cathedral is an exquisite place like Plaza de España, which was another UNESCO World Heritage Site.

1.3 Visit the Torre Del Oro Tower

The Seville Torre Del Oro is a 36-meter-tall military defence tower situated on the banks of the Guadalquivir River. During the Middle Ages, it served as a prison tower.

Now, it has become an active tourist spot in the Seville City Centre. It is situated near the Plaza de Toros and the Torre Del Oro translates to the meaning of the Golden Tower of Seville.

It is adorned with golden tiles and is also a naval museum of fine arts, apart from being just a watch tower.

The interesting maritime museum inside the tower has various illustrations, portraits, types of equipment, and ship models.

things to do in Seville
Image by JAIME PF from Pixabay/Copyright 2017

There is another sister tower of Torre Del Oro nearby called the Torre De La Plata. It had been created during the same time as the Torre Del Oro and is regarded as the Silver Tower of Seville.

The castle of Castillo De San Jorge, in Mercado De Triana is another important addition to the tower since the 16th Century.

You can enjoy taking a lovely quiet stroll along the cobbled Guadalquivir river banks of the Torre Del Oro Tower.

1.4 Visit the Giralda Bell Tower

This incredible tower is a part of the Seville Cathedral itself, also known as the Mosque-Cathedral.

This bell tower of the Cathedral provides an exclusive panoramic view of the City of Seville.

The top of the Seville Cathedral was improved and rebuilt by the Christians, who also added more than 24 bells up there, thus giving the name the Giralda Bell Tower.

You need to overcome 34 sloppy ramps and 17 steps to get to the top of the La Giralda Tower, for the wonderful city view. Being 104.1 meters tall, it also has 35 floors to climb to the top.

The journey to the top of this bell tower may sound exhausting, but it is worth the stunning beauty feast you’ll be gifted with, later on.

Seville is a fabulous city and this tower does justice by remarkably showcasing its Seville attractions.

It will take 45 minutes approximately to reach the Giralda tower if you’re up for the beauty of Seville Spain.

1.5 Enjoy the Beauty of Gorgeous Casa De Pilatos

Casa De Pilatos is a great palace in the city of Seville, inspired by the architectural style of Italy. Visiting this place could be considered on the list of best things to do in Seville.

The palace has a diverse range of design styles including the renaissance, gothic, and mujedar art decor. It has a small patio, where you’ll find a gorgeous fountain.

The facade of Casa De Pilatos may not be eye-catching, however, the interior will surprise you.

things to do in Seville
Image by Alp Cem from Pixabay/Copyright 2019

You’ll be led to various small classy rooms later on, and finally, a pretty quiet garden which will be perfect for an afternoon nap.

Casa De Pilatos is the second most stunning private palace after the Royal Palace of Alcazar in Seville Spain.

1.6 Have a Drink at the Tapas Bars in Seville

Seville is criminally famous for its unique Tapas cultured bars. There are a bunch of bars where traditional tapas is served with its Spanish culture.

If not visiting the oldest tapas bars is not among the best things to do in Seville, I don’t know what is. El Riconcillo is the oldest tapas bar in Seville, since the 1670s.

This oldest bar serves tapas on the ground floor and the main dishes of traditional Andalusian style are served on the upper floors.

The drinks and the food at this bar are authentic, so it is definitely worth a try since is the heart of Seville.

The tapas bar also has its unique way of following traditions.

Since it was made with mahogany before renovating as a bar, the staff still uses mahogany with chalk to write down the orders of the customers.

This tapas bar also serves local beers and wine after the food, to give the original atmosphere of Seville Spain City.

1.7 Visit the Hub Bub of the Barrio Santa Cruz

This colorful bustling place used to be the Old Jewish Quarter, where King Ferdinand imprisoned the Jews in the year 1248.

Now, the Santa Cruz region has become the central Seville attraction of the Tourist Office.

If you’ve got a lot of time in hand, then roaming along the narrow streets of Santa Cruz for a coffee or brunch is the perfect way to spend a day in Seville.

things to do in Seville
Image by Simon from Pixabay/Copyright 2018

It is basically a lovely and delightful section of Seville, where you can freely roam and enjoy a solitary time in peace.

Santa Cruz also has other crucial places like Archivo General De Indias in Southern Spain.

There is a theme park with orange trees located in the small squares of the park. There are also other different trees other than just orange trees.

You may also come across the Plaza Alfaro, a place recreated from Romeo and Juliet’s balcony scene.

Barrio Santa Cruz, formerly the Jewish Quarter is the top reason to visit Seville. Santa Cruz is also the shopping city center of Seville, with various small stores in the streets.

1.8 Have Fun Watching the Flamenco Shows

Flamenco Shows are uniquely Seville famous for its traditional and authentic flamenco shows. The flamenco culture has been originated in the walkable city of baroque architecture, Seville.

If you’re looking for romantic things to do with your partner, in Seville, then visiting a flamenco show would be an ideal start.

Often, a flamenco dancer stands with no expression onstage, and slowly as the song proceeds, they begin revealing themselves more.

things to do in Seville
Image by byungjei Lim from Pixabay/Copyright 2018

Flamenco artists are talented in hand and foot movement since the dance involves intricate work in those areas. Even if you’re visiting Seville on a guided tour, you can find flamenco shows at any corner of the city.

There are different kinds of flamenco dancing styles, it depends on what you’re referring to witness. So, choose a lovely flamenco show and get in a romantic mood in the evenings of Seville.

1.9 Enjoy the Feria De Abril Fiesta

During the Spring Season, Seville holds the world’s most colorful and vibrant fair in Spain.

The Feria De Abril starts after the event of Semana Santa, which is another valuable event in Spring.

Visiting and celebrating the extravagant Spanish culture in Seville is one of the greatest things to do in Seville. The fair is usually held in a massive fairground area of over 450,000 meters.

In Los Remedios, various booths are set up along the Guadalquivir River.

things to do in Seville
Image by Iván Dequito from Pixabay/Copyright 2014

During this Feria De Abril event, people dance, eat, drink, socialize, and party from noon up to midnight and pull all-nighters.

Regular bullfights are also held during the whole week along with horse ride carriages of luxury visual feast.

April Spring’s Feria de Abril is an utterly happy time of the year for the Spanish empire and it is wonderful to see and among great things to do in Seville.

1.10 Witness Art at the Museo De Bellas Artes

Another example of the best things to do in Seville is to visit the exquisite art gallery of Museo De Bellas Artes.

It is the actual museum of fine arts in Seville and has the preserved works of infamous artists.

Originally, the museum opened in 1839 but was later renovated and renewed to form the remarkable art collection it is now.

Since 1970, the museum has become a permanent art gallery of some of the greatest artists from the Renaissance.

Spanish artists like Murillo, El Greco, and Francisco Da Herrera have their portraits and paintings stored and preserved in this gorgeous museum.

Other works from foreign artists like Peter Aertsen and Cornelis De Vos, also have their artworks preserved.

The museum is located in the plaza where the bronze figure of the Spanish artist Murillo is located.

1.11 Visit the Famous Maria Luisa Park

Also known as the ‘Parque De Maria Luisa’ in Spanish, taking a relaxing stroll at this park can be one of the most peaceful things to do in Seville.

After you’ve taken an exhausting tour through the Seville streets, taking a break at Maria Luisa Park would be perfect.

Along with beautiful fountains, ponds, and lovely lakes and alleys, this park won’t disappoint you.

At the further end of Maria Luisa Park, there is also the Seville Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions.

things to do in Seville
Image by Manuel Ramallo from Pixabay/Copyright 2014

So, you can easily several hours enjoying the diverse culture of Seville along with its peaceful atmosphere. As you’ll walk along the park, you’ll find a place called Pigeon Square.

In that tiny place, you’ll often find birds enjoying the leftover food of the people and many people are also feeding their food to them, which is a such sweet sight to come across.

Other attractions in Maria Luisa Park are coming across the island of ducks, which is so cute, the lion fountain, and the frog fountain.

This relaxing park is an ideal place to stop by after the hectic day trips of Seville tours. It won’t take long to refresh and recharge you for another Seville round already.

1.12 Go Sight-Seeing the Metropol Parasol

The quirky monument of Metropol Parasol at La Encarnación Square is known as the Las Setas Monument.

During the year of 2011, the monument was controversially criticized for its peculiar architecture.

Translated from its Spanish name, Las Setas also has a wooden quirky architectural style that signifies a mushroom.

However, this is the place where tourists can enjoy the entire 360-degree view of Seville City.

things to do in Seville
Image by Gerhard Bögner from Pixabay/Copyright 2015

The ticket to enter Metropol Parasol is also cheap compared to other places in Seville.

You can also grab a coffee or snack at the top of the Las Setas and have a wonderful evening enjoying the city lights of Seville.

Visiting Metropol Parasol and viewing this absolutely stunning version is one of the best things to do in Seville.

1.13 Visit the Market of Mercado De Triana

If you’re up for attending the diverse markets and grocery stores in Seville, then get ready to cross the Guadalquivir River, because that is where Mercado De Triana is.

This place on the other side of the river is stuffed with food and grocery stalls of vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, and even dairy products.

There are also small local restaurants where you’ll find great traditional food at a low cost.

Buying groceries from the market helps small business to grow and also help you save a lot of money. There is even a cooking school in this area as well.

You can learn to cook great Spanish traditional cuisine during your stay and cook them at home later on for the same Spanish experience.

There are also flamenco shows held here, so you can enjoy some cost-effective good food as well with a good show. A number of the finest flamenco performances are presented at Tablao El Arenal.

There is also a museum in the area where no entry fee is charged. The restaurants are open for a long time, however, the grocery stores close at midday time.

If you’re aiming to save some money but enjoy the Spanish Andalusian culture at the same time, Mercado De Triana is a worthy visit for you in Seville.

1.14 Pay a Visit to the Royal Alcazar Palace

Regarded as the oldest royal palace in Seville, this palace is a must-see for every tourist out there. You’ll find luxurious designer rooms, chambers, and towers that tell a story.

Royal Alcazar is still used by the Spanish royal family for staying in once in a while.

things to do in Seville
Image by Danor Aharon from Pixabay/Copyright 2021

The Palace holds the significance of the continuous evolution of Seville, from the Arabic Period to the Baroque times.

There’s a maze of gorgeously decorated gardens and towers which steal your heart at any time. Be sure to peek into the Ambassador’s Reception Room.

The King used to stay in that room during the time the palace was built, so it was stunningly adorned and decorated at all times.

Spain’s Seville is home to the Royal Alcazar, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is recommended to visit the palace with reserved tickets or you can join the skip-the-line tour as well if you’d like.

1.15 Enjoy the Festival of Semana Santa

As mentioned before, Feria De Abril takes place at Plaza De Toros only after the festival of Semana Santa on Palm Sunday. Semana Santa is regarded as the Holy week in Seville.

It is one of the most crucial Catholic holidays in Seville. It usually starts on the Sunday right before Easter and ends on the day of Easter. The festival began in the 16th Century for a unique purpose.

The motto of this important event is to tell the story of Jesus Christ to non-Catholics. Throughout the week, parades are held that go from the villages and towns of Seville.

things to do in Seville
Image by Luis Francisco Pizarro Ruiz from Pixabay/Copyright 2015

On each day of the week, the individual parades tell a different story through the journey of Jesus’s life, from his birth to his resurrection period.

The parades continue for 4-5 hours every day of the week, roaming through the streets of Seville, covering the small villages and towns.

Being in Seville and getting a glimpse of this Holy festival and Plaza De Toros’s Feria De Abril is among the greatest things to do in Seville City Centre.

2. Frequently Asked Questions

2.1 Where to Stay in Seville?

There are a few brilliant places to stay in Seville, especially in El Centro, where hotels are always available. With a great atmosphere, cozy rooms, and swimming pools, the hotels at El Centro are top-notch.

Plaza De Armas is a great hotel to stay in, and if you’re looking for cost-effective hotels to stay in, then visiting Macarena of Seville is a very budget-friendly hotel place.

3. Conclusion

Seville is a fascinating destination spot and there are endless things to do in Seville.

things to do in Seville
Image by Simon from Pixabay/Copyright 2018

Everything here reflects a perfect vacation spot, from visiting monuments to gorgeous lovely parks. The best part is Seville is not a very luxurious landmark either.

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You can enjoy the local Spanish vibe of Seville with a low budget and lots of savings as well, with a quality journey on top. You’ll find a long list of things to do in Seville, it is a city that never fails to amaze you.



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