Art Gallery In Bristol: Best 7 To Visit

Art gallery in Bristol
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The counties in England are filled with age-old history. And some of the best examples can be found in the art gallery in Bristol. It is a beautiful city with so many stories to tell.

The place has developed an unmistakable identity among visitors for its world-famous art. Today, we list out the top art galleries in Bristol. These have been housing opportunities for the young talents of this town.

About Bristol

The city and ceremonial county of Bristol is the most populous town in South West England. Also, it is bordered by the towns of Gloucestershire and Somerset.

It is situated near the banks of the River Avon. The city is also popularly known for its Iron Age Hillforts and Roman Villas. Moreover, you can also discover the beautiful hills of South West England. Along with it, the beautiful harbourside. 

Top 7 Beautiful Art Galleries in Bristol

1. Museum Art Gallery In Bristol 

The Bristol Museum and Art Gallery is situated on Queens Road, Clifton. It is also one of the sixteen Arts Council England Partner Museums and the place is operated by the Bristol City Council. It was established in 1823. The gallery has been also granted a designated museum status.

The museum’s structure is an Edwardian Baroque building. It has also been designated as a grade II listed building. It exhibits some of the most precious and beautiful historical pieces of England.

1.1 Art Galleries

The museum has 19 art galleries over 3 floors. These showcase fascinating and beautiful creations, including treasures like Banksy’s Paint Pot Angel. It also has magnificent Egyptian and Assyrian galleries.

The second floor of the museum has seven art galleries. These showcase works of great artists ranging from Bellini, Renior, Beryl Crook, and more. It also displays beautiful examples of ceramic and glass craftsmanship.

1.2 Other Attractions

The Bristol Boxkite also is the most popular attraction here. It is the first aircraft produced by the British and Colonial Airplane Company. It was built in 1910. You can also find minerals, gemstones, crystals, and much more from various periods of history. And it also includes the famous Bristol Diamond.

The art galleries also display some of the most amazing fossils and traces of extinct creatures. There is also the dinosaur gallery. Here you can find traces of the best-preserved dinosaur in all of Britain – the Scelidosaurus.

2. Arnolfini Art Gallery In Bristol 

Art gallery in Bristol
Screenshot From Arnolfini

The Arnolfini International Art Center and Art Gallery is situated in Bristol, England. Founded in 1961, it has now become a hub of art activities and events. It is in the heart of Bristol harbourside.

It has been described as a leading center of contemporary arts and crafts for students. The art gallery also presents various courses. These range from arts, and graphic design to fashion, and also drama.

2.1 Art Galleries

The gallery has exhibited various talents, including Bridget Riley, Jack Yeats, Richard Long, and more. It also hosts many performances and events. And it has featured artists like Goat Island Performance Group, and also the Philip Glass Ensemble.

The Arnolfini has three floors of galleries, and the entrance is absolutely free. It is located in a beautiful waterside location. It is also a grade II listed building. You can also discover the most beautiful archive of art ranging from decades.

2.2 Other Attractions

The Arnolfini has its own specialist art book shops. Other facilities include a cinema, theatre, and reading room. It hosts exhibitions, performances, concerts, and more almost every day. A list can be easily found on their official website.

Its education programs have also brought students from various parts of the world. Moreover, it provides a very special opportunity for them to be around art.

3. Royal West of England Academy Art Gallery In Bristol

Art gallery in Bristol
Screenshot From Royal West Of England Academy

The Royal West of England Academy is also known as RWA, in short. It is the oldest gallery in Clifton, Bristol. It was established in 1844. And now it is also one of the longest-running galleries and art centers in England. It was also given the title of a Grade II building in 1977.

Being one of the only five RWA in the UK, it is also a very important center in Europe. It is a major independent charity and registered museum. The museum has also been self-supporting for over 150 years.

3.1 Art Galleries

The RWA is known for its distinguished members like Gillian Ayres and Elizabeth Blackadder. The founder members of the gallery were well-known artists of their time. They include William Muller, J.B. Pyne, John Syer, and Francis Danby.

The galleries here also display the art of many talents. These include Dame Elizabeth Frink, Vanessa Bell, and Walter Crane. Queen Elizabeth II is an honorary patron of this academy. And Charles III, the Prince of Wales, was also an academician.

3.2 Other Attractions

Other than being a major tourist spot, the academy has also been harbouring young talents. It has also worked towards developing amazing teaching experiences for its students.

The Academy also has various events scheduled to celebrate the history and contemporary art of Britain.

4. Spike Island Art Gallery In Bristol

Art gallery in Bristol
Screenshot From Spike Island

Spike Island is a center of contemporary and historical art located in Bristol, UK. It was created by a limited company in the 1970s. The founder members were also a group of painters, sculptors, and craftsmen. Their goal was to create a space for artists of the age.

In 2015, the center joined the Plus Tate Network. It gathers various organizations from all over the UK. And now, it is a vibrant hub for the artists of Bristol. It serves as a gallery, a working space, and an educational institution.

4.1 Art Galleries

Spike Island offers various galleries showcasing the exhibitions of various well-known artists. Some of them include Veronica Ryan, Richard Long, Ciara Phillips, Yong In Hong, and more.

The center also has over 70 studio artists. Some of them are David Ellsworth, Matt Davies, Rodney Harris, and more.

4.2 Other attractions

Spike Island also offers various programs, events, and activities to its visitors. The place also provides studios and workspaces for students as well.

The Spike Island Annual Open Studios attracts visitors from all over the world. And it provides them with an opportunity to discover the behind-the-scenes of art.

5. Upfest Art Gallery In Bristol

The Upfest Gallery, situated in Bristol, is another longest-running gallery in Britain. It is located on North Street, Bedminster. It is also a very well-known region for tourists. The place is also filled with art academies, galleries, and institutions.

The gallery also hosts regular exhibitions. Its display ranges from top international artists to local artists. Moreover, it offers a wide selection of contemporary artwork and illustrations. It is a favourite among the locals and also attracts international tourists.

5.1 Other Attractions

Along with being one of the longest-running galleries, it offers a lot. The Upfest Gallery in Bristol is also known for its art supplies. And the place also has a huge range of spray paints and Posca paint pens. The place also has a fine selection of graffiti, street art, and exclusive books.

The Tobacco Factory is also a major attraction here. It has been the original venue for the famous Upfest Festival. The place has a lot for attendees from towering walls and murals to hot street food.

6. Clifton Contemporary Art Gallery In Bristol 

Art gallery in Bristol
Screenshot From Clifton Contemporary Art

Situated in the heart of Clifton Village, this art gallery is a very well-known tourist attraction. Its display ranges from paintings, sculptures, and ceramics. It also includes print works and also even jewelry.

The gallery places heavy emphasis on West Country and Bristol artists. Regular themed exhibitions are also held here. It provides people with an intimate space to get associated with the arts.

6.1 Other attractions

The Clifton Contemporary Art Gallery is just a few minutes away from the famous Suspension Bridge. This famous visitor’s spot spans the Avon Gorge and River Avon. And it also stretches over 400 meters in length. The bridge is marked as a turning point in the history of engineering. Along with this, you’ll also get a marvellous view of the river.

7. Royal Photographic Society Art Gallery In Bristol 

Art gallery in Bristol
Screenshot From The Royal Photographic Society

The Royal Photographic Society, Bristol is the last pick on our list today. This international charity organization was founded in 1853. It was to educate the general public about the art of photography. The place is one of the world’s oldest Photographic Society. It has received royal patronage from Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

Now, this is a major center of photography and arts. It has over 12,000 members from all around the world. It holds a great collection of photographs from the 1890s. The galleries also display them openly to the people.

Ending Note

That was everything about the beautiful town of Bristol. From timeless historical pieces to modern graffiti art, there is nothing the town has to offer.

Come and discover the beauty of the age-old history of small towns in England. Along with it, you’ll find a breath of fresh air. And a marvellous view of the southern hills.

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