12 Exciting Things To Do In Sorrento Italy

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The amazing city Sorrento sits on the south coast of Italy. Sorrento is a popular tourist destination and there are plenty of exciting things to do in Sorrento. From tasting the popular lemonade to roaming around in piazza Tasso, your stay in Sorrento will be full of adventure.

This beautiful city of southern Italy is located close to Naples and is easily accessible from Naples airport. The town of Sorrento has its beauty and is surrounded by many scenic towns.

things to do in Sorrento
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Since there are a lot of things to do in Sorrento or activités sorrente, you might find yourself in the trouble deciding where to start. Here, let us explore some fun things to do in Sorrento

Amazing Things To Do In Sorrento

From relishing the beautiful scenery of Sorrento to exploring Villa Comunale di Sorrento, there are a lot of great things to do in Sorrento.

This article will suggest to you how to begin the adventure and it also has a list of a few things to do in Sorrento.

1. Piazza Tasso

Piazza Tasso is the bustling core of one of Italy’s most well-known seaside resort towns, Sorrento. Visit this beautiful plaza is one of the fun things to do in Sorrento.

Piazza Tasso is the starting point for two of Sorrento’s main shopping streets: Via San Cesareo, a pedestrian-only lane lined with shops brimming with a variety of goods made with Sorrentine lemons and other artisanal goods, and Corso Italia, a bustling thoroughfare lined with upscale restaurants and boutiques.

Corso Italia is the main shopping area of Sorrento. If you love shopping then you must take a stroll in Corso Italia.

There are various nearby restaurants and bars like Fauno bar, which are ideally situated for enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning, a glass of wine in the evening, or a slice of pizza at any time of day while taking in the scenery.

You can explore the beauty of Sorrento by joining a guided tour. The majority of small-group walking tours and shore excursions to the city’s core start in Piazza Tasso before continuing to explore the old district’s labyrinth of narrow side alleys or going down to Marina Grande, the tranquil fishing village below the town.

2. Old Town Sorrento

The historic center of Sorrento is a tangle of winding lanes that extend back from the cliffside. To enjoy your visit most authentically just throw away the map, go for a stroll, and see what you can find in the side lanes, whether it be historic churches, secret gardens, or elaborate entrances.

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These medieval passageways wind their way through restaurants, pubs, and shops. You can stop at the stores along the way to look through the gifts, including the local Limoncello liqueur manufactured from the lemon trees in the area.

3. Villa Comunale Park

The beautiful views of the Bay of Naples and Sorrento Cloisters may be seen from this magnificent park’s well-kept gardens and floral arrangements. The distant islands of Ischia and Procida can also be seen on a clear day.

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To experience one of Sorrento’s most spectacular views, go there at sunset. You can stroll or use the elevator to descend to the Marina Piccola harbor from the park.

Going to the Villa Comunale park is one of the greatest things to do in Sorrento. You can see out to mount Vesuvius from here and get a bird’s-eye view of the Sorrento Coastline.

4. Marina Grande

Marina grande is a beautiful fishing port in the western region of Sorrento. You must visit this beautiful fishing port Marina grande.

The fishing port in Sorrento is reminiscent of a picture-perfect fishing village, complete with brightly painted boats and seaside eateries. Observe the local fishermen unloading the day’s catch early in the morning.

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The Fishing harbor is close to the town’s transportation center Marina Piccola, where ferries sail to and from places like Naples, Capri, and the Amalfi Coast.

The best way to explore Marina Grande, which is connected to Sorrento’s historic center by a stone stairway, is on foot.

Spend a few hours at a riverside restaurant enjoying the local dishes with fresh fish and seafood or on the volcanic sand beach to get away from the crowds in central Sorrento. Roaming around the fishing port is one of the fun things to do in Sorrento.

5. Amalfi Coastal Town

Southern Italy has a stunning coastline known as the Amalfi Coast. It is situated north of the Cilentan Coast and south of the Sorrentine Peninsula. The beautiful Amalfi coast, or côte Amalfitano, is always crowded with tourists.

The Amalfi coast is named after the Amalfi coastal town and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Amalfi Coast has earned the title “Divine Coast” thanks to its stunning natural surroundings and attractive sceneries, which have made it one of the most famous travel destinations in the world.

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There are various ways to explore the Amalfi coast. You can go for a day trip by boat or take private tours to the Amalfi coast from the bay of Naples.

The private tours will cover Ravello, Amalfi, Positano, and Sorrento in a day. You will get to enjoy the free beach, Spiaggia Grande.

If you visit Sorrento in the summer, you might be able to attend the Ravello Music Festival, which features performances by world-renowned artists in all genres of music and art.

6. Bagni Della Regina Giovanna

The Baths of Queen Giovanna (Bagni della Regina Giovanna), one of the most secluded and stunning beaches on Italy’s Sorrento coast, is situated along the rocky cliffs of Capo di Sorrento close to a magnificent natural stone bridge and the antiquated ruins of a Roman villa.

You can visit the place using a boat tour or take a bus to capo di Sorrento and then walk. Once you reach the beautiful natural pool, just enjoy the laid-back atmosphere. It is one of the unique things to do in Sorrento.

7. Cloister Of San Francesco

To escape the busy streets of Sorrento’s historic center, visit the charming Cloister of San Francesco. The cloister is a showcase of architectural styles and one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city.

It is sandwiched between a 7th-century monastery and a late-medieval cathedral, both of which are dedicated to St. Francis of Assisi.

The ancient and serene cloister of san Francesco is located close to the central location of the ancient city Sorrento. It is most well-known for its unique fusion of architectural styles, which reflect the numerous eras in which its separate sections were constructed.

Enjoy the flowers flourishing there as you stroll gently around the courtyards and in between the ancient arches. A performance that occasionally takes place in the courtyard might be seen if you’re lucky.

You can take a day trip and explore the place with the help of professional guides. This is just one of the many activities in Sorrento that mixes historical sightseeing with some time for introspection and is a great break from a busy day.

8. Basilica Di Sant’Antonino

This 11th-century building, which is close to the town square, is renowned for its fusion of Romanesque and Baroque styles. Additionally, it is the oldest church in the community—a difficult feat in such a revered setting!

Examine the eye-catching facade before entering to view some extremely amazing items. The two whale ribs placed directly at the door are perhaps the most distinctive feature.

Saint Antonino is Sorrento’s patron saint and the church is named after him. They are said to honor one of Saint Antonino’s miracles, which included saving a child from the belly of a whale. Saint Antonino is the patron saint of Sorrento and the church’s namesake.

A crypt filled with silver medallions, medieval artwork, and many Roman artifacts is also visible. This magnificent church is a fascinating destination to visit because it has connections to some of the town’s earliest religious history.

9. Correale Di Terranova Museum

At the magnificent Correale di Terranova museum in town, you can enjoy the art and culture of Sorrento Italy. The Correale family’s vacation home has been accessible to the public since 1924, allowing them to take in creations spanning four centuries.

Enjoy the estate’s outstanding collection of paintings, porcelain pieces, antique furniture, and more as you casually browse its 24 rooms.

Once you’ve had your fill of the exhibitions, head over to the magnificent library to peruse the impressive selection of books on the local history. Save some time for a stroll across the lovely gardens outside as well.

10. Visit Capri

It is a great site to savor some coastal beauty because of its history of luxury, spectacular rock formations, and abundance of swimming and shopping choices.

The island has a lot of locations where you can snorkel, have some wonderful seafood, and people-watch in addition to its more upmarket attractions.

There are various private boat tours from Sorrento to Capri. You can choose any of the favorable boat trips. Exploring Capri on a boat tour is part of the exciting things to do in Sorrento.

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So, get on a sailboat or other small cruising craft and take in the sights as you cross the water before getting down to further explore the island’s top attractions.

And don’t forget to visit the famous Piazzetta, the town plaza, to take in the sights and the atmosphere of this well-known city. In addition, numerous itineraries include a stop at the iconic Blue Grotto.

You’ll feel like you’ve entered a new universe when your boat flies into the sea caves and navigates its way through startlingly blue waters. Don’t pass up the chance to visit this stunning grotto on the route to the island!

11. Relax On The Beaches

Your toughest issue will be deciding which order to visit the many fantastic beaches in the vicinity. You may visit the marinas or Regina Giovanna closer to the city, but there are plenty of other beautiful beaches around that both locals and tourists like.

Marina di Puolo Beach (located near Marina Grande) is a great alternative for families with many cafes and restaurants close by.

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If you enjoy lots of space on the sand and close-by restaurants, check out Nerano Beach. Don’t forget to taste some of the renowned spaghetti dishes from the area!

And if you’re up for a little more adventure, make your way to the sleepy village of Nerano and stop by the secluded Baia di Leranto bay. No matter which beach you choose, you can count on getting plenty of sun, fun, and great swimming.

12. Taste The Local Cuisine

You must taste the local pasta dish while visiting Sorrento in addition to the obvious fresh seafood that is abundant on the southern shore.

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Authentic comfort food is gnocchi alla Sorrentina, which consists of pillowy gnocchi in a hearty tomato sauce with basil and Parmesan on top.

One of the best things to do in Sorrento is to eat your way around the city, so bring your stretchiest clothing. The flavors are worth every calorie.

More Things To Do In Sorrento

A list of 12 amazing things is listed above. Here are a few more options for you to explore the different horizons of Sorrento.

1. Tasso Theater

The Sorrento Amarcord concert, which emphasizes the traditional folk music, dancing, and legends of the Neapolitan region, is presented at the Tasso Theater. Going to see the concert will be a unique experience.

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To guarantee a seat, purchase tickets in advance. Actors and dancers in vibrant costumes perform regional music and traditional dances like the tarantella, with some parts of the performance allowing audience participation.

2. Taste The Limoncello

When visiting Italy, you must gorge yourself on delectable foods and beverages. And you absolutely must try the limoncello in Sorrento.

There are many opportunities to enjoy this delicious liqueur while visiting the area; it is prepared from lemon peels, alcohol, and sugar.

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Visit the Sorrento Lemon Farm for a tour to see where it all began. The walking tour will take you to the farm.

You will learn how the fruits are made into a cherished beverage, as well as sweets, marmalade, and other dishes, as you stroll through the lovely gardens. You can also catch a peek at the olive trees that contribute to the production of cooking oils.

3. Take A Cooking class

There are many choices for the finest Sorrento cooking class. You get a prosecco cocktail upon arrival, sample some local meat and cheese, and learn how to cook an Italian pasta dish and dessert.

You might want to attempt making some after you’ve sampled all the local specialties. Fortunately, there are lots of cooking classes offered in the area for anyone looking to take home the most delectable souvenir.

Unsurprisingly, pizza making is a preferred method. Try your hand at creating a dish in the traditional Neapolitan manner by choosing the ideal cheeses and garnishes.

Image by DesignDraw DesignDrawArtes from Pixabay

However, there are lots of different meals to research. Learn the best techniques for creating meat dishes, pasta, gnocchi, pizza, and more by enrolling in private cooking classes.

Alternatively, combine a wine tasting with a group cookery class to fully appreciate the Italian palate.

One of the best things to do in Sorrento if you want to learn more about regional food, regardless of whether you’re a master chef or a devoted microwave user, is to take a cooking lesson.

4. Parasailing

Soaring over the water is the only thing better than getting in or near it. The ultimate sightseeing experience is parasailing, which involves strapping into a harness connected to a sizable parachute and attaching to a sizable rope being towed by a boat.

Image by foto-krimskram from Pixabay

You’ll be propelled into the air as the boat speeds up for some fantastic sea vistas as well as views of the several local islands and cities that give the area it’s distinctive aesthetic.

By the time you gently land on the water again, you might feel more connected to the birds flying above.

Although you can do this pastime alone, it is considerably more enjoyable with others. Fortunately, parasailing allows up to three passengers per flight, so gather your loved ones and head for the skies.

5. Enjoy At Beach Clubs

It comes as no surprise that Sorrento has a great number of beach clubs given its laid-back, sunny ambiance.

You may unwind on the sundeck at Marameo Beach before dining at the resort’s restaurant. Enjoy one of the bar’s great cocktails as you wind down for the evening and take in the pleasant Mediterranean climate.

Excellent ocean views, luxurious food, and frequent live music are all featured at Peter’s Beach Club. Celebrate a day spent in the sun and surfing with some tapas or a drink as you take in the performances.

The entire family can also enjoy the calm waves and serene shoreline at Leonelli’s Beach Club. Additionally, a water polo field and a variety of water sports, such as canoe rentals, are readily available.

6. Try Different Flavors Of Gelato

This sweet, non-dairy cousin of ice cream is another classic Italian delight that is best savored on the beach, in a cafe, while strolling around the town square, or practically anywhere. Fortunately, tourists can visit wonderful gelato stores all across Sorrento.

Try Fresco’s Monthly Special or Gelateria David’s Salty Gelato, which is created with savory ingredients like cheese and veggies.

Image by Ayelet Stern from Pixabay

Try Raki’s products or Gelateria Primavera’s lemon-infused masterpieces to taste the regional elements. Visit them all and try their specialties if you want to truly enjoy this regional treat.

Few things can compare to filling up on sweets for a relaxing afternoon in the city.

7. Enjoy The Citruses At I Giardini Di Cataldo

Giardini di Cataldo, an oasis inside the wider shelter of the town, provides the opportunity to experience top-notch beverages and pastries in a lovely garden environment.

The Esposito family has diligently maintained the orchards since the 19th century, and the end products, which include jams, liqueurs, and pastries, show the caliber and accuracy of the agricultural procedure.

Image by Greg Montani from Pixabay

While unwinding in their lovely, vine-covered courtyard, you may sample some of their delectable fares and discover more about how the renowned lemon grove is kept up.

Additionally, you can always buy some treats to take home if you enjoy what you taste.

8. Try Out Restaurants Nearby

While the area is well recognized for its delicious cuisine, there are a few establishments that stand out, and one of the best things to do in Sorrento is to while away the hours trying their specialties.

The hyperlocal cuisine at Bagni Delfino is well-known, as are the restaurant’s breathtaking views of the bay of Naples and the surrounding area.

Image by Nenad Maric from Pixabay

It’s not surprising that this location has appeared in many movies given its beautiful, refined atmosphere. Choose a wine from their large list and try some of their fresh seafood.

The Inn Buafalita serves dishes with fresh mozzarella, Trattoria Da Emilia specializes in seafood risotto, La Lanterna is a low-key restaurant that is well-liked by locals and serves excellent pasta.

Eating in Sorrento is a unique experience because there are so many eateries and a wide variety of delectable food options.

9. Enjoy The Sunset Cruise

There aren’t many better ways to cap off a long day of touring, eating, shopping, or swimming than with a sunset cruise around the Gulf.

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You’re sure to have a great time as your boat glides along the water, getting the best views of the setting sun, whether you prefer a private experience or a group tour.

Watch as the day turns into night and the stunning landscape comes to life in a whole different way.

A boat cruise in paradise is the best way to end your day on a beautiful and unforgettable note.


Sorrento is a beautiful town known for citrus fruits. You must visit Sorrento since there are a lot of interesting things to do in Sorrento.

Image by Sonja Czeschka from Pixabay

There are plenty of fun things to do in Sorrento. You visit Marina Grande, admire the Duomo di Sorrento (Sorrento cathedral), shop at Corso Italia, and have fun at beach clubs.

There are more options to explore like dining under the lemon groves, tasting delicious pizza while taking food tours, visiting the ruins of Pompei, and buying handmade goods.

There are various options available for you to plan your day at Sorrento like a boat trip, private boat tour, or guided tour. You can choose the option which seems to fit your budget.



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