Zoo in Cornwall- Everything About This Famous Newquay Zoo

zoo in cornwall
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Nestled on the rugged coastline of Cornwall, the famous zoo in Cornwall, the Newquay Zoo is a captivating testament to biodiversity and conservation efforts.

With its picturesque setting and commitment to preserving endangered species, the zoo has become a must-visit destination for wildlife enthusiasts, families, and tourists.

Moreover, it is home to over 130 species of some of the world’s rarest animals. Hence, this article focuses on the allure of Newquay Zoo, the best zoo in Cornwall. 

Zoo in Cornwall- The Newquay Zoo

Established over fifty years ago, the Newquay Zoo, the best zoo in Cornwall, has evolved from a small collection of animals to a thriving center of wildlife conservation and education. 

So, let us find out more about this famous zoo!

1. Conservation at its Core

One of the most remarkable aspects of Newquay Zoo is its commitment to conservation. The zoo actively participates in various conservation programs, both locally and globally, to safeguard endangered species and their habitats.

Furthermore, it collaborates with organizations such as the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums. Moreover, it also contributes to global efforts aimed at safeguarding biodiversity. 

zoo in cornwall
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2. Tickets 

The visitors are highly advised to book online in advance. Booking your tickets in advance guarantees the best price and desired dates.

Moreover, during peak times, one must book online tickets. 

Additionally, there are various offers one can avail of online. For example, there is a summer offer where for every full-price adult/ senior ticket purchased, up to two children alone can visit free of charge.

However, make sure to select the offer option to avail of such an offer. Please make sure you read the terms and conditions. 

People with disabilities, after showing their ID, can take one caretaker along with their full-priced ticket. Hence, there is no need to book the carer ticket. 

Children under the age of 16 will not be admitted without being accompanied by someone aged 18 or over. 

zoo in cornwall
image by: Gary Whyte from Pexels

3. The Biodiversity 

Walking through the gates of Newquay Zoo is like embarking on a journey around the world, as the exhibits are thoughtfully designed to replicate the animals’ natural habitats.

Newquay Zoo boasts a remarkable collection of over 1,000 animals representing more than 130 species from across the globe. 

The exhibits are thoughtfully designed to mimic natural habitats, providing animals with enriched environments that encourage natural behaviours and interactions. 

Visitors can embark on a journey through various habitats, each carefully recreated to offer an immersive experience.


Newquay Zoo offers a snapshot of the world’s diverse ecosystems, from the humid rainforests to the arid deserts and from the enchanting tropics to the chilly temperature zones.

This allows visitors to connect with animals in ways that foster empathy and understanding for their wild counterparts.

The Newquay Zoo offers A-Z of animals. Therefore, with such a huge number of animals, the zoo has a lot of diversity. Here, you can see many animals, from the Amazon milk frog to the pelican. 

Additionally, the zoo also provides you with an opportunity to sponsor an animal. They have a range of different animals for sponsorship, and they occasionally introduce special editions.  

To know more, click here

4. Learnings and Educational Adventures

Newquay Zoo goes beyond just displaying animals; it strives to educate and inspire its visitors. The zoo offers a multitude of educational programs and interactive experiences that make learning about the natural world both engaging and fun.

From guided tours that delve into animal behaviour and biology to hands-on workshops that teach about wildlife conservation, there’s something for everyone eager to expand their knowledge.  

zoo in cornwall
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5. Accessibility 

The zoo in Cornwall is a leading family visitor attraction in Cornwall. It is committed to ‘Access for All’.

The venue is made keeping in mind to make it as accessible as possible. This ensures that the guests have a great experience. 

Moreover, the paths and routes inside the zoo are considered reasonably wheelchair and pushchair-friendly. Take a look at the accessibility map.

The zoo also provides free care for people with disabilities. All you have to do is show your ID on your arrival. They can ask for any form of ID, for instance: 

  • Disability living allowance letter
  • Blue Badge
  • P.I.P award documentation
  • The Access Card
  • Parking 

There are 5 parking spaces for disabled people at the council-owned car park adjacent to the zoo. 

Additionally, one can hire a wheelchair and scooter. The facility provides assistance dogs as well. It ensures that you can enjoy your visit to the fullest.  

Zoo map

The zoo in Cornwall is spread over a wide and large area of 13 acres to ensure the animals can enjoy their natural habitats. Here is the entire map of the zoo.

zoo in cornwall
By newquayzoo.org.uk

6. How to Reach?

The zoo is located within Trenance Leisure Park in Newquay, England. 

  • Car: You want to reach and search for TR7 2LZ. It is located just off the A30568, one mile from the town center. You can find the zoo right next to Water World Leisure Centre and a better extreme trampoline and play park. The car park beside the zoo has 820 car park spaces. 
  • Bus: The regular bus services stop at Newquay Zoo. Visit firstbus.co.uk
  • Train: The Newquay train station is situated in the town center, just a 10-minute walk to the zoo. However, you can also get a bus from the station.
zoo in cornwall
By newquayzoo.org.uk


In conclusion, the Newquay Zoo in Cornwall stands as a testament to the power of human dedication and compassion for wildlife. From its origin as a modest venture to its current status as a conservation leader, the zoo continues to inspire future generations.

As visitors walk its pathways, they are invited to explore, learn, and contribute to a brighter future for both animals and humans alike.  

Therefore, Newquay Zoo is more than just a place to see exotic animals; it’s a gateway to a world of exploration, education, and conservation, with its dedication to preserving biodiversity, providing immersive learning opportunities, and offering unique experiences.

This zoo in Cornwall invites visitors to connect with nature in meaningful ways. Whether you are travelling with friends, family, or solo, a visit to Newquay Zoo promises a day filled with wonder, excitement, and a deeper understanding of the incredible world we share with the animal kingdom. 

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