Where Was Game of Thrones Filmed?

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Where was game of thrones filmed?-The series adopted for HBO is famous for both its breathtaking backdrops and its heartbreaking story twists. The news related to goods is that although the stories may be made up, these places really do exist.

Devoted viewers had to say goodbye to cherished recurrent on adverse characteristics such as Arya Stark, Daenerys Targayen, Jon Snow and rare of Jaime Lannister, as the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones filming locations aired in the spring of 2019.

Where Was Game Of Thrones Filmed?

Most of the European locations were used in the film to know where was Game of Thrones filmed. Although some sequences from the popular HBO drama were filmed on the platform of studio sets located at Northern Ireland, Belfast and various pivotal scenes were filmed against actual backdrops including real-life photography and archaic fortifications.

Where was game of thrones filmed
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For instance, the Scottish Doune Castle served as the location for filming at Winterfell in the pilot episode, which featured the Stark family’s residence.

Vatnajökull National Park, Iceland

Apart from Wall of North and Castle Black, in the world of Game of Thrones, wildings, filming location, White Walkers prowl the frozen lakes, cold lava fields, and snow-covered craters.  National park of Vatnajökull, wilderness area under protection east of Reykjavik, is where the enormous tundra is in reality.

How was game of thrones filmed
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The enormous areas towards ice caves, iceberg, areas of geothermal that served as the show’s filming locations are actually found  in National Park of Vatnajokull and scenery of landscapes there are naturally they come.

Alcázar of Seville, Spain

The years of 700 Andalusian castle was shown for fifth seasons of the popular HBO television series on Garden of Water by Dorne, the home at Sunspear of the House Martell.

The top chambers of this UNESCO World Heritage monument, also known for Royal Alcázar of Seville, are homes of the Spanish royal family and are considered to be the best usage for royal palace in form of oldest in Europe.

Where was game of thrones filmed
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Seville’s beautifully decorated structure is regarded as the greatest surviving to be part of Mudejar architecture. For the benefit of fans of both  kind of architecture and GOT, the opulent grounds are accessible  publicly guiding to visits.

Bardenas Reales, Spain

In the sixth season of Game of Thrones, Daenerys Targaryen popularized as the Mother of Dragons is imprisoned by roving tribal made of horses in the vast Essos plains meant to be  the Sea of Dothraki. Eject and squad of the program headed to Bardenas Reales Natural Park, located as Mars-like terrain in northern part of Spain, to shoot these sequences.

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You may go across these dry badlands, which cover around acres of 100,000 in the country’s  such as  Navarre province abutting Basque Country, by automobile, foot, or bicycle. (A few Dothraki Sea sequences were also shot in Northern Ireland’s gorgeous Glens of Antrim stunning.)

Dunluce Castle, Ireland

Travel to the dark, rocky coast of Ireland to see the initial harbor situated at Theon Greyjoy arrived exactly to Winterfell to the islands of Iron. Dunluce Castle in County Antrim, some hours of Dublin at northern, served as the backdrop for several of that crucial season two moments.

Where was game of thrones filmed
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Filming for Iron Islands sequences also took place in Ballintoy Harbor, which is a 20-minute drive eastern part  of Dunluce Castle. Even so, don’t anticipate seeing a precise reproduction of House on Greyjoy’s imposing stronghold at Pyke; instead, prepare to use your imagination: Before it was featured in Game of Thrones, the building had been richly decorated.

Meteora, Greece

Where was game of thrones filmed
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Travelers are welcome to hike, bike, or go rafting in Valley Greece at northern, which is available by rail from Athens, in order to see breathtaking views of these natural pinnacles.

Essaouira, Morocco


Where was game of thrones filmed
Photo by Louis Hansel from Unsplash  The city of ancient Astapor where the highly trained  and skilled slave-soldiers called as the Unsullied lived, is where was Game of Thrones filmed as filming location for viewers most associate with Essaouira.

Essaouira,  a city related to coast on Morocco’s Atlantic, is known for its world-class kitesurfing, seafood, and argan oil conventional manufacturing, likewise its UNESCO-listed 18th-century of medina, which is teeming with small-town shops selling handcrafted goods.

Castle of Zafra, Spain

An important turning point in where was Game of Thrones filmed through filming locations history occurs  at the time of flashback at the Tower of Joy palace. (The mythical endowed Bran Stark discovers a revolutionary fact about a key character’s family history and gets a vision of his father, Ned Stark.) The film at Castle of Zafra near Guadalajara, Spain, served as the backdrop for this pivotal moment.

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This castle from the 12th century can be found in the Sierra de Caldereros approximately part of east for two hours towards Madrid from the city walls. It may be accessed by car from the community of Hombrados, King’s Landing, or by going on less amount of time in trekking.

Old Town Dubrovnik, Croatia

In the second season of where Game of Thrones filmed locations, the Old Town of Dubrovnik initially appears as “King’s Landing.” The historic walled-free city has seen a dramatic increase in tourists since then because of the GOT.

Where was game of thrones filmed
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Additionally, some King’s Landing exteriors were recorded at Split, the main city in Croatia’s Dalmatia area, around three hours’ drive north of Dubrovnik. (About an hour’s drive up the coast from Split, the historic city of Sibenik features in the fifth season of the program as the actual site used to shoot the Free City of Braavos.)

Our So Far Game of Thrones Escapades – By Visitors

We scouted locations where was Game of Thrones filmed for four days and four nights in Iceland. We didn’t anticipate it to be as simple as strolling from one place to another in a huge metropolis, but it ended up being a little more daring and difficult than we had anticipated: the weather was severe and the venues were difficult to discover.

But going across the Wall and following in our beloved free people’s footsteps was incredibly wonderful!

We’ve already visited the places in Northern Ireland twice, and we’d be willing to go back many more times. 

During the first Winterfell, we donned capes, visited a wooded park to seek dire wolf pups, and knelt by the tree that Robb Stark had beaten with a sword as a sign of respect for Ned Stark. View this blog entry for the highlights of our most recent journey, or this earlier one from when we took our first cross-country road trip, for more information. So this was all about where was game of thrones filmed. 


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